Plastic material drying temperature
Plastic material drying time

On the other hand, the moisture in the raw materials of plastics shall directly influence the quality of injected products, especially engineering plastics. It is therefore quite nhecessary to pre-dtry the moisture absorptive plastics, which can not only improve the (products’) surface glossiness, improve the bending strength and tensile strength and avoid occurrence of silver lines, crackles, air bubbles and spots inside the parts, but also can improve the plastication capacity and shorten molding cycle. The moisture in the raw materials of plastics exists into two types. 

  • One is that the materials absorb moisture and enter the inside of the matrix, such as ABS and Perspex etc.
  • The other is that the materials is wet on the surface, the moisture only wraps around the surfaceof the basal body and seldom infiltrates to the inside, such as polyethylene and polyhpropylene etc. 

The lists below are listing the partial plastic material drying temeprature and plastic material drying time.

During the plastic material  drying, different method should be adopted according to the different materials and different forms of moisture absorption. Attention should be made that whichever method is used, the dried materials must be sealed for storage or heated and insulated, insce they cannot be exposed int he air for too long time, wherein for sunny days not exceeding 3H and trany days 1H.

Plastic material drying time & plastic material drying temperature are listed as bellow:

Plastic material types

Plastic material drying temperature

Plastic material trying time










PA types



CA-CAB-VP types