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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2017-07-17 16:20:21

Dakumar Machinery co supply around 50 sets plastic vegetable crate injection molding equipment per year, customized injection molding solution for different vegetable crate, bread crate, cola crate, milk crate, fish crate andso on.

We supplying injection molding equipment including vegetable crate mould, vegetable crate injection machine and assistant equipment for injection molding line. With sister company-Sino Mould which have had 20year experience on plastic crate mould manufacturer. Usually vegetable crate size like 500*400*250 or 600*400*350 usually DKM 500ton or DKM650ton, crate injection molding with servo system, KEBA controller, famous electrical& Hydraulic components to let machine in high stable & high safety standard; to inject vegetable crate about 35-40secend on short, round 2100pcs/per day.

Turnkey solution for vegetable decides good experiences there have design support plant layout, part design, mould & machine running testing, simulation production, engineer service for installation,adjustment and training. We had sold around 105 production line for plastic vegetable crate injection molding equipment to Spain, Portuguesa, Peru,India,Arab, Africa, and Asia counties, looking forward to hear from you to start our cooperation about plastic injection molding equipment purchase.

vegetable crate injection molding equipment

Welcome you down visit to Sino Holdings Group, you will satisfied about our quality and service.

Contact: Ms Vivian

Call number & what’s up: +8615257606121


Date:2017-07-17 10:25:53

With the modern packaging industrial fast developing, there comes out many different thin wall products, like the air line cup, thin wall food container, IML ice cream box, cheese container, disposable spoon, fork and knife... To meet ever-growing consumer demand, mass production is becoming more and more important.Dakumar high speed injection molding machine

Dakumar injection molding machine in order to meet the market develop and demand, put into more than 10M USD research and engineer training. We invites an international technically senior injection molding machine experts make the machine upgrading and quality control. Dakumar fast model injection molding machine was designed special high speed injection molding machine for thin-wall box mould, which can realize mould open, material charging and cooling at same time. Can most reduce the cycle time and make the injection more stable and fast, at same time help save customer investment and maximum output.

Special high speed injection machine for thin-wall box mould

Dakumar thin wall box injection molding machine equips with high pressure accumulator, Germany Eckerle oil pump and Keba controller. Usingthe world famous machine equips, adopt European advanced machine design and skills. As a professional high speed injection molding machine manufacturer,Dakumar machine in a responsible manner towards the customer, would continuously improve the quality and performance of the machine, to provide customers with the most professional injection molding program, with the most affordable inputs to achieve maximum output. Welcome join us and visit us.

Written by Tina

Date:2017-07-14 15:58:46

Plastic toothbrush is most common daily use good. We will change toothbrush every 3 months. So start with a plastic toothbrush production line is a profitable project.

Plastic Toothbrush Production Line

Toothbrush have different levels, such as hotel special disposable toothbrush, double-color toothbrush, nano technology toothbrushes, etc. Different level toothbrush will need different equipment to reach its special function.

Now i analysis our daily using plastic toothbrush production line to you. If you have different opinion, welcome consultation. 99% of daily using toothbrushes are double color injection.

1.Double color plastic mold

2.Double color Plastic injection machine with auxiliary machines

3.Tufting machine

4.Saw machine

5.Testing machine

6.Package machine

In the market, plastic toothbrush has huge output quantity requirement. Most of the investors will choose full automatic toothbrush production line to meet increased market demand. Of course, if you want to make your production stable without any stop. Good quality equipment you choose is very important. Many investor told me they need good quality machines, but his budget is only for low quality material.

All over the world, no supplier will do lose money projects. Only will be large quantity, lower cost. And as is known to all, small factory will not have large orders, so if they quote you with a very low price. Please be careful. If you want to find a professional plastic toothbrush production line, contact me directly.

Sales engineer: Candy


whatsapp: +86 15858685263

Date:2017-07-14 14:12:45

As is known to all, Two platen injection molding machine become a production trend for the future injection molding.More and more customer make enquiry for the two platen injection molding machine, as a professional two platen injection molding machine manufacturer in china, Dakumar injection machine always develop our production scale and support customer the fast service.

Compare with normal machine-three platen injection machine, Two platen injection molding machine has its unique advantage. For example,

1.It can help save machine occupy floorarea. like same 1600T machine, three platen machine need 13.5m, two platen machine with 12.3m enough.

2.Machine clamp force can self revise and ensure constantly clamping force.

3.Machine mould height can easy adjust on machine computer.

4.More stable than 3 platen machine

two platen injection machine

Until now, Dakumar injection molding machine has finished 1000T &2000T two platen injection machine research and manufacture, and put into production. These kind of machine suit for produce big size plastic product like the plastic pallet, auto bumper, beach chair and ect big size mould. Congratulations to Dakumar, just receive one order for the 2000T two platen injection machine order for the auto bumper mould. In the coming future, Dakumar would continuously expand the sales and production of two platen injection machines. We are pleased to receive your call or email for further negotiation.

Written by Tina


Date:2017-07-13 21:54:34

Nowadays Malaysia local market for the plastic industry develop very fast, and the plastic injection molding state is improved and there brings more cooperation for China company. Dakumar injection molding machine company Malaysia market join for more than 7 years. We exported standard servo motor injection molding machine and Hybrid high speed injection molding machine, some time we export auxiliary machine with mould and machine together as the one-stop turnkey molding line.

best Injection machine brand in Malaysia

With the best service and quality control,Dakumar injection molding machine become the one of the best seller machine brand in the Malaysia local injection machine market. To satisfy Malaysia injection machine market, Dakumar machine would set up market control department mainly responsible for the Malaysia machine sales service.

We are looking for establish injection molding machine sales & after sales representative in Malaysia market, Dakumar machine aim to offer the best high quality machine with fast service for the end user. Compare with other machine, Dakumar injection machine designed by Euro standard with Italy design team, advanced technical skill using on machine, contains high quality machine equips, running more stable and economic. Welcome you join us, Dakumar machine would continuously improve the quality and service of the machines.

Written by Tina


Date:2017-07-10 11:17:01

Sino is specializing in various pipe fitting molds manufacturing & designing, include pp pipe fitting molds, pvc pipe fitting molds, PPR pipe fitting molds, etc. More than 20 years’ experience in pipe fitting mold making, we already have our own system for pipe designing, tooling & checking. We could offer our best solution for your pipe fitting molds with short delivery time.

PP pipe fitting molds usually used for water supplying, and PVC pipe fitting molds, usually used for drainage, due to corrosive of the material, for pvc pipe fitting mold, mold steel usually is DIN1.2316, S136, S420, DIN2083, etc. We have strong design ability & technology, the smallest collapsible structure PVC pipe molds that we made is dia. 32mm.

Sino subsidiary company—Dakumar machinery, could offer you professional PVC machine,the popular machine type for pipe fitting mold is DKM180, DKM250, DKM350,DKM450, DKM550 & DKM650. We are Sino Holdings Group -- mold and machine manufacturer, we could supply you professional and suitable pipe fitting molding solution.

If you are looking for pipe fitting mold, PVC machine, or pipe fitting molding line supplier, pls feel free to contact me, we will be happy to offer you best solution.

Plastic Pipe Fitting Molding Solution

Whatsapp:0086 138 5763 511  

Date:2017-06-30 22:13:42

Sino Group is a leading plastic crate turnkey solution offer, our factory is located in Chinese famous mould town huangyan. We are specializing in help customers set up plastic crate molding factory.

Plastic crate mould

SINO MOULD is the leading crate mould manufacturer in the world, we has developed more than 2000 sets various crate moulds such like, bottle crate mould, fish crate mould, fruit crate mould,bread crate mould......Especially we have done the 2 and 4 cavities crate mouldand 4 cavities stacking mould. It is the first set of 4 cavities crate stacking mould in China. It is suitable for high speed injection, and the speed canapproach 42s. We can say, we are the top crate mould manufacturer in the world.

Plastic crate injection molding machine

Reference for our experience, servo injection molding machine is more suitable than standard plastic injection molding machine for plastic crate molding. Because servo machine adopts high-performance servo dynamic control system, which can save about 60% energy,low noise, high-control precision, and a breakthrough in the perfect connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic drive system.

We offer clients a total production line for plastic crate molding, once you have any interest for plastic injection molding, welcome to contact us.

Plastic Crate Molding Factory

Post byMiss Mandy



Date:2017-06-30 21:46:47

Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co.,LTD is one of the members of Sino Holdings Group. We are always focus on providing customers turnkey solution. Sino have help more than 30 countries to build various kinds of plastic products molding line . With the quickly development of the society. More and more customers need to start a new business. Especially in IML plastic Bucket molding line making . Sino is experienced in various kinds of IML production line project ,we had help more than 10 countries customers to start the IML production line. We can provide customers from the mould to machine and IML robot and auxiliary equipment.

According to our experience, for the 20L bucket mould, If customer’s output is high, and the cycle time should be short, we will suggest customers to use DIN.2738 steel material ,and with the cube. It can make the cooling faster, reduce the cycle time . Collocated Dakumar double High injection machine, the cycle time will be more short . we can reach around 28S .

 Dakumar injection machine are suggested to use DKM-600HH, its high speed injection machine with 5H. High speed, high efficiency, high safety ,high precision, high energy saving. Its three-parallel lines action injection machine’s production cycle. It can keep the mould open, eject and charging in the one time to save more time to reach less cycle time .And we will provide customers the IML robot also , we can let the mould ,machine, robot fit highly.

 If you are searching for a experienced , professional , high quality IML plastic bucket molding line supplier , please feel free to contact me . Rose will stay here and waiting for your coming.

Posted by: Rose Wang


Skype: Sino mould-Rose

Date:2017-06-30 21:35:58

We can offer high quality plastic table mould as well as table machine, we are an expert in offering plastic table mould.Injection table moulds making company Sino Mould, offers full set plastic table molding solution. We can be a good guide in offering consultant as we have richexperience in offer ing plastic table molding plant set up.

We have mature technology in manufacturing various kinds of table production line, and we have the ability to develop the new design of tables. The production line includes table mould,table injection molding machine, robot, water chiller, water tank, crusher, airdryer and son on. We have offered the whole table turnkey solution for ourcustomers from all over the world, such as America, South Africa, Egypt, Middle East, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria etc. We are Chinese famous company that can offer good quality table moulds and table machine with very competitive price.

What’s more, SINO also offer pre-salesand after sales consultant and training service for customer to set up newplant. If you have new project about table molding line, welcome your enquiryand consultant. We will offer you a fine solution to start the plastic table production line.

Plastic Table Molding PlantFeel free to your request to my mail:

Whatsapp: 008615757610702

Contact : Miss Mandy

Date:2017-06-30 21:20:05

With the quickly development of the society. The injection machine is large demand iin society. Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co.,LTD is one of the members of Sino Holdings Group, Professional in manufacturing injection molding machine. Such as high speed injection machine, energy saving injection machine , PET/PVC Servo injection machine, double color injection machine and so on .Especially in Servo Energy Saving Injection Machine manufacturing.

Injection molding is the most important plastic product forming process.High energy saving molding machine mainly consists of four systems, mould locking system, hydraulic system, heating system and control system. In general, plastic injection molding machines are classified according to the locking system. Dakumar high energy saving molding machine, clamping force from 118 tons to 268 tons. High speed injection molding machine, injection speed of more than 1000 millimeters / sec.

High energy saving molding machine has the following advantages:

1. low plastic viscosity at high shear rate. It is not difficult to recognize ultra-thin products under low plastic viscosity injection molding to reduce product distortions and bending deformations.

2. reduce the rhyolite and parting lines to improve the quality of the products

3. shorten the molding cycle, improve injection efficiency and save energy

High energy saving molding machine is controlled by servo motor and hydraulic system. High energy saving forming machine with high speed response accumulator. The high speed response accumulator stores the hydraulic system pressure oil and releases it when necessary. Then high-speed injection molding is realized.

High energy saving molding machine is applicable:

1., food packaging products: thin walled food containers, IML systems, ultra-thin containers

2. high requirements products CD and CD boxes

3. engineering products: electronic connectors and high-precision gears

Compared with variable pump machine and servo motor, high energy saving molding machine needs to bear higher injection pressure and pressure precision, and computer must control product quality with high precision.

Come to know more about Dakumar, Please feel free to contact me .we won't let you down.
Posted by: Rose Wang


Skype: Sino mould-Rose

Date:2017-06-30 18:13:03

650sv molding machine.jpg

To recommend crate molding machine, servo motor machinewill be good and reasonable choice as its advantage of energy saving and highefficiency. Our company, Dakumar machinery Co. ltd, forced on providing 50-3350tonnage servo motor crate injection molding machines.

Compared with hydraulic moldingmachine, servo motor machine will use driver to control its rotational speedwhich could save energy greatly. Each action, servo motor will precisioncontrol and give instruction.

To suit international energy saving and friendly environment trend, we forced to develop good quality servo motor injection moulding machine. In 2015 year, we invited Italy machinemechanics engineer whom with about 35years mechanical working experience, todevelop and improve our machine. And two board injection molding machine willbe show in 2017 year. Besides, our machine spare parts are used famous worldbrand, such like Japan Yuken for hydraulic valve, Austria KEBA for computercontrol board, PHASE for servo motor, Schneider for AC control switch and soon. Take advantage of above, we make effort on improving crate molding machines’Linkage system which could design cavity and stripper ejection together,hydraulic and mold open together. This means short cycle time, will greatlycost saving for crate production factories.

More question regarding to crate injection molding equipment, pls feel free to contact.

From : Stacy


Whats App: +8615168642559

Date:2017-06-30 18:08:01

Thin wall high speed injection molding machine supplier

Dakumar as a leader of plastic injection mold and machine manufacturer, specialized in  thin wall high speed  injection molding machine.

Dakumar thin wall high speed injectionmolding machine, was designed by high speed molding concept. Adopt singlehydraulic cylinder shot would be more stable and balance. Strong strengthmachine structure bigger size than the normal same ton servo motor machine, tosatisfy high speed injection molding procedure. Normally, Customer pay much attention on  the high speed machine speed choice, of course, machine component sproperty also very important.

The less packaging, the greater your profit: Dakumar makes thin wall containers alow cost product with high-tech  ambitions. Our innovative, high speed injectionmolding machine concepts allow you to produce thin wall containers  with maximum stability in an efficient and cost-effective way.

·save materials – high injection performanceallows for minimal wall thicknesses

·increase productivity – maximum outputdue to short cycle times

·reduce operating costs – durable, energy-efficient injection molding machines  with minimal cooling water  consumption  & lowmaintenance costs.

thin wall high speed injection machine

when you make decision for the thin wall highspeed injection molding machine,welcome to visit Dakumar, we  will guide  you how to figure out the realsense high speed injection molding  machine.



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