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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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In plastic industry, injection molding is very popular, we know injection machine have various clamping fore with ton, various injection weight etc…but how to select a suited injection machine for your plastic products?
There have some key points we must be considering when select injection machine, please considering following:
1. Select right type of injection machine
The type means you should be know the plastic martial or product requirements, such as PET need PET special injection machine, PVC need PVC special injection machine, thin wall or mass-quantity consider High speed injection machine and so on…
2. Tie bar distance
This distance will decide your mould can put into injection machine or not, so we must be know the suited mould dimension, usually, the mould length or width which size below to Tie bar distance will be ok, need analyze according to different mould. 
3. Clamping force
This is very important for injection machine, when making injection we will considering enough clamping force for part, if the clamping force not enough, the flash will easily happens to your plastic product, or cannot injection smooth.
Clamping force= projected area*cavity*in mould pressure around 0.35kg/cm2.
4. Opening stroke
Usually, the opening stroke will double distance of plastic product height, because mould core height and plastic product moving distance; some time if customer need robot for IML it will need 3 times distance of plastic product, but need overall consideration the robot system.
5. Injection weight
Must be considering plastic product weight, if the injection weight not enough the produce will easily starved feeding. choose injection weight can refer this way: 
Injection weight of injection machine= part weight*cavity*1.35
please contact us we will give good solution for select injection machine and injection molding solution.
Dakumar Machinery have more than 10year injection molding experience, welcome down visit us.
select injection macine
Post by: Vivian
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Dakumar es capaz de ofrecer a nuestros clientes de todo el mundo con máquinas de inyección desde 780T fuerza de sujeción hasta enormes máquinas de inyección 4500T. Ahora marca Dakumar está convirtiendo en la más famosa máquina de inyección de China gran marca de la fabricante . Ofrecemos una solución llave en mano para varios moldes de inyección de plástico industrial enormes , y diariamente utilizamos grandes moldes de plástico, piezas industriales grandes plásticos del automóvil y así sucesivamente .

Con el sistema de servomotor ahorrar mucha energía para nuestros clientes de terminales , Dakumar incluyendo también los componentes de la máquina de inyección de fama mundial como el sistema de control por ordenador KEBA para precisión, alta seguridad CE característica máquina de moldeo por inyección, alta fuerza de sujeción y fuerte base de largo y los sistemas de brazo .

Con un servicio rápido para el apoyo pre-venta y soporte post-venta, Dakumar ha sido el fabricante de China más enorme máquina de inyección en el puerto del sur de la China Oriental. Y estamos exportando más y más grandes máquinas de inyección y moldes con servicio de ventanilla única .

Por favor damos una calurosa bienvenida a su investigación y las empresas de comunicación técnica .

máquinas de inyección

 gerente de ventas Sra.Fancy 
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With well developed thinwall molding, high speed molding machines are very popular in plastic injection molding industry, in order to satisfy large demand for disposable plastic part molding.

For the thinwall molding, we know that usually the cycle time is within 10s, if we could reduce 1s in each cycle, we could raise the production rate 10%, this is a big profit in the injection molding industry, that’s why we choose high speed injection machines for thinwall molding.

For the thinwall mould, we have to use the injection molding machine with high speed injection in order to get successful injection., especially for the high container, the thinwall part cooling very fast, we use high speed injection machine to get qualified plastic parts.

high speed molding machine

Compare to common injection molding machine, the injection speed is fast because it has an accumulator on the injection machine, it could get high pressure during injection. Some high speed machine could do mould open, mould ejection and material charging at the same time, it could save 1-3s each shot. We call it hybrid injection molding machine.

Sino Mould could offer you one stop service for thinwall molding line, include IML thinwall molding line and multi-cavity thinwall line with technology support and staff training. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

Injection machine clamping force is one of most important key point for injection machine. Injection machine clamping strength refers to the maximum strength of the machine plate to clamp moulds,so we need to consider the clamping strength molding plastic when purchase machines.

Injection machine clamping capacity is especially important when producing thin wall products, because the thickness of the parts are thin,if the clamping force is not strong enough, when mold close and do plastic injection, the molding area is hot, and internal pressure will push to divide the core and cavity, in this case, if the clamping strength is not big enough, flash will easily happens to the plastic parts. So clamping strength of molding machine needs to be considered in molding different plastic products. But it is also not good to put small moulds in big machines,if the clamping force is too big, the mould plates will bend after long time production under big pressure.

Miss Alice


Precision injection molding machine maker, Dakumar developed precision injection molding machine which can injection precision products, with high stable and precision injection, is China precision injection molding machine innovator.
Precision injection parts like electric parts, plastic gears, mobile phone covers, LED Light pipes etc… These parts required precision and stable injection weight, that is why we developed precision injection molding machine.

Our precision injection molding machine adopted advanced Euro brand-KEBA 1000/2000 as our computer controller, can accurately control the location and temperature, except this, we use MOOG valve to control the injection system to make sure the injection pressure and weight in the precision status and the injector moved on the smooth rail to make sure the injector move in a level.Our precision injection molding machine also has other advantages like high speed, high safety, high efficiency and high saving power. If you want to make thin wall production like food containers, disposable forks, knives, spoons, our precision injection molding machine also a good choice.

High precision molding
High precision molding

If you are finding precision injection molding machine supplier in China,pls kindly contact us, if you are finding Euro standard injection molding machine, pls kindly contact DAKUAMR, a high speed, high precision, high safety, high efficiency and high saving power injection molding machine can be offered to you.

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  Dakumar machinery Co., Ltd is established in 1991, located in the hometown of injection molding machine. We are manufacture many types injection molding machines, offer high speed PET injection machine , our fast PET injection molding machine approach to achieve the high quality which is backed by many years experience and plastic injection knowledge.We can be the best high speed PET injection machine maker in China .
Offer high speed PET injection machine
  The high speed PET injection machine we develop is high injection weight than others, it could satisfy the 49 cavity,72cavity,98 cavity PET preform mould.By the way,our machine is very stable for running and precision on the control system,as all the machine components are from world famous brand such as Schneider made in France,Omron made in Japan,LG made in Korea,and some made in America etc to ensure our PET high speed injection molding machine with good performance. Our machine have been sold to many countries, and also got good reputation among the world as our great after sales service, first class quality, responsibility.
  We offer SN-PET 200T ,SN-PET 300T ,SN-PET 600T, if you want to make the PET production line,pls feel free to contact DAKUMAR ,I could follow your project.
  We want to create and develop more customers to do business together for the mutual benefit. Hope you are the next one.Pls come to find us,we offer high speed PET injection machine.

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There are hydraulic injection molder and servo injection molder, the main difference is that, hydraulic injection molder is driven by hydraulic motors, the hydraulic motor is continuously moving during the whole production; The servo injection molder is driven by servo motors, the motor would not work unless get the order from servo driver. As we known, the power consumption of injection molder is quite big, and during real production, the servo injection molder can save at least 20% of power, the most can save 80% of power.

Compared with hydraulic injection molder, servo injection molder have other advantages:
1. With servo power system, close-loop controlled, the injection precision improved
2. Smart servo power system, the reset time only needs 0.05s, quite rapid
3. More quiet in low speed movement
4. More wide scope for holding pressure time
5. Super stable oil temperature, reduce oil cooling requirement.

servo injection molder
servo injection molder

Dakumar Machinery developed servo power machine, and also applied servo power system into the high speed injection molder. This high speed & servo power machine can realize mold opening, ejection and raw material charging at one time, the machine cycle time can be reduced to 3s, If make disposable products, the production quantity can be rapid increase.
Welcome to contact us for knowing more about servo injection molder as well as high speed injection molder with servo power system.
Post by Joyce,



  Dakumar is Chinesefamous plastic injection molding machine supplier, we had many years’ experience in developing many good injection machines. We hope to offer good after sales service plastic machine, so from the beginning, we will offer customers a best suggestion to choose most suitable injection molding machine.we are called best after sales service injection machine supplier.So many customers will come to us for ordering new machines.
  There are many advantages to choose our Dakumar plastic machine.
  The most important and it is also very series for customer is how we do the good after sales service on after selling plastic machine.
  1.    During the plastic machine manufacture, we have a list to prepare many spare parts for the machine, having the tool box give customer for free. According to the different country, we will prepare the different tool. It could make the easy maintenance for customer.
  2.    We have many skillful engineers knowing how to run plastic machine and knowledge,so we could offer freely classes for customers to learn the technology, we could run the mould with machine ,to tell the steps one by one.
  3.    Good after sales service plastic machine supplier is also the one who are pay attention on the before sales service,we help customer solve the confusion before making the order to us,so each order will have a sales engineer who know some knowledge and good communication with customers,by the way,the project engineer will follow the machine project.
  4.    Sending engineers to customer’s factory for helping install and train.we could offer this kind service,and we are support to offer our professional engineer to build the production line.
  Dakumar is a profession plastic machine company and offering good after sales service plastic machine ,we are own good reputation among the world.

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5H molding machine is a high performance injection molding machine with high precision, high speed, high energy saving, high precision, high stability, and high safety characteristic.

5H molding machine consists of injection system, mold closing system, hydraulic transmission system, electric control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system. The significance of 5H molding machine is it saves cost and reduce the scrap rate. It can reduce cycle time by mold open, eject, plasticizing in the same procedure.

5H high precision molding machine advantages:
1. Hydraulic system-- high energy saving.
2. Hydraulic system-- high efficient
3. Electric system-- high precision
4. Mould closing system-- high rigidity
5. Injection system-- high response
6. Injection system—high plasticizing
7. High safety.

For the normal high speed injection machine, they only can realize single action, mold close-injection-plasticizing-mold open-eject-return-mold close. While 5H molding machine can realize Two axis even three-axis linkage. Mold close-injection-plasticizing/ mold open/ eject-return-mold close.
5H molding machine application:
1. PP, PE, PS thin wall plastic part, for example one-off food container, air line cup, IML ice cream container.
2. High output product, such like syringe.
3. Precision industry part.
Any question about high precision injection molding machine, welcome to discussing with me.

Posted by SUMMER
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High Precision Injection Machine


Bottle crate molds molding machine

 This is the high speed world. Every manufacturer requires high speed. And also this is a cost saving world, every manufacturer seek low cost manufacture. So in order to satisfy our customer and work at the front of the molds and equipment industry, our R&D department researched the markets, and especially developed the professional high speed bottle crate molds molding machine.
Normally bottle crate molds require above 650ton injection molding machine, and our machine is 5H molding machine, which means high speed, high energy saving, high injection precision, high stability circulation ability, high safety. And our new 5H molding machine comparing the traditional injection molding machine, the cycle time can be 30% to 50% short. It is equipped with servo system which can control machine energy consumption precisely; It can save around 30% to 70% energy. The machine also is with trail protection to make sure no accident hurt workers. The machine is especially with high speed response accumulator to realize high speed injection, and also it is available for opening and ejector at the same time, it saves a lot of cycle time. So our 5H injection molding machine is perfect for high speed bottle crate molds molding.
For more information about high speed requirements of thebottle crate molds molding machine,Please don’t hesitate to contact with me.
Sales Manager: Wendy Lu
bottle crate molds molding machine
bottle crate molds molding machine


Plastic chair molding machine
Plastic chair molding machine

 Dakumar machinery Co.Ltd  is one of Sino Groupe’s branch company , which specialized in manufacturing plastic chair molding machine, table molding machine. We have a series of injection molding machines which can mold different size and different material plastic chair. Dakumar sales people will help you select suitable injection molding machine according to your chair weight, chair dimension, chair material.

Till now, Dakuamr Machinery has supplied more than 200 chair production line for our customers from all over the world. We provide service for machine installation and debugging after our equipments arrive your factory.

Dakumar Machinery has very reliable quality. Our chair injection machine have stabilized injection pressure, hydraulic safety valve, and emergency stop, screw protect cover etc.. For safety and stabilized performance. Our machine electronic components are international brand. For example, our machine controller use Mirle Brand made in Taiwan; our electronic Ruler,use Fort brand made in USA; our AC contactor,use Schneider brand made in France; our stroke Switch use Omron Brand made in Japan and so on. Of course, If customer have different requirement,we could change the component according to customer request.

Our branch company Sino Mould. Co.Ltd supply the chair mould, it has history more than 20 years, which is the leading injection mould supplier in China. So you don’t need to look for other mould supplier. We can supply the complete chair molding line. It is very convenient for you. ,we sincerely hope you could come to visit our factory if you make your business trip in China . Welcome  to Dakumar factory!

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