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plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

  Only right choosing of injection molding machine, including its size and specification, can ensure to have high output efficiency and low production cost. Dakumar Co.,Ltd.,professional molding machinary supply China, gives professional advices of plastic machinery choosing.

First, check performance parameters of supplier's machine specification.
According to some techinical equirements of plastic parts, such as material type, gram weight, dimensions, ect. to choose similar parameters which decide the right machine you need.

Clamping stroke should larger than sum of part height and mould thickness, and take attention that
1. Proportion between part gram weight and machine shot volumn.
2. Distance between tie bar should larger than mould width and height
3. Mould dimensions must meet the minimum recommended size of mold of the injection machine.

Contact: Miss Clair
Skype: sinogroup-11



  Injection mould is the key appliance in plastic molding, what's the proper operation of injection moulds? How to prolong plastic mold life? SINO MOULD, injection moulds supply china gives you suggestions of best usage of plastic injection moulds. plastic moulds proper usage,plastic moulds handling steps,best usage of plastic injection moulds,prolong plastic mold life,injection moulds supply china

1. Check the mould parts without any inpurity before injecting.
Use cotton yarn to clean up sticky material and copper scraper to deal with firm sticky ones.

2. Clamping force should not be too high. Usually it is subject to without flash in the actually injecting.

3. Do not use metal appliances to hammer any part of mould, to prevent mould deformation and lower product quality.

4. Ensure good lubrication of mould moving parts.

5. Unlade the mould if not used, cover it with anti-rust oil and packed, then place it to safty place.

Contact: Miss Clair
Skype: sinogroup-11



If you bought an injection machine, you or your staff must know how to maintain the machine. All of us know that no machine will not go wrong; the only thing we need to know is how to solve the problems. Here share some experience for solving the unusual noise when the injection machine works.

The generation of unusual noise expressed that injection machines parts damaged or improperly adjusted, the positions should be immediately repaired by identifying the cause of the noise.
1. A hydraulic oil tank is insufficient, oil pump take in air or contaminants in the oil filter can cause oil shortage in oil pump, then oil cells strikes blades and cause noise, the solution is to check the oil, to prevent inhalation of air and cleaning the oil filter.
2. Hydraulic oil viscosity increases the flow resistance, the need to replace the appropriate hydraulic oil.
3. Due to the pump or motor bearings or blade damage, concentricity deviation caused by coupling noise shall concentricity adjustment or replacement parts.
4. Directional valve reaction failed but was still functional, such as heart valve wear, internal leakage, burrs blocking does not move freely, the solenoid valve will fail due to the current lack of noise. The solution is to clean the valve, the valve must be replaced with new parts to wear, and the current should be stable and adequate.
5. Hydraulic components damage or blockage cause noise, the solution is to replace the damaged ones with new parts.
6. The mechanical parts of the fault, bearing wear or lack of lubrication or mechanical parts loose, you should find out why and tighten or replace the parts, ensure that there is enough lubricating oil.

Injection machine maintenance
Injection machine maintenance

Dakumar can offer injection machine maintenance suggestion, injection machine repairing advices, technology consultant and overseas service support if you bought our machines.If you got any problem on the injection machine maintenance, injection machine after sales service, or want to know how to solve injection machine problems, plz contact us.

Post by Joyce    Email:

Two plate plastic molding machine are widely used in Europe, especially for machines with big model, two plate molding machine has below basic advantages compared to traditional three plate molding machine:

  • 1. Two plate injection machine saves space due to its smaller machine size compared to traditional three plate machine,
  • 2. Machine cost is much more economical
  • 3. Operation speed is faster
  • 4. More flexible clamping force adjustment
  • 5. Energy saving
  • 6. Stable operation
  • 7. Better precision control of mould adjustment

Dakumar Machinery starts to develop two plate machine since 2012, now we are looking for machinery specialist who are professional in design for mechanical and hydraulic system, and also experienced in installation and operation. If you or whom you know are professional in this filed, please kindly contact us, high salary will be offered.

For detailed info, please kindly send mail to


Miss Alice
Skype ID: sino-holdings

 Dakumar established in 2006 , is the professional manufacture of plastic injection molding machine ,its machinery is in a big range. Including standard injection molding machines, servo motor injection molding machines, high speed injection molding machines, PVC injection molding machines and PET injection molding machines.different injection meets the requirements of different people ,


injection moulding machine

Before ,we have discussed standard and servo motor injection machine , today ,we are going to talk about the topic of PVC and PET injection molding machines ,PVC and PET are suitable for injecting for special material ,such as PVC/PET .which is different as normal material . for PVC injection molding machines, hydraulic motor was enlarged, in order to fit the high torque requirement for PVC plasticization.

For standard injection machine ,it can be used for normal materials ,such as PP ,PE,PS etc . In other hand, High speed injection molding machines specialized in injecting thin-wall container ,And computer or other IT industrial precision plastic components molding, the material such as POM, PA, PC…..

Servo motor injection machinery is the popular choice for customer, one its high every saving, molding stability, quick response, quiet operation, reliable holing pressure, better oil temperature stability, the other is its competitive price. 

If now you are looking for machine plastic supplier in China, welcome to downvisit our factory to know more detail information. Take advantage of company size and a strict quality control, we are confident and able to be your good cooperation partner.




Sino mould is one of the biggest plastic mold factories in China, we also one of the leader in China plastic mould suppliers. In 2014 Chinplas held in Shanghai, we shown to visitors double color PC cup molding technology, which won great proud in plastic mould area.

The whole project included bi-color plastic mould, DKM servo injection molding machine and angle type injection unit. Why don’t we choose double-color injection molding machine? Double color machine is much higher than single color machine added angle type injection unit. In addition, it can save energy and longer machine life in production. Only 1 angle injection unit will realize bi-color injection for you.

double color PC cup molding technology

The injection device looks like a micro injection molding machine, it can separate from the mould, you can also installed it to any other machine you want, of course. It not affect by the machine model and sizes.

Sino mould specializes in the manufacture of various high quality color mold, injection molding machine has the professional service team, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me, especially the turnkey project. We also welcome engineers come and work with us.

contact: Candy
Skype: anole-hc-02


Dakumar Machinery is a leading plastic injection machine manufacture in China, offering both three plate injection machine and two plate injection machine.

Two plate machines has many advantages than three plate machine for example,
1. Clamping force set on computer and measured by pressure sensor. So it is very easy to adjust and control clamping force, and easy to copy parameter for each production period and make sure the same size for product
2. It is very easy for mould thickness adjusting, bigger maximum mould thickness and opening stroke than 3 plate machine at same tonnage, suitable for produce need long opening stroke.
3. Machine length shorter than three plate machine, saving occupied area.

Two plate machines are more and more popular in the market, especially for large tonnage injection machine, such as 4000T injection machine and 6800T injection machine.
Looking for high quality two plate injection machine, pls contact me.

 by: Cina Zhu

two plate injection machine
two plate injection machine


 Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer located in Huangyan, Taizhou, China. We have good reputation for high quality injection machine and diamond service. Now we are looking for senior injection machine designer to enlarge our machine production capacity.

Post title: Machine design r&d engineers
Working location: taizhou city, zhejiang province.

Advertise for senior injection machine engineer

The report object: group company general manager

If you meet our below requirement, pls contact us freely.
1. Engaged in the development work more than 8 years experience in injection molding machine design, key direction is the mechanical part design experience;
2. There are well-known large and medium-sized injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, especially the second machine manufacturing enterprises experience;
3. Be familiar with mechanical industry related processing technology, responsible for the quality control of injection molding machine parts;
4. Familiar with assembly process of injection molding machine industry, responsible for directing production field assembly;
5. Be familiar with injection molding machine debugging process, coordinate with after-sales engineers to guide machine debugging;

Skype: sino-mould02
Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd


 Thin wall product normally means the plastic thickness less than 1mm. Thin wall injection molding need a very good coordinate of injection mold, injection machine, and plastic material.

For common plastic product, plastic raw material cost is the biggest part of the production cost. So plastic manufacturer aims at reduce the product weight to cut the cost. Along with the development of cell phone, MP3 player, camera, palm computer, the design of plastic piece becomes thinner and thinner. So machine manufacturer developed high speed injection machine. Thin wall product is required high pressure injection, high mold locking force. Normal injection machine injection speed is around 100mm/s, it can not injection thin wall product. To increase the injection speed, injection can increase oil pump or with double pump, the injection speed increased by 25% and 25% respectively.

Dakumar Machinery is the expert of injection machine manufacturing. We own the advanced modern processing equipment and molding machine manufacturing technology of maturity. We are the precision energy saving injection molding machine research and development, design, manufacturing, sales in the integration of emerging enterprises. Any question about high speed injection machine, please feel free to contact me.

Skype: sino-mould02


Thin Wall Injection Machine


During the injection machine operating, sometimes there will be some small problem. How to find the machine failure and solve the machine problem should be a basic skill. In order to ensure the failure analysis and elimination of fast, effective, must follow certain procedures, this procedure is roughly as follows.

1. Ask the operator
(1) what happened? Under what circumstances it occurred? When did it happen?
(2) The injection molding machine has run for how long time?
(3) The presence of any anomalies before failure? Do you have any sound or sound and light alarm signal? Have a correct operation (note asking way)?
(4) control system whether normal operation or not? Operating procedures for change?

2. Observe the machine status, the operation parameters
(1) With and without obvious abnormal phenomenon? Parts with and without jam or damage? Have you loose or leakage hydraulic system? Wire broken, scratches or burned?
(2) The injection molding machine operation parameters do you have any change? Are there any obvious disturbance signal? Are there any obvious damage signal?

3. Check the monitor indicating device
(1) Check all reading value is normal, including pressure gauge and other meter reading, oil level height.
(2) Check the filters or display, alarm and interlock, and output is normal.

4. Some dynamic injection molding machine test (under the condition of allowed)
Check the intermittent situation, durable, fast forward, or slowly into the situation, whether in these cases affect output, whether can cause damage or other hazards.


Injection Machine Failure Analysis

 Dakumar machinery specialized in the producing injection molding machine in China, according to development needs, now we urgently need a few two plate injection machine engineer. We don’t have any require on the age or nationality, as long as you have the technology and experience, we welcome you to join our team, and we can provide very good wage and treatment.

Following is the duty and requirements:
1. the engineer will be the leader of the project team, and responsible for two plate hydraulic injection molding machine design, development and assembly work, and also responsible for the overall performance of the entire machines, cost and quality control;
2. in charge of the two plate injection machine design, specially for mechanical parts of hydraulic injection molding machines, including clamping and injection units, machine base and sheet metal units;
3. Cooperate with hydraulic engineer and electrical engineer to complete injection molding machine hydraulic and electrical control and commissioning work;
4. Cooperate with the purchasing department, control the injection machine cost;
5. Cooperate with the sales department; provide technical support for the marketing;
6. Cooperate with the production department, provide assembly and commissioning guidance and support, and responsible for the preparation of the assembly process documents;
7. Cooperate with relevant departments; offer the technical training for sales, purchasing, assembly operator.
1. Work for injection molding machine design and development for more than eight years, has extensive experience in the design of mechanical parts of the injection molding machine;
2. Work for two plate injection machine (more than 1000 tons) design for more than four years, and have experience to put two plate injection machines into mass production;
3. Have working experience in well-known or medium injection machine manufacturers, especially for two plate injection machine manufacturing enterprises;
4. Familiar with the processing of machinery industry, to be responsible for quality control of the injection molding machine parts;
5. Familiar with injection machine assembly process, responsible for directing the production site assembly;
6. Familiar with debugging process of injection molding machines, guiding the machine debugging with after-sales engineers.
Join us and let us work together to create DAKUMAR two plate injection molding machines.
Post by: ELLEN
Skype: sinomould.dakumar11
two plate injection machine engineer
PC mould maker China

Sino Holdings Group supply PC injection molding line solution with PC part mould,PC injection molding machines,air dryer,autoloader and other necessary additional machines.

For PC plastic raw material,it is special for its transparent and stringy,PC material need longer time for plasticizing.Usually we suggest use bi-metal screw with special barrel for PC injection molding machines.For the PC part,the injection runner and gate must be considering carefully in order to avoid any silver mark.

PC part mould steel material is high required for its polishing and hardness.With the steel material such as DIN1.2738, H13, DIN1.2344,S136 or NAK80, we could get shinning surface for the PC part.PC product is very strong,it is suitable for household appliance parts,automotive parts,daily using parts and so on.

We manufacture PC mould,PC injection molding machines,hot runner and mass production service.Welcome to contact us for more information.Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

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