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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2017-09-30 17:49:05

Syringe Turnkey production line

Sino Package mould, expert for plasticpacking molding, have rich experience in plastic injection molding solution. We already do plasic injection molding for more than 20 years. We haveprofessional mould design team for analyzing your syringe turnkey project.Nowadays more and more set of the syringe turnkey production line alreadyoffered for our clients all over the world. We provide clients not only mouldand machine, but also a total turnkey solution for syringe turnkey project. Wewill help clients from zero, and also assist clients for further development.

Regarding to our experience, once we wantto offer a syringe turnkey solution for clients, we need to follow below steps:

1.syringe turnkey production lineinclude

syringe mould (syringe plunger mould,syringe barrel mould, syringe gasket mould )

plastic injection molding machine (servoplastic injection molding machine or high speed injection molding machine isbetter )

blister film

blister paper

Silk screen patent

Syringe silicon oil

Paint link

Blister cutter blade

2.Clients production requirement

We need to know the clients productionrequirement. And also need to calculate the production for per hour for decidingthe cavity number. And need to calculate cost for production if necessary.

3.Sort out all the information

At last, we need to recognize all theinformation for clients. Offer a clients full sets of production line and helpclients to build a factory.

If you have any interest about the syringe injection molding solution,please feel free to let us know. And in the future, we already plan to build afull sets of production line in our factory for clients reference. Welcome toour factory for further discussion.

Date:2017-09-30 16:59:49

Until now SINO had helped more than 400 customers to build their plastic part production lines, has accumulated rich experience. Among all the production lines, plastic chair production line is the most popular one.

1. Plastic Chair Mold: We haveour own R&D department for project research and new item development with advanced software for design and analysis for project. And we also have strong management for the quality and tooling precision control with world famous brand tooling machine, like Sodick EDM, Fidia high performacne milling center,DMG 5 axis high precision milling machine and so on. Our chair mold will realize interchangeable inserts block of different versions can be easily replacedon the machine directly. Common chair cycle time reach 35- 40 seconds for high speed running.

2. Injection molding machine type and quantity: Dakumar Servo injection molding machine DKM-SV850T. Although the price for Servo machine is a little higher than Standard machine, it can save 30%-70% energy. DKM-SV850T fits for arm chair and some large home appliance products, like table and dustbin.

3. Necessary auxiliaries: autoloader, air dry, chiller, color mixer and so on. We can also offer robot to take out chairs.

We offered plastic chair turnkey solution in many different countries, such as Mexico, Russia,Venezuela, Nigeria, South Africa etc. If you are interested, pls kindly contactme. I am sure you must be deeply impressed by our plastic household production lines.

Plastic Chair Molding Plant

Post by Miss Mandy


Skype: sino.mould

Date:2017-09-30 16:59:22

Do you want to buy high quality injection moulding machine with fast delivery time? Dakumar is a powerful injection moulding machine manufacturer, we can meet large quantity injection moulding machine demand in short time.

Injection Machine Ready In Stock

With the development of injection machine manufacturing, machine competition is fierce. Most companies will start machine assembly after customer confirm order. But Dakumar Machinery is a company of foresight, we have sufficient funds for prepare large quantity machine spare parts in stock. We have many model injection machine always ready for sell, even large orders, we can assembly the machine within one month. At present, we have machine 250ton, 550ton, 650ton, 1150 ton, 1650 ton 2800 ton, 3350 ton ready for sell. Because of government policy, injection machine manufacturing cost in China was rised a lot during last two month. The price will goes up more and we don’t know when will stop. If you want to buy new machines, the early the better. After 1st of October, Dakumar Machinery will rise about 10% for each model injection machine. For these machine which ready made, we may keep the price as usual. If you want to buy machines, now is best time. Please don‘t hesitate to contact me for quotation.


Date:2017-09-30 15:31:11

Sino Holdings Group-SV series machine is widely applied in different turnkey plastic molding line,

combining with thehigh quality mould, high precise robot and various types of auxiliary machine, Dakumar offers customers Turnkey project with prompt service and simulation run before shipping.

SINO has rich experience in making plastic crate moulds. Every year we make around 1500-2000sets of

moulds,over 300 setsamong them is crates moulds. We have supplied crate moulds for our customer from  Spanish, Italy, Brazil, Chille, such as Schoeller Alibert from Germany. We have big CNC milling machine

with stoke 4200*2500*1100mm to make big moulds.

Mould information:

Product:24 bottle coca cola crate

Mould steel : DIN1.2344+cube

Cycle time: 35s

Mould size: 1260*770*770mm

Mould frature:SINO bottle crate molds inserted with moldmax material, high efficiency of cooling in each  block, advanced structure for ejecting automatically, fast cycle time, easy maintenance. Alsoproduct  according to scholler size stacking and dimension standard, it is widely welcomed by our high quality    level customers.

SHD Crate Turnkey Plastic Molding Line

Machine information:

We use high-performance servo dynamiccontrol system, as the power source the oil pump, have the   characteristics high speed response, energy saving, low noise, high-control precision, and abreak through in the perfect connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic  drive system.

DKM-850Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

Injection Weight: 3317g

Clamping Tonnage: 8500kn

Min.Mould size:625*625mm

Ejector stroke:300mm

Sino could provide you the plastic injection production line in high quality and competitive price.

More details, welcome to contact me in yourfree time.

Posted by Ms.Amanda

Whatsapp/Tel:0086 13867653757


Date:2017-09-30 15:16:58

crate production solution

Our company mained to provide experience crate line solution which could help you draw crate factory buidling, crane installing, machine adjustment and others.

Crate linebuilding contains crate mould, injection molding machine with its auxiliary equipments,such like chiller, crusher, material auto loading, water tower and so on.

What definitea good quality crate mold? First of all, you need to choose suitable moldsteel. Accord to production capability, crate mould will chose P20 for singlecavity, DIN 1.2344 for two or four cavities. Second is optimal mold structure. Takeadvantage of exporting about 400-500sets crate tools to all world customers, wehad sense on marketing and independent design development. Last but not theleast is mold delivery time. Our working teams keep words in mind which is timeis money, quality is basic.

After youpreparing fantastic crate mould, it is also important to find a high efficiencymolding machine for injecting crates. We need to consider machine injectionspeed, pressure, molding weight and check if it is stability operation. What’smore, crates production is huge which means short cycle time, lowest crateweight. And for this, we need to others equipments for improve. Chiller improvesbetter cooling, material auto loader saving time and others.

Any questionregard to crate line building, pls feel free to contact me.

From: Stacy




Date:2017-09-29 21:41:21

Sino has long term and rich experience in plastic painting bucket mould and paint bucket drop test analysis. In the past years, we gained a lot of great experience in how the improve the plastic painting bucket mould pass the drop test, and meet the best water proof standard. From plastic material choose to design detail of each matching and test, Sino has set our own standard for painting bucket moulds.SINO have made bucket mould from 1L , 2L ,4L ,5L up to 10L, 15L,20L.we are china top paint bucket mould maker and paint bucket machine maker.

Painting bucket mould application of Copper Beryllium (moldmax) on the top core and cavity edge, leads to best cooling effect for high speed injection. Annually produce several hundreds sets of painting pails molds. Painting Bucket Mould Name : 20L Round painting Bucket Mould

Painting bucket mould Size: 20L IML molding bucket
Product description: Seal proof system design
Painting bucket mould cavity: 1 cavity
Painting bucket mould Size: 800x800x750mm
Suitable machine: 650T Dakumar machine

Delivery time :65 days

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have bucket project .


Date:2017-09-29 09:31:02

DAKUMAR is a one of the leading in manufacturer, distributor and service provider. We are the only global company who offerds whole production line that includes hot runner systems, injection molding, factory setup and staff training. We maintain strong market positions across these products, as well as leading positions in process control systems, mold bases and components, maintenance, repair and operating supplies for plastic processing equipment . Our strategy is to deliver highly customized equipment, components and service to our customers throughout the lifecycle of their plastic processing technology systems.

We are dedicated to help our clients, to act as their technical adviser and to deliver individual solutions tailored to specific business need and challenging budgets. We are cap able of meeting all small, medium and large scale requirement of organization from 50T-4500T, with professionals responsible for plant setup and necessary analysis.

Dakumar servo motor injection machine use the high performance servo driver control system, having the characteristics as follow:

Clamping Unit:

1) The platens are designed using Finite Element Analysis software ensuring a stable and rigid clamping system. Five-point inward moving toggle system ensures high rigidity and precision for mold clamping and also reducing stress and stain effects.

2) Multi stage mold open/close pressure & speed control ensuring high precision with sensible mold protection.

3) Clamping is more rapid and stable by limited outflow.

4) Mechanical and Electrical Mold close safety interlock device (Hydraulic optional)

5) T slot machine platen for easier mould mounting with higher working productivity

Hydraulic unit:

1) The hydraulic system incorporates high quality pump and control valve technology using worldfamous brands which precisely control all machine functions to ensure accuracy, rel

2) Hydraulic proportional pressure and flow control system  liability and repeatability.

3) High speed clamping with oil flow supplement, quick reaction liable performance,Oil Filter to clear the oil, which could extend the machine life.

4) Hydraulic valve for safety door to protect the operator

Control Unit

1)Keba computer controller system for special injection molding machines, which is also widelyused in European market.

2)A large color LCD screen, the system also supports multi-language compatibility.

3)Closed loop PID Barrel temperature control provides accurate and consistence heat con

4) Robotic panel available upon customer requirement.

5) Dust waterproof control cabinets provide a neat and tidy enclosure for all electrical control components.

6)High quality servo motor with energy saving from 30-80%

Injection Unit

1). Balanced Twin Cylinder Injection unit and High Torque Motor for screw plasticization.

2)Multi stage injection pressure/speed/hold pressure control.

3)Plasticizing cold start prevention function and suck back function.

4)Nozzle covers to protect the operator

Recently DAKUMAR has done agreement with agents of different countries to provide best service through out the world. Our service centre are spread in South Arica , Jordan, Argentina, Mexico, Nepal, Turkey, Tunisia,Egypt,Iran.

With the help of our agents, Dakumar will give customer good quality machine after sales services in agent area. No matter operation problem or adjusting difficult, injection machine agent will offer you prompt and positive after sale services.

Rahul Shah

whatsapp: 008613989381153

Date:2017-09-28 22:17:22

DAKUMAR is a world famous plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. offering qualified plastic injection machines, providing plastic molding technologies as well as turnkey molding solutions.

With fast development and high requirement for injection molding machine.Dakumar machines are develop and research the injection machine to a higher level,until now.we have make many new models of injection molding machine,and it is selling very good in the market,include high speed injection machine and hydridinjection molding machine size for DKM200HH, DKM300HH, DKM400HH,DKM600HHsuitable for thin wall container molding and precision part molding;

What is more ,we have developed European two plate injection machine DKM1000tonmachine suitable for big size parts which demanding for more open stroke, our DKM2000ton two platen injection molding machine is under developing; Large sizeinjection machine DKM2600, DKM3350, DKM4000 suitable for dust bin mould, palletmould, bumper mould and so on.

SINO MOULD is a branch company of Sino holdings group,Dakumar Machineryare two main branches of SINO HOLDINGS GROUP.They work together to offercustomers for different turnkey line solutions, such as plastic household injection molding lines. It is much convenient, especially for new start customers or new plantbuilding up.

Welcome to contact us if you have new question about injection moulds and injection molding machine.We are offering the whole plastic production line for you.


Date:2017-09-24 21:58:56

As a professional plastic turnkey molding provider, Sino holdings group pay much attention for the all equips manufacture detail and maintenance work. We know how to make a good machine or mould is better than a temporary profit. If you comes to Sino group. You will know weare the directly factory who can the first hand supply. No matter on moulds or injection molding machine, Our engineer is the top technical skill and can help solve any technical skill question or fast maintenance service.

Sino group chair plant factory setup service, Do not only focus on supply one mould or one machine. Before get your chair molding order, we will help analysis this chair production project feasibility, give you the needed technical support before sale, help you do the needful investment programming. During order time, we will help you design relative technical drawing and factory layout map,checking with customer with needed assisted parts. After sales, we are available for engineer sending for the, moulds and machine installation and technicaltraining.

Chair plant factory setup

Congratulations to Sino holdings group export the 855th production line with plastic chair molding plant set up building service. We send technical engineer Mr Wen for injection molding machine and moulds installation and engineer training. Thanks for customer always support to Sino holdings group, We will keep on our diamond service and making the high quality money printer. Support our best service and maximize our customer value of our biggest long term mission.

Written by Tina

Whatsapp: 008615067608197


Date:2017-09-24 21:54:48

Dakumar injection molding machine would take part the No,11th Iran plast show, During the fair,we will show you the high speed injection molding machine fast running with thin wall box mould,and also we will display auto loader and dryer machine those auxiliary molding machine.

Our booth No is H40-28,welcome to visit to our company booth.

Iran Plast High Speed Injection Molding Machine

Today is the second day for the Iran plastshow,Dakumar injection molding machine running the thin wall lid, two cavity injectionmolding with 3.8 seconds. Very good show and very good hybrid type injectionmolding machine. Congratulationsto Dakumar machinery factory on the fair show sold this high speed injectionmolding machine. After fair, our Iran representative directly send fair machineto the customer factory and help them make the adjustment and training. Ourmachine is widely used in various different fields like food packing, automaticparts, home appliance, medical parts, household items for customer. We will doour best support serve customer well.


Date:2017-09-23 17:51:07

Sino Holdings Group is a professional manufacturer for plastic laundry basket molding equipment, we supply plastic laundry basket mould, molding machine and other auxiliaries. For the plastic laundry basket, we could make design according to customer original sample, 3D drawing, concept and so on.

Plastic laundry basket, used for dirty clothes collecting, which is widely used in the hotel and household. We could make the plastic laundry basket mould for light weight laundry basket, strong design basket and new model basket. With advanced mould structure, the whole laundry basket production line could run automatically.

According to the laundry basket function, we make the Radius at the core side, in order to get the inner side of the basket smooth and comfortable, it is good to protect the clothes during using. We make high quality plastic laundry basket mould and basket injection molding machines with one stop service.

Sino Holdings Group is professional for turnkey solution service. Welcome to contact us for more detail for the plastic laundry molding project.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7
Whatsapp: 008615257606120

Date:2017-09-17 11:25:28

As a turnkey molding solution supplier, SINO Holdings Group could offer you tailor injection molds & machine with your satisfied. Till now, we already set up more than 800 production lines in different countries, such as bumper molding line, chair molding line, preform molding line, etc.

SINO Mould is the leading injection mould manufacturer for automotive industry in China, specialized in automotive molds such as: bumper, fan tray, shock absorber, oil tank, grilles and so on. And ourbrand company -- Dakumar Machinery which is famous injection molding machine manufacturer with European standard, we could supply you most suitable injection molding machine for your auto molding projects.

Before, we have made OEM bumper molds for Peugeot as following:

Core steel: DIN1.2312

Cavity steel: DIN1.2738

Sliders steel: DIN1.2738 + Nitrided

Injection system: Synventive Sequence Nozzle

Ejection system: Italian Hydraulic cylinders

Mould cycle: 45s

Mould delivery: 120days

Suitable Machine: DKM2800

Except OEM auto molds, we also could supply auto molds for after sales service. Usually for bumper molds production, suitable injection machine type is DKM2250 (tie bar distance is 1800*1600)—DKM3350 (tie bar distance is 2160*1900), it depends on detail products. Our strong R&D department will help you analysis products & molds, and choose suitable injection molding machine for you.

If you are looking for bumper molding line supplier, or you want to set up plastic auto part molding factory, welcome to contact me. Sino will be happy to offer you our best solution and service.

OEM bumper molding line supplier

Miss. Ysaline


Whatsapp: +86 138 5763 5311

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