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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2017-06-28 16:59:30

Dakumar injection molding machine would take part the year 2017 No.11 Iran plast, which will held in Tehran Iran, from24-27th Sep 2017. Welcome new an old customer come to visit us tocheck the cooperation project. Address: Tehran International Permanent Fair ground.

Iran plast injection machine

Dakumar is a Leader of Plastic Injection Molding Machine manufacturer in China, established in 2000 (With above 15 yearsof experience), a unique company, efforts for offering qualified plasticinjection machines, realizing molding technologies innovation as well as providing turnkey molding solutions for world plastic molding industries .

Dakumar injection molding machine specialize in the R&D, manufacture, sales and service of high quality plastic injection machine. Dakumar has the senior R&D team lead by Mr. Emilio from Italy as our share holder and Chief of Technology Officer. as DKM belongs to Sino Holdings Group, the other subsidiary company is Sino Mould, engaged inmaking Plastic Injection Mould more than 20 years. That’s why we are confidentabout supporting you with turnkey solution. We can analyze all factors to find the best solution for you as our service. And these skills is improving through practice, not only ready experience. It’s why our cooperation with customers world wide can be kept for decades of years with high customer satisfaction.

Till now, Dakumar injection machine has provide high standard precise injection molding line, government project forover 1600 companies in over 100 countries. Our main Principle is offer you the excellent quality,innovate technique and diamond service. Welcome to make visit to us.

Post by Tina


Date:2017-06-28 15:16:12

If you are new person in 28mm PET preform injection machine and PET preform production field.

If you want to start your own PET preform production factory.

If you want to expand your ready PET preform factory.

28mm PET Preform Injection Machine

How to help you choose a set of suitable injection molding equipment? If here’s a professional supplier with more than 20 years experience in PET preform injection molding line technology and good service with competitive price, who will offer you one-stop service, will you contact with him?

One stop service about PET preform production will help save 2/3 time in finding and compare with different suppliers. Time is money, calculating with your daily output quantity and profits, you will find the time you wasted in talking with so many suppliers is just waste money.

One stop service will help you select the most suitable equipment, and we can 100% make sure that the equipment has good teamwork. And when the production turn up problems, there’s no argue about the responsibility.

Dakumar research and developed a new 28mm PET preform injection machine to help clients realize high stable, high precision, high speed, high energy saving production. Engineer oversea service is always available. Welcome consultation.

Sales engineer: Candy


Date:2017-06-28 08:51:31

For applying to provid solutions of meeting the most demanding requirements for high return on project investment, SINO delivers high –performance molds, tailored injection molding devices, and all-round service.  These years, we develop and support our mature In Mold Labeling system with various injections molding line, like IML thin wall food container, IML pail bucket line, IML household products line.

IML food container

This time , Sino team updated IML thin wall box production line in Chinaplas2017. To realize fast cycle time, we applied valve gate rather than point gate for this 4-cavity mold to ensure good product surface of gate position. Working together with IML high speed molding machine –DKM200HH, In Mold Labeling system and suitable necessaries, whole cycle time is only 4 seconds.

IML food container molding line

For IML system, we used side entry robot. Compared with European IML, China IML technology already developed well than previous, and with competitive price, the running speed and efficiency is same like Italy robot. More and more customer, prefer to chooseChina In Mold Labeling system for new production line.

Meanwhile, our team support technical support at project beginning to equipment running at your side. Our engineer team can go there for period supporting and we provide lifetime maintenance for completely production equipment. This will easy your future maintenance and after sale service. Kindly contact Sino team at anytime.

Posted by Miss Helen

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Skype: sino.group10

Date:2017-06-26 18:11:39

Dakumar injection molding machine specialize in the injection molding machinefield for more than 20 years, To make better service and fast speed feedback to the final user, Dakumar injection molding machine always knee to find technical and responsible injection machine country agency to serve the market. We are looking for Sri Lanka injection machine marketing agency to make win-win cooperation and satisfy the Sri Lanka local customer.

Also if you short of technical skill but rich experience in the Sri Lanka injection machine sales representative. Please do not hesitate to contact us, Dakumar injection molding machine company devote ourselves training system, we can help you training your engineer until can good at customer after sale service. We stand together and do our best solution help you establish the market and teach your promotion. If you are interested,please keep contact with me and make further conversation.  

Sri Lanka Injection Machine Marketing Agency

Sri Lanka is a big plastic injection field,and Dakumar company also spare every effort develop our machine quality and service quality. We invited Italy technical injection machine engineer join ourteam, with the advanced European machine production experience and skill,Dakumar injection machine now comes to be the No.1 injection machine manufacture of china which owns Euro machine production standard.

If you are interested, and plan to agency an injection machine brand, please come to us.



Date:2017-06-21 14:35:08

With the rapid development of society, more and more consumer realize the importance of environmental protection, and people gradually use plastic pallet instead of wooden pallet. Due to the advantage of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant,lightweight, fully recoverable, plastic industrial pallet demanded is growing in the market.

Sino Holdings Group has rich experience in supplying pallet production line service, we have two subsidiary company—Sino Mould & Dakumar Machinery, who could supply you high quality pallet moldand suitable injection machine. Also we could supply auxiliary machines, such as auto loader, chiller, dryer, mixer, etc. From us, you can got all necessary devices for new factory.

Industrial Pallet Molding Solution Supplier

For pallet, there are two types, it’s Single face pallet & double face pallet. There are load requirements for product, include dynamic load and static load. And for single face pallet, in addition, it has stacking requirement. For pallet mold,it is very important of injection gate position and injection gate tips. We will make mold flow analysis, and choose suitable injection gate to keep good weld line. About mold steel, usually P20 for core &cavity, 718H for slider. For injection molding machine, usually use DKM1650 (for single face pallet)& DKM2250 (for double face pallet).

If you are interested in industrial pallet molding line, or want to start new plastic injection molding factory,welcome to contact me, we will be happy to offer you best solution.

Whatsapp:0086 13857635311

Date:2017-06-21 14:29:12

In packaging market,such as thin wall food container, ice cream box, yogurt box, good quality with large production quantity is key points of competitive elements. In this Chinaplas2017, Guangzhou , Dakumar showed tailor madethin wall box hybrid hi-speed molding machine.

Thin Wall Box Molding Machine Supplier

Our 5H hybrid hi-speed injection molding machine realizes 3 axis linkage function that material charging, mould opening and ejection at same time. And it’s widely applied in disposable container line, IML (In Mold Labeling) molding system, electronic parts and so on. For example, for 4-cavity 200ml yogurt box line on  Dakumar 200HH machine, its cycle time is 3.5 seconds. And 1 hour production quantity is 4,114 pcs.  By compared with servo motor standard machinewhich needs 5 seconds per shot, it can produce 2,880 pcs per hour.  So there is big different of 1,234 pcs per hour,that means you can sale big quantity to your customer than your competitive.  

With help of our Italy CFO, Dakumar hybrid hi-speed molding machine is improved and meet Europeanstandard safety and DB requirement. During this exhibition, many people are interested and visit our factory for project details discussion.

Warmly welcome your visit and enquiry. Meanwhile, we are looking for machines agents or sales representative in different countries.

Posted by Miss Helen

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Date:2017-06-19 08:52:23

Dakumar Machinery Co., one of the members of Sino Holdings Group,is specialized in offering turnkey solution for plastic production line,such as  plastic crate production line,plastic chair mould production line,Pipe fitting mould production line....We have establied over 600 of projects all over the world  for over 100 countries.We offer moulds,machine and accessory for all the equipments,which will be very convenient to you.Especially, in mold labeling  production line and special pipe fitting production lineis our company advantages.

Each year we make around 1500-2000 sets of moulds,over 300 sets among them is crates and pipe fitting molds. We have supplied our pipe fitting mold to our customer from Spanish,  Italy, Brazil….

As a professional provider of specially pipe fitting turnkey solution, we are glad to share our experience to help more people to set up their factory easily  and professionally. Here we talk these through 3 stages.

In the plan stage, it is very important to investigate your market and your sale area. Which kinds of fittings are greatly sold in your market and which kinds of fittings have big empty market waiting for you to develop? So the first step is to decide the kind of fitting you would like to produce? You need to know these details: the fittings material, the specifications, and the expected production capacity.

After perfectly know your requirement, the key stage is to find a professional supplier who can offer you turnkey special pipe fitting production line, from A to running in your factory. They can help you work out the workshop layout based on your requirement, suggest you the molds and machines you need, and  help you install all the equipment, and training your workers. Normally such of these suppliers, they must need very rich experience on the fitting mold,  fitting injection machine, and fitting molding service, only know one of them is not enough. Because not every mold maker or machine provider know the    plastic fittings, only the special pipe fitting mold manufacture can develop best quality fitting molds, and they may be not very familiar with the injection  machine, and molding technologies, further to know how to install and training workers. So you must pay very serious attention on the supplier.

After you buy these machines and molds, then your main work is to inspect them and make sure they run in your plant very smoothly, with low or even zero defects, to realize your production profits.

If you would like to set up your own special pipe fitting production line, we glad to share with you more details of this line, and our cost list.

Post by Miss Amanda

Whatsapp:+86 13867653757


Date:2017-06-18 16:12:00

Dakumar Machinery—Plastic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer in China, more than 10years machine manufacturing experience, our machines are getting more and more recognized by good quality and good service. And our machines are heavily demanded in the international market, thus, we are looking for Dakumar Injection Molding Machine Agency in different country to attach our prompt after service in overseas market.

We have sold many plastic injection molding machine in Algeria. In order to providemore timely service for Algeria market, now, we are looking for Algeria Injection Molding Machine Agent,if you have after sales service capacity, and you are interested be our agent, welcometo contact me to know more detail. Till now, we already set up more than 10 DKM machine agent in different countries, like Mexico, Jordan, South African,Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, etc. Welcome you to join us.

Dakumar machinery Co. Ltd., we are growing very fast, we could supply different machine tonnage from 50T to 4000T, our machine type is include servo type injection machine, high speed injection machine, PET injection machine, PVC injection machine, Angle type bi-color injection machine. Also, now we are R&D two platen injection machine with our Italy CTO, in the near future, we will launch our two platen machine.

Ifyou are interested be our Algeria injection molding machine agency or other countries, welcome to contact me.

Algeria injection molding machine agency


Whatsapp:0086 138 5763 5311

Date:2017-06-14 17:19:55

Sino Holdings Group, as a leader of plastic injection mold and machine manufacturer, we could supply you professional turnkey solution for plastic injection molding projects. For example, PET test tube molding line solution.

PET test tube become more popular in recent years, till now, we already make many blood collection PET tube molds for different customers. We have made PET tubemold with 8cavity, 12caity, 16cavity, 24cavity, and 32cavity, etc. We are experienced in test tube mold making, based on good mold design and precise tooling control, our PET test tube product with characteristic of high transmittancesurface, no eccentricity, fast molding cycle time, etc.

In the past Chinaplas 2017, we have shown our 32cavity PET test tube molding line, the detail information as following:


Product size: ø12.5*75mm

Product name: 32 Cavity PET Test tube

Weight: 3.5g

Cycle time: 12s


Injection gate: valve gate

Injection molding machine:

  • DKM—200HH injection molding machine

  • High speed series

  • PET special injection molding machine    

Auxiliary machine:

Three in one machine (Auto loader, Dryer, Dehumidifier)

Air compressor

Air chiller

Our PET test tube molding line show is very successful, many customer place  ordes at ourbooth, if you are looking for Blood collection PET tube molding line supplier, welcome to send your inquiry to me, we will be happy to offer you best solution.  

PET test tube molding line solution

Posted by: Ysaline

Whatsapp:+86 138 5763 56311


Date:2017-06-05 17:51:46

Sino Holdings Group is a professional manufacturer for plastic injection mould and high speed molding machines, we supply high quality IML molding project with turnkey solution. Our production line include IML cup molding line, IML ice cream container molding line, IML paint bucket molding line and so on.

For the IML cup molding line, we make multi-cavity include 2cavity cup mould, 4cavity cup mould, 6cavity cup mould, 9cavity cup mould and so on. The cup mould steel material is S136 stainless steel material suitable for long term running. With high speed injection molding machine, the injection speed could reach to 300-400mm/s, we could get high efficiency production line with 3.5-5s running cycle time.

Sino Holdings Group is group company for plastic injection mould and molding machines, we supply high quality IML molding line. For the IML cup molding line, it is suitable for food package industry, if you are interested in the cup molding line, welcome to contact us, we could supply high quality turnkey solution.

Post by Miss Celina
Whatsapp: 008615257606120

Date:2017-06-03 10:37:53

With the development of Dakumar injection molding machine sales and market promotion demand, enlarge our international market sales share become more and more important. And we are working on the come into season project, would go public in year 2018. Establish injection machine branch companies of the oversea market project would be gradually on the agenda.

To those who are interested Dakumar injection molding machine customer, Thank you so much always support to Dakumar and trust our machine quality, Dakumar injection machine always keep on upgrading our machine system to reach final customer easier operation and stable and fast injection system. Even to improve our technology, we invite Italy injection machine hydraulic and electrical expert. Dakumar injection molding machine devote ourselves to be the Chinese No.1 injection machine branch which owns Euro production standard with high quality injection machine system.

Establish injection machine branch companies

Now our main business is working on the injection machine country agency and sales representative to meet customer local market sales and after sale service. With the each country sales amount and demand raise, establish a branch company to support directly machine sales and service become the most directly sales way, Dakumar board of director team fully understand this situation and now we are working on it. We are looking forward to establish oversea subsidiary 2-3 companies in the recent 5 years. Expect we could work more cooperation and help you. Know more our machine detail andc ooperation, pls feel free to contact below mail address.

Post by Tina



Date:2017-05-31 16:31:13

In order to keep pace with the company development, we go into overdrive to establish more injection mold and machine country agent.

Injection Mold And Machine Country Agent

Dakumar injection molding machine is widely suitable for industrial containers and pallets, chairs and tables, home appliances, automotive parts etc. We can offer customized machine according to customers’ special requirements.

Dakumar servo series machine is widely applied in different turnkey plastic molding line, combining with the high quality mould, high precise robot and various types of auxiliart machine, Dakumar offers customers turnkey project with prompt service and simulation run before shipping.

Dakumar also have 5H hybrid hi-speed injection molding machine, the machine is designed with accumulator to realize high speed injection, besides, it has the function of 3 axis linkage to realize material charging, mould opening with robot system, thinwall container molding, such as ice cream box, yogurt box, disposable food container etc, cycle time can reach 2.9s for 4 cavities ice cream box mould with 0.4mm thickness.

We welcome engineers who with professional technology and warmly service spirit all over the world wide. Please contact me freely. We hope you will be our next injection mold and machine country agent and let’s grow up together.

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