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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2017-04-21 18:37:53

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the most commonly and widely used thermoplastic after PE and PP. Because of its inexpensivness ,durability and wide range of application PVC is used in construction and draining purpose.  It also can be manufactured in both hard and softer durometers which enable it to be very versatile. With some advantages there are some disadvantages of PVC as it is toxic in nature and can hamper humans health.

Due to its toxic and heat sensitive nature difficulities arise while molding PVC . Hardened Stainless Steel is required to mold down this plastic successfully with the use of injection machine having special barrel and screw as it is very corrosive in nature.

DAKUMAR Machinery is one of the leading PVC injection machine manufacturer in china known for Quality ,Honesty and Responsibility.

DAKUMAR presents latest PVC injection machine designed for molding PVC resin perfectly.

Design includes:

  • Chrome and nickel plated specialized PVC components, which offers which protects machine components and increase the life of the machine.

  • Widened safety door designs, with double core pulling system as the PVC mold is irregular and big in structure compared to other molds.

  • Forced cooling of the barrel by compressed air through air channels in individual zones because overheating leads in degradation of PVC inside barrel.

  • Enlarged hydraulic motor for complete plasticizing of PVC resin.

  • Oil and water cooling systems in the screw barrel to maintain constant and uniform melting.

  • The nozzle through which the product flows is made of chrome and is large enough to handle the required volume

  • The curve slide core fitting offers strict dimensional control and high precision surface finish, smooth ejector pin mark and gate mark.

  • The smallest size of φ32mm for the collapsible core can be reached.

If you have any project regarding pipe fitting or PVC injection molding dont hesitate to connect and we not only manufacture machine but also offer fine solution to our client with all the machine , mold and auxiliary together to setup new production line.

Rahul shah

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Date:2017-04-14 13:59:33

Dakumar Machinery is a professional manufacturer for plastic injection molding machines, we supply large size injection molding machine with technology support. At present, we have machine instorage for DKM1600, DKM2800, DKM3350 and so on. We could help setup your workshop fast and easily.

DKM2800 injection molding machine, with the clamping force 28000KN, tie bar distance is 1865*1715mm with the injection weight until 28kg, it is suitable for pallet, industrial dust bin, bumper and other big parts molding. If you plan to invest large size injection molding machine and production line, welcome to contact us.

Dakumar Machinery, with sister company Sino Mould, we could make the mould and injection molding machines together with one stop service and arrange our service team to visit customer workshop. Our equipment for the whole line include injection molding machine, additional machines for the mass production and also the plastic injection mould.

At present, we are looking for injection molding machine agent in different countries, welcome to send us enquiry, we will respond to you soon.

Post by Miss Celina

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Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

Date:2017-04-10 17:41:54

As is known to all, Bottle preform material is special, Normal injection machine not suit for the  production demand, request special PET injection molding machine. For the preform injection  molding machine choice, No matter on the mould size choice, or the injection volume aspect,  Dakumar injection machine company would covers all the considered ways and will do our best help you select best suitable servo motor injection molding machine.

Dakumar PET injection molding machine owns characteristic bottle preform injection molding machine.

lPET special screw

lBigger injection capacity to meet PET injection shot weight requirement, normally PET preform  molds do not need high clamping force while big machine injection weight is needed.

lEnlarged servo system to support big injection shot weight,

lEnlarged plasticizing motor for machine bigger torque to meet PET material special  characteristic;

lEnlarged motor, oil pump, servo motor and servo driver to control the production cycle time.

Bottle Preform Injection Machine

To satisfy high quality preform injection molding customer requirement, Dakumar injection molding  machine as the world famous injection machine maker always keep upgrading and devote ourselves  injection molding machine manufacture quality. With the development of our Italian CTO molding  technology support. Dakumar injection molding machine would share the stock market and be the No.1  Chinese molding machine which owns Euro quality standard and Chinese machineprice.

Dakumar PET injection molding machine now becomes popular sales in the worldwide market, welcome  you visit us to know more detail.Now we are seeking injection molding machine sales representative in the oversea market. If any interested, welcome join us. Keep touch mail:


Date:2017-04-10 08:52:41

Sino Holdings is specialized in providing plastic Pallet Box injection molding line manufacture and and other big industrial plastic productturnkey solution with plastic injection molding line.

Pallet box injection molding machine

DakumarMachine and Sino Mould are belong to Sino Holdings committed to helpingcustomer about turnkey solution offering, we have many experience in plasticpallet injection, plastic caret molding, Pallet Box injection molding, we haveestablied more than 600 production line to different countries.

Usually,Pallet Box injection machine need arond DKM2800SV, DKM3350 according todifferent size, servo motor are recommended for power saving 30%-70%, machine;with Famous machine components like KEBA controller, Eckerle oil pump,SchneiderAC contactor and so on, and with strong QC system for each mechanicalcomponents, to keep the machine in high precision.

SinoMold also have strong team for Pallet Box mould,crate mould or pallet moulds,factory with big crane 50T for big moulds, and big tooling machine with stoke4200*2500*1100.

The most important is easy to test Pallet Boxinjection molding line in one place, you will see your mould running in yourmachine before shipping, and send engineer for your machine installation,adjusting still work well, also we can training your team how to running mouldsand machine and maintain.

We welcome you inquiry us if you have anyquestions or help about plastic Pallet Box injection molding line.



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Date:2017-04-03 16:14:25

As top quality PVC fitting injection molding machine manufacturer in China, we offer you a fine solution. Ok, let us know PVC injection machine feature different from other machines.

PVC Injection Machine

1.According to the pipe fitting moulds structure, so our PVC injection molding machine needs to enlarge the door-plate.

In most cases, PVC is used for making PVC pipe fitting moulds. And the structure of pipe pitting moulds was complicated and big size, needing cylinderstructure and 2 sets core pulling system.

2. Accordingto the PVC material, we need to do as below:

1).The machine components need to be plated chrome or nickel. It can protect themgetting anti-corrosion over time. (PVC material will release Cl2when it is heated.)

2).PVC injection molding machine need special screw and barrel.

3).Add fan on the screw of machine. (PVC material will be decomposed when it is heated in certain temperature.)

4).Enlarged hydraulic motor is to adopt plasticizing PVC.

5).Oil and water cooling system is in the screw barrel.

6).Forced cooling of the barrel by compressed air through air channels in individual zones.

If you want to know more PVC injection molding machine information, welcome tocontact me.

Postedby Sara

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Date:2017-04-01 10:04:07

All of the plastic snack box is thin wall, and the producer will have high requirement to the output capacity and stable production performance. So snack box injection molding machine’s specification and quality is pretty important.

Snack Box Injection Molding Machine

In order to satisfy most of customers’ requirements, Sino developed a new injection molding machine model. Compared with other high speed injection molding machine, Sino’sadvantages are:

1.Stronger machine body and tie bar diameter.

2.High precision single cylinder injection system.

3.Adopt accumulator to realize high speed injection.

4.Machine ACC.DEC response time can reach 20ms.

5.We adoptItaly reducer to control the injection screw speed.

6.Italy engineer promote machine quality and performance.

7.3 actions work together. Save the cycle time very well.

8.Configure European advanced controller to precisely control the temperature and location.

9.In hydraulicunit, configure precision servo-valve, it runs with high precision and responsefaster.

10.Machine with mechanical, hydraulic,electrical triple protection. CE standard with safety structure with high security.

Snack box injection molding machine’s first choice is Sino high speed injection molding machine, which is also hybrid machine. As is known to all, full electrical injection machine’s speed is very very fast, but the price is also very very high. Sino hybrid machine played the competitive price advantage and realized high speed production. If you have some projects are high speed production, welcome contact me freely.

Written by: Candy

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Date:2017-03-31 19:14:34

Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd. is oneof the members of Sino Holdings Group, professional in R&D, manufacturingthe injection machine, especially the servo motor injection machine. We can provide you the servo motor machine from 50 Ton to 4000 Ton.

The servo motor machine has the characteristicsas below:

- High energy saving. Under normal operating conditions,compared with conventional hydraulic injection molding machine, 20%-80% energy can be reduced.

- Molding stability. Compared with conventional injection molding machines, repeatability is greatly improved due to servo motor closed-loop control.

- Quick response. Featuring a dynamic servomotor with a response time of only 0.05s.

- Reliable holding pressure. Compared with traditional hydraulic machine the holding pressure is more stable and the well time has been much extended.

- Better oil temperature stability. The servo motor system only delivers hydraulic oil as it is needed for various functions, which prevents unnecessary generation of heat and substantially reduces oil cooling requirements.

Dakumar servo motor injection machine can suit for industrial containers and pallets, chairs and tables, home appliances,automotive parts, etc. We can offer customized machine according to customers’special requirements.

If you want to buy injection molding machine, Dakumar servo motor injection machine will meet your requests.

Servo motor injection machine.jpg




Date:2017-03-31 18:53:10

Sino Group is one of Chinese famous companies that can offer the whole plastic production line for various plastic chair products.From factory set up investment budget, official offer, technical suggestion andskilled equipment selection, equipment purchase and service after deal.

When receive customer’s enquiry, Sino will offer one to one sales engineer service to help customer analysis their project based on their working situation and market, like offer the cost forthe whole chair production line, make list of the necessary equipment, and calculatethe cost for each product to figure out when customer can earn its cost andmake profit.

After received the order, Sino will offer professional new factory layout design, water air, gas, electrical power ayout,auxiliary equipment and crane design. Customer can start building their workingfactory based on our designs. At the same time, Sino will start mould andequipment making, and offer progress report weekly.

When mould and machine are ready, wewill arrange our professional and all-powerful engineer to go to customer’s factory to help them install and commission the machine, and teach them how tooperate our machine and mould to let them mater the key points. What’s more,our experienced production manager will share our manager experience withcustomer to help them improve production efficiency.

If you want to set up your own plastic chair molding factory, please kindly send enquiry to me, Iam glad to reply you and quote good price for you, we also welcome any of you to come to our factory for a visit or just be a friend

. Plastic Chair Molding Factory

Post by Miss Mandy


Skype: sino.mould

Date:2017-03-31 17:26:52

Dakumar Machinery Co.,LTD is oneof the members of Sino Holdings Group, Professional in manufacturing injection molding machine. Such as High speed machine,Servo power save injection machine,PET injection machine, PVCinjection machine,Angle injection machine,Double-color injection machine.

Especially In Servo Energy Saving Injection Machine manufacturing.

Dakumar machinery is good at various kinds of injection machine manufacturing. Dakumar Servo Energy Saving Injection Machine is well-known around the world.

We use high-performance servo dynamic control system , as the power source the oil pump,have the characteristic high speed response , energy saving ,low noise, high control presicision, and a breakthrough in the perfect connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic system.

DKM-50~4000 ton servo energy saving machine suitable for industrial containers and pallets, chairs and tables, home appliances, automotive parts and so on. We can offer customized machine according to customers special requirements.

The servo system of servo energy saving machine is better than others.

1.It is High performance energy saving to reduce cost.

2.Not only save energy, but also realize the precise speed and pressure control.

3.High efficiency, lower oil temperature , making oil tank much smaller and the service life of hydranlic oil and elements much longer.  

Dakumar is a good servo energy saving injection machine manufacturer, If you are interested in our servo energy saving injection machine or other injection machine , please feel free to contact me .

Posted by: Rose


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Date:2017-03-31 17:15:09

High speed servo machine is specialized for thin wall mould, cap mould, bucket moulds, etc. High speed moulding machine supplier Dakumar Machinery is famous machine manufacturer in China. We offer high speed servo machine from 200 ton to 600 ton.

What kind of injection machine can be called high speed machine ? As a professional machine manufacturer, we think high speed machine should contain the below performance:

1)Machine with high precision cylinder and suitable for high speed injection, with low inertia and high response speed.

2)Machine with accumulator and max injection speed can reach 300 to 450mm/ seconds.

3)Machine ACC/DEC response time can reach 30ms.

4)Toggle with optimized design, machine speed 10% to 20% faster.

5)Machine mould opening, ejector and plasticizing at the same time.

high speed servo machine supplier

Dakumar high speed injection machine also is a servo energy saving injection machine. It can save 30% to 70% power. For buy a high safety injection machine, high stability injection machine, Dakumar will be the best choice. If you want to visit our machine manufacturing base, here is our location: Add : 369# Xinjiang Xinqian Street, Huangyan, Taizhou,Zhejiang, China. P.C. : 318020.

Summer is waiting for your down visit.

Email for machine inquiry:

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Date:2017-03-31 16:07:34

How to make a good plastic container injection molding line? First of all, we should choose suitable steel material to the mould base, mold cavity and core parts. For example, produce a good 4 cavities crate molds, we should choose good hardness steel.

Plastic Container Injection Molding

Then, choose suitable injection mold standard parts, which will make convenient to customers’ replacement in their own countries.

Third, we should control each steel’shardness very well. the hardness couldn’t too high. Forth, make a mold flow before mould design, to make sure the injection pressure is not too high and filling is easy.

Forth, choose suitable and stable injection molding machine, dispatch engineers to customer’s factory to help build up the equipment. Plastic container always not small, the possible problems will be reduced very well when the equipment was installed by professional engineers.

Sino export around 100 sets plastic container molds to oversea country, most of our customers are from India, Algeria, Middle East, South America. If you want to build up a new plastic container injection molding factory. There’s no hesitate to contact me freely. Wewill offer you our best injection molding solution with high quality and competitive price list.

contact: Candy Wang


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Date:2017-03-30 23:25:48

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is a professional plastic bottle cap production line supplier. We have gathered rich experience in plastic cap production molding solution, assist our customer establishing their company from zero.

Regarding the production line, it include PET injection machine, injection mould, auxiliary machine, all after-sale service.

injection mould,:

1 High-precision CNC machining centers, CNC EDM, wire cutting processing to ensure accuracy and speed.

2 the steel of the mould is 136 , high hardenability, good polishing, high hardness pre-hardened steel, good machinability.

3there are the standard. auxiliary machines.

all after-sale service:

Sino’s engineer team is able to go to the destination country factory for set up service and staff training. This is not only to teach our clients how to use Mold well, but also building the long term cooperation with Sino. That makes Sino brand being the most attractive among the Chinese mold suppliers.

reasonable design of Hot runner, and cold runner taking into account the efficiency and cost, significant savings in social resources.

Injection machine:

Under normal operating conditions, compared with conventional hydraulic injection molding machine, 20-80%energy can be reduced. Featuring a dynamic servo motor with a response time of only 0.05sec. And our machine not only save energy, but also realize the precise speed and pressure control.

auxiliary machine:

we usually offer customer with all necessary auxiliary machines, such as Auto loader, hopper dryer, air chiller, ect.

If you are looking for plastic bottle cap production linesupplier, please feel free to contact us, we won't let you down.

Posted by: Rose Wang


Skype: Sino mould-Rose

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