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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
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Date:2017-05-28 23:13:32

Sino Group can tailor various kinds of high production performance thin wall container production line for each customerper their requirements. The solution and quotation will be made based ondrawings or sample, production capacity, customer’s budget and experience. The complete thin wall container turkey solution includes, thin wall container mold,high speed injection molding machine, robot and other necessaries.

When receive customer’s enquiry, we will offerone by one service, our sales engineer will select and analyze all theinformation that provided by the customer. Then Sino will offer best solutionwith detail specification, like thin wall container mold specification,injection machine specification, factory layout, production capacity, productioncost analysis, material consumption etc. From our proposal, customers canclearly understand what they need to prepare for the whole production line and whenthey can make profit.

The features of the thin wall container production line provided by SINO

1. Material saving: high production performanceallows for minimal wall thicknesses, the mini. wall thickness can reach 0.28mmfor four cavity thin wall container mold. .

2. High production capacity: max. output due toshort cycle times. For example, for four cavity 250ml container mold, per hourcan get 4800pcs.

3. Production cost reducing: high speed, durable,energy saving injection molding machine with lowest cooling water consumptionand low maintenance costs.

4. Safe production: machine with mechanical,hydraulic, electrical triple protection.

5. Swift delivery time: all the equipment andmolds can be ready for shipment within two months.

If you want to develop plastic thin wallcontainer molding line, pls kindly enquiry us, I am sure you must be deeply impressed by our professionaland service.

High Production Performance Thin Wall Container Production line

Post by Miss Mandy


Whatsapp: 008615757610702

Date:2017-05-28 18:13:05

Chinese Injection Mahine Manufacturer-Dakumar Machinery we are looking for Injection Machine Brazil Agency or other South America Countries.

Injection Machine Brazil Agency

Dakumar Machinery now is famous brand of the world, capacity from50Ton to 4000Ton, CTO of Dakumar from Italy with Euro technical, machine qualityis close euro standard; Nice appearance with white and green color, clean andcomfortable design; Famous brand electrical components KEBE computer, YUKENvalve, oil pump is ECKERLE from Germany; With CE safety standard for hydraulic systemand electrical system; Metal steel parts life 10 years at least;

Now we had set up many agency in different countries such as Mexico,Jordan, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, Tunis, Morocco, Dominican etc.. And some sales& service center in discussing in Brazil,we sincerely hope to find InjectionMachine Brazil Agency to expanding South American market, Dakumar offering notonly injection machine, and also plastic mould manufacturing by sister company –Sino Mould, Sino Team is supplying plastic injection molding equipment one-stopservice, here can provide plastic mould, injection machines, and injection assistantequipment, with strong team support for injection molding line, we will be bestinjection machine and production line supplier, if you are interesting in DakumarMachinery and welcome discussing with us about injection machine Brazil agency orSouth America agency.

Contact: Email:

What’s up: +86 15257606121

Date:2017-05-10 09:37:09

ZHEJIANG DAKUMAR MACHINERY CO.LTD is the one of the leading manufacturer of Injection machine ,equipment and services provider.With the team of highly professional experts we are able to offerWhole production line including injection machine,injection molds, necessary equipments , Factory layout, along with after sales and support network.

Recently DAKUMAR has done agreement with agents of different countries to provide best service through out the world. Our service centre are spread in South Arica , Jordan, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine, Nepal, Greeece, Turkey, Tunisia.

Advantages of DAKUMAR service centre:

1:With the help of our agents, DAKUMAR will give customer good quality machine after sales services in agent area. No matter operation problem or adjusting difficult, injection machine agent will offer youprompt and positive after sale services

2:When you use an authorized DAKUMAR service center to maintain and repair your machine, you’re getting workmanship from certified technicians.That means that you’re getting manufacturer-trained technicians who know machine inside and out.

3:Additionally, authorized DAKUMAR service center technicians often receive ongoing training in order to stay up to date on new techniques and skills as they continue to practice their craft.These certification and trainigs ensure that you get some of the very best people in the industry working on your machine.

4:Having the ability to bridge the important communication gap between manufacturer and customer is the main advantage of our service centres.

5:Manufacturers and dealers offer only OE (original equipment) . This means that when you use a service centre ,you're getting parts that are of a quality that only a manufacturer can authorise and guarantee.

We are on the way to appoint more and more agents of different country for DAKUMAR injection machine to provide better service to customer and this is good benifits to angencies aswell because we are leading injection machine manufacturer and well appreciated by customer from whole world.

Rahul shah

Date:2017-05-05 18:14:35

ZHEJIANG DAKUMAR MACHINERY CO.LTD is the one of the leading manufacturer of equipment and services provider to the global PET injection machine manufacturing company. With the team of highly professional experts we are able to offer Whole production line including Preform injection machine,Preform injection molds, Preform design and development, Factory layout, along with after sales and support network.

Features includes:

1.Special screw for PET

injection machine1.jpg

2.Bigger injection capacity to meet PET injection shot weight requirement, normally PET preform molds do not need high clamping force while big machine injection weight is needed.

3.Enlarged servo system to support big injection shot weight

4.Enlarged plasticizing motor formachine bigger torque to meet PET material special characteristic.

5.Enlarged motor, oil pump, servo motor and servo driver to control the production cycle time.


1:Reduce total part cost, resulting in a higher return on investment

2:Fully automatic and easy to operate

3:Running faster and keep you running more efficiently – to save you time and money

4:Consistent quality product highest quality parts while also reducing variability further downstream in the beverage packaging line

We are committed to support the longterm growth of your business. Whether it involves bringing the best new preform technologies to market, offering complete turnkey solutions, promoting environmental sustainability through lightweighting and energy savings or reducing your investment risk, we have the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to help you succeed.

Rahul Shah

Date:2017-04-30 22:44:24

Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd is one of most famous Chinese injection molding machine Manufacturer, Trader, Supplier &Importer offering various injection molding machines, like servo injectionmolding machine, PET injection molding machine, PVC injection molding machine,high speed injection molding machine and so on. Among these machines, we dobest in servo motor injection molding machine since it is energy saving withgood price.

Many important features make it becomes best-selling machine:

1. High energy savings: under normal operating conditions, comparedwith conventional hydraulic injection molding machines, energy savings of20-80% can be achieved. Energy saving machine can reduce production cost andimprove control precision of speed and pressure control. The service life ofmachine can be also extended.

2.  Mold stability: comparedwith conventional injection molding machines, repeatability is greatly improveddue to servo motor closed-loop control.

3. Quick operation: the machine runs at much lower noise levels,particularly in low speed applications.

4.  Better oil temperature stability:the servo system only delivers hydraulic oil as it is needed for the variousfunctions. This prevents unnecessary generation of heat and substantiallyreduces oil cooling requirements.

5. Quick response: featuring a dynamic servo motor with a responsetime of only 0.05second.

6. Reliable holding pressure: compared with traditional hydraulicmachine the holding pressure is more stable and does not have limitation.

7. High precision: the machine is applied with Mirle or Techmationcontrol system and Yuken valve, which enable it to control each shot preciselyon weight and position and reduce errors in molding tolerance to get highprecision molding.

Servo injection machine is suitable for industrial containers andpallets, chairs and tables, home appliances, automotive parts etc. We can offercustomized machine according to your specification. So if you need injection molding machine to realize mass production, please kindly contact me, I willchoose suitable machine for you and quote for you.

Servo Motor Injection Molding Machine

Post by Miss Mandy


Skype: sino.mould

Date:2017-04-29 19:46:22

Sino Holdings Group can offer you the turnkeyPET bottle line solution, and has succeed help customer built the bottle plant from zero, including the factory layout,bottle line equipment, and install in customer factory and train customerstaff.

PET bottle production line equipment includes three parts as follows:

a. Cap production system.

-Water cap mould

-Servo motor injection machine

-Auto loader


-Air dryer

b. PET preform production system

-PET preform mould

-PET injection machine

-Dehumidifier, dryer and auto-loader machine


-Air compressor

c. PET bottle production line system

-Full-automatic blowing molding machine

-High pressure air compressor

-Low pressure air compressor

-Water chiller

-Air tank

-Air dryer

-Air filter


- Semi-automatic blowing molding machine

- High pressure aircompressor

- Air tank

- Air dryer

- Air filter

If you are a new plant, you may also need a mixer and the crusher machines.

Sino Holdings Group has two branches-SINOMOULD and Dakumar Machinery. SINO MOULD is a famous plastic mould manufacturer in China, which is very profession in making cap mould, preform mould and bottle mould. Dakumar Machinery is the plastic injection molding machines and blowing machines supplier.

If you have any project about PET bottle line, welcome to contact us,Sino Holdings Group can offer you a fine solution.

PET bottle line.jpg



Date:2017-04-29 17:50:06

Zhejiang Dakumar machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the world famous injection machine supplier, specialized in

making  Hybrid hi-speed injection molding machine. We can offer injection machine from 200T -1300T.

Dakumar 5H injection molding machine bring in advanced German technology, it is a new type hybrid injection machine, especially suitable for thin wall product. 5H means:High speed, High stability, High

injection precision, High energy saving, High safety.The machine is designed with  accumulator to realized   high speed injection. Besides, it has the function of 3 axis linkage to realize material charging, mould

opening and ejection at the same time.

Main application: IMLmolding with robot system ,thin wall container molding, such as ice cream box, yogurt box, disposable food container etc, cycle time can reach 4.0s for 4 cavities ice cream box mould with 0.4mm thichness.

Dakumar High speed injection machine.jpg

If you have any project need hybrid hi-speed injection machine, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Posted byLily
Whatsapp: 008615905869677

Date:2017-04-28 17:43:18

Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the members of SinoHoldings Group, professional in R&D,

manufacturing the injection machine,especially the PET Injection Molding Machine. We can provide you PET InjectionMolding Machine from 250T to 650T. Here are special points of PET Injection Molding Machine

1.PET special screw

2.Bigger injectioncapacity to meet PET injection shot weight requirement, normally PET preformmolds do not need high clamping force while big machine injection weight is needed.

3.Enlarged servo system to support big injection shot weight,

4.Enlarged plasticizing motor formachine bigger torque to meet PET material special characteristic.

5.Enlarged motor, oil pump, servo motor and servo driver to control the production cycle time.

For PET products, usually we suggest use PET high speed injection molding machines, it could raise the production

efficiency. As the preforms have thick wall thickness, it will takes about 5-8s for the injection, if we use high speed

injection molding machines, the injection time could reduce to 3-5s.

PET Injection Molding Machinef.jpeg

If you are interested in our PET Injection Molding Machine or otherinjection machine. please feel free to contact me .

Contact: Lily
Whatsapp: 008615905869677

Date:2017-04-28 16:36:38

With the developed of injection molding market, Dakumar is desire to find professional and warm injection molding machine agent in South America for our European standard injection molding machine. Are you the one we are looking for?

injection molding machine agent in South America

South America is a big injection molding market in world wide. Every year, we exported hundreds injection molding machines and plastic molds to South America. The most popular is the package products, such as PET preform production line, plastic cap molds and machines, plastic medical injection molding solution, etc.

There are some countries in South America are near the sea, so the sea food is very famous. Sea food crate production and export is very hot. As is known to all, South America’s fruit is very famous, such as Cherry, Passion Fruit, cranberry, etc. all of these package cannot leave without crates.

So Sino pay much attention to South America injection molding trade. And if you are also looking for a good injection molding machine or mold to be an agent in your country, welcome contact me free. Compared with other famous and big injection machine brand, Dakumar is apromising youth. Our quality and service have reached to European standard.  What's more, we can offer you one-stop service. Dakumar injection molding machine agent in South America welcome you.

sales engineer: Candy
skype: anole-hc-02
whatsapp: +86 15858685263

Date:2017-04-27 17:37:45

Sino mould is a professional disposable plastic syringe mould supplier. After many years’ experience,  we can offer the medical moulds with high quality, high precision ,  we also can offerturnkey disposable syringe production line solution and building a disposable syringe factory for our customer. We can supply all the necessary machines, mould, all pre-sale and after-sales service, technical support (including product design research and innovation, molds design and mold flow analysis), teach our customer how to produce the high quality syringe molds development,the whole line equipment,after sales installment & training service.

Below is the disposable syringe mold specification:

Size : 0.5 to 100 cc

Cavities: 16~128 cavities

Cavities & core material:

Stavax S420

Runner : Anole point gate

Product Material: PP

Finishing: mirror polishing

Inserts interchangeable

Mould life:3 million strokes

About the injection machine, Dakumar servo motor injection molding machine is perfect for the syringe production. It only can reach the precision, high speed, oil- free high quality requirements.

disposable plastic syringe production line.jpg

Now the hospital generally use 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml or 20 ml syringe, even with 50 ml or 100 ml, intradermal injection with 1 ml syringe. Glass syringes can be sterilized by autoclaves, but  now,most modern medical syringes are made of plastic,  because of the low cost of plastic syringes, and it also reduces the risk of blood-borne the disposable Syringe has great demand in the market.

If you have any interested in our turnkey disposable syringe production line solution ,please contact us.Our target is to help our customer to set up a syringe factory with effective production ability in a low cost, and to produce the high quality products.

Miya Qiu      


whatsapp: 008615712676816

Skype: sino mould –Miya

Date:2017-04-26 21:58:37

Nowadays more and more customer purchase injection molding machine from china directly, From some customer opinion, Chinese injection molding machine fast develop and most machine brand has good quality control. Especially for the Dakumar injection molding machine,this brand import Euro advanced injection molding machine technology and develop machine hydraulic and electric system , now the machine's quality which can reach to Euro machine standard and with Chinese machine cost. This is the most attract final customer eye.

Injection molding machine country agency

For some customer which unavailable for the injection molding machine technical skill control and maintenance, the local market technical support and after sale service become the most important. To solve this problem, Dakumar injection molding machine run fast on the after-sale technical engineer group establish, can send out engineer to the oversea market for the fast technical suport and also owns 24hours on line technical support and romote control.

To have more better maker control and injection machine maintenance,Dakumar machine owns a professional and technical sales represantitive in the customer local becomes more and more important. We are looking for you could join our team and help manage the machine market.Now we have establish sales represantitive in South Africa,Mexico,Tunisia,Ukraine,Argentina,Morocco...Looking forward you join us. Know more detail, please find Tina.


Date:2017-04-26 21:43:13

With the deveopment for the palstic industrial parts widely using.,like the industrial pallet, indurstrial dust bin, table...More and more customer devote themselves for the industrial parts production. To make big size plastic parts, Big Ton injection molding line equiopd is demand. However, big size injection molding machine refer to many raw components  purchase and manufacture and also the delivery time would be much longer than the common machine. To satisfy final customer fast production request, Dakumar machinery company  investment more than 50MUSD on the big size and most customer prefer standard injection molding machine stock system. So that once customer has the machine demand,we can sold them in short time and help them complete the production line and put into production soon.

Below is the Dakumar injection machine ready for sale machine list.

fast delivery time injection machine

We have huge injection machine stock system, welcome to make order and get machine soon and earn your profit ASAP. That will help you get investment money back soon.Also save your production time. If you are interested and plan to open a new line, please come to us or directly contact Tina, we will do our best help you win-win reward.Let’s help you earn money and save money.

Tina whatspp:008615067608197


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