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Kunststoff Spritzgießmaschine, Spritzgießmaschine, Chinesische Kunststoff-Spritzgießmaschine, Spritzgießmaschine in China
Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Dakumar PVC dedicated injection molding machine model: DKM 50- DKM780. We also can provide you bigger models of PVC injection molding machines, which is widely applied to PVC pipe production line.

According to the special requirements of products and molds, Dakumar custom machine door to satisfy all kinds of requirements. Due to the characteristics of PVC plastic, all of the mechanical components are chrome on the machine. The machine uses a special screw barrel design and precise temperature control system. we has got three patents in this area.

PVC dedicated injection molding machine
In order to meet the needs of PVC products, Dakumar positive development PVC dedicated injection molding machine. For example, chrome nozzle application, the application to ensure that the plastic of the nozzle to increase the fluidity, the application of the hydraulic motor to increase to meet the plastic PVC.

Therefore, Dakumar achieved great success in the PVC pipe fitting mold production. Mould core slider means precisely controlled, the outer surface of the processing precision, thimble and gate mark with the mark. The minimum diameter of the pipe size can reach to 32mm, while maintaining the strength and durability of the mold under. We will do our best to mold design as small as PVC dedicated injection molding machine size, do more consideration for our customers.

contact: Candy
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 Dakumar machinery Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese PET injection moulding machine manufacturing company, specialized in high performance PET preform injection moulding machine research and marketing.

Dakumar Machine series are designed and manufactured according to PET preform moulding technologies. As we know PET preform injection moulding machines have larger diameter screw design, L/D ratio and high plasticization capacity. Dakumar extended machine framework, enlarged space between tie bars, mold opening stroke, mold thickness, and ejection stroke. The machine screw material is special for PET+FB or slice PET. Spring nozzle for the PET machine below 650T, hydraulic nozzle for 650T, we can meet customers' special requirements by effectively avoiding overflow.

Dakumar has supplied many turnkey projects for PET preform moulding line to different countries, we can help customer select suitable dehumidify dryer, auto loader, dryer, crusher, chiller, etc. All the molds and machine equipments you bought from us, will be adjusted and tested for at least two weeks.
All the testing parameter will be saved in the machine, So when the customer receive the machine, they can connect them and production directly.

If you are looking for high performance PET preform injection moulding machine, please contact or send me message Skype: sino-mould02.

High Performance PET Machine

Posted by Miss Summer
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Continue last post of tooling equipment, there more information of the tooling equipment

Fidia S.p.A is an Italy company which established by two young engineers. They use around 20 years develop their company into a worldwide famous mould tooling machine company. In the early nineties, Fidia expanded its activity by developing the first high speed milling machines. Up to now, 2/3 of Fidia’s turnover comes from this business line. Traditional tooling machines generally only with 3 axis, while Fidia develop machines with 5 axis, it is necessary for some mould manufacturing. Big Mould Company must have such equipment.


mould tooling equipment

Sino Mould as one of the leading mould manufacturers, it has a lot of high quality mould tooling equipments, including above famous brand tooling machines. Like Sodick EDM machine, Agie Charmilles EDM machine, Fidia high speed milling machine with 5 axis, high speed lathing machines. These machines are used to tooling A standard injection moulds which have high requirement on mould dimension, such as for PET preform mould, cap mould, thin wall container mould, automotive part mould, electronic part mould…
Good mould manufacturing will make good profit for a mould manufacturer.

Posted by Elaine


Mould tooling equipment is very important to mould manufacturing. High-precision mould tooling equipment is guarantee of high quality moulds. When you visit a plastic injection mould company, to check what kind and how many mould tooling equipments they have, it is one factor to estimate a big and good mould factory. There are many famous mould tooling equipment manufacturer, here I introduce some of famous mould tooling equipment companies for reference.

Sodick Machine
Sodick machines are famous for its high precision and high performance, special for EDM tooling machine. Since 1976, Sodick has manufactured over 55,000 EDM machines and over 30,000 linear motors driven EDMs. As an EDM leader, it devotes a lot efforts to do research and development. Their efforts do great contribution to mould manufacture industry.

mould tooling equipment

GF Agie Charmilles
GF Agie Charmilles is another famous brand for mould tooling equipment. It has many mould tooling machines, like, Die sinking EDM, Wire cut EDM, Hole drilling EDM, machining centers, high speed milling laser texturing and so on. GF Agie Charmiilles is the world’s leading supplier of machines, automation solutions and services to the tool and mould making industry and to manufactures of precision components. It is a globally active group, now it has market all over the world, Switzerland, Turkey, German, France, Brazil, China, Japan, Tailand…

mould tooling equipment

To be continued....

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Sino Holdings Group offer a fine solution for bi-color injection molding line,we design a new type injection unit which could use on common machine to get bi-color injection molding.

CE symbol is a mandatory safety certification mark, which regard as the permit for injection machine makers opened the and accessed to EU markets, If you get this certification, then we can sell CE marking injection molding machine to all the countries in EURO countries.

Below shared some basic safety requirements of injection machine in the CE standards, if you want to get CE Marking on your injection molding machine, Must pay more attention on these points:
1. General hazards, included Mechanical hazard, heating hazard, Noise hazard, Slip & fall hazard.
2. Safety requirements on a specific region of injection molding machine.
Included mold area, injection machine nozzle area, injection machine plasticizing area, injection machine ejection area.
3. Additional safety-related requirements on special design, included safety door, danger alarm, limited switch……
4. Safety requirements on Monitoring circuit design.

With the developments of injection molding machine manufacturing , Customers pay more attention on injection machine safety, so, how to design injection machine in CE standard and enhance our competitiveness in the international market, is the question Chinese injection machine manufacturers must find solution. Dakumar is devoted to offer high safety injection machine, can offer CE marking injection machines as you required.

CE Marking injection machine can be supplied by Dakumar Machinery, the CE standard refer no. is EN201:2009 EN60204-1/A1:2009, is the top CE injection machine maker, a professional CE certificated molding machine manufacturer in China.

Post by Joyce, Email:

Medical injection machine is a basic equipment to inject medical products, like syringes, testing tubes, petri dishes,and other accessories which used in pharmaceutical industry,Dakumar is the professional medical injection molding machine maker for the pharmaceutical products in high standard requirements.

What are the basic requirements on medical injection machine?
1, Clean and Green
Fully enclosed design meets GMP certification standards, and set clean door for easy disinfection and cleaning.
Separate zones for products forming and injection molding area
Products shaping metal surface area and blanking devices do oxidation treatment
Closed injection area with waste, water and gas outlet
Moving platen support plate with self-lubricating
2, Energy efficient
Dual servo energy-saving systems to reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs
With self-locking nozzle, optimized molding processes to reduce cycle time and increase productivity
Special pull-rod design can effectively reduce plant height purification plant
3, Safe and convenient
Low mold sensitive care to prevent accidents and protect the injection mold
The injection molds can be in short time of high pressure, there is no shock, reduce the mold damage, and keep long mold service life.

Medical injection machine
Medical injection machine

If you are finding medical injection machine, pharmaceutical injection machine supplier, Dakumar is your one of top choice, and best machine after sales service can be offered.

Post by Joyce,  Email:

 We are a company specially manufacture high speed plastic injection machine. We are the high speed injection machine manufacture with more than 12 years experience. We have different tonnage from 200T ~600T. We are the only company who manufacture 600t high speed machine.

High speed injection machine is suitable for plastic thin wall moulds such as plastic thin wall cups, plastic thin wall containers. Plastic thin wall spoon, plastic thin wall folk and so on. As thin wall products must need high speed injection of the plastic. If we use the normal injection machine, the injection pressure will be not enough big. The plastic can not fulfilled the cavity and core. We can not get the whole product. High speed injection machine also can save energy and reduce the cycle time. In this way, customer can reduce the cost of the product and can have a big production amount compare to produce on the normal plastic injection machine.

Please feel free to contact with me if you have any requirement for the high speed injection machine manufacture. Our company have a very strong after sales team. They will make you very fast solution if you meet some problem in the machine. We can also send our engineer to your company if you needed. Our engineer can make training to your worker to teach them how to operate.


Posted by Julia


Sino holdings group invested high quality level plastic injection molding machines during past two years to meet high quality level molding standards. The new plastic injection machine is our high speed hybrid injection machines. Till now, we have sold many machines for customer for high speed molding solution lines. Our new hybrid machine is with characteristic of high speed, high power energy saving, high precision, high stability and high safety.

Sino new high speed energy saving injection machine is equipped with international good quality components, such as machine controller equipped with KEBA from Austria, support with several different languages for customer end demand. Servo motor for sino hybrid machines is phase from Italy, the servo controller we used for high speed machines is Kingway. with this servo system, it can control high speed machine energy consumption precisely, generally it can save around 30-70% energy.

In addition, our new type high speed injection machines is designed with multi-circuit, it can reach material charging, mould open and ejector forward operating at the same time. Compared with conventional injection machines, it shortens the molding cycle time, and dry cycle for this new machine can reach to 3.8s. also in order to suit for high speed molding, new machine frame and clamping units is developed much stronger for high speed high pressure working condition. With moog valve controlled fixed on the machine, it is more precision controlling on injections, and in long time operating, there would be less unqualified tryout when compared with normal machines.  

If you are looking for high speed high energy saving machines, pls do not hesitate to contact with us.


Skype: sino.group01

Ms Diana 

high speed servo injection machine

Solution for PVC pipe fitting system, sino holdings group offer comprehensive PVC turnkey project service, even if you only have an empty new factory, we can support you to build a plastic molding factory to manufacturer PVC pipe fittings.
Advantages of our PVC turnkey project service:
*Easily handling of your purchase                  * Quick delivery of all goods together
*Avoid arguing between different suppliers       *Clear responsibility of whole project
*Fast response for your doubt                       * Strong design ability and uniformity
*Less cost for paying service                        * profit in very short time
*Easy QC control & inspection                      * prompt after-sales service 
If are new and just start the factory for PVC pipe fitting system, then you need the support from a professional technician to support you make this turnkey project for new factory production line plan
1st, PVC pipe fitting plastic molding line:PVC injection machines, PVC injection moulds, plastic material.
2nd, get the layout design for your new factory: with your factory space info, we will make factory layout drawings, including how to put injection molding machines effectively, how to build water system to make easy production, how to put auxiliary machines reasonable…
3rd, you need professional training to run PVC molding lines on your side, customer can send engineer to sino to learn or with our engineer at customer side for machine installation, we can teach how to operate the production lines.
For any further more information about PVC turnkey molding project service, pls feel free to contact with us.
Ms Diana
PVC pipe fitting molds

Plastic bottle is produced from plastic bottle mould and machine. Usually, there are two kinds of bottle production line, first one is injection molding and blowing, and second one is extrusion blowing. Of course there are few large bottles is made in rotational molding, So the plastic bottle mould can be injection mould, blowing mould, and extrusion mould.

Plastic bottle which molded by extrusion blowing will have slightly obvious parting line in the middle of the bottle. Injection blowing bottle will be much nice than extrusion blowing, but injection molding is suitable for well-regulated bottle, such as transparent water bottle. Injection molding machine and PET preform mould make out the PET preform, and then convey the PET preform to blowing machine to produce the Bottle; the processing can be working in fully automatic. Bottle has different neck size, so usually the taker on the blowing machine is costumed, and with different optional.

If you want to produce plastic bottle, it is better to buy all the bottle production equipment together.
Bottle production line supplier will give you the suggestion on the technical parameters and other essential point. If you have any inquiry about bottle production machine, please feel free to contact us.

Post by Ellen
Skype: sinomould.dakumar11

Bottle production line


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