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plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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bi-color injection machine
Dakumar Machinery is specialized for plastic injection molding machine manufacturing,include bi-color injection molding machine.We supply bi-color molding line with one stop service.We have experience for bi-color coffee cup molding line,bi-color PC cup molding line,bi-color tooth brush handle molding line,bi-color helmet molding line,bi-color cloth hanger molding line,bi-color stool molding line and so on.

Clear bi-color injection machine designed in modularity,clamping part and injection part could be assembled in multi-ways,which expand the range of application.With two sets of injection part can do the injection at the same time,double color product can be made at one time,which could shortening th ecycle time rapidly.Rotary plate of moving clamp plate with double station and bidirectional 180degree,adopted with high quality proportional directional-flow valve to control hydraulic motor or drive the servo machine.The pressure and speed of rotary are sectional controlled,ensuring the quickness,stability and accuracy of the rotating.

With our sister company Sino Mould manufacturing high quality plastic injection mould and bi-color mould,we could supply bi-color molding line with a fine solution.If you plan to invest bi-color molding project or normal molding line,please send us enquiry with part information and requirement.Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina

Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

Why developed high speed hybrid machines for thin wall products? You can find the answers on the products themselves.

What are the mutual features on thin wall products? Thin wall,disposable,large production quantity.
What are the mutual features on thin wall molds? Nice cooling system, runner system and air venting system.
What are the requirements on the injection molding machine for thin wall products? 
1. Need high speed injection to fill the mold cavity rapidly by high pressure response accumulator;
2. Need servo power system to save power consumption so that the cost of production can be reduced;
3. need hybrid controlling system to realize mold clamping, ejection and plastics charging in the same time so that the thin wall products makers can get as many as goods in one hour.
Dakumar developed high speed hybrid machines with 5 highs: high speed, high energy saving, high injection precision, high stability and high safety, is devoted ourselves to offer a fine solution for how to realize the cost-optimal production in thin wall molding line.
If you are finding high speed hybrid machines manufacturers in China, or want to find a Chinese suppliers who can offer all the facilities for thin wall molding line,welcome to contact Dakumar.
Post by Joyce, email:

Thin wall injection molding supplier-Dakumar, can supply thin wall injection molding turnkey service which included thin wall molds, thin wall injection molding machine, robot for collecting labels and products which needed in mold labeling system.

thin wall injection molding
thin wall injection molding

All the equipments for thin wall injection molding system as follows:
Thin wall injection molds, thin wall injection molding machine, auto loader, air compressor, water chiller. If you need IML thin wall injection molding system, labeling systems is needed: robot for label collecting; robot for feed the label into the thin wall mold and pick out the plastic labeled parts, robot for stacking the plastic labeled parts and conveyor.

Thin wall injection molding points:
Thin wall product material temperature:  280-290℃
Thin wall mold temperature: It’s better to use water chiller
Main customer range:  Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, South Africa.
Auxiliary equipments: Auto loader, Air compressor, water chiller     
I.M.M. stroke opening:  Minimum = 3 x Height of the part + 100 mm.

If you are finding thin wall injection molding machine or thin wall injection molding line in China, please kindly find a certificated supplier who can offer you the whole production line, Dakumar is the one who can offer you the complete thin wall injection molding line and continuously technology support, welcome to contact us.
Post by Joyce. email:

Dakumar Machinery is a professional injection machine manufacturer who offers PET screw injection machine, PVC screw molding machine, PA screw injection machine, PC screw molding machine, etc.

Injection molding machine screw is divided into: Tapered screw, Mutation type screw, general screw.

Tapered screw
Refers to the depth of screw channel from the feeding section gradually over. to the screw slot homogeneous section. That mainly used for processing has a wide range of softening temperature, non crystalline materials with high viscosity, such as polyvinyl chloride.
Mutation screw
The screw groove depth from deep to shallow process in a shorter axial distance. It is mainly used for processing plastic viscosity, melting point, crystallization of obvious such as polyethylene, polypropylene.
General screw.
It’s compression length between the mutation type screw and tapered screw, but the fusion quality and energy consumption is not as good as them. Suitable for crystalline and non crystalline plastics melt requirements.

For general plastic material without flame retardants material, using general screw is enough. Only need to choose a different screw diameter depending on the melt viscosity. But for special plastic material, special product, or special plastic particles, they must use special screw & barral.

Any question about special plastic injection molding machine & injection machine screw, pls contact me.
Skype: sino-mould02

Injection Machine Screw



Nowadays, Chinese injection machine technology are rapid growing. You can buy advanced high quality injection machine from Dakumar machinery which located in Huangyan, taizhou, zhejiang province.

Dakumar machinery has developed a new high speed injection machine, which is high classic brand in china injection machine market. This high speed machine is a servo energy saving fully high speed molding machine. It reduced injection molding cycle time by making plasticizing, mold open, mold eject in the same procedure. Meanwhile, this machine is very popular because of its stable, precision, and safety.
Dakumar machinery has the below model for customer select:
5H-200, 5H-300,  5H-400, 5H-500, 5H-600. We also making PET high speed injection machine.

Advance High Speed Injection Machine

Dakumar advance high speed injection machine is very suitable for thin wall product mold, multy cavity cap mold, etc. for example, 4 cavities 1 liter thin wall container mold, the cycle time will be around 5 seconds. 4 cavities PS air line cup molds, the cycle time is around 3.8 seconds. For more information about Dakumar high speed injection machine, pls feel free to contact me. We will select suitable injection machine according to your product design, mold size.

Email address:

Skype: sino-mould02


Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, the leading plastic machine supplier in China, founded in 1992 and located in Huangyan, China mold town. Dakumar machines production catch around 3000sets of different tonnage machines for selling to different counties, suck like Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Egypt, Turkey and so on, also set up their service center in some countries.

To get the long life time for injection molding machine, as these machines are widely used their maintenance, efficiency and uniform production of products are some issues that should be kept in mind.

A deep understanding of your plastic injection molding machine and how it works is highly recommended, this is important both for the producer and the people depending upon products made by your machine.

To keep your machines working correctly and smooth, you have to care for them, you should screw tight the machines every day before using it, and after some times production, suck like one month, you need to add the lubrication oil. If there is any abnormal, you must stop the production immediately and check where is problem, make sure 100% no problem and then you can start your production again.

If you need any details maintenance for injection mold machine, welcome to contact Ms. Rachel, thank you!

Posted by Ms. Rachel

Sino Mould Co., Ltd

Skype: sino-mould01


Usually, the important factors when choosing a plastic injection molding machine, include mold, plastic product, molding requirements and so on, therefore, you need collect or have the following information before making a choice: mold dimensions, height, width and thickness, weight, special design. Mold requirements, such as quality condition, production speed and so on, in obtaining the above information, you can follow these steps how to choose a suitable plastic molding machine:

Choose the right type of plastic injection molding machine: make decision by the plastic products. The plastic injection molding machine has a lot of types, you should determine that what kind of plastic raw material for the product, the production requirement to choose the mold cavities to confirm the machine tonnage. For example, for the thermoplastic raw material is PET, the product is single color, one hours production needed 2000pcs, in additional, some product requires high stability, high precision, high injection speed, high injection pressure and rapid production and so on.

The mould width and height must be less than or at least less than the internal spur of large column, the mould width and height must in the mold plate size range, the mould thickness should be between the thickness of plastic injection molding machine max. mold height and opening stroke.

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading injection machine manufacture in China, if you need any help, pls feel free to contact me.


Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

Plastic injection molding machine
Dakumar Machinery is a professional plastic injection molding machine manufacturer,we supply various types of injection molding machines in order to satisfy different production.Dakumar injection molding machine type include high speed type machine,servo power saving type machine,variable pump type machine,special raw material type machine,bi-color type machine and hybrid injection molding machine with mixed function molding machines.

Dakumar Machinery have the production capacity for more than 2000sets of injection machines annually,size from DKM50 to DKM2000,we plan to develop large size injection molding machine such as 3000ton and 4500ton in the next two years.With these size injection molding machines,we could supply injection molding line such as box pallet molding line,1200*1200*180mm pallet molding line,truck bumper molding line,1000L dust bin molding line and so on.

DaKumar Machinery are searching for agent in different area with country sole service.The main area  is western and north Africa,Brazil,and some other countries.If you are interested in Dakumar Machinery service,welcome to contact us for more information.

With sister company Sino Mould,our Group company manufacture both plastic injection molds and injection molding machines.We offer a fine solution for the injection molding line with technology support.Thanks.

Contact: Miss Celina

Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

Sino holdings group expertise in making high speed molding line solutions, especially for thin wall IML high speed turnkey solution offer. we supply with turnkey molding lines, for example IML molding line, we support with IML injection molds, high speed injection machine suitable for IML molds, IML robot for label sticking and product picking up, IML molding auxiliary machines.

For a IML container molding lines, we need production equipments as blow:

1st, container IML molds: first we need to calculate the mold dimensions according to part size, for container with 142X90X43mm square container, with 4 cavities, mold dimension need to be around 800X660X580mm as for each cavity self locking mold structure. Usually for these high speed injection molds, we choose with hot runner system and mold is designed a little more stronger than daily use molds to bear long time fast speed high pressure moldings.

2nd, on this injection machines, with high production quantity, we suggest with our high speed high energy saving machine SN-300 ton. we first need to check mold is ok to fit on this machines and also we would calculate if machine clamp force is enough or not for such mold running. Also the machine space if ok for IML robot working stroke. Based on this high speed machine, we have another option which equipped with Moog valve, with this component, the machine is more precision and accurate, benefit for low production reject rate.
3rd, if for high speed molding line, the robot usually we suggest with side entry which is fast response and short dry cycle time. Our robot only need 1s for all workings include IML label put on the mold core and picking up final products.
we offers high speed molding line, also include service for molding line installation and training on using it. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact with me
Ms Diana
plastic molding line offer

bi-color injection machine

Bi-color injection is more and more widely used, but to buy bi-color injection machine is expensive. Sino Holdings Group launches a new kind bi-color machine-Angle type bi-color machine, it has many advantages, I list its feature as follow:

1.Common injection machine adopt with turntable and spindle and then it can be used to make production of double color product.
2.It not only can be used with our company’s common injection machine, but also can be used with machine from other company.
3. No need to change the hydraulic system of original machine, it will apply with an independent hydraulic system.
4. No need to change the program of original machine.
5. It is very convenient to move and install, it can be install on the top or bottom of the mould and it can also be installed on the mould fix plate or moveable plate.
6. It can be used with machine of different size, save space and save cost.

It changes the way of bi-color injection, If you are interested in our machine, or you have double color product want to produce, pls feel free to contact us.


Posted By Elaine


Dakumar injection molding machine company
Dakumar injection molding machine company

Dakumar injection molding machine company is located in Huangyan, Taizhou, China. Dakumar injection molding machine was established in China on 2006 year, due to DAKUMAR's new technology and quality mentality, it stands out from the Chinese plastic injection molding machine industry. Became one of the famous new molding machine brand in China. Dakumar offers different type of injection molding machine ,such as PET injection molding machine, PVC injection molding machine, servo motor injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine. Our injection molding machine size from 50ton to 2000ton.

During the past years, DAKUMAR has established service center in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turky, Israel, order to make better service, we are negotiating with many oversea professional team to establish more and more service centers and partnership in different countries. If you are interested to cooperate with our company, welcome to contact us!

With working with our sister company Sino Mould, we can supply the injection mould as well. Sino Mould is one of the leading Chinese injection mould supplier, it anually manufacturer more than 2000sets injection moulds, 95% of the moulds are for export. Sino Mould is only 3 minutes far from our Dakumar Machinery company. If you buy mould and machine from our factory, it is very easy for you to check the complete production line working!

Dakumar Injection molding machine company and Sino Mould company provide you top quality products and most friendly service, if you need us, please feel free to contact!

Posted by Ms Eva 
Skype: sinomould.dakumar6


injection machine manufacturer

High Speed Injection machine manufacturer
Machine designed with accumulator to realize high speed injection. Besides, it has function of 3 axis linkage, to realize material charging, mould opening and ejection at the same time.
Main Application: IML molding with robot system, thin wall container molding, such as ice cream box, yogurt box, disposable meal box, etc…cycle time can reach 4.5s for 4 cavities ice cream box mould with 0.45mm thickness.

High precision injection molding machine
Machine apply with KEBA control system and Moog valve, it can control each shot precisely on weight and position. Molding tolerance is very small to get high precision molding.
Main Application: Electronic parts, such us mobile phone cover, plastic mechanical gear, LED light pipe, etc…

PET special injection molding machine
PET special machine use PET special screw and barrel which has big L/D value, to ensure the excellent plasticizing capacity. It can help you get high output and make full use of the machine.
Main Application: PET preform mould from single cavity to multi cavities. PCO, ROPP, BPF standard preform, Jar Preform…

Bi-Color injection molding machine
New Bi-color injection way: Standard machine apply with an extra injection unit to realize Bi-color injection. Injection unit is flexible, no need more machine, no need too much space, no need too much extra cost.
Main Application: Any double color plastic parts.

Posted By Elaine


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