how to setup a PET bottle production factory

PET Bottle Production Line

Striving for excellence
Maximizing your output

PET bottle production line included PET preform injection molding system,
PET bottle blow moulding system, water bottle filling system and packaging system.

  • How to Start PET bottle manufacturing business in shortest time?
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  • Why DAKUMAR – One Stop Bottle Molding Solution
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  • Save Effort
  • You can get all equipment and tools needed for your new plastic bottle projects from Dakumar, the expert teams would provide the best solution.
  • Save Time
  • It’s not only for before-sale consulting, but also the whole project completion, as it could be controlled well by one supplier.
  • Save Cost
  • It’s the turnkey project from one supplier, including the comprehensive service, Dakumar would provide the solution within your budget based on superior quality.
  • Increase Efficiency
  • More than 20 years’ experience of plastic bottle molding, the professional team is able to support you with expert advice on the most suitable system to satisfy you production requirement.
  • The Comprehensive Service
    As the company mission of making plastic molding more valuable, the service is one of the key processes.
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Help on optimizing your plastic bottles to be well recognized by market, finally make your brand stand out.
  • Project Audit
  • Find all things you may care and then improve the whole complete bottling lines for plastic bottles.
  • Technical Training
  • There is standard training and custom training for you, engineering team would provide the best one for your workers to help the lines running stable and for long term.
  • Maintenance Training
  • The comprehensive maintenance from basic to high level would be well provided.
  • Service Network
    Professional Bottle Molding Solution Provider

    30 agents and service centers

    DAKUMAR does well for customers among 150 countries and areas with its excellent service team for the plastic bottle production lines.