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PET Bottle Production Line
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DAKUMAR is professional in offering turnkey solution for PET bottle production line. We have supplied PET preform molding equipment and PET bottle blow molding machines to over than 50 countries such as Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa…

PET bottle production line included PET preform injection molding system, PET bottle blow molding system, water bottle filling system and package system. So there are two steps to make a ready-for-sale PET bottle. The 1st Step is to make PET preforms by PET injection molding machine. The 2nd Step is blowing preforms to bottle, Sterilizating and filling water, then packaging by automatic machine system.

1 ST STEP: How to Make PET Prefroms?

1.PET preform mould [open]

DAKUMAR offer high quality preform moulds for multi-cavity solution up to 144 cavities, valve gate hot runner system with Germany heating elements. High quality preform is an emphasis of high quality bottle production. DAKUMAR’s outstanding preform mould design and high precision machining equipment kept high standard preform mould manufacturing.

2.PET injection molding machine [open]

DAKUMAR PET injection series machine are specially developed for PET material injection molding. Machines built with special injection nozzle, screw and barrel. Machines 3 actions can work in the same time. Machines optioned with world famous components. Machines were built completely according with EUROMAP standard.

3.Auxiliary machines [open]

Besides PET preform moulds and PET injection molding machine, we must need some auxiliary equipment for different function. For example, a special PET raw material drier is used for drying the PET material before injection molding. PET material with a lot of humidity, if without drying, the preform will come out with so many bubbles after injection molding, it will increase the rejection rate of bottle production. A loader is used to feeding the raw material to machine to reduce the labor cost. A Mixer to mix the color with the raw material granules, so you could produce preform with different color, like blue, yellow... A water chiller can cool the mould and machine because the moulds and machine will become hot during production…

4.Robot and conveyor [open]

Robot could help pick up and cooling the preform out of the preform mould to realize high speed full automatic production. Our robot is designed and made according to EUROMAP standard for reliable performance and high efficiency production.

2 ND STEP: How to Make the PET Bottles

With all these mentioned equipment in step 1 you could produce PET bottle preform. After the production preform, you will need to put the PET bottle preform into the PET bottle blowing machine to blow out the bottles, Sterilizating and filling water, then packaging by automatic machine system For this step you need:

1.Bottle blowing mould

2.Bottle blow molding machine

3.Auxiliary machines[open]

Compressor (high pressure compressor and low pressure compressor, high pressure for bottle blow molding, low pressure for machines’ action), Air tank, air dryer and filter, Chiller...

4.Automatic Sterilization system

5.Automatic Filling system

6.Automatic Packing system


DAKUMAR offers high quality tailor made blowing molding machine, automatic sterilizating & filling machine, and package machines with energy-saving design. It has features of high efficiency, low power consumption, convenient operation and simple maintenance. There are both semi-automatic and fully automatic blowing machine to meet the requirement for different production capacity requirement. Our blowing molding machines, automatic filling machines and packaging machines have been exported to Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, South Africa, and Argentina…

DAKUMAR is able to offer all the equipment mentioned above, and will be responsible for all the equipment provided by DAKUMAR. For all the equipment we will provide warranty for 13 month after shipment. If there is any question, DAKUMAR will available for 24hours*7days on time service.

If you need more details for real cases of PET bottle production line we supplied to other clients, such as pictures, video, proposal, welcome to contact us!

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  • Customer Demand

    When you planning for a new bottle production line, DAKUMAR will make tailor-made project proposal according to your requirement such as bottle volume, bottle production output,budget… In our proposal you will find equipment list with models, specs, spare parts… and all the details to help you make easy decision.

    Custom Solution

    The best solution for a new bottle production line custom for you based on your details requirement
    The suitable solution is the best one!
    Dakumar not only offer the equipment or mould, but the turnkey solution specific to you..

    Bottle Cap Production Line

    For a complete line, you don’t only need produce preform and bottle, but also need to produce caps and handles. To make caps, you will equipment as below:
    •Cap moulds, closure moulds or handle moulds
    •High speed injection machine
    Auxiliary equipment such as loader, dryer, chiller, mixer…

    PET Preform Production Line

    For PET preform making line, the necessary equipment as below: •PET preform moulds
    •Plastic injection machine specified for making PET preforms
    •Auxiliary equipment such as loader, dryer, chiller, mixer…

    Pet Bottle Blowing Line

    To product the plastic bottles, you will need to consider the following equipment:
    •PET bottle blowing moulds
    •Plastic bottle blowing machines,meet the requirement of production capacity.
    •Auxiliary equipment

    Complete Lines Service

    The customer is at the core of our business. Thus,Dakumar offer complete line service with life-cycle time. Our mission is to listen to you, understand your specific circumstances, offer appropriate solutions, impeccable service and give you more value.
    The service we will offer:
    •Technical Support
    •Spare Parts

    Technical support

    Dakumar's service department uses qualified technicians who are connected to each other so as to form a structured network, created to guarantee fast, thorough problem solving wherever you may be.


    Suitable training for the staff using our systems ensures they will be operated properly and will maintain the level of performance stipulated in the contract.


    Service Agreements for ordinary and special maintenance ensure that the machines will continue to work properly, remaining efficient over time and optimising costs.

    Spare Parts

    Original spare parts guarantee the standard of quality defined by Dakumar, and ensure that the performance and lifespan of the systems will remain unchanged in the medium and long term. The company is committed to guaranteeing the rapid availability of spare parts in every part of the world.