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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2017-08-02 17:00:06

In order to satisfy steep rise output quantity about Dakumar injection machine, we decided to find professional horizontal injection machine sole agent all over the world. Especially developing countries.

Horizontal Injection Machine Sole Agent

Up to now, we have agent in South Africa, Iran, Mexico, Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, Jordan, etc. If we want to open the market in one country, sole agent is very important to help us improve our year output value. And agent will help us offer on time service to customers.

We sincerely invite more and more professional injection machine engineer come and contact us to talk about the agent agreement. If you are one of the horizontal injection machine sole agent already, but want to change the machine brand. We also welcome your coming.

Dakumar is not only injection machine manufacturer, we are also have high quality and great proud mold brand- Sino Mould. We have more than 25 years in plastic injection molding solution. So when you became our sole agent, there’s no need find another mold supplier in China, and worry about the quality. We can offer you one-stop production line, one-stop before and after-sale service. Are you interested to be our horizontal injection machine sole agent?

Sales engineer: Candy Wang


whatsapp: +86 15858685263

Date:2017-07-31 11:19:50

Are you looking for good and experienced PET preform molding linesupplier? Nowadays, pet preformed products are more and more important in themarket all over the world. Sino Holdings group has more than 18 years experienced in petpreform injection moulds and injection machine making.

Most of customers are glad to purchase the pet preform mould and petinjection machine from china. China pet preform mould manufacturers often providecustomers high quality and professional moulds. But Sino not only provide youthe pet preform mould , but good quality pet injection machine also.

For the pet preform mould:

We can supply 8 cavity preform mould, 12cavity perform mould, 16 cavity preform mould, 24 cavity preform mould, 32cavity preform mould, 48 cavity preform mould, 72 cavity preform mould…..


1. Core and cavity are made of S420material (Sweden ASSAB).

2. P20 mould plate, avoids corrosionefficaciously and assures long life service of the perform molds.

3. Good heat treatment of the components,which assures the hardness of components HRC48-HRC50

 Forthe pet injection machine:

We have professional injection machine forpet preform products producing.

It’s including two types machine: Pet preforminjection machine II series and I series.

For II series:

a)      PETspecial screw

b)      biggerinjection capacity to meet PET injection shot weight requirement, normally PETpreform molds do not need high clamping force while big machine injectionweight is needed.

c)      enlargedservo system to support big injection shot weight,

d)      Enlargedplasticizing motor for machine bigger torque to meet PET material special characteristic.

e)      Enlargedmotor, oil pump, servo motor and servo driver to control the production cycletime.

If you need or searching for the  PET Preform Molding Line supplier .  

Please feel free to contact us, Sino canoffer you good quality and high guaranteed life time with the best price.



Skype: live:sale66_5

Date:2017-07-31 09:58:26

Dakumaris professional turnkey molding line maker, such as 20L  IML bucket production line, from injectionmolding, labeling just 29 seconds to take a complete cycle, the wholemechanical manipulation, really reached the standard 4.0 industrial automaticproduction, can be single side, double side, 360 - degree membrane inside thepost, we are

committedto provide one-stop turnkey engineering services, plastic products productionaccording to customer's demand and the production of workshop drawings, can betailored for the client project plan.

At thesame time, we will arrange the engineer to the customer factory for equipment installation, debugging andtraining until the customer's team can operate all the machines and equipment.

Dakumarinjection molding machine has helped customers around the world havesuccessfully established more than 200 production lines, including:

PETbottle production line

Plasticproducts production line

Moldlabel production line

Applianceproduction line

Injectionmolding machine production line

PVC, PPpipe fitting production line

Largeplastic molding production line

Dakumarhas a powerful and professional work team, we can provide customers withcomplete turnkey engineering services, and we promise: in the shortest possibletime, in the most economic plan, help customers to build a new factory!

In the past few years, Dakumar injection molding machine has establishedmany production lines in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Russia .

If you are searching for high quality , good price injectionmachine,Turnkey molding line maker

Please feel free to contact me .



Skype: live:sale66_5

Date:2017-07-31 09:50:26

Dakumaris one of the members of Sino Holdings Group ,is specialized in R&Dmanufacture , sales and service of plastic injection machine with concept of 5H,focus on being world leading supplier of injection molding equipment ,technology and solutions. we are Professional Servo Energy Saving injection machine supplier

Dakumar canprovide you the servo energy saving injection machine from 50T to 4000T withthe servo motor and servo driver.

Advantages are as follows:

High effect energy saving

Under the same working condition, theenergy saving ratio of 20%-80% is achieved compared with the traditionalhydraulic injection molding machine.

High forming stability

Servo drive system, closed loop control,compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, the formingrepeatability is greatly improved

Ultrasensitive response

The sensitive servo drive system respondsquickly and the start-up time is only 0.05s

Super performance environmental protection

The whole machine runs with low noise

Super reliable holding performance

Compared with the traditional hydraulicinjection molding machine, the holding time is wider and the performance ofholding pressure is more stable

Super constant oil temperature

Servo motor proportional output hydraulicoil, to avoid excess heat generation, slow heating, hydraulic oil and evenwithout cooling, to achieve substantial water conservation

High efficient

The design of thin type motor small inertiaservo using Dakumar electro-hydraulic system with high speed DSP the mostadvanced computing devices, field oriented vector control strategy to realize.The system has a fast response speed, the maximum speed of the servo motorreaches 2500 revolutions per minute, and the time from zero speed to maximumspeed is only 36 milliseconds. The action of the injection molding machine,such as the opening and closing die, the movement of the platform, the advanceand retreat of the ejector, are obviously accelerated. The molding cycle of theinjection molding machine is shortened and the production efficiency isimproved.

High Precise

The accuracy of 4096 pulse / high precisionrotary transformer rotating as the motor speed (flow) feedback components andhigh precision pressure sensor as the pressure feedback component, and doubleclosed-loop control of pressure and flow, using high-speed DSP to achieve avariety of control algorithm, the average error of pressure can reach 0.5bar,the error of speed control is 0.1%, lag the ring is zero, therefore, thequality of the products of high repeat accuracy, to meet the needs of theproduction of high precision products.

If you are looking for  Professional Servo Energy Saving injection machine supplier ,please kindly contact me , Sino will provide you the best price and  high quality with the best service.



Skype: live:sale66_5

Date:2017-07-31 09:41:38

Dakumaris one of the members of Sino Holdings Group ,is specialized in R&Dmanufacture , sales and service of plastic injection machine with concept of 5H,focus on being world leading supplier of injection molding equipment ,technology and solutions.

Especiallyin IML high speed injection molding line . IML equipments include IML mold,high speed IML injection molding machine, necessary additional machines, IMLrobot and so on. We offer turnkey project solution for the high speed IMLmolding line with IML technologies support.

Compareto common injection molding line, in mold labeling system added one part forthe IML robot with prepared IML labels, it is used for sending IML labels intothe mold and collect the plastic parts. This step could be instead by manualoperating with static device for the IML labels.

Inorder to get high speedIML molding line, there have high requirements for each IML equipments. We mustmake sure each in mold labeling device work short cycling time in order to gethigh speed running.

FortheIMLmold, we design optimized cooling systemwith reasonable mold structure. We use imported stainless steel material forthe IML mold core and cavity, all the mold spare parts we designed withstandard parts which is easy for mold maintenance and run time running.

Forthe IML machine, we developed a new injection molding machine type which issuitable for thinwall high speed molding production, named hybrid injectionmolding machine. The new type of high speed injection molding machine is withhigh safety, high precision, high stability, high recyclability and high powersaving ability. All the injection machine electronic components we use worldfamous brand, for example, we use KEBA brand controller made in Austria, usephase brand Servo motor made in Italy, use Novo brand electronic ruler made inGermany, use MOOG brand servo valve made in Germany, use Intermot brandhydraulic motor made in Japan and so on. For the high speed injection moldingmachine, it could save about 3s for finishing mold opening, mold ejection andmaterial charging at the same time.

Withhigh quality IML mold, IML machine, IML robot and suitable size auxiliarymachines, we could get high speed IML molding line. According to customer’squantity demand, we could design mold cavity number according to the IMLmolding line running cycle time. All the IML devices are working separately butmatched with other parts well without waiting time, we could get 5s cycle timefor the thinwall IML molding line.

Dakumar supply high quality in mold labeling solution for I.M.Lmachine and I.M.L technology support. We could arrange engineers to visitcustomer workshop for the IML molding line setup and staff training. Welcome tocontact us for more information.

If you are looking for  IML Molding Line Supplier  ,please kindly contact me , Sino will provide you the best price and  high quality with the best service.



Skype: live:sale66_5

Date:2017-07-31 08:46:18

We offer the whole production lines for various plastic products, especially for plastic crate molding line solution,we support all necessary equipment for you to produce milk crate, fruit and vegetable crate, banana crate , grape plastic container, fish crate,folding thin wall crate, bulk crate containers and so on.

Come to Sino Holdings, we help you to start a crate production line, with tailored crate mould, suitable crate molding machine, cooling system of water chiller, cooling tower for factory,crusher, autoloader, color mixer and conveyor of molded crates. Considering different crate size, crate mould structure, injection machine model is ranged from DKM550T to DKM1350T. For example , the 540*355*290mm F&V crate with 1 cavity mould just need DKM650T machine. While, if you produce folding crate with 600*400*110mm size, you need to consider about huge size injection machine–DKM1350T.

While, we can offer you not only all necessary equipment, but also technical support, service process for equipment installation & adjustment, people training,maintenace and project analysis.Welcome your enquiry for different crate specification, Sino Holdings will offer you our best solution for making top quality crate molding solutions.

Posted by Ms. Helen

Whatsapp: 0086 15858625783


Skype: sino.group10

Date:2017-07-24 18:27:04

Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., is specialized in high speed injection molding machine manufacturing, our high speed injection machine is suitable for thinwall product production, such as ice cream box, salad box, ect. Till now, we already export many high speed injection machine all over the world,such as Nigeria, Croatia, the UAE, Greece, Morocco, etc.

Our high speed injection machine is designed with accumulator to realize high speed injection. For example, 4cavityice ice cream box, wall thickness is 0.4mm, used by our high speed machine—DKM200HH, cycle time is 2.9s. Our high speed machine has the function of 3 action parallel to realize material charging, mold open and ejection at same time. It can maximum shortening cycle and realize more production capacity.

We could supply high speed machine from 200T to 1300T, our high speed type include “H” and “HH” type. “H” means mold open an ejection in one time, “HH” means material charging, mold open andejection in one time. For high speed machine, we use high end machine components, such as Austria KEBA controller, Japan Yuken Valve, Germany Eckerleoil pump, etc.

If you are looking for high speed thinwall products molding machine, pls feel free to letme know. By the way, we are looking for injection machine agent for sale and after sale, if have any interests, welcome to contact me.

high speed thinwall products molding machine


Whatsapp: +86 138 5763 5311

Date:2017-07-24 11:36:32

Dakumar injection molding machine working on many different countries agency for support Dakumar machine oversea market fast after sale service for the each countries local customer. Congratulations to Dakumar that we already establish Mexico, Iran, Ukraine, South africa, Jordan,Morocco, Tunisia etc injection machine countries agency.

Now we are looking for Algeria market sales representative which interested to join us and plan to work together.

Dakumar injection molding machine specialize in the plastic injection molding machine for more than 15 year.Compare with some world famous injection molding machine brand, maybe we arenew and small brand to you, However we are developing very fast in the last 10years. To meet the market demand and beset service for the end user, Dakumar team always do our best effort research and produce the high quality injection molding machine. And Our CTO is from Italy-Mr Emilio which working for Italy famous injection machine company designer engineer team more than 30 years.With his Italy design team help, our Dakumar injection molding machine quality always raising up and become the No.1 Chinese injection molding machine maker owns Euro production standard.

Welcome to email me for the detail cooperation detail, Wish you already have market promotion strategy and owns injection molding machine maintenance experience. Looking forward you could join us and become Dakumar injection machine Algeria agency, of course, if you comes from other countries, Warmly welcome.

Written by Tina


Date:2017-07-23 17:35:56

Sino Mould has rich experience in various plastic crate molds making, for example, foldable crate molds, thin wall crate, coca cola crate, also ordinary crate, such as milk crate, vegetable crate, etc.

plastic crate molding line supplier

As leader of injection mold manufacturer, Sino could offer you high quality plastic crate molds. Every year, we export more than 200 sets crate molds. We have our own team for crate mold design, tooling, and assembling, usually for ordinary crate mold, after T0 trial, mold could be delivered.

For plastic crate, you should pay more attention for the following points:

1.Weight: Sino precise tooling machine could offer you high precise crate molds, and ensure product weight as your requirement.


3.Parting line for stripper & core; slider& slider; slider & cavity. (cannot hurt hand.)

4.Injection uniform

5.Stacking, etc.

Usually for crate molds, use recycled material, we have special design for manifold, by our special design, it can effectively increase the mold life.

In addition, we could supply injection molding machine, usually for crate mold,suitable injection machine is DKM650SV, and some small type also can use DKM450.

If you are looking for plastic crate molding line supplier, welcome to contact me, Sino will be happy to offer you best solution.

Whatsapp: 0086 138 5763 5311


Date:2017-07-22 18:29:29

China brand Injection machine manufacturer - Dakumar Machinery supplying large size two plate injection molding machine size from 1000Ton to 4000ton clamping force, for large size plastic part production.

Large Size Two Plate Injection Machine Manufacturer

DKM Two plate injection molding machine designby clamping unit in two part, small footprint for space saving, powerfulclamping force because the clamping unit by fully closed hydraulic system controlling,for less leakage and well pressure holding.

Compare with three plate IMM, mouldthickness mould capacity, opening stroke is 50% higher; main parts has been inspected by element analysis and optimized, to let machine running in veryhigh stability and smoothly.

Two plate Injection molding machine areapplied to large size industrial parts, pallet, industrial dust bin, big logistics containers, large size auto parts injection molding, with more than 15years injectionmolding machine experience and two plate IMM developed by our CTO from Italy,we trust you will be satisfying with our quality and service.

And we have good advantage is our sister company - Sino Mould they are manufacturing plastic mould, so we can givecustomer turnkey solution for production line.

Welcome contact us about large size twoplate injection molding machine and production line equipment inquiry.

Call number & what’s up: +8615257606121


Date:2017-07-22 16:44:45

Sino Holdings Group is a professional manufacturer for plastic crate molding line solution, we supply one stop service for plastic crate molding. For the plastic crate, we supply for different types, such as bread crate molding line, milk crate molding line, fish crate molding line and fruit crate molding line.

plastic bread crate molding line

Bread crate is used for bread shipping, usually it is with lower height and the length and width is bigger than common fruit crate. The dimension we have for 700*700*150mm, 680*620*120mm, 650*620*140mm and so on. According to customer's requirement, we could make 3D drawing for the plastic bread crate and optimized crate mould structure. For the bread crate, the weight, the parting line and shape design is most important. Sino Holdings Group company could offer you a fine solution.

According to the bread crate dimension, we design the crate mould and suggest suitable bread crate injection molding machine. If you have any doubt about crate molding line setup, please do not hesitate to contact us, we could make the new workshop layout with our best suggestion.

Post by Miss Celina Email: whatsapp: 008615257606120

Date:2017-07-17 16:20:21

Dakumar Machinery co supply around 50 sets plastic vegetable crate injection molding equipment per year, customized injection molding solution for different vegetable crate, bread crate, cola crate, milk crate, fish crate andso on.

We supplying injection molding equipment including vegetable crate mould, vegetable crate injection machine and assistant equipment for injection molding line. With sister company-Sino Mould which have had 20year experience on plastic crate mould manufacturer. Usually vegetable crate size like 500*400*250 or 600*400*350 usually DKM 500ton or DKM650ton, crate injection molding with servo system, KEBA controller, famous electrical& Hydraulic components to let machine in high stable & high safety standard; to inject vegetable crate about 35-40secend on short, round 2100pcs/per day.

Turnkey solution for vegetable decides good experiences there have design support plant layout, part design, mould & machine running testing, simulation production, engineer service for installation,adjustment and training. We had sold around 105 production line for plastic vegetable crate injection molding equipment to Spain, Portuguesa, Peru,India,Arab, Africa, and Asia counties, looking forward to hear from you to start our cooperation about plastic injection molding equipment purchase.

vegetable crate injection molding equipment

Welcome you down visit to Sino Holdings Group, you will satisfied about our quality and service.

Contact: Ms Vivian

Call number & what’s up: +8615257606121


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