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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Dakumar Machinery-professional injection molding machine producer in China. With 20 years research and development, Dakumar has been to well known machine brand in the world, we have injection molding machine from 50T to 2000T for standard machine, servo motor plastic machine, PET molding machine, PVC injection molding machine, hybrid injection machine etc.

With the continuous development, DAKUMAR started a new target since 2013 to produce two-plate injection machine series for big models, this series machine will reach to European market,based on this, plastic molding machine specialists are needed for our team.we are now looking for experienced engineers on injection machine hydraulic system, mechanical system and electronic control area. If you or whom you know are professional in this filed, please kindly contact us,high salary will be offered.

For more info, please kindly send mail to

Miss Alice
Skype ID: sino-holdings


  Dakumar is famous high speed plastic machine making company,we are one of the best injection machine supplier, we have more than 15 years rich experience to make plastic machine.During these years,we have accumulated much knowledge and we can make more stable injection machine,also more high speed machine.Our machine is the sole around the world with so well performance but competitive price.
  Our machine good advantage :
  1.      fast delivery time
Dakumar have whole system production line,we use many standard parts to combine a machine,also we have many ready parts for the small tonnage injection machine can be finished in a short time,we compare to other machine companies,we can offer fast delivery time.
  2.      The high speed running performance
Our high speed plastic machine equipped precision devices,it can large reduce the reflect time.
  3.      positive after-sales service
We are very care about the after-sales service, we will offer the fast after-sales service, helping you install the machine and train you machine operator, if anything wrong with your machine, we will fast send the spare parts to customer.
And our sales engineer will follow your problem and give you after-service in short time.
  Dakumar is famous high speed plastic machine making SUPPLIER,pls do not hesitate to contact me if you need high speed plastic machine.

editor: Carol        Email:  



  Dakumar is one of the best high speed injection machine suppliers, there is a lot of high speed injection machine application with different function high speed machine. We had the advanced injection technology combine with the high standard design idea, we can offer many types injection molding machine as standard injection machine, servo motor injection machine, high speed injection machine.
  High speed injection machine: This Dakumar high speed molding machine is use the accumulator to realize high speed injection, by the way, it has the 3-axis making charge material ,ejection, injection in the same time, it can largely reduce the cycle time. It mainly apply into the IML with robot system,thinwall molding.
  High precision injection machine :  The machine use KEBA control system and MOOG valve, it will not only can precision control each injection quantity and location,but also decrease the molding mistake, so that it can form precision molding products.It mainly apply into the electronic parts, as phone cover,gear,LED light,pipe fitting.
  Special PET injection machine : It uses the special PET screw and barrel, and its bigger L/D can make the machine with perfect plasticizing ability, we can make the PET injection machine run more faster with preform moulds. It apply into the multi-cavities preform mould for PCO,ROPP,BPE screw mouth.
  Dakumar is famous injection machine manufacturer, we hope to become more and more better, if you have any requirement,pls contact as the below contact way.

editor: Carol        Email:  


 Medical syringe manufacturing requires the absolute maximum in cleanliness and sterility, a clean room system is designed to achieve and maintain sterile environment. Syringe clean room’s particulate control is critical, need precise temperature and humidity control, it includes decoration purifying, air-conditioning and ventilation, workshop lighting electrical system and ground floor processing.

Needed information before set:
1 Plant layout drawing
2 How about building structure, steel or brick structure?
3 How about working staff distribution?
4 How about clean room degree requirement of local authority?
5 Does local authority have any rigid requirement, such as material or others?
6 Need inspection standard of local authority

1 Class 100,000 syringe cleanrooms certified to meet clients’ most critical requirement
2 Air repeatedly filtered to protect medical syringe parts manufacturing from contamination
3 Highly regulated of temperature and humidity
4 Meet the requirement of ISO standard
5 Custom most energy efficient medical clean room system

Contact: Miss Clair
Skype: sinogroup-11



---- Provide experience of injection molding machine, and has decades working experience in injection molding machine field.
---- Can solve the machine problem and have new idea about injection molding machine.
---- Can offer good solution of injection molding machine
--- Can work in China at a long time.
--- College degree and above
--- Good English and computer skills, can communicated with our engineer well.
--- Related working experience in the international organization
--- who ever work in Europe as senior mechanical engineer for decades .

Our company ---Dakumar Machinery is a professional injection molding machine supplier in China, which is located in Zhejiang huangyan China, which has decades of experience in injection molding machine, but in order to have a better market competitiveness, we decided to hire a mechanical engineer, who has rich experience in injection molding machine to join us, we can pay 10000EUR salary for our senior engineer who can lead us to the higher field.

If you have any interest, pls feel free to contact me.

Contact: Miss Clair
Skype: sinogroup-11


Wanted  Mechanical engineer


 As one of biggest injection machine manufacturer in China, we provide our machines to worldwide and well-known to our customers.


Our injection machine components are all imported from famous brand. Like the computer is from Taiwan Mirle, breakers from Schneider in France, pump from Yuken made in Japan… So our machines quality is without question very good.


And our machine after sales service, as all the machine company, our machine guarantee is 12 months after shipment. Within the guarantee time, we will provide all the parts to replace the damaged parts without charge, sure according to our customer feedback record, almost there is very little complain about our machine quality issue. And after the machine guarantee year, we still provide our customer timely service, any question, we will reply within 24 hours and solve the problem shortly, we will provide our customer the replacing parts only at cost leveling price for the whole machine life.


So our machines quality and after sales service are well evaluated by our worldwide customers. Besides, we not only provide our customer a machine, but also provide them the whole solution. These years, we offered our customer many production lines, and also helped them to establish their whole factory from A to Z.


And with the development of our injection machine company, we require more talent to our companies, now we are looking for rich experience injection machine mechanical engineer, electrical engineers, and machine designers. We welcome talents who have working experience in European injection Machine Company. We provide very good salary, and working in China.



Looking forward to working with you.


Sales manager: Wendy Lu



As the all of the products, after finished producing, it need package, if the products are big, you can pack them by people, but if the products are small and huge, you would better use the machine to pack, the machine with high efficiency than human.

Syringe packaging machine, mainly used for packing disposable medical plastic parts, such as disposable syringe and medical consumables, also it can be used for food, commodity parts and toy’s packaging.

Working procedure:
The syringe packaging machine consists of a filling part, sealing part and cutting part. The blister film is firstly processed by the thermoforming packaging machine, and then will be reshaped into the packing moulds, forming the right blister size that we need. The auto feeder of the machine will deliver and put syringes one by one onto the shaped film. Then it will pass to the sealing part, where the blister paper is ready waited after ink printed batch number and date. After sealing, then product finally pass to the cutting part to individual package.

1. Machine is suitable for paper / plastic composite membrane packing.
2. Equipped with soft printer, to print graphic on products directly
3. Adopt color code tracking device, to suit packaging requirement
4. Suitable for packing various products, only by changing the mould
5. Covered by stainless steel and aluminum alloy, meet clean room requirement
6. Spare parts imported from Omron, SMC, etc. Vacuum pump from Germany realizes long time operating without any bug.

If you have any need, pls feel free to contact me.

Contact: Miss Clair
Skype: sinogroup-11

China syringe packaging machine  supplier


 For syringe injection molding machine, to make sure syringe parts’ high precision and quality, we devote to have the shortest injection cycle time and stable operating.

Machine advantages
High clean requirement
Syringe injection machine should be operated under high clean circumstance, it should be designed with closed exterior, fully prevent lubrication oil problem from toggle mechanism clamping unit. Additional, to convenient regularly washing and disinfecting, we set clean door on both machine injecting unit and clamping unit, at the same time, convenient for machine fixing and maintaining. If clients have any special requirement, we’re also able to custom syringe machine.

High precision
As for syringe part needs high precision, stable injection molding is important. Syringe machine clamping force should have a high repeatable precise with good stability, this requires high templates rigidity of machine clamping system. Additional, should be equipped with sensitive low pressure mould protection function, demoulding without any shaking, thus injecting pressure is stable, high repeatable precise of injecting site.

High output capacity
High efficiency and high productivity is the main target of syringe molding manufacturers. Closed – loop recycle oil channel, makes syringe machine fast operating; special screw configuration with better plasticizing ability, can satisfy each shot with large injection capacity.

High energy saving
Power consumption directly influences medical syringe parts’ cost competitiveness. For syringe injection machine, it’s better to use servo motor control system, equipped with pressure transducer, thus according to the machine actual operating, continuously feedback
and adjust accordingly of flow and pressure. Maximum realize energy saving. Compared to traditional standard dosing pump injection moulding machine, it can save more than 40% power consumption.

So, Dakumar is the professional syringe injection molding machine manufacturer in China, it is the famous injection molding machine supplier. We have rich experience about injection molding machine making. You can believe us, if you have interest about that, pls feel free to contact me.

Contact: Miss Clair
Skype: sinogroup-11



  Sino holdings group can offer turnkey solution to customers, after you produce all of the parts of the syringe, you also need syringe assembly machine, mainly combines syringe barrel, plunger, gasket and needle part together,( needle part can be directly assembled to barrel on this machine, also it can be put aside together with syringe by blister packaging machine).

Working procedure:
  All the part of syringe — barrel, plunger, gasket and needle part (here needle part is ready assembled of hub, cap and cannula), will be concentrated on this machine. Put them into their separately auto feeder of the machine, and it will be delivered to the conveyor by syringes unscrambled, then go to rotary working table. The plunger will go first, and then syringe gasket goes to the plunger, assembly machine will mount the gasket on the plunger. At the same time, machine mounts the barrel on the needle part. After this, these two sections keep moving, till meet each other, then the machine push the plunger with gasket into the barrel, and final automatically realizing syringe assembly part.

1. Various machine types to meet clients’ need, to assemble disposable syringe from 1ml until 60ml
2. Adopt famous brand speed regulator from Japan, low power consumption
3. High output capacity, stable performance
4. Photoelectric control system, automatically open and close depending on the syringe feeding
5. Has the function of automatic inspect syringe parts, ensure quality parts, greatly enhance manufacturing output.

If you have any need, pls feel free to contact me.

Contact: Miss Clair
Skype: sinogroup-11



 Do you want to set up a syringe manufacturing line? The professional syringe mould manufacturer Sino Holdings Group (SHG) can offer you a whole syringe manufacturing line.

SINO offers high quality syringe molds for syringe manufacturing line.
Syringes consist of three parts. So you need buy three moulds for the syringe manufacturing. There are barrel mould, plunger mould, and gasket mould. SHG offers syringe barrel moulds from 0.5 to 60 ml, and the cavity of barrel and plunger is from 16 to 128 cavities. The gasket cavity even can reach 160. We use top hardness steel with mirror polish finishing for the mould core and cavity, and use good hot runner system-Anole Hot Runner.

SINO offers high performance injection machine for syringe manufacturing line.
Syringe manufacturing line need high speed injection machine to run the mold. The injection offered by SHG can improve the speed, decrease the machine circle time, higher the efficiency, and especially suitable for the thin wall, precious and complicated products.

SINO offers golden sales service for syringe manufacturing line.
You can get golden sales service from syringe mold design to after sales service, good machine maintain, and technical training.
If you feel interest or have a purchase plan for syringe manufacturing line. Please feel free to contact me for more information about syringe manufacturing line.

Miss Summer
Skype: sino-mould02


Syringe Production Line


 Dakumar Machinery Co.,LTD is a professional injection machine manufacturer located in Zhejiang Province, east of China. We are looking for some senior mechanical engineer now.

Someone who meet the following factor, please contact me.
1. Very skillful for injection molding machine.
2. Over 10 years experience working in Europe famous injection machine company as designer or chief engineer.
3. Specialized in design large injection molding machine.
4. Willing to working and living in China.
5. From Europe country and speaks English.

Dakumar Machinery would like to pay 10000 EUR/month for injection machine expert. Welcome to contact me on email:, or SKYPE: sino-mould02


Job Offer Mechanical Engineer
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