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plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

 Dakumar Machinery is a famousplastic machinery dealer, injection molding machine provider, plastic machine manufacturer in China. Dakumar machine is widely used in plastic part molding from small size to large size.

Dakumar Machinery has various choices for injection machine from 50 ton up to 4000 ton. In year 2016, we updated the machine computer to KEBA made in Austria, and improved the machine servo motor to Phase made in Sino-Italy, Servo Driver is Inovance made in China. Besides you can find our machine detail parameter as following:


KEBA from Austria


Schneider from France

Electronic Ruler

NOVO from Germany /GEFRAN from Italy

Three-phase  automatic Breaker

Schneider from France

AC Contactor

Schneider from France

Single-phase Breaker

Schneider from France

Proximity Switch

OMRON from Japan

Two-phase Breaker

Schneider from France

Stroke Switch

OMRON from Japan

Three-phase Breaker

Schneider from France

SSR (Solid State Relay)


Photoelectric Switch

OMRON from Japan

Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Motor

STF from UK

Air valve

2 sets

Oil Pump

ECKERLE from Germany

Core pulling

2 sets

If you have machine inquiry, please send us the below information for quotation:
1) Plastic part picture, size, material, and weight
2) Mould size, cavity number, and injection weight,
3) Industry use voltage

Then we will select suitable dakumar machine mode tonnage and model according to your requirement. Welcome to contact

Plastic Machinery Dealer

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in China, we have many agents already, such as Mexico, South Africa, Jordan, Argentina, Ukraine. We are keeping looking for the machine agent all over the world.


1) Dakumar is the famous brand of the plastic injection molding machine, and we have invested big amount for researching and producing large machines, such as recruited the rich experienced engineer from Italy, he worked for Europe famous brand injection molding machine ENGLE company more than 15 years. We are always keeping in R%D.


2) Our machine have variety types, such as high speed machine, servo motor machine, standard machine, double-color machine, PET machine and PVC machine, the tonnage from 50 ton to 4000ton, some machines are three plate while some machines are two plat. It can meet most customers’ request.


3) As we are the group company, can offer the customer turnkey line solution, so many customers will buy mould and the machine together. It leads we sell hundreds of machines to the mould buyer from many different countries. Thus, more and more people know Dakumar machine. We also cost large funds in website promotion, advertising, exhibitions, etc.


If you have been our machine agent, we can offer you:

a. Help you to build the website for you in your country – offer all the information.

b. Advertise for your website to confirm pageviews.

c. Advertise on the professional magazines.

d. Offer the easy-broken spare parts in your factory.

e. If you have large sales, we even can support you to attend the exhibition in your country.


We will keep looking for the machine agent, until our agents around the world. If you also have the ambition, welcome to contact us.


Looking for the machine agent





Sino Holding Groupe is a manufacture aimed at offering plastic injection moulds as well as injection molding machine for our customer to set up their factory . For example . if you plan to make invest in new project about bucket mould and bucket machine . we are expert in offering bucket turnkey project for customers .

Bucket production line

What a bucket turnkey project cosisited of in our company .

1)5L,10L 20L bucket . the suitable machine we suggest is DKM268T ,DKM500T ,in case of IML bucket mould ,with top enter Robot , we suggest DKM650T to pick up the prodcuts . as with robot system . there shall be enough for toggle stroke . Dakumar is a high performance servo dynamic control machine. It is high response, saving energy, low noise, high precision control, and perfectly realized electrical servo and hydraulic drive system connection.

2) NecessaryAuxiliary machinery ,such as auto loader, hopper dryer, water chiller ,air compressor ,crusher .color mixer ,or IML robot system in case customer request in mould labelling .

Dakumar is a high performance servo dynamic control machine. It is high response, saving energy, low noise, high precision control, and perfectly realized electrical servo and hydraulic drive system connection.

Sino are professional in offering customer with the whole turnkey project for bucket ,paint bucket production line. if you have plan for new project about bucket production line . or you have investment for bucket new plant set up . welcome to contact me for more information .

Posted by Selinda



Whatsapp :0086 15858629913

IML- In Mold Labeling, it means put the label into the mold before mold clamping, then machine will inject raw material and products come out with labels.


Nowadays, we can see the IML containers everywhere, because IML containers were widely used for the food packages. So it’s a big demand for IML containers projects now.


SINO HOLDINGS GROUP, it’s the professional manufacturer for IML container turnkey solution, we offered many sets of IML containers turnkey production for different countries.

-          IML container mold

1.       The container wall thickness can be 0.35- 0.55mm with 4 or 8 cavities.

2.       The container volume can be 250ml to 2000ml.

3.       The cycle time can approach 3.5 to 8 seconds based on high speed injection molding machine.

4.       Adopt copper be inserts for mold steel as according to customer requirements.


-          Dakumar high speed injection molding machine, with KEBA brand controller from Austria, machine adopts high precision single cylinder injection system, especially suitable for high speed injection, with low-inertia and high response speed. Machine adopts accumulator to realize high speed injection, the max injection speed can reach 300- 450mm/sec according to different machine model, and the most advantage of dakumar high speed injection machine, which can save power by 30% - 70 % according to different products. Dakumar machine totally advantages:

1.       High speed.

2.       High efficiency.

3.       High safety.

4.       High precision.

5.       High energy saving.


We showed various kinds of IML container turnkey solutions in exhibition, such as Chinaplas, Canton Fair, also with some abroad exhibitions. Welcome to contact us if you have any related projects.


Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01


Some customer send me inquiry ask that how to buy injection molding machine. We think it is very easy, just tell us what you want, provide detail information, and then we will give you suggestion about buy plastic injection machine. Here we list some guide to teach you how to purchase injection molding machine.

Firstly, you already have mould in your factory, and need to buy a new molding machine. Then you need to check the mould parameter to choose injection machine, for example, mould width, mould height, opening stroke requirement, you can directly send the product information to us, we will recommend the correct machine to you with necessary auxiliary machine.

Secondly, you want to set up a new production line or built a new factory, you would like to produce different products. In that way, you need to know what products exactly you want, we suggest you do some market research, see which product is well sold, and the quantity you can sold out, and you can buy some product from your market, or find some picture from the internet. With this information, we can recommend some suitable machine to you; we can work out a best economical solution according to your requirement.

For example, we can check if one machine can make several different products, and reach your output; we can check how many machine you can put in your workshop, how many power you need; we can help customer built a new factory. If you want to to buy injection molding machine, please feel free to contact us.

 Post by Ellen

Buy injection molding machine


We manufacture plastic chair production line, due to different chair size, there have different chair injection machine can be choose. According to our experience and Dakumar injection machine model, DKM850, DKM1150 is most common machine for armless chair and arm chair, but we also provide DKM1350 and DKM1650 for bigger chair and complex structures chair.

How to take chair from the injection machine? Usually, it has two ways. the first, according to the height of the chair, dig a pit beneath the chair injection molding machine, the chair will fall into a pit after release from the mould, the workers can bring a chair to the ground with a hook. The second, use robot to take out the chair, the robot will bring out the chair and put it on the conveyor. Pay attention to the mould direction, if the chair is fall down in chair molding machine, then the chair seat should be downward. If the chair is taking by robot, then the chair seat is upward.

For more information about the chair injection machine, please contact our sales engineer. We can provide you a good chair molding solution.

Post by Ellen
Skype: sinomould.dakumar11

Chair injection machine


We devoted in manufacturing PVC molding line for more than 23 years. Our mold branch company manufacture PVC fitting molds. Machine branch company manufacture plastic injection molding machine and the auxiliary machines.

PVC fitting molds
PVC material can rust the steel. So we need to choose anti-rust steel like DIN1.2316 made in German, S136 made in Sweden. These steel with good hardness and have good function of anti-rust. And these two steel will have better steel hardness after heat treatment. The hardness can reach to HRC 48~52. After tooling finish, we can make the surface hardness higher after nitrite. With high hardness, mold can avoid flash after running long time.

PVC injection machine
We designed our PVC machine according to the demands of PVC molds. Most of the PVC fitting molds need hydraulic cylinder. We can design our machine with wider door width. In this day, the mold can be put inside the machine without need you to change to bigger size machine. And PVC screw and barrel is different from normal other machine type. For example, there is fan at the side of the barrel. That’s because PVC material will have chlorine gas come out. It is poisonous.

Auxiliary machine
Except the above PVC fitting molds, PVC injection molding machine, we need auxiliary machines also for the production line. For example: Auto loader, Chiller, Mixer, water tower ,accumulator and so on. There are two kinds of chiller. They are water chiller and air chiller. The difference is one is cooling the water by air, another is cooling the water by water. Water chiller have better cooling down affect. But air chiller is more convenient. So we usually consider if customer can dig a pool at the side of the plant or not to suggest him to
use water chiller or air chiller.

Please feel free to contact with me if you have interesting in start the PVC molding line.

PVC Molding Line
Posted by Julia
Mob:+86 13957601082


 Dakumar servo power save injection molding machine is a high performance servo dynamic control machine. It is high response, saving energy, low noise, high precision control, and perfectly realized electrical servo and hydraulic drive system connection.

Dakumar energy saving machine tonnage is from 50 ton up to 4000 ton. It saves energy of 20%- 80%. Normally the large mold and large servo motor machine can save more energy. Because the energy saving achieves mainly during the mold cooling, and pressure holding time. The larger mold is, the longer cooling and pressure holding time. Dakumar machine is using Servo Motor Phase brand from Italy, and Servo Driver: Inovance made in China. When compared to traditional hydraulic machine, the holding pressure of servo machine is more stable and does not have limitation. Dakumar servo power save injection molding machine is also high efficient machine. Until now, we have established injection machine agent in Mexico, south Africa, Turkey, Ukarine, Argentina, Greece, etc. And we are seeking for more agents all over the world. If you have experience of using Dakumar machine, and have ability to offer after sales service, you can contact me for details requirement of agent. My email address is: .

Servo Power Save Injection Machine


 SINO 5H hybrid high precision injection machine is a kind of high speed injection molding machine, which also saving energy. We have machine tonnage from 200 ton to 600 ton.

According to our rich knowledge of thin wall plastic mold and injection molding machine, we make the machine tonnage 200 ton, 300 ton, 400 ton, 600 ton. Our 200 ton hybrid high precision machine is larger than normal high speed machine , it equals to 280 ton general high speed machine, that can makes 4 cavity 500ml round container mold. The machine is high stability, high precision, high energy saving, high safety, high speed. The most important difference between our high speed machine to other general high speed machine is it can realize plasticizing, mold open, and ejection in the same procedure. Now we have some high precision machine in stock ready for sale. If you feel interest in our hybrid high precision molding machine, welcome to contact me for inquiry. We will select the most suitable machine according to your molds. If you didn’t make the mold yet, SINO HOLDING GROUP also can help you build the plastic mold and extend your molding business. Please send inquiry to: .

Hybrid High Precision Molding Machine


dakumar injection machine

As a plastic products manufacturer, normally we will faced some fault and problems for injection molding machine, DAKUMAR MACHINERY CO., LTD, the famous brand machine company, we have summarized the following some items for machine clamping part problems, it used for all kinds of machine operation, for example:

Fault: Injection molding machine clamping part failure problems and the solutions,

1.    Mold venting point selection method.

Unreasonable mold venting point, not only will not achieve exhaust effect, but will cause product deformation or dimensional changes, mold venting point to be reasonable.
The select mold exhaust points should go full of plastic in the product final products trapped gas burning open exhaust.


2.    Mold open and close with noise, the solutions as below:

A.      To check the oil pipe if is disconnected, if so, have to pick up and make good connecting.

B.      Small amount of lubricating oil and the increase the amount of lubricating oil. Suggest to add the lubricating oil by manual after 50 shots.

C.      The clamping force is big, check whether the mould need large clamping force.

D.      Parallel out-of-tolerance, head of junior were examined with a dial indicator parallelism is greater than acceptance criteria.

E.       Current amplification board, check whether the current parameters is in line with acceptance and adjust the current value.


3.    Wait some seconds to open and close the mold, the solutions as below:

A.      Start slowing, pls check whether the screw clamping is too large, the small screws clamping hole.

B.      Clamping screw in the middle hole is too big, check whether Y clamping hole screw is too big which is in the center hole of thin clamping.



Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

Mold is complex project. There are many step should be done before you receiving the ready one on hand. For example product design should be done before mold design, and mold design should be done before mold tooling. During mold tooling, we need to consider the machines or tooling method. Good mold tooling is very important. Let's see the importance of good mold tooling:

We all should have tolerance on each mold design. This design will help us for the future maintain. Just think, if the mold you got with very big difference dimension with the design. How can you make the maintain after you future production if any parts need to be made .

For example: if the mold tooling is not very precision, there will be dismatch for the parting line. This will cause the flash at the plastic part. Especially for the plastic need high quality demand.
As in our company, we will use high precision machine, high precision CNC, Sodick EDM, Sodick
Wire cutting mould tooling machine to working for the mold tooling.

Please feel free to contact with me, if you have any questions for good mold tooling, or any demand for mould project.

good mold tooling


We manufacture different kindssoap box mold. We can provide plastic design for soap box, mold design for soap box. If you have sample, just leave us the sample, we will make the mold according to the sample. And will send you the final sample after testing for your confirmation.

Why choose our company for sop box mould?

-We have a top design department in Taizhou city. The designers we employed from different province with much experienced in plastic molding area. They will have the experience for choosing the best way of cooling, best way for adding slide on the mold structure. And good design can make the mold with longer mold life and get you cheaper cost in mold price.

-We have top quality and top precision tooling machines. For example 5 axis CNC machining, we have two 5axis CNC machine. One is from Italy with brand Fydia Another one is also Fydia. Our precision tooling workshop with steady temperature to guarantee the steel without expand or shrink due to the weather. In this way, the tooling will be more precision.

If you are interested in our company and soap box mold, please feel free to contact with me. My email address is : my mobile phone number is: +86 13957601082



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