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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

 Famous brand Dakumar Machinery is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer, especially for large injection molding machines. Our machine tonnage range from 50 ton up to 4000 ton.

For large injection molding machine, energy saving is more important than small machine. Because every second consume a lot of energy. For example, if you produce a table mold or chair mold, the injection pressure holding time and mold cooling time is very long, so servo motor large injection machine can stop and save energy during this period. Normally it can save 30-70% energy when compare with standard injection molding machine.

Dakumar Machinery has a very powerful machine engineer team. Our CTO ( chief technology officer) is very experienced injection machine designer from Italy, especially for 2 plates large injection molding machine. He has been worked for famous Europe brand injection machine company, and very skillful in 2 plates large injection machine design. We believe Dakumar Machinery will expend rapidly within the professional engineer’s guide.

If you want to invest in some large plastic mold and large molding machine, please send me your proposal. We will offer you a perfect solution according your requirement. My email address:

Large Injection Molding Machine

 Pipe fittings are different from the function ( water supply/ water drain), material ( PP, PVC, PPR) and shape( socket, elbow, tee, Y type, U type, cross, reducer ). The pipe fitting molds are different accordingly. We mainly introduce PVC fitting moulding line here.

As PVC material has very strong corrosive, when it heated over 200-210 degree centigrade, it will generate a lot of poisonous gas. So the PVC mould steel is very important to be stainless, Normally, we suggest to use DIN1.2316, and S136. If necessary, some pvc fitting mold also insert with berylium copper to have better cooling. Another special features of PVC moulds is they always have hydraulic cylinders around the mold, to move the core sliders forward and back. Thus Dakumar PVC injection molding machine should have larger doors to allow the hydraulic cylinder move smoothly. Also Dakumar PVC machine screw, barrel, etc should be stainless and anticorrosive. The workers should wear mask to protect themselves when stay in PVC production workshop.

For PVC fitting mold inquiry, please kindly send us the PVC part name, picture, dimension, cavity number, then we can calculate the mold size, mold cost, suitable machine tonnage accordingly. Welcome to send inquiry to email:

PVC Fitting Moulding Line


flowerpot mould

Now it's a big demand for various kind of plastic flowerpot, as we know see everywhere have flowerpots such as family, road, park, hotel, etc...


For plastic flowerpot mold manufacturer, Sino Mould Co., Ltd, which is the leading and high quality injection plastic Garden plant pot mould factory, we make various kinds of flower pot from different size and style, also the thin wall flower pot mould for our long terms American customer from year 2008, the first thin wall mould with 8 cavities and the wall thickness only have 0.45mm, for most manufactures that is the very difficult mould, but Sino Mould company made it very perfectly in first mould testing, so we still keep well with our old customer and win many orders every year.


To make a successful thin wall flowerpot mould, there are 3 important points,

1.       It need a very good mold design to reach to thin wall high speed injection.

2.       It need very precision precision machining on the advance equipments, Sino Mould company which have imported many sets of advanced tooling equipments from Germany and Japan, so we can realize all the precision tooling, which can avoid many mistakes when mould testing.

3.       Very strong and professional team to control every tooling technics.


Welcome to your inquiry to us!


Posted by Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01


painting bucket IML system

To start a start a new factory for painting bucket in IML system, it is very important to choose  reliable supplier which can offer you the turnkey project solution, a good supplier can offer you with painting bucket mold, suitable molding machine, robots and all auxiliaries etc. in this way, you can avoid many assembling problems in future. Also you can run production smoothly and can gave much cost for mould repair cost and saving much time.

Sino Holdings Group, we have very rich experience for IML system painting bucket production line, we made various of painting buckets from 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L in square and round type. Some of them is IML system.

To make sure the thin wall mold in high speed injection running, we need reach below technical points:

1.       Special and optimal cooling system for mold design.

2.       Correct choosing the steel for different components.

3.       High precision machining process.

4.       Qualified the high speed injection system for in mold labeling system.

Finally, the most important is the high speed injection molding machine, Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, the branch companies which researched the real high speed injection molding machines system. it brings in advanced German technical. Also we researched a series larger machines model, the tonnage from DKM50 ton to DKM4000ton. Usually, the model DKM650 is suitable for painting bucket mould with IML system.

If you have any related projects, welcome to send us the inquiry when you have related projects, Sino Holdings will offer you the perfect solution. Pls send email to Ms. Rachel at .


Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01



bottle production line

Sino Holdings Group, it's the famous mould and machines supplier in the world, we have offered many different production lines for over the world, the production lines include plastic bottle production line, crate production line, pipe fittings production line, table and chairs production line and so on. and we offered to Mexico, Venezuela, Morocco, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Russia, Lithuania and so on.

Here, we specially for introducing our plastic bottle production line, it includes the PET perform mould, PET special injection molding machine, blow mould, blowing machine, all necessary equipments for injection machine and blowing machine. SINO PK has over 15 years professional experience and stands for professional PET preform mould manufacturer, consistent quality, great customer service and flexibility, and the ability to deliver the mould on time with superior quality. Whether you choose from our standard range or require a bespoke exclusive solution for PET preform mould and various packing product. we will be there to help you every step of the way with PET preform product selection, design, support, technical analysis, advice and continued after-sales service.

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd also is one of the branch companies of Sino Holdings Group, we are mature in researching the machines special PET injection and bottle blowing, meanwhile, to satisfy the whole line production that we also provide all necessary auxiliary equipments, such like: auto loader, hopper dryer, chiller, crusher and honeycomb dehumidifies and so on.

Based on our know-how and years of experience, we can offer you the whole project in turnkey project or one-stop project. Sino Holdings Group will offer you not only one mold or one machine, but a fine solution…


Posted by: Ms. Rachel


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  Injection molding is the most common method of producing parts out a plastic material , the process involves injection molten plastic at high pressure into a mold shaped in the form of a park once this plastic cools and solidifies the mold opens and the part is rejected injection molding is an extremely versatile process they can produce parts with holes, springs, Preds, hinges and undercuts in a single operation.

Injection molded parts can be simple or complex and can be solid, foamed, reinforced or filled.
They can be small or large, thick or thin, flexible or rigid.

Injection molded parts also lend themselves to endless decorative the fax, they can be polished, textured, hot stamped, plated, colored or clear know whether manufacturing process.
Know whether manufacturing process offers the ranger capabilities injection molding provides, injection molding machines range in size and complexity from desk side units up to machines the size of a small house all injection molding machines are a combination up to system an injection system and the clamping system the injection system heats the thermoplastic material to its appropriate low ability and then forcefully injected into the mall that is how the injection molding processing can be done .


posted by Dina



injection machine designer

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, the famous brand injection molding machine manufacturer in China, now we have an very urgent recruitment for large injection machine designer, if you are interested or you know some professional designer, please feel free to contact us, we will offer high income for the designers:

Professional designer which worked in Europe famous injection molding machine company, at least 10 years work experience for large injection molding machine and worked for two plate molding design and research, others requirements as below:

  1. Company: Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd
  2. Position: Design and development engineer
  3. Address: Huanyyan area of Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, China.
  4. Responsibility:

A.      Lead project team responsible for design and development of junior hydraulic injection molding and assembly work, and responsible for the whole machine performance, cost and quality control.

B.      Mainly responsible for junior hydraulic injection molding machine mechanical part design, mainly including clamping and injection parts, rack and sheet metal parts.

C.      Coordinate with hydraulic engineers, electrical engineers to complete the injection molding machine.

D.      Coordinate with purchasing department, to control the cost of machine.

E.       Coordinate with sales department, to offer the technical supports.

F.       Coordinate with production department, assembly and debugging of the whole machine on-site guidance and support, responsible for preparation of assembling process documents.

G.      Coordinate with related departments, is responsible for sales, procurement, assembly and so on.

If you have recommendation engineers, please feel free to contact us, we are waiting for your joining. 


Your sincerely,

Post by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

Dakumar machine can reach very high speed injection due to its high speed response,
Compare to traditional injection molding machine, using 5H molding machine, the cycle time can be 30%-50% short, it is especially suitable for thin wall products molding. For 4 cavity ice cream container mould, the cycle time, we can reach 4.5s.

Dakumar machines is a kind of high safety machine, machine designed with the concept of people oriented. Machine with trial protection to make sure no accident will hurt workers.
High speed
Machine adopts high precision single cylinder injection system, especially suitable for high speed injection, with low-inertia and high response speed.
Machine adopts accumulator to realize high speed injection, the max injection speed can reach 300-450mm/sec( according to different machine mode).
High stability circulation ability
Machine adopt fully closed loop injection system with precision Moog servo valve, make sure injection is precise and stable.
Double hydro-cylinder for injection makes sure the machine injection unit under balance force, it avoids leakage during high pressure injection, and injection is more stable.
High safety
Machine with mechanical, hydraulic, electrical triple protection.
High injection precision
Machine adopt European advanced controller 1000/2000, to control the temperature and precision.
High energy saving
Machine with high response servo system, machine output according to actual need, no overflow no waste; it can save powder around 30-70%.

So, Dakumar is the professional high speed injection molding machine maker in china, it is the famous high speed injection molding machine supplier. We have rich experience about plastic high speed injection molding machine making. You can believe us. If you have interest about that, please feel free to contact me.

Contact: Miss Natasha
Skype: sinomould-01

High speed injection machine


   Injection molding processing steps

After we have processing injection molds and injection molding machines now we will talk about products that have injected So, if you look closely you will see circular ejector pin “witness” marks on molded products. For example chair, on it is bottom, has an array of witness marks. When the part drops from the mold, an operator has to remove the sprue -that section of plastic that connected the injection unit to the mold, sprues are manually twisted or cut off the part. Sprues are attached to objects only in molds that make single items at a time-like a chair. Smaller objects are made in multiples in a single mold. In these the sprue connects not to the part itself, bit to a network of the distribution tunnels called “runners”, the runners fan out from the sprue and connect to each cavity in the mold via a small-typically  rectangular- entrance called the gate. You can see the gate on plastic cutlery. The parts for model planes typically come still attached to their runners. Molds always have at least two parts. And where the parts of the mold meet is called the parting line. Here on this piece of cutlery you see the parting line along the side of the fork,. when mold are never perfectly aligned nor do they have sharp corners-this creates a noticeable parting line on the molded object

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injection molding processing steps



Sino Holdings Group is the professional PET perform mould and machines manufacturer in China, with our rich experience, we summary some technical points as below:


1.       Why Pet preform have bubble and how to solve it?

PET material didn’t adequately dried.

A.      Enhance the dry of the PET material.

B.      Increase the PET material temp.

C.      Reduce the screw speed.


2.       Why PET preform injection is not transparent and how to solve it ?

A.      PET material didn’t adequately dried, the PET material must be dried more than 4 hours.

B.      PET material is not good and the plasticizing is insufficiently, change the new and better PET material, speed up the screw speed.

C.      The PET prefrom mould cooling system is insufficiently, enhance the cooling water.

D.      Others material have mixed to the PET material.

E.       PET material temperature is too low, increase the PET material’s temperature.

F.       PET preform thickness is too thick, reduce the wall thickness.


3.       The bottom of PET preform became white solutions:

A.      Increase the nozzle temperature.



B.      Strengthen heat insulation.

C.      Increase the material temperature appropriately.

D.      Speed up the injection speed.

E.       Reduce the speed of the cooling water.

F.       Reduce pressure maintaining.

Welcome to contact us, we are sure to offer you the fine solution…


Posted by Ms. Rachel

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 Injection molding processing

  Sino holdings group always make sure to give customers teh infor about injection molds, We had shown before some steps of injection molding processing, and how the injection molding machines work and how it becomes injected after all now we will show the processing in injection plastic molds and what kind of complicated processing happens from injection molding machines to injection plastic molds

As the mold open the volume increase without introducing air, which creates tremendous suction that holds the mold together. So at the first mold slowly opens several millimeters to allow air to rush in and break the vacuum, and then the mold quickly opens the rest of the way so the part can be removed.

   The slow step is needed to prevent damage to the mold-these precision machines steel mold can cost hundreds of thousands dollars. Removing the part from the mold can be difficult. When the plastic cools, it shrinks and so become stuck tightly on the core half of the mold. Molds have built –in ejectors pins that push the part off the mold, the ends of the pins sit flush with the core half of the mold, but are not perfectly aligned-sometimes they protrude or are indented slightly

Posted by Dina


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