Painting Bucket Production Line

Dakumar is experienced in supplying our customer Painting Bucket Production Line. The production line consist of plastic paint bucket mold, plastic injection machine, auxiliary machines etc. We can help you to start a new plant from zero for painting pail turnkey solution.

-Painting bucket mold

We had made different kinds paint bucket. There are round shape, square shape in different size of 5L 10L 15L 18L 20L…. The different requirements for the producticity or cycle time affect the steel using for the paint bucket mold. For example 20L squire paint bucket usually run with cycle time of 30 seconds. If customer need faster cycle time, we can use BeCu(beryllium copper)at the top of the core and the bottom of the cavity. BeCu(beryllium copper) material have better effectin cooling and it is not easy wear out.

-Painting bucket Machine

We have machine size from DKM 50T~DKM4000T. But for paint bucket , The suitable machine size will be DKM268T,DKM380T,DKM500T,DKM650T for paint bucket up to 20L. We have standard type and servo motor type of DKM injection machine. If customer plant electricity is steady, we will suggest you to choose servo motor type. As this type machine have the function of energy save. Machine can save 30~60% energy. The philosophy is the machine will stop energy consuming when the mold is during cooling period.

-Auxiliary machine

The basic auxiliary machine includes chiller, autoloader, crusher, air compressor, air tank, air dryer, air filter etc. We will select the suitable model for each equipment according the mold you will make.

Please feel free to contact us if you have demand in any painting bucket production line.

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