Plastic injection moulding companies future developments

Plastic injection moulding industry is now facing the very heavy competition, most of the plastic injection moulding companies are working on mercy profits and low technologies. The market can estimate the moulded plastic components price by the weight. For example currenly in China, the ABS moulded parts was calculated by material cost plus moulding cost RMB3.5 to RMB4.0 per kg. Such transparent cost made the plastic moulding companies too much limitations. The question is that how to come out such passive situation?

As you know, the plastic injection moulding cost was combined as below:

  • plastic material cost
  • electricity power cost
  • labour cost
  • depreciation of machinery
  • plant costs 
  • water cost
  • packaging cost
  • transportation cost
  • mould and machine’s repairing and maintain cost
  • various manage shortage wasting cost

In order to get more profits, we have to try our best to reduce or avoid above various costs.
For example if you have 20 sets of injection moulding machines, and your moulded components are selling well in short supplying. Then it is easy for you to make the improvements of your production capacity.
-run the injection moulding machines each day 24 hours.
-speed up all the moulding machines.  For this point you need to be sure that your machines are suitable for high speed running, and if your moulds are suitable for high speed running, if the cooling water are in high pressure and the chilling system in effective enough.
-even if your machine are high speed, but if you are in shortage of automation system in your injection moulding plants, then you need a lot of labour to pick up the moulded plastic components from the machine and you need to stack or collect them before packing…all these need labours and this will reduce the production  capacity, in the same time the labour cost will be highly increased.
-if the moulds are not well made, then you need to put a lot of labour onto the moulded components treatments such like flashes cutting……
Abvoe 4 points we call them high efficiency method. High efficiency is equal energy saving, labour saving,resource conservation

Below points are related to vaiours cost saving.
-the injection moulding machines have very heavy electricity power consuming, now there are many different types of energy saving machines such like variable pump injection moulding machine, servo motor injection moulding machine, roboshot injection moulding machine. If you update your machines, you can save energy by 30 to 50% monthly or annually.
-by use precise high speed injection moulding machines and injection mould to save energy.
-by use high speed injection moulding machines and injection mould to reduce the substandard products to save energy and material wastage.
-by use good quality injection moulding machines and injection mould to reduce the repairing or maintain cost.
-by use the good quality injection moulding machines and moulds to avoid the production shutdown, in this way to increase unit time’s production capaicty.

Plastic injection moulding system including machine, mould, operators and other related device. If any of them not meet the production requirements, it will effect the production. For example, if the mould is not efficiency, such like, cold runner with big gate tails, cooling not good, guiding system is not accurate, hot runner system color changing is not fast… all these will increase the difficulties of the injection moulding, also will cause a lot of wasting of material, energy and labours…

Someone maybe will ask that if we improve the machines, moulds, managements, then we can be invincible forever? My personal suggestions for the plastic moulding companies: we need to do RND for plastic design and also if possible, we produce some products which is high technologies with the some innovations, such like two colors injection, gas injection moulding, injection moulded and assembling…while not injection shot and selling.