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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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PET preform molding line supplier, sino holdings group have strong ability in offer whole production line of PET preform molds, PET injection molding machine, PET molding auxiliary machines, PET robot for picking preforms. With our rich experience on PET preform molding line supplying to our customer, now we are increasable expending our markets to more countries and gain more success.
Compared offering only PET preform molds or PET injection machines, we are more comprehensive and can reach customer with one stop shopping. Also for whole PET preform molding line manufacturing, customer is easier on goods inspections to run all equipment operating before shipping and get all round assistance and after sale service from one supplier.
For PET preform molds, we made the molds with 16cav, 24cav, 32cav, 48cav, 72cav, 96cav, etc, mold core and cavity is made out of stainless steel, good on preform transparency. The mold hot runner system we use is Anole valve gate to make sure PET preforms without any gate tail, to be very neat, also good for blow molding process. We would suggest injection machine according to the mold capacity and preform weight. Our PET machine is specially designed based on PET material features, including machine screw and barrel, machine integral frame size, and so on. For example, 20g 28mm neck size preform molds, the cycle times is around 18S, it would be some difference between molds cavity numbers.
If you are planning to start one PET preform production line in your workshop, pls do not hesitate to contact with us for inquiry or technical assistance.
Ms Diana
Skype: sino.group01

PET preform molds
PET preform molds
PET injection molding machine
PET injection molding machine


 For injection molding machine has two kinds, vertical injection machine and horizontal injection machine,Most of customer would like choose horizontal injection machine more than vertical injection machine, below following have some features of vertical machine to help us understanding about vertical injection machine:

1, Injection device and clamping device in the same vertical center line, and the mold open and close along up and down direction. It covers an area of only about half of the horizontal injection machine; so it will be save place than horizontal injection machine.

2, Easy for inserted molding, because the mold surface up, it will be easy for insert put into the location. But now more advanced horizontal injection molding machine also can be a very good implementation inserted molding.

3, In vertical injection machine, Mold by horizontal template bearing the weight of the upper and lower opening and closing action, so, It will be advantageous to the durability maintain machinery and mould precision.   
4, considering some plastic part have specific design, choose Vertical injection machine easy for robot take out part, easy to configure all kinds of automation equipment.
5, Suited for small type mould production, with simple mold structure, and convenient for unloading.
6, Stood the test of many earthquakes, vertical injection machine has good vibration resistance.
vertical injection machine
Injection molding machine through continuous technological progress and update, horizontal injection molding machine and vertical injection molding machine has similar function.

PVC injection machines is the same as common injection machine in the working principle and structure, but there are some differences in PVC machine, let's look at why there are different, and where is the differences.

There are several fan on PVC machine barrel, that is used to cooling the barrel cool, because PVC plastic should begin to decompose when the temperature reaches 130-150 degrees, if it is decompose, PVC will producing toxic chlorine gas. So the fans allow us to better control the barrel temperature. The big machine barrel will have water or oil cooling system.

PVC plastic is strongly corrosive, so the injection molding machine screw and barrel must be stainless steel. And in order to ensure product quality, the machine is nozzle is bigger than common machine, and it is hard chrome plated.

In order to achieve the required screw torque during PVC plasticizing, achieve efficient plasticization; PVC molding machine oil Motor is bigger than ordinary machine.

Because most of the pipe fitting mold has core pulling, the mold is relatively wide, the door of PVC machine is widened (optional); in addition, some pipe fitting mould have more core pulling, so PVC injection molding machines can add more pulling group.

We can provide customized PVC injection machine, if you need, please contact us, we can also provide PVC molds, as well as PVC injection molding production.

Post by Ellen

PVC injection machine




Dakumar machinery is specialized in injection molding machine manufacturing for servo power saving injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine, engineering material injection molding machine and hybrid injection molding machine.

Hybrid injection molding machine

Hybrid injection molding machine is a new developed type of our Dakumar series injection molding machines, which is suitable for high speed thinkwall molding, such as for thinwall ice cream container molding, cutlery molding, top cup molding and so on.

For our hybrid injection molding machine, it could finish the mould opening, ejection and material charging at the same time, so it could save about 3-5s compare to common injection molding machines. This type of injection machine have much advantage for thinwall products molding, for thinwall products molding, the cycle time is not long, so 3-5s is a big difference in a cycle.

DKM hybrid injection molding machine working with nitrogen accumulator and servo motor in material charging system, which could control the material charge precision with high speed injection. With the advanced design, the injection speed of the hybrid injection molding machine could reach to 350mm/s.

All the electronic components of the hybrid injection machine we use world famous brand. The new type machine is honored as 5H machine---High speed, High Safety, High Energy saving, High injection precision and High stability circulation ability.

With the hybrid injection molding machine and Italy imported robot, Dakumar Machinery could offer you high speed thinwall molding with IML solution. Welcome your enquiry for more information.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

China Servo system plastic molding machine

China Servo system plastic molding machine has many brand, and offering all size of the injection molding machines. Dakumar brand is the most stable and cost effective molding machine brand, and we are strong in offering customers with the most energy saving system with servo system plastic molding machine design.

The models for Dakumar China Servo system plastic molding machine ranks from 780T up to 2500T in fast delivery and prompt service. The models includes, 780T, 880T, 1080T , 1280T, 1350T, 1600T, 2000T and 2500T. all injection molding machines with imported brand of machine components such as KEBA Control system, or Techmation system for option. Dakumar huge size servo injection machine takes Italy motor brand and international famous brand of valves and switches, being China Servo system plastic molding machine hot brand.



 Dakumar China Servo system plastic molding machine is most suitable for customers who are focus on starting the plant with plastic molding lines, such as plastic chairs molding line, plastic table molds, PC chair molds, Plastic pallet molds with four side entry system or plastic single light weight pallet molds, plastic automotive molds and so on.

In order to easy the purchase of the plastic molding line, Dakumar also provide the customers with all auxiliary equipment for the China Servo system plastic molding machine running, such as auto loaders, crusher, color dozer, water chillers and so on.

Therefore, if you are looking to start new plastic plant or new project in necessary of China Servo system plastic molding machine, just contact us for your support.

Send you questions or request to  
Or Skype contact on line:sinomould.dakumar2

With the ability for PET preform mould and PET injection molding machine manufacturing in workshop,Dakumar machinery could offer you a high speed power saving injection molding line.We could offer you one stop service for the PET preform molding and PET bottle production.

PET preform molding line include PET preform mould,PET injection molding machine,auto loader, air dryer,dehumidifier,water chiller,air compressor and other necessary additional devices.For the PET preform mould,usually we design for fully hot runner system with valve gate injection,in order to get good flow and fast injection.For PET injection molding machine,it is designed differently from common machine,one is for the PET raw material plasticizing,one is to add return ring in the nozzle,the machine size is also longer with long screw.

DKM PET injection machne

When choose a suitable cavity number preform mould and PET injection molding machine size,first we have to know the quantity requirement each hour for certain size PET preform.For example,20g PCO28 preform,need 8000pcs each hour,if the cycle time for the PET preform molding line is 20s,we have to make 32cavity preform mould,with DKM330 PET injection molding machine.If the mould cavity number is different,the cycle time will have a little different.But the main reason which affect the cycle time is the weight of PET preform mould.

If you plan to invest PET preform molding line,welcome to contact us.We could supply whole line PET injection molding devices,with suggestions for workshop arrange,technology support and staff training.Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7


 Dakumar is a leading Energy saving molding machine in China, offering high quality for Servo motor injection machine, energy saving injection machine solution. We offer different options for servo molding machine depending on the different requirement.

The 1st option is common type servo motor machine. This type energy saving molding machine uses the servo motor instead of hydraulic motor. It can helps to save power from 30%-80% depending on different product. It is very suitable for products like pallet, crate which is heavy and need long cooling time.

The 2nd option is servo motor and high speed injection machine. Compared with the 1st type, the 2nd type has the feature of high speed injection besides the feature of energy saving. It is equipment with ACC.

The 3rd option is hybrid injection molding machine. This injection machine is improved on the previous types, can do mould opening, material charging and ejection at the same time. It has the 3 servo motors: one is main motor for mould opening and closing, and one is for injection machine and ejection and one is for material charging. This machine can help save cycle time and energy greatly.


energy saving machine
energy saving machine

Looking for Energy saving molding machine, pls contact Dakumar! There is always a machine for you!

Posted by Cina


  Dakumar is famous chinese bi injection machine supplier, we open the international market for around 20 years, we dedicated into multifunction injection machine feature and high energy saving performance. So we design our bi injection machine with high energy saving function. We could offer you the bi injection machine which is unique among all the molding machines.
  The bi injection machine is for making double color plastic product, like toothbrush, double color coffee cup,comb,etc.But normal bi injection machine is just could make 2 color product, ours is new bi injection machine. We combine servo motor injection machine with an individual injection unit to be a new type. But the mould should have 2 injection point from top and side.We also could order the 2 color plastic mould.
  We shown our new bi injection machine at 2014 Chinaplas in Shanghai, made the double color glass cup with many colors, and got the praise from our customer no matter foreign or local people.

  So our bi injection machine is good quality and we also sold to many countries. So if you want to start plastic machine business,pls do not hesitate to contact me.

editor: Carol        Email:  



  Sino Mould offer foldable plastic crates products, now foldable plastic crates are very popular among the abroad market and home market, so find a reliable foldable plastic crates supplier is very important for opening the market, Sino Mould could guarantee the foldable crate quality and we responsible for the after sales service.
  Why we could guarantee the product quality?
  As we are also the famous plastic moulds maker, we know a lot of knowledge about the plastic injection mold and injection molding technology.
  So our product will be the best without any problems.By the way,the plastic material is we design and the foldable crate is so strong and have strength.
  Till now, Sino Mould invested more than 400 sets of plastic injection molds and around 35 sets injection molding machines, most of the injection machine are big tonnage.So we have many foldable plastic crates sizes.
  If you want to order the size is not in our list, but your quantity is big,we also welcome to inquiry, we could make the individual mould for you.
  If you wonder what is the difference between A type to D type?
  A type and B type is normal type, which is 180 degree folding ,but A type have holes in the side wall,B type without holes in the side wall
  C type is inner folding, which is more easier .
  D type is very big, and with the pallet at the bottom, it is good for holing plastic and other containers transportation.
  Do you want buy the foldable plastic crates ? find me here ,I will offer you the best price !

editor: Carol        Email:  


In the injection molding product cost structure, electricity accounted for a considerable proportion, according to the injection molding machine equipment technologyThe demand, the traditional injection molding machine oil pump motor power consumption accounts for as much as the entire device power consumption 80% - 90%.

Design and manufacture a new generation of "energy-saving" injection molding machine, has become an urgent need to pay attention to and solve the problem.
In the recent years, Sino PM import large amount high precision processing equipment from European and Japan. Adopt these high precision equipments to ensure the injection parts accuracy.
In order to achieve better production technology, has been molding cycle, and has good improvement in energy saving. Dakumar company high energy-saving injection molding injection molding machine can completely meet the needs of customers. What is the so-called 5 H?
High speed, high energy, high injection precision, high stability circulation ability and high safety.
The cycle time can be 30%-50% short, it’s very useful for the thin wall box mould molding. Like the 4 cavity ice cream container mould, the cycle time can be 4.5s.Use the high speed response accumulator and Used the servo system can help you save 30%-70% power. Machine adopt European advanced controller 1000/2000,to control the temperature and precision. security module independent control ensure that there is no mistake of machine closing, injection charging ,nozzle forward to avoid any accident.
Sino PM machine with nearly 12 experienced excellent designers and engineers responsible for machine research and development in China. on a large number of human resources in research and development. Injection molding is customize various models according to the customer's needs. Also has obtained many patents, protection in many countries, and with its own intellectual property rights of the innovation of the hybrid injection molding machine.
Welcome to make detail consultation. Thank you very much.
Written by Tina
high energy saving injection molding machine
high energy saving injection molding machine


  Dakumar is Chinese injection molding machine supplier, Chinese PET machine supplier.PET machine is one of our hot item, there are many kinds injection machines could chosen by you to meet your requirement. We practice our PET machine for many years, now we could make the minimum cycle time with best performance.
  Our PET machine has nice appearance with blue and yellow colors, the color is attract attention and not easy get dirty.
  The good features are:
1.    Equipped special dehumidifying dryer selected for PET resin’s special demands of removing moisture.
2.    Extended machine framework, enlarged space between tie bars, mold opening stroke, mould thickness and ejection stroke
3.    Spring nozzle for the machine below 650T, hydraulic nozzle for 650T, meeting customers’ special requirements by avoiding overflow.
4.    Using special screw sets, which specialized in material plastify, PET+FB or slice PET screw set are on request as option.
  Dakumar PET machine  have many good advantages, with competitive price but we equipped many devices which have superior precision controlling, we could offer customer much benefit than the cost. Now we ranks on the top of international injection machine market, we hope to keep on and make new development.
  We are the Chinese PET machine supplier, If you want to find PET machine,pls feel free to contact me.

editor: Carol        Email:  


Dakumar is the experienced plastic injection molding machines maker in china.plastic injection machinery is the machines that as different systems cooperately and serperately. Form the put in of the material and injection and eject out. A good machine can ensure u the yearly life free used and durable products produced . Plastic injection moulding machinery choice is very important.


To choice the right plastic injection machinery, we should care on these parts: the first part is the details of the mould ,such the length , width , thinkness, weight and drawings . Sencond the plastic styles and quantity. Third, products details : the demension and the weight . Other inssues like quality requirments, cycle time are all the importants points of the machine choice. Accoring to these , we have to choice the right styles, since some special material, such as PET, PVC have different request of the machine style . And then we should decide the machine size according to the mould size . Ans then we should also dicided the clamp tonnage that the prdofucts needed accoring to the products . Also the machine injection pressure should be fit to the mould and products.


Plastic injection molding machinery

A lot of experienced workers in Dakumar ,can help the custoemers choice the best palstic injection marinaery . If u have any interesed, please contact me freely

Written by : Lenny
Skype: anole-4

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