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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
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Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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multi-cavity molding line service

For packaging products molding service, Sino Holdings has more than decades experience with multi-cavity PET preform production lines,72-cavity water cap molding, 48-cavity 5 gallon handles molding and so on. We supply these with tailor made molds, high quality molding machine and additional equipments. No matter, you have packing production line / filling line, or green hand for plastic packaging industry, SINO will be your consultant, partner and supplier.  

All packaging molds, we applied S136 stainless or DIN1.2316 stainless for mold cavity insert, core insert and neck screw, which suitable for long time high speed runs stably. We tooling mold spare parts with precision grinding machine and dimension measure up to D-M-E metric standard which are easily for after maintenance.  

Our multi-cavity PET preform injections machines are specially designed with customize barrel & screw, plasticizing motor, injection cylinder, electrical machine and controller, tailor manifold ect. Good cooperated with our SINO PET preform molds, our PET molding line runs well and stably to realize your high production quantity. Like 72-cavity 28mm neck PET preform with 25g weight, its cycle time is around 20 seconds on our Dakumar PET machine 650T.  If you have new projects to start packing production line, welcome contacts us.  

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Dakumar is one of the world's most famous injection molding machinesuppliers, exporters and manufacturers. We not only provide customers with thin-walled injection molding machine,thin-walled injection molding program, but also to provide our customers withdifferent types of thin-walled injection molding services:

We have a lot of professional engineers,these engineers have a lot of experience in the production of thin-walledinjection molding machine, in particular high-speed machine, according to thehigh-speed thin-walled injection molding technology to provide customers withthin-walled molding program.

Compared with the traditional injectionmolding machine, we have the characteristics of thin-walled injection moldingmachine:

1 high speed

Our machine uses high precision singlecylinder injection molding system, especially suitable for low inertia highspeed injection molding and rapid response speed, thin wall injection moldingmachine can produce more effective production of thin-walled products and saveproduction time.

2 high energy saving

High response servo system of the machine,the machine output according to the actual needs, will not overflow, will notwaste. It can save 30-70% energy. Compared with traditional machines, we useservo motor to save energy and control the position more accurately.

3 high security

Thin wall high speed machine withmechanical, hydraulic, electrical three protection. Independent control of thesecurity module will ensure that the machine is not closed, injection molding,feeding, nozzle, to avoid any accidents.

High speed machine specializes in thedevelopment of high speed and high precision injection molding. High speedmachine frame, clamping device is stronger than. High speed machine is alsostable in high pressure.

This type of high speed injection moldingmachine using high injection speed, shorten the operation cycle time, workefficiency, especially suitable for ultra-thin, high precision and complexproducts.

If you have any items that require a thin-walled injection molding machine,please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best thin wallhigh speed machine for you.

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Dakumar Machinery plays a very importantrole in China injection moulding machine field. Dakumar not only supply highspeed injection machine, servo motor injection machine, but also focus on largehydraulic injection machine manufacturing.

Large Hydraulic Injection Machine_.jpg

Annually, Dakumar machine manufacturingcapacity is over 1000 sets. For popular injection machine model, such like 130ton,250ton, 350 ton, 520 ton, 1150 ton, and 2600 ton, we also preparedready-made machine in stock. The largest machine we can make is 4000 ton. Nowwe have 3350 & 2600 ton machine ready in stock, it is very suitable forproduce industry use pallet, dustbin, tank, etc. Besides, we have a 1500 tonmachine with gas assist chair mould ready for sell. One you make the payment,we can ship machine and moulds immediately to you.

Dakumar large moulding machine is highadvanced injection machine with famous brand Electronic & Electrical Components.The machine controller is KEBA from Austria that most European brand injectionmachine use. The large screen and good look machine design brings very goodoperating experience. For other specification, please check contact DakumarMachinery sales people. We offers customer high quality automatic devices andauxiliary equipment, including auto loader, hopper dryer, water chiller,tooling tower, color mixer, crusher, mould temperature controller, robot,conveyor,etc.  

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Paint bucket injection molding line project recently popular sells in the oversea market. More and more customer care morea bout the injection molding line fast running with high quality efficiency.Sino  holdings group company engaged in paint bucket injection molding factory building.

To satisfy more paint bucket injection molding factory demand, Dakumar machinery company specializein the injection molding turnkey project solution offer. Our service covers paint bucket mould manufacture, equips injection molding machine, IML system service, robots and auxiliary machine supply ,offer professional technical training and production introduction, available for fast feedback and oversea market after-sale service. Here is the video linkage for the IML paint bucket injection molding line which we support the whole line to our customer: Establish paint bucket injection molding factory is our professional field, we made many similar project line for the oversea market.

Paint bucket injection molding factory

Welcome any customer who are interested to set into paint bucket injection molding factory buildingand setup. Dakumar machinery company would willing to spare our every effort help you establish production line and offer our best products and service. Please feel free to contact ourteam.

Dakumar Machinery supply whole plastic crate production line. For the countries which are rich in fruits, the plastic crates are widely used for fruits shipping, such as India, Thailand, Indonesia,and so on. As a professional manufacturer for plastic crate molding equipment, Dakumar supply high quality plastic crate production solution with technology support.

For the crate injection molding machine, we designed with mould open and ejection could do at the same time, the hydraulic cylinder do action at the same time during mould opening, that could reduce the mould running cycle time for 2s and protect the crate ribs well. According to the crate size and crate mould cavity number, we could suggest suitable Dakumar machine for you. Normally we used DKM650 and DKM850 for popular plastic crate size.

Except plastic crate injection molding machine, we could also supply high quality crate mould, with hot runner system and P20, 718H steel material for the core and cavity, the cooling system for the crate mould is well designed.

If you have new plan to start plastic crate production before the busy seasons coming, welcome to contact us, we could ship the whole crate molding line with injection molding solution. Waiting for your enquiry. Thanks.

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Dakumar machine company looking for injection molding machine country representative. Dakumar injection molding machine engage in professional injection molding machine manufacture for more than 15 years. Business field covers standard series injection molding machine,Variable series injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine. In order to satisfy oversea market customer demands for the two platen injection molding machine. We invited professional Italy mechanical and technical expert as our technical adviser and CTO. Now Dakumar injection molding under professional technical support, precision process machine and high quality machine components, We are already among the China'smost efficient, which was owns euro production standard .

injection molding machine country representative

Dakumar injection molding machine do much attention on the after sales service job and the final user using experience.In order to more better to serve the customer, Dakumar team continued theexpansion of our customer service team and technical support team to provide professional technical support and online service. And we are constantly expanding our overseas market, on behalf of the Dakumar machine is seeking oversea injection machine cooperation partner, if you are looking for us, and interested in our machine, hope to have the opportunity to cooperate together to expandthe market.

Welcome you join us as injection molding machine country representative. Dakumar machine is the turnkey molding linesupplier. To know more detail, please feel free to contact us.

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China plastic injection molding machine supplier Dakumar Machinerysupplying high quality & high speed airline spoon injection molding machine by high speed injection.    

To considering maximize capacityfor airline spoon, airline fork, airline knife in very thin and light design, andhigh quantity needed, high speed injection molding machine are necessary for airline,to reach fast cycle time, the characteristics of high speed machine is specialinjection system to reduce machine injection time also precision position,Dakumar machine high speed machine using moog valve for high precisioninjection.

And another important pointfor save time is mold open, eject and charging at same time, common machineopen mold need 2-3s, charging and eject need 3-4s, Dakumar high speed injectionmachine need 3s to finish these three action at same.

For plastic airline spoon in24cavity round mould design cycle time is 8s, the quantity more 200000 per day,help customer rapid recovery cost.

Such as disposable spoon,knife or spoon need high quantity production, high speed injection productionneed good injection machine and also good plastic injection Mould in fastinjection and long Mould life, 50-100K shots. Sino holdings group have plasticMould Company and injection machine manufacturing, many good experiences onplastic injection molding. Welcome contact us if you are find good Airline spoon injection molding machine supplier.

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We are looking for Dakumar injection machine agent in Algeria, as China famous injection machine manufacturer, subsidiary company of Sino Holdings group--Dakumar machinery could offer you high configuration and high performance injection molding machine with competitive price. Now in order to expand our market in Algeria, we are looking for partner to become our machine agent in Algeria.

We hope our partner is in the field of injection molding, mechanical or mold, who has the ability of  Market development, technical support and after-sales service. You may be wondering what I can give you and what you can gain, I will analyze you from three aspects, pls see detail as following:


Inrecent years, plastic products are more and more widely used in our life, su chas home appliance, daily necessities, chair and table, crate, auto parts, etc. It means that injection mold and injection machine also has such a big demand in the injection molding industry. And now, Algeria's economy is growing fast, industryis in a state of rapid development, at this time, seize the opportunity of the injection molding industry is very favorable.

2.Sino's strength

a) As one of the few turnkey suppliers in China, Sino could offer you injection machine and mould, also necessary devices, if your customer want to buy injection machine or mould or production line, from us, you can got all of this devices.

b) About injection machine, our machine scover servo motor injection machines, standard injection machine, high-speedmachines, bi-color injection machine, PVC/PET injection machine, also, now our Italy CTO and our engineer are developing two platen injection machine, our machine type from 50T to 4600T, it can meet your all kinds of production needs.

3.Sino's supportpolicy.

a) SINO promotion for agent specially internet promotion service

b) Newspaper or yellow page to promote

c) Local exhibition with SINO brand machinesand every year Chinese exhibition invites

d) Sparepart in stock for maintains  

e) Commission after you sell injectionmachine, etc.

More info for Dakumar injection machine agent,Welcome to contact me, and welcome Algeria's people with lofty ideals to join us!

looking for Dakumar injection machine agent in Algeria


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Nowadays,the requirements of manufacturers for plastic injection molding machine is growing, the growing competitiveness among suppliers. As a professional machine supplier, Dakumar understand the needs of these manufacturers, we can offer servo energy injection molding machine to meet their needs.

Servo energy injection molding machine

The following are the characteristics of our machine: high energy saving, molding stability, quick response, quiet operation, reliable holding pressure, better oil temperature stability.

Under normal operating conditions, comparedwith conventional hydraulic injection molding machine, servo machine can reduce20-80% energy, repeatability is greatly improved duo to servo motor closed-loopcontrol.

What’s meaning of servo system ?

1.High performance energy savingto reduce cost

2.Not only save energy, but alsorealize the precise speed and pressure control.

3.High efficiency, lower oil temperature, making oil tank much smaller and the service life of hydraulic oil and elements much longer.

During cooling time, the servo motor stops rotating, the system does not consume energy.

During holding pressure, the servo system output little hydraulic oil system to supplement the drain; the consumption point can be very small.

When system is running, the basic no overflow loss, no energy consumption.

There are more advantages for our servo energy injection molding machine.

Any needs, pls feel free to contact us.

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Sino Group specialized in offering package production lines,like cap injection molding line, PET preform production line, PET bottleblowing production line, test tube production line, syringe production and soon.

Below is briefly introduction of 500ml PET Water Bottle Production line, production capacity is 3000pcs/hour, for your reference.

1. Injection molds

The whole production line needs at least three tools, 24 cavity 500mlPET preform tool, 16 cavity cap tool, 4 cavity 500ml bottle blowing tool. Ifcustomer wants different bottle shapes, then we can make extra bottle blowingtools.

2. Injection machine and blowing machine

One set DKM268T PET servo motor injection molding machine forpreform molding, one set DKM138T servo motor machine for cap molding, one setfull-automatic blow molding machine for bottle blowing.

3. Injection molding machine optional auxiliary

Robot system
Hopper dryer
Auto loader
Hopper Magnet
Mold clamps
Water cooler & water tank
Plastic dehumanizer
Mold temperature controller
Oil temperature controller
Oil bypass filter

If you have plan to set up packaging molding factory, pls kindly contact us. We will offer one to one sales engineer serviceto help you analysis your project based on your working situation and market.What’s more, when all the goods are reached customer’s factory, we will arrangeour engineer or agent to customer’s factory to do installation and commission.

Package Molding Factory Manufacturer

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Do you know how to reduce injection molding cost? Do you know how to use your injection machine and plastic mould with high efficiency ? Let's find out some factors from machine which will directly affect the production cost.

As we know injection machine have different models, if you want to reduce injection molding cost, you need to choose correct machine model according to your products. Please see following a test result. If an injection machine 138T works 7200 hours a year to produce the same products, and a kilowatt hour power cost 0.4USD.

Common injection machine with 11kw asynchronous motor and constant flow paddle pump, the measured power is 9.5KW, and it will cost USD27360 electricity charge in one year.
Variable pump machine with 11kw asynchronous motor and Variable dwell piston pump, the measured power is 6KW, and it will cost USD17280 electricity charge in one year.
Servo motor hybrid machine with 11kw servo motor and internal gear pump the measured power is 3.5KW, and it will cost USD10080 electricity charge in one year.
It shows that servo motor hybrid injection machine can save much power than other two machines; save power also means reduce cost in production.

Of course there are many other ways to reduce the production cost, if you want to reduce injection molding cost, or if you have any inquiry about injection machine, please feel free to contact us.

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When the customer gets the mould and plan to start production, the first step is to load the mould to machine, but how to load the mould to injection machine properly?
First, you need to check the mould size, and then decide how to load.
Generally, plastic mould will be put into injection molding machine from machine upside, if the mould size is smaller than machine tie bar distance, it will be easy to put the mould into machine. But if the mould width or length exceed the machine tie bar distance, it should be taken care when put the mould into machine, because it will easy crash the mould to machine and damage the mould. As to small or middle size mould, you can try to put the mould from the side or load the mould with an angle. After loading the mould into machine tie bar, then fit the mould locating ring to machine locating hole and use screw and clamping plate to fix the mould one side. Then open and close the mould several time to check whether everything is right, finally fix both side mould on machine. Above is load the whole mould together. As for big size mould, some time, the mould cannot be lift by one time, it should be loading separately.
Anyway, the rule of loading mould to machine is taking care of workers and mould and making ensure the mould is in right position and fix tightly on machine.

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