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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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Date:2017-09-16 14:17:41

China famous injection machine manufacturer-Dakumar Machinery supply plastic disposable tableware high speed injection machines.

Dakumar machine high speed series specializedin produce disposable tableware, like disposable knife, fork, spoon, thin-wall containers, ice cream cup, box such products by high speed injection, the cycletime of one short from 3.0s to 6.0s according to different products, weight& shape,  we has received goodreviews and feedback from the global market, which makes DKM in the market competition of the injection molding machine is established very goodfoundation, our Italy CTO have made a lot of European technology optimizationof China high-speed injection molding machine, bring a big push on the development of future high-speed injection molding industry.

DKM high speed injection machines is tailor made for disposable tableware products,which outstanding result on: Injection system, Clamping unit and hydraulic system, for example: Double cylinder synchronizing, let mold open, eject andcharging at the same time; MOOG servo valve, for controlling injection precision and high speed injection; Servo direct drive motor, High response servo-hydraulic system, energy saving up to 80%; Power system by Servo motorand gear pump in low noise.

Disposable Tableware High Speed Injection Machine

Dakumar already established many agent in many countries, Like Mexico, Iran, South Africa, if you are looking for disposable tableware high speed injection machine manufacturer please free feel tocontact us:



What’s up: 0086 15257606121

Date:2017-09-05 10:52:00

Transparent plastic cup molding lines is one of turnkey molding solutions sino can offer for our customers. All of whole sino team is improving and updating day by day for better injection molding line service supporting.  

For transparent cup molds, it requires morehigh standards in case of more mold cavities. On mold steel we adopt stainless mold steel s for good polishing lasting as well as to bearing fast cycle injection moldings. As with thinwall transparent cup molding, more thin need more injection pressure, in case of not so high MFI plastic materials, and it would also cause mold cores shift during injection process when not so good interlocking systems. Usually for our mold for these type of molds, we useself-locking systems, this may causing mold dimension a little bigger, but good for molds maintenance and molding parts even wall thickness. For molds milling,it is better to use high speed high precision milling machines, to keep eachcavity within same tolerance.

As with molding machines, our dakumar servoand high speed serious both ok for productions. With thinwall cup, if budgetok, we suggest to use high speed molding machine to save cycle times. Pls donot hesitate to contact us for plastic cup mold, cup molding machines, cup molding line services.

Ms Diana


Whatsapp: 0086 13757677056

cup mold maker

cup molding solution

Date:2017-08-31 22:57:48

Laplus meilleure machine d’injection plastique est la machine d’injectiond'économie d'énergie et haute vitesse. Cette machine est largement utilisee parles clients qui sont specialists dans le domaine de produit platique a paroifine.  

Aujourd’hui,les produits a paroi fine est populaire dans restaurant. Different genres de laboite pour emballer les alimentations.

Mais,les moules de produit a paroi fine doivent utiliser la machine de hautevitesse. Parce que cette boite est a produit de haute consommation. On doit

les Produirerapide. Et deuxieme raison est que cette moule de boite a paroi fine a besoinde la haute pression par machine d’injection.

Pourbien produire cette boite, 5H machine d’injection de DAKUMAR marque est votremeilleur choix. Il est conçu avec accumulateur et servo moteur avec contrôleurservo. La vitesse d'injection pourrait atteindre à moins de 3 seconds chaquefois. Avec la conception liée à trois axes, la machine pourrait laisser l’actionde moule en même temps (l’ouvert, l'éjection et matériel). Il pourraitéconomiser environ 2-3s comparez à la machine d’injection commune.

Alorsmachine de Dakumar est specialiste dans le domaine de produit a paroi fine. Cetteentreprise aussi peut vous offrir le moule avec la solution de ligne de moulageà paroi fine.
Alors, si vous choisissez notre machine, on peut aussi vous offrir toutes lesequipements ensemble avec la machine d’injection plastique a top vente 2015.

Onaussi a les autre type de machine d’injection de 50 tonnage a 4000 tonnage.

Pourplus details, me contactez, svp.

Personne en contact :Mlle Corine


Skype : Dakumar_08

What’sApp: 0086 15215807160

Tél Mobile:0086 15215807160

Date:2017-08-31 22:15:10

We supply high performance IML bucket production lines for ourcustomers, also support with new plant of manufacturing different size painting bucket lines for in mold labeling solutions. For IML bucket solutions, we canassist you mold and machine fittings, IML robot systems, in mold applications besides high quality IML bucket molds and IML molding machines.

With IML bucket molds, bucket lid molds,bucket handle molds, we apply using S136, DIN1.2344, DIN1.2738, 718H steel material for bucket molding, and inserted with cooper-be for faster moldingcycle times. In order to keep high speed molding cycle time, we also use highand angle for bucket molds interlock systems. With IML bucket, we offers withall size and all shapes, such as 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L and 25L in round,oval and square shapes.

And for bucket molding machines, we recommend our servo motor series injection machines, it has advantages such as high speed response, high energy saving, low noise, high control precision, highproductivity for IML bucket molds. For IML robot system, we suggest side enterrobot for painting bucket, conveyor belt, safety gates, and label automations. With 20L IML bucket turnkey production line inserted with BeCu, fit running on our DKM650SV machines, we can achieve 144 pcs production capacity each hour.

In case you need some tooling equipment formanufacturing IML painting bucket,pls feel free to contact with me.

Ms Diana

Whatsapp: 0086 13757677056


china molding bucket supplier

Date:2017-08-31 16:56:01

Dakumar is world famous two plate injection molding machine, we supply all type injection machine with servo type, high speed type, PVC type, PET type, two color type and two plate type.

Two plate Injection Molding Machine with advantages of high stability, high precision, high flexibility, high mould thickness capacity and high energy saving, it become more and popular in the plastic molding market in the recent years.

We could supply two plate injection molding machine from 1000T to 4000T. Our two plate machine is designed and guided byour Italy CTO, this type machine is meet customers’ requirement to produce large size plastic parts, such as industrial dustbin, household appliances, autoparts, Logistics container and large pallets.

Under same machine tonnage, two plate typeis more than 50% opening stock & mould thickness capacity compared with three plate machine, also, machine size is 30% smaller than three plate machine.For two platen machine, operation, installation and production is full of humanization. We use European brand servo motor for low energy consumption.

If any interests for two plate injection molding machine, or you are looking for big tonnage machine for big parts production, welcome to contact me. Also, we are looking for partner to be our agent for local marketing. Welcome to join us!

Two Plate Injection Molding Machine Supplying

Miss. Ysaline


Whatsapp: 0086 138 5763 5311

Date:2017-08-31 16:47:18

machine factory

Dakumer specialized in plastic original material service, plastic mold service, plastic hot runner service, plastic injection molding machine service and plant built service.

Plastic original material service

we are willing to service customer plastic original material, as we supplier customer plastic mold, many customers feel difficult for looing for a good material supplier, we are devoted to supplier customer high quality and reasonable plastic material. so customer could save its timeon material purchase.

Plastic mold service in China with high quality.

Our main business is making plastic mould and export. We founded in 1992 , and we are making many kinds of plastic products, from house holdproducts ,industrial products and medical use products.

We have products design department could design the products ascustomers samples, if customer have drawings, It is the best.

We have mould design department, after customer confirm the products design , then our designer will design the mold ,it including mould size, mouldstructure details. Mould structure including the mould ejector system design,mould cooling system design, water hot runner design. Designer should payattention to the all the parts perfectly.

Plastic hot runner service

A s hot runner is one part of plastic mould. As the time goes by,more and more customers have high quality of products, so as most customerswill choice the mold with hot runner.

As hot runner supplier, it is one of our advantages compared withother plastic mould supplier.

We could supplier customer from 1 tip hot runner to multitudes tipshot runner.

Of course, the hot runner tips will designed based on the productssize and structure.

plastic injection molding machine service

plastic injectionmolding machine from our company with high performance and reasonable price.

Plastic injection molding machine from our company serviced for manyour plastic mould customers. They are satisfied about our machines and becameour main buyer .

As one set of plastic injection runner need other auxiliary machinesfor helping to got a perfect products.

So we are also suppler material dryer, water chiller, cooler towerand so on.

plant built service.

As many customerswant to devoted in plastic mold area, so need a plant first. It is our shiningpoint.

We will calculate a plant area for customers to satisfied his productswant to manufacturing.

From: Stacy

Date:2017-08-31 16:47:04

During the machine selecting, we should pay attention to the machine screw diameter, injection weight, injection pressure and clamping force, important is tie bar distance, min. & max. mould thickness.

Of course, we use plastic mold for produce side lamp should obey following requirements:

1.easy for tooling, easy for assembling, reduce the cost

2.reduce the weight of side lamp products to cut the car weight,then save the oilfinally.

3.Keep longer side lamp life and corrosion resistance.

4.Assembling parts,save the space

5.Beautiful,comfortable,good feel of the side lamp.

6.The material is could be recycling, saving energy.

Above is for car making ,also suitable for side lamp mould making.

As we export  many sets of car parts mould, or customers are satisfied with our products. So We are confident we could service our customershigh quality and high performance side lamp mould.

Further information, please feel free to contact.

machine tie bar distance

Date:2017-08-31 16:25:47

DAKUMAR offers different turnkey solution service for packaging production line, from PET preform production line, to cap molding line, PET bottle production line, syringe production line, food container packing complete line…

When starting anew production line or a new project, the most common questions people will worry about are how to find a professional and reliable supplier, what kind of equipment will be suitable, and how to start a new line from zero?  As a leading company in plastic injection moldingand blowing filed, Dakumar has rich experience in offering complete line forpackaging line, cooperating with its sister company Sino Mould. We have supplied over 100 complete lines to different countries, such as Russia, Venezuela, South Africa… for production line like food container and packing production line, PET preform molding line, water bottle production line, painting pack bucket solution…

For packaging productionline, Sino offers moulds for packaging products, such as preform moulds, cap moulds, food container moulds…. And Dakumar offers the rest equipment, such as plastic injection machine, and PET blowing machine, and also some auxiliary such aschiller, loader, dryers… We will offer all the accessories required for a new production line.

Our engineers are experienced with both packaging moulds and machines for decades. We will recommend you the most suitable proposal for a new packaging production line; help you select the moulds and machines according to output requirement. Before delivery of goods, we will invite you to visit Dakumar to check the production line running testand as well as offer training service for learning how to operate all the equipments. To help our customer to start the production quickly, Dakumar will depute engineer to help install machines and auxiliary, and will also arrange for some training for basic operation and maintenance. So the customer could manage the production and equipment when our engineer is back.

Welcome to contactus to get a tailor made proposal if you are interested in packaging molding line.

From: Stacy


Date:2017-08-31 16:11:53

As a world famous crate innovator and a professional crate manufacturer, Sino Holdings Group can offer you plastic crate line solution,include crate mould, servo motor injection molding machine with necessary auxiliary equipment.

We have made more than 2000 sets crate moulds in different sizes and designs. Normally, we have done the 4 cavitiescrate mould which is the first one in China.

The introduction of Crate mould:

Material: PP, HDPE

Type: coca-cola carte, beer crate, bread crate, fish crate, vegetable crate, milk bottle crate, egg crate, etc.

Runner system: the cold runner with biggate, hot runner with pin-point gate4 point or 6 point

Ejector way: hydro-cylinder with ejectorplate, drag hook

Structural feature: slider interchangeable

Steel: DIN 1. 2344, DIN 1. 2738, 718H, P20

Cavities: 1, 2, 4

Life time: 500K

Cooling system: cooling around the slider

Delivery time: 60 days

Testing point: weight, production strength,overlay, burr and flash, welding line

What’s more, our servo motor injection machine tonnage is from 50T to 4000T, can meet the request to produce all kinds of the crate mould, this type machine can save 20%-80% energy, Quick response with 0.05 second. The machine runs at a much lower noise level, particularly in low speed applications. Compared with traditional hydraulic machine, the holding pressure is more stable and the dwell time has been much extended.

Sino has rich experience in making crate mould, and has perfect equipments in our factory. If you want plastic crate line solution or just want to buy crate, please feel free to contact with me,here you can achieve what you need. In a word, Sino can meet your any requirement in crate related project.

plastic crate line.jpg

Contact person: Shelly


Whatsapp: + 86 183 5767 2960

Skype: dakumar_machinery

Date:2017-08-30 21:54:49

Sino supply various paint pail molds with different volume & different shape to different customers. Such as 1L, 2L,4L, 5L, 10L, 20L, square, round, and oval, etc. We are experience in supplying high quality paint pail molds and professional paint bucket molding line.

For paint pail molds, usually steel is 2344, 2738, 2311 or S136, it will use accordingly to customers requirements. For paint molds, the most important are as following:

1.Cycle time

For fast cycle time,the main influencing factors are cooling design, suitable steel and also hotrunner.

We have enough cooling line at core and cavity. In addition, we add separate cooling line at injection gate area to short cycle. Also, sometimes we will add BeCu at main area, suchas cavity bottom, upper core and slider, etc. Before we have made 20L pailmolds with 15s cycle.

2.Products test (such as sealing test, drop test, stacking test, loading test, etc.)

3.If need IML system

4.Parting line

5.Suitable machine, etc.

Usually for 20L paintpail molds production, suitable injection machine is DKM650; 10L pail need use DKM550; 1L pail with 4 cavity, suitable machine is DKM650.

In addition, for production line, also need auxiliary machines, such as auto loader, air compressor, etc. From Sino, you can got all of these devices. Anyneeds or interests for paint bucket molding line, welcome send your inquiry to me.

professional paint bucket molding line

Whatsapp:0086 138 5763 5311

Date:2017-08-30 19:16:59

In the fast development colorful injection molding solution, there comes three color or four color injection molding through add the injection unit at the normal machine vertical side, side entry.Today lets share with you two kinds double color injection molding concept, bi-color injection molding and mix color injection molding difference.

Recently one of my customer asking thedifference between bi-color injection molding and mix color injection molding. Actually,it is very easy to figure there different feature.

1.See the product.If the product don't have define colorarea, that is mixed color injection molding.Like this photo

double color injection molding

2. Those two molding use different injection molding machine,Same machine structure is two sets injection machine barrel plus Mould need rotation through machine platen by PLC control.Machine fixed side platen with two injection hole satisfy two barrel shot.Mould is two core side with same cavity. lookslike two moulds install on machine platen. If for mixed color injection molding, one set mould is enough.

Dakumar company making double color injection molding machine and injection unit for realize color injection molding solution. Welcome to further consultation.

Written by Tina

Whatsapp: 0086150676081497

Date:2017-08-30 16:52:03

As one of top plastic turnkey molding lines solution supplier in china, pvc pipe fitting turnkey lines is one of most we expertise on. With strong combination and cooperation of our branch sino mould and dakumar, we are now becomes new star in plastic field for turnkey molding solutions. we can supply you not only for a separate goods, but also in turnkey molding lines.

Actually for plastic turnkey molding lines,besides good quality molds or injection machines separately, I think it iscritical important for us to offer customers with more suggestion on factory layout, project risky analysis, whole project prompt service, engineers training and supporting and so on.

With PVC molding lines, injection molding machines we offered is which we dakumar specially design and customize made accordingto pvc resign characteristic. For instance, the application of chrome nozzle,increase the nozzle application to ensure the flow of plastic, increasing theapplication of hydraulic motors to meet the PVC plastics. Machine areadopted with good brands components to guarantee long working life. Machine platenare tooled on our own tooling machines to keep plate high vertical, also with each machine section of centralization lubrication, it can make sure accurate productions.

With our high performance turnkey moldinglines, we are confident to keep you satisfied. Pls do not hesitate to contactme for PVC molds, PVC machines or PVC turnkeymolding lines.

Ms Diana

Whatsapp: 0086 13757677056


pvc molding line supplier

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