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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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injection molding machine

Dakumar Company specialized in making various injections molding machine which contains servo motor injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine, double-color injection molding machine. PET injection molding machine and PVC injection molding machine. This article is forced on introducing PVC injection molding machine.

1. Specialized PVC plasticization components, hard chrome plated screw, enlarged nozzle hole, and nozzle flange are adopted to ensure the quality of PVC production and extend the life of the mechanical parts. All the components are highly anticorrosive.
2. Enlarged hydraulic motoer, to fit the high torque requirement for PVC plasticization.
3. Oversized hydraulic motor matched to meet the large torque requirements needed for plasticizing PVC
4. Oil cooling and water cooling system in screw and barrel for large-size machine
5. Hardened chromed nozzle/ large nozzle hole could ensure product flow and volume.
6. Widely safety door design, equipped with double core pulling service.
By bringing in German high-tech injection solution, best elements setting, superior precision controlling, thorough energy conserve mentality, our company, Dakumar, has a strong ability to produce good stability, good power save PVC injection moulding machine. Any question regarding to PVC injection molding machine, please feel free to contact me.
From: Stacy
Skype: sinogroupe-62

Dakumar Machinery is one of the biggest machine manufacturer China, we offer injection molding machine from 50T to 4000T. now we have 3350T servo motor energy saving machine in workshop, the machine is suitable for big size plastic products injection molding, like tables, dustbins, big box, big automotive parts, this machine will be used for moulds testing and plastic injection molding for big products. the machine basic features as below:

  • Clamping Tonnage 33500KN
  • Injection Weight : 45228g
  • Shot Volume: 49701 cm3
  • Injection moving stroke: 1550mm
  • Max daylight : 4660mm
  • mould opening stroke : 2410‐3860mm
  • Tie bar distance : 2160x1900mm
  • Ejector Stroke : 550mm
  • Ejector Number : 29

So if you have project for big size products, please do not worry, just send us the inquiry, we can offer the moulds for you, or do the injection molding and ship the ready products.

Miss Alice
Skype: sino-holdings


As now, Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd has researched and starting manufactured a series high speed injection machines, but we want to perfect our oil system and machine structure, so we have an urgent recruitment for technical engineers from Europe for designing high speed injection machines.


Worked in Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, China, must be a responsibility and reliable person, Mainly responsible for junior hydraulic injection molding machine mechanical part design, mainly including clamping and injection parts, rack and sheet metal parts. Also need to coordinate with hydraulic engineers, electrical engineers to complete the injection molding machine.

Requirements as below:

1.      Engaged in the development work more than 8 years experience in injection molding machine design, key direction is the mechanical part design experience.

2.      Engaged in more than 800tons two plate machine design work more than 4 years experience.

3.      Worked in well-know large and medium sized injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises at home or abroad, especially the machine manufacturing enterprises experience.

4.      Be familiar with mechanical industry related processing technology, responsible for the quality control of injection machine parts, and for guiding production field assembling.

5.      Be familiar with injection technical, coordinate with after-sales engineers to guide machine running and testing.

6.      Have great responsibility for working.


Now dakumar machinery with a rapid developing for molding machine series, we are very glad if you have great confidence to join us, we are waiting for you!


Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01



Sino Holdings Group is the world famous crate manufacture in China, we have we have done 2 and 4 cavities crate molds with copper in fast cycle in 2007, also we made the first set of 4 cavities crate mold in the world for our Spain customers.


Foldable container have a big advantage is saving the space, we calculated it can save about 70% space when folding and then it can save much transportation, meanwhile, it has a very big application for different industries, such as agriculture, manufacturer industries, fisheries, animal husbandry and aquaculture and so on.


With our rich experienced for crate mold manufacturing, we combined the advantages of save transportation cost, save the storage space and easy to stack, easy installation and easy to handle, in the same time they are strong and firm that we have researched 4 series folding crates for different sizes and we put into production in 2011, 4 series foldable crate successfully produced and start to sale in 2012, we got the high praised from all our customers.


If you have related needed of foldable crates, pls visit our website:


Posted by Ms. Rachel




  Dakumar machinery has around 15 years experience, our injection machines own worldwide customers, we have good injection machine feature, so that is why we can move on and keep create our machine technology, we are not cost much on advertisement ,but we use the money on machine configuration. We are famous injection machine maker, offering good performance plastic machine.
  The good injection machine feature is that they need have senior machine designer, who will perform the machine running before making the machine, it can make sure machine running stable and have more life than other machines. In fact, machine design is big related to machine life.Dakumar introduced high precision machining and testing equipment from Germany and Swiden,we are concern the machine spare part’s dimension accuracy, and we will test each parts to make sure the machine is reliable and the best.
  There are many brand injection machine around China, the price compare to ours, it must be very low, but why they can offer so low price ? 1.On Injection molding machine itself have many oil pipes, but use good ones and cheap ones are different price, by the way, the oil pipe connector are not standard, so during a short time, the leakage will come soon.
  2. There is not so smoothly about opening and close the machine safety door, as the low magnetic valve.3.long time on Plastic material melting.
    Dakumar good injection machine feature are we always use the high standard oil pipe, we have long time cooperated with the oil pipe supplier. Using ECKERLE from Germany oil pump, which is top standard and good quality. Other configuration is Yuken brand valve,KEBA from Australia controller, and our machine plate are strong.
  We have many good injection machine features, if you interested to buy a injection machine, pls contact me!


 editor: Carol        Email:  



  Dakumar is plastic injection machine supplier, offering many types injection machines. This kind of machine is the tool for making different shapes plastic products. The hot item is double color injection machine sales, this two color machine is used to mix 2 different color plastic materials into one product, we are professional double color injection machine sales company, we offer double color moulds as well.
  There are 2 ways for making double color product. One way is using 2 sets standard injection machines, one set machine making one color product, then take this one to put on another machine for another color, finally there will be double color product comes out. This way is used in on-developed country, the equipment is easy and easy way, but it needs a lot of labor cost and low production effective, also the product will not so nice.
  The double color machine we offer is one step double color product forming, Good two color injection machine with 2 screws and barrels, the 2 plastic material through the 2 barrel with different time, then automatically become a double color product. Our machine does not need labor help and fast. It will largely save the cost and improve the efficiency, By the way, if you have the standard injection machine, we can help to add another injection unit and controller, we can help to build a cost-effective double color machine for you .

  Dakumar is top double color machine supplier, if you have any questions,pls contact me !
 editor: Carol        Email:  

 Dakumar Machine is a well known injection molding machine manufacturer in China. Which is famous of offer various kind of injection molding machines. Our annually injection machine sales quantity is over 500 sets.

Now we want to extend our sales volume on large injection molding machine area, so we sincerely looking for a reliable, excellent, skillful injection molding machine designer from Europe countries. Injection machine engineer who have been working for famous Europe brand injection machine companies more than 8 years would be highly considered by us. It would be better for engineer who willing to come to China, work and live here. If necessary, the engineer can come with his family.

Injection machine designer are required to be the chief designer of our large injection machine R &D office. He should lead our machine design to a new level, especially for the large injection molding machine from 1000 ton to 3000 ton.
If you feel interest, please kindly send us your resume to our email address :, or you can contact me on skype: sino-mould02 .

Seeking for Injection Machine Designer


 SINO HOLDINGS GROUP aims at offer IML molding line and IML production line to customers. We makes around 300 sets IML thin wall mold every year.

In mold decorating can improve the grade of products,because it has a better appearance than the silkscreen and glued label, and also can appear brighter color. At the same time it can offer better design and word illustration. The label and plastic product are molding at the same process that makes the label becomes as a part of the product. Therefore, IML technique can save the cost of extra equipments and labor for additional labeling and consequently improve the efficiency and benefit.

Our branch company Dakumar Machinery and Anole hot runner technology offers injection moulding machine and plastic mold hot runner system. In this way, we are able to offer customer turnkey IML molding system. For example, 120ml round ice cream container with 0.45mm wall thickness, 4 cavities, we can realize 5.3s cycle with side robot delivery and moulded parts picking out, collecting onto the conveyor belt.

SINO GROUP is a professional IML packaging mould supplier, we offer you container lid flat surface IML molding System, rectangular container side and bottom IML system, round and oval container side IML system.
Skype: sino-mould02

IML Molding Line

 As a very important shipping port in east of China, NINGBO economic develops extremely fast because of its perfect geographic location. NINGBO gathers a lot of enterprises, including lots of famous injection molding machine manufacturers.

Ningbo is a big injection moulding machine manufacturing base, there are more than 200 machine suppliers. The output of Ningbo injection molding machine is almost 2/3 of the total production quantity in China, and nearly 1/4 of the global output. Because of low technology content, less independent research and development, the average price of NINGBO machine is only 1/4, even 1/6 of the same injection molding machine in Europe, America, and Japan. High-end injection moulding machine technical is always monopolized by foreign countries.

Sino Holdings Group is a company that can offer turnkey solution for plastic injection molding factory. The branch company Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer in China. We offers various model injection molding machine tonnage from 50T to 3000T. Dakumar is the most fast extend injection molding machine company in the last 3 years. You can browse our website or visit our factory for more informations.

NINGBO Injection Machine Maker


Finding injection machine supplier china
    Injection machine can help plastic mould to make plastic products, finding injection machine supplier china is not a easy job, especially they want to find the good quality injection machine in the first time, there are many machine suppliers in China for offering injection machine, what can talk the machine is good or not ? I hope the suggestions I give you is useful and you can manage to find the best injection machine supplier .
   The injection machine configuration should be high standard, as the good machine is combining with many small good details.
  •    Controller : MIRLE made in Taiwan
  •    Breaker: Schneider made in France
  •    Valve: Yuken made in Japan
  •    Switch: OMRON made in Japan
  •    Pump: Yuken made in Japan
   Good plastic machine maker always choose the international brand for the injection molding machine spare parts. Which make plastic machine very precision and fast reflect.
  The reliable plastic machine supplier should have the good background for making the machine, we should see the machine assembly factory is professional or not. as it will related to the machine making process and after sales service. Finding injection machine supplier china should choose from some big factory brand.
   The good suggestion can be offered by the injection machine supplier, in fact, professional injection machine maker always have rich experience in injection field, including the molding area, so you try to get the good advices from them.
  If the factory can offer you equipment which means injection machine and plastic mould, that will be best.Dakumar is the one who offer all the equipment and above items for you.
  Dakumar is good injection molding machine maker, Finding injection machine supplier china can come to us.

editor: Carol        Email:  

Dakumar PVC private injection molding machine Model: DKM50 to DKM780, we can also provide greater type of PVC injection molding machines, injection molding machine such are widely used in PVC pipe production lines. Dakumar according to the special requirements of the product and mold, custom machine door, due to the characteristics of PVC plastic, all mechanical components on the machine are chrome. The machine uses a special screw barrel design, and precise temperature control system. Dakumar in this area has three patents.

PVC products in order to meet demand, Dakumar positive development has been designed specifically for PVC products, PVC special machine. For example, the application of chrome nozzle, increase the nozzle of the application to ensure the fluidity of plastics, increasing the application of the hydraulic motor to meet plastic PVC.

Therefore, Dakumar achieved great success in the production of PVC pipe fitting mold. Mold slide core means precisely controlled, precise outer surface treatment, thimble flags and signs with the gate. Minimum pipe size can reach diameter 32mm, while maintaining the strength and durability of the mold under, we will do our best to mold design and mold machine size as small, to do more consideration for our customers.

PVC private injection molding machine

PVC series:
PVC material properties for PVC, on the basis of the general-purpose products produced PVC special functions to achieve the customer's production requirements.
1, PVC plastics components dedicated, hard-chrome rods screw Karma, chrome nozzle (increase aperture) and chrome nozzle flange corrosion resistance.
2, widened door design, and hydraulic core pulling devices (two inputs and two outputs).
3, strict temperature control, an optional multi-stage fan or air cooling.
4, plus large hydraulic motor to achieve efficient high-quality plastics.
5, features a large machine screw barrel oil cooling, water cooling system.
6, hard chrome plating nozzle (increase aperture) to ensure the quality of PVC products.
7, increase the hydraulic motors meet the requirements of ultra-high torque when the PVC material plastify.
contact: Candy  
Skype: anole-hc-02 

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