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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2017-10-31 14:19:35


Dakumarmachinery, as professional china moldingmachine manufacture, was attend exhibition and showed our maincharacteristic high energy saving injection molding machine—268ton servo power injection molding machine.

Dakumar supply the servo powersave injection molding machine from 50ton to 4000ton. Above 88ton, our machineincluded T-slot as the standard which could make mould installation moreconvenient and faster. Compared with the screw adjustment, the T-slot designhas better adaptability and longer life-span.

With the advantage of highenergy savings, molding stability, quick response, quiet operation, reliableholding pressure and better oil temperature stability, the servo power saveinjection molding machine received the attractive interesting among customer.What’s more, this machine has not only the stability operation, but also the competitiveprice.

In addition, DKM Company, achina injection molding machine manufacture base, which is devoted to injectionmachine manufacture, research and marketing, located in Huangyan city, Chinamould town. By bring in German high-tech injection solution, which is guaranteedour servo power save injection molding machine quality. And the criticalstandard fittings auxiliary machine part is using world famous brand.

Any question regarding toservo power save injection molding machine, please feel free to contact me.

From: Stacy


Date:2017-10-30 19:38:52

As a world famous crate innovator and a professional crate manufacturer, Sino Holdings Group has offered more than 100 thin wall crate production line to all over the world.

Thin wall crate mould usually use 718H with BeCu, the cycle time can reach 15s while produce on our high speed injection machine, the crate raw material is PP or HDPE, we choose the 6 or 8 tips hot runner, and the cooling channel is around the sliders. Before shipment, we willtest the thin wall crate mould on the customer ordered machine, and pay attention on the crate weight, strength, overlay, burr and flash, welding line,cycle time, etc.

Regard to our machines, the high speed injection machine has below advantages, High speed, High safety, High precision, High energy saving and high stability-We called 5H. What’s more, the machine can achieve three parallel do action at the same time, it can save much cycle time.

Sino Holdings Group has rich experience in offeringthin wall crate production linesolution, we have perfect equipment in our factory. If you want to start a crate project or have any related project, feel free to contact us, we can offer you a good solution.

thin wall crate production line.jpg




Date:2017-10-29 13:33:05

Accompany with plastic injection molding develop and widely adopted in daily life, plastic servo injection molding machines are needed more than before. Dakumar is one of 10 top plastic servo injection machine supplying company in china, we offers different tonnage injection machines suitable for markets with all kinds parts molding service.

Among with different injection machines manufacturers, dakumar team bears in mind of high mentality, high quality and high responsibility while making machines. Under the leadership of our Italian CTO, we keeps our machines always with performance upgrade to more satisfied with our customer usings. Not only for high quality machine components used for machines making to extend machine life, also dakumar teams service missions. On machine components, we use such as KEBA for controller, phase for servo motor... with similar machine cost, we have more advantages than others, for examples, for our middle tonnage machines, it is our standard to have 2 airs 4 core pullers while others only have 2 air and 2 cores. Also our machines supports for ejections while machines opening, more water manifold with plugs... all these are details but important for your real plastic molding productions. Dakumar team thinks what you think and aims to offer you with most best services.

If you are looking for plastic servo injection machines from china, welcome contact with us. At moment, we have most tonnage injection machines ready in stock, can delivery to you within one week.

Commercial & techinical contact: Ms Diana

Whatsapp: 0086 13757677056


china servo machine with fast delivery

Date:2017-10-28 16:36:15

Recently days, Dakumar machinery company always receive many different enquiry voice from our customer regard the Multi cavity prefrom mould production line, and some of them are new to this field. Some questions are as below shows:

We are new to Plastic injection molding field and preform bottle production seems very popular in our market, how can we start this business?

How much the annual output?

We need how many sets mould and machine to meet the annual request?

How to make the normal production? Do you have engineer can make training?

Whether you can help us tailor made preform production line to meet our request?

Dakumar injection machinery companies pecialize in the multi cavity preform mould production line for more than 20years. We are already export more than 923 sets turnkey molding solution line to the oversea market and 20% lines covers for the customize preform molding line, some of them are for middle east , some are for south Africa and some are for the southeast of Asia. Anyway, we are keen to provide our customer best multi-cavity preform mould production line.

Written by Tina

Whatsapp: 008615067608197

Date:2017-10-28 12:53:19

PVC pipe fitting production and output quantity steady growthly all over the world. How to choose a suitable PVC powder special injection molding machine will be a big difficult problem to manufacturers.

PVC Powder Special Injection Molding Machine

1.only screw type injection machine, can’t use plunger type injection machine.

2.All of the parts will get in touch with PVC material can’t bring detain or adhere to the plasticizing solution. Because of the HC1 function will require these parts wear resistance and corrosion resistance. We’d better choose Wear resistant and corrosion resistant material manufacturing equipment, or make chrome plating or nitriding treatment equipment.

3.The equipment temperature control system must be with definite index and quick reaction.

4.Screw R/D is small, the nozzle of the screw is sharp end. Screw reduction ratio is 2-2.5. and three length of the screw can be settled with 40%, 40% and 20%.

5.Adopt larger nozzle hole and fit with heating temperature controller device.

6.Closed loop control is used in electric heating system, control material temperature tolerance strictly, the best tolerance is +-15 degree.  Injection nozzle has single and temperature controller system.

7.Material pipe group should with cooling device, we suggest add some fans to cooler injection tube temperature.

Find a professional PVC powder special injection molding machine will help you save much time in starting new business and production. It is really difficult to a newer to choose all necessary equipment to his new factory. But to SINO, we professional in it. If you are professional in PVC pipe fitting production, so you will know all the technology very well. Time is money. If we can start it within 2-3 months, why should we wait for longer time?

contact with Sales Engineer: Candy
skype: anole-hc-02
wechat & whatsapp: +86 15858685263

Date:2017-10-27 19:50:45

Sino Holdings Group is professional for plastic painting bucket molding solution, we could supply high quality family painting bucket production line from 1L to 25L with same shape but different size. Our painting bucket production line include bucket Mould, bucket injection molding machine, and other necessary additional machines.

For the family painting bucket, consider the bucket and lid fitting is similar structure, only make it from small to big, it looks like a family. We could make the painting bucket design from one dimension to different size, for example, if we have the sample for 5L bucket, we could also develop for 10L, 15L, 20L and so on; Consider the weight support requirement is differece, we design with different wall thickness and rib height.

For making a painting bucket mould, we design with well-arranged cooling system, which could realize shortest cycle time to get fast running and production.

With our servo motor injection molding machine, and IML robot supply, all the painting bucket production line could realize automatic running.

Date:2017-10-26 22:40:08

Dakumar Injection machine is widely used in different fields like food packaging, home appliance, medical parts, automotive parts and daily use parts, based on European Standard  machine quality and high performance-priceratio, our machines are sold to the different countries all over the world,like Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Iran, etc.

We have main 6 series machine as following:

1. Servo type injection machine

Machine tonnage from 50T to 4000T, energy saving type machine, compare with standard machine, it cansave 30%-70% energy.

2. High speed type injection machine

Machine tonnage from200T(H/HH) to 1300T(H/HH), it has function of 2 or 3 action parallel to savetime and improve molding cycle.

3. Two plate injection machine

Machine tonnage from 1000T to 4000T, compare with standard three plate machine, this machine is more than 50% opening stroke increased, mould thickness capacity bigger.

4. PET preform injection machine(I series & II series)

I series: machine tonnage from 110T to 650T

II series: machine tonnage from 250T to 650T

5. PVC injection machine

Machine tonnage from 110T to 650T.

6. Double color injection machine

Angel type injection machine: addition injection unit in side, machine tonnage from 110T to 550T.

Two parallel barrel & screw, injection in same time. Machine tonnage from 140T to 1000T.

To reach European Standard quality, we use world-renowned brand electronic & electrical components, for example, Controlleris KEBA from Austria; Switch, we use OMRON from Japan; Valve, weuse Yuken from Japan, etc.

Also formachine, another very important feature is machine part machining precision. Wehave tooling machine from European which can control tolerance within 0.02mm,which could help machine matching very well, and make long machine life.

Any needs for European Standard Injection Molding Machine, welcome to contact us, Dakumar will offer our best quality and service!

European Standard Injection Molding Machine Maker


Wechat/whatsapp:+86 138 5763 5311


Date:2017-10-23 20:00:17

SINO Holdings Group--China TOP PET test tube molding line supplier. We have two branch companies--SINO Mould and DakumarMachinery, who could offer you high-end PET Test tube molds and suitable injection molding machine. SINO could supply you tailor PET test tube molding line solution.

For PET test tube, due to wall thickness is too small and material performance, it’shard to control full injection and keep product without eccentricity. Sino has rich experience in PET test tube mold making, and precise tooling equipment could control Machining accuracy within 0.02mm.

We have made 32cavity PET blood collection tube mold, used by our 200HH PET injection machine, with good mold cooling design, our cycle time is 12s.

Sino supply turnkey solution for PET test tube molding project, you can get zero to all from us. For PET molding line, you need the necessary equipment as following:

PET test tube mould

PET injection molding machine

Three in one machine (Auto loader, Dryer, Dehumidifier)

Air compressor

Air chiller, etc.

Any interests for PET blood collection tube molds, or PET test tube molding line, or PET test tube factory setting up solution, welcome to contact us,we’ll be happy to offer you best solution.


Wechat/whatsapp/Tel:+86 138 5763 5311

Date:2017-10-20 16:08:31

As is know to all, many big parts like the auto bumper mould, unfold type plastic table injection mould, Plastic pallet injection mould and some industrial dustbin mould are limited to use big size injection molding machine for the production. Dakumar machinery company is one the best super large size injection molding machine manufacture. We can make tailor made large size series injection machine according to the plastic injection molding project.

In addition, Dakumar two platen huge size injection molding machine developed by our CTO from Italy, the machine is made to meet customers’ requirement to produce large size plastic parts, such as industrial dustbin, household appliances, auto parts, logistics container and large pallets. The two plate injection machine has the advantages of high mould thickness capacity and space for robot pick-up, with 30% less land space required and big clamping force.

Large size series injection machine

Dakumar injection molding machine professional in the large size horizontal type injection molding machine manufacture, and set into large size series injection machine supply for more than 20 years,welcome you make super large size injection molding machine order.

Written by Tina


Date:2017-10-14 18:28:13

Dakumar machinery is offering Car fender injection molding machine to many different countries with two platen design injection machine.

Dakumar injection DKM2800SV,DKM3350SV and DKM4000SV for produce Car fender mould,car bumper mould, car dash board mould and so on. The model DKM3350 and DKM4000 is designed by two platen design, with large mould size, mold open stroke bigger, the clamping force is linear and easy to control, and it is easier to integrate other special processes. Our CTO from Italian design the machine by Europe standardand tech.

Besides,Dakumar with Sino Mould which is also belong to Sino Holdings Group we cansupplying car fender mould or car parts mould manufacturing, so, here you will be got one-stop equipment and service, use mould to test machine and use machine to test mould, it is many important for customer if they need high-performance and high quality production. Regarding Car fender part injection molding need consideringhot runner system, injection parameter setting to get high quality product, wecan supplying hot runner system and also training for customer to setting parameter or machine maintenance.

Ifyou are seeking about Car fender injection molding machine or two planten injection machine please contact with us.

What’sup: 0086 15257606121

Date:2017-10-14 17:54:32

With gradual research and innovations, Dakumar machinery grows fast in past years, and be a big brand in china injection machines fields now. We mostly develop servo motor energy saving injection machines, high standard high speed injection machines...

Our servo motor injection machines, ranges from 50ton to more than 4000ton, wide range of machine tonnage can meet most customers requirements on molding machine choosing. It can be widely used for productions like:

-industrial food packaging fields, food containers, IML packaging items.

-automotive parts fields

-medical production lines, like syringe, test tube moldings

-household parts part moldings


More and more customer comes to dakumar machine, not only because of beautiful machine appearance, but with good machine quality, superior service and turnkey molding technical supports. Based on our machine good components, you will find it is very high performance when compared with other brands. In case of turnkey molding lines, you can get more info and service from us, like turnkey project technical analysis, factory building up assistance, staff training on spots. Whatever you buy only machine or turnkey molding lines from us, we would do mass production simulation for you. So pls do not hesitate to contact me if you plan to buy machines.

Ms Diana


china machine maker

servo motor machine making

Date:2017-10-14 17:01:09

Dakumar injection molding machine company specialize in the disposable tableware making equips. We are rich experience in the plastic injection molding turnkey solution support. For the plastic disposable tableware injection molding, kindly inform you that we are directly mould and machine manufacture, help you support best quality tableware making equips and technical support.

Plastic disposable tableware injection mould offered by our sister company-Sino mould. Adopt high precision technology process machine, guarantee the mould parting line no flash and once time process enough. Also in Sino, we will do the needful rib structure make sure the tableware with best strength and ensure mould with best cooling system. In addition Sino mould available for supply stacking tableware injection mould,welcome make enquiry.

As a professional high speed injection molding machine manufacture, In order to meet various requirement of high speed production of plastic disposable tableware or precision injection projects,Dakumar Machinery, devoted to design according to special specification for our customers. Therefore, you can have your tailor made high speed injection machine for many functions, such as adaptor to platen size, injection speed upgrade, optional pump or valve brand, more air ejection system or core pulls,special robot interface and program...

Plastic disposable tableware making equipsfor suit high efficiency output-Dakumar injection molding machine right here helping you, welcome you come here, checking the detail output request, we will help you customize and design a reasonable production scheme.

Written by Tina

Whatsapp: 008615067608197

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