Injection machine parameters setting introduction

(1) Injection machine parameters setting——Thimble Working Mode Setting:

0. No return thimble. It can only be operated under semi-automatic injection mode, wherein the thimble stops immediately after ejection. When the plastic parts have been taken out, the thimble returns only after the delayed timing has completed or the safety door has been closed.

1. Set times. Repeat the ejection as per the set times for ejection(i.e. thimble times)

2. Shaking. Shaking thimble mode, I.e. the ejection will be repeated around the place where it has according to the set times.

(2) Injection machine parameters setting——Mold opening/Clamping parameters setting (For this set of J08-QMB moulds, the operator is only required to set according to the parameters).

To ensure steady and highly-efficient mold clamping, the process can fall into the following four sections:

1. Slowly moving forward and low pressure;

2. Quality moving forward and high pressure;

3. Slow mold clamping and low pressure;

4. Slow mold clamping and high pressure molding lock.

Similarly, the mold opening process also falls into four sections;

1. Slowly moving backward and high pressure mold opening;

2. Quickly moving backward and high pressure;

3. Quickly moving backward and low pressure;

4. Slowly moving backward and low pressure stop.

(3) Injection machine parameters setting——Injection Parameters Setting The conversion to pressure maintaining mode after injection falls into two types:

1. Coverting to pressure maintaining mode when injection time is up.

2. Converting to pressure maintaining mode at the injection position. When injection reaches the termination place (conversion position of pressure maintaining) of section 4, it shall convert into pressure maintaining mode. If the place cannot be reached, automatic conversion to pressure maintaining shall be made when the pre-set upper-limit time is up. Therefore, the time can be usually set as larger than normal injection time.

(4) Injection machine parameters setting——Charge/Suck Back Parameters Setting

Inverse S.BK mode: If it is set as 1, the screw retraction should not be carried out until cooling has completed; if it is set as0, normal standard actions shall be done after material storage.

Charge: Controlled by two-section pressure and speed.

Screw Retraction: Operator under manual state can set the times for materials purge and the time for each purge and charge if he wants to clear the remnant materials in the tubes. The operation can be done by pressuring the automatic purge button (wherein the accounting and timing for automatic clearance should not be set under 0).

(5) Injection machine parameters setting——Temperature Parameters Settings

When the injection molding machine beings to work, please do check whether there are materials in the charging barrel and meanwhile turn on the heater switch button to pre-warm for approximately one hour until the set temperature almost equals the actual temperature (usually3~5℃) when the injection can be started.