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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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large size injection machine China

Dakumar Machinery are looking for senior injection molding machine R&D engineer who could work full time in China for two platen injection molding machine development above 2000ton.We offer competitive salary with good career chance,welcome to contact us for detail.

At present,Dakumar Machinery have the common machine type with clamping arm and new type hybrid injection molding machines.We plan to develop two platen injection molding machine with large size.If you could support us in this field,please join in Sino Holdings Group-dakumar Machinery.

In order to develop the two platen injection molding machine faster,we required the engineer have rich experience: Have more than eight years working experience in injection molding machine design and development industry, and mainly charge for mechanical Unit design;Have more than four years working experience in two platen machine design above 1000ton, and have the experience for designed two platen machine put into mass production;Familiar with two platen machine assembling,debugging,components function and quality control.

We will consider priority if you are from European countries and if you have working experience in world famous injection molding machine manufacturer factory.Welcome to work with us in Sino Holdings Group-Dakumar Machinery.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7



  Hybrid injection molding machine can also be called high speed injection molding machine.Dakumar is high speed injection molding machine supplier,we can custom high efficiency injection machine from us,we are hybrid injection molding macine maker,we gurantee the high speed and high safety and also high energy saving.Now the trend is choose hybrid injection molding machine,we have the following features.
  1.    High speed injection ability
  We equipped accumulator to make the fast injection,our hybrid injection molding machine with 3 axis function-open mould,ejector,charge material in the same time it is high speed to the thin wall mould. To them ,it can save more than 40% cycle time.We can calculate how much they can earn from the high speed.
  2.    High energy saving abiligy
  To a customer who want to manufacture for every minute,they need high energy saving injection machine.We all use the servo motor ,and we choose the tone can stop very efficient and it will not waste any electricity.It can at least reduce 20-80% power.
  3.    high efficiency injection ability
  We had more than 10 years experience,and our engineer were being sales engineer before,so they had rich knowledge to know where of the machine is more easily to broken,so the hybrid injection molding machine we design is more easy and high efficiency.We will teach you how to run it and all the devices are the ebst.
  We are hybrid injection molding machine maker,offer you good quality injection molding machine.

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The turnkey project of test tube production line includes mould making for test tube, cap and rubber, molding machine and producing assistant equipments supply. Sino Holdings Group successfully offer one stop solution of PET test tube molding line for many customer all around the world.

Test tubes are widely used in hospitals, labs etc. The quantity demand is very big, and the most important thing is the quality of the test tube and the dimension control. How to make sure the test tube in accurate dimension and good quality? First, the product design and mould design are very important, and all the parts must go for high precision tooling equipment, after each tooling stage, the parts must be inspected. And the water cooling design should be optimal. If you need high quality test tube manufacture line, please come to visit us !


 Water bottle manufacturing line is needed all over the world, but for the complete bottle production line,it starts from preform and cap mould making to bottle packing. Dakumar machinery can provide you the complete bottle molding solution.

Now in China, most of the company can only offer single project, like packaging moulds, and some can only make blowing moulds, some for injection machine, or some just offer blowing machine and auxiliary equipment. So it means you need to check from the website and do a lot of investigation on those suppliers, this is a tough work,and it is also a risk for your investment. In order to offer customers easier solution for PET bottle manufacturing line,Dakumar did a lot of preparation for the research and development,now we can help the customer to find the most economical way for PET bottle manufacturing line investment. Only let us know your output requirement and your investment budget, we will work out a detailed plan for you.

Miss Alice


bottle molding


Plastic injection machine China

Dakumar Machinery company is a professional manufacturer for plastic injection machine,we supply different types of plastic injection machines with plastic mould manufacturing.Please contact us for injection plastic molding line solution.

For an injection molding machine,there include Adjustment Unit,Hydraulic Unit,Clamping Unit,Injection Unit,electronically controlled Unit and Lubrication Unit,mainly 6Units,each unit have its own working which controlled by the computer.Specific screw and barrel designs are available for processing different material requirements.

We could suggest suitable machine type according to special products molding.When PC,PVC,PET and other plastic material used engineering are planned for molding,it is necessary to inform us for special designation,include screw,barrel,motor size and so on.Our machine standard designed 3 phase voltage is 380V,50Hz, if customer factory voltage is different, we could add a volt transformer to adjust correct data.The machine cost would have some difference for special designed injection molding machine.

We could offer plastic injection molding line solution,welcome to contact us for more information.Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

 Chinese high-end injection molding machine brands Dakumar, the production of high-speed injection molding machines with high security, high speed, high stability, high accuracy, high energy-saving features, referred to as 5H-speed machine.

High precision:

1: Dakumar speed injection molding machine adopts European advanced KEBA1000 / 2000 computer controller, full of intelligent control computer motherboards and machine operating temperature.

2: matching the world's best precision MOOG servo valve closed loop injection system to ensure the stability and accuracy of injection.

3: Perform the oil sector components directly connected with the action, so that the machine in operation control is more accurate, faster.

4: High precision plastic unit shot, every shot glue injection of stable equilibrium, the difference is less than 0.6g, while conventional injection molding machine grams heavier than the amount of the difference of up to 5g.

High energy:

1: MOOG servo valve control system for the top, according to the operating needs of every action, intelligent provide hydraulic oil output flow, no overflow losses, saving power and energy 30% -70%.

2: Efficient servo system can effectively prevent the oil temperature rise, cooling, thereby reducing the replacement rate of hydraulic oil, to achieve better energy efficiency.

3: multi-loop closed-loop hydraulic system state, multiple operations at the same time, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency.

4: soft start mold, does not affect the power grid to avoid contamination.

These are the high-speed injection molding machines 5H Dakumar "mystery", and if you are to understand the high-speed machine-related information, please get in touch with us!

skype: anole-hc-02  Candy


Sino Holdings Group will attend Spring Canton Fair 2015 as every year. We will show our high speed injection machine with 4 cavity ice cream box mould.

As a leading company In China, Sino is specialized in offering customized solution for plastic molding production line, such thin wall container production line, medical production line, daily use product production line, IML production line, plastic bottle production line, etc..

Sino is a holdings group, with many subsidiary companies; such Sino Mould Co., Ltd- specialized in plastic injection moulds
Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd--professional plastic injection machine manufacturer. etc…

Different from the most injection machine showed in Canton Fair this time., we show our newly developed hybrid injection machine- high speed and servo motor injection machine. This machine has accumulator for high speed injection. It can also do material charging, ejection and mould opening at the same. For normal machine, it can do step by step. So by this way, it can help save a lot of time. This machine adopts Taiwan and Japan technology, which is a very précised machine, suitable for thinwall high speed injection molding, medical mould precise injection molding, etc..

If you are looking for high precision, high safety, high energy saving and  high speed injection machine, our injection machine will be your best choice.

Sino Holding Group Booth in Canton Fair:
Canton Fair 14th-19th April
Booth Number: 1.1A13-14 B11-12

20th-23, May
Sino Mould 12.1 F21 ,
DKM 3.1 L41

Welcome to visit us!!!

high speed injection machine
high speed injection machine

By: Cina


  Good injection molding machine performance is the key to the plastic machine running. Also it relate to the machine life.Dakumar is famous plastic molding machine supplier, who offered good performance machine for more than 15 years and we are keeping develop its function and performance. To offer the good machine for customer is our company philosophy, customers are satisfied with our high quality injection molding machine.
  The feature of our machine is we equipped with the save motor, so it can reduce the energy wasting, this is our basic requirement to our machine. Besides, our operation system is very flexible, we use the MIRLE controller, it is fast feedback for opening machine or close machine. so it is high efficiency injection machine which can demand customer’s economic benefit.
Good injection molding machine performance
  Our injection machine will test for more than one week before shipping to make sure everything is well and no big problem. And we will give the completely tool box for customer for the easily maintenance.
  To choose a suitable injection machine should have the above factions, our machine have good injection molding machine performance, any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me

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SKYPE: sinomould-14

When you want to set up a plastic factory, what do you think about? How to set up plastic factory? And what equipment is required? And how much does it cost? I think these are the most common problem bothering you. Sino Holdings Group is the one who can help you.

How to set up a plastic factory?
To set up plastic product manufacturing, you need first to find out what you are going to make. Chairs, tables, bottles or anything else? And are you going to copy ready product in the product and make some minor changes to make it different or you may want to produce a new product never showed in the market before. After you fix the product you want to produce, Sino Holdings Group will offer you a solution accordingly based on your budget and requirement.

What equipment required for plastic factory setting up?
To set up plastic injection molding factory, usually you need equipment as below: plastic injection molding machine, plastic injection moulds, some auxiliary machine, and some machine for the production line. Taking bottle production line, besides equipment for injection molding, you need also blowing molding machine & moulds to make preform to bottles.

How much does it cost?
As you as you tell us your produce and you requirement, we will suggest you suitable machine for setting up a factory and offer you the cost.

Sino Holdings Group has rich experience in offering turnkey service for plastic factory setting up. And we have helped set up plastic factory in many countries, such as Venezuela, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, etc…To help you start production, we will send engineers to your country, to help install machine, start production and train you engineer.

set up plastic factory
set up plastic factory

 By: Cina


Dakumar Machinery Co,.We are looking for agent for injection machines, china injection machine, injection machine agency, hope we can get mutual benefit after you join to Dakumar injection machine.

Dakumar Machinery we have more than 15years experiences for plastic injection molding machine, our machine type have servo injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine,variable pump injection molding machine, double color injection molding machine and hybrid injection molding machines, our market around all of world, some countries we have already setted agent for our injection machine, we have injection machine agents onTurkey,Mexico, Ukraine and so on…
injection machine agent
Dakumar injection molding machine have good market feedback base on our stable machine quality and best service.
We look forward to working with your sincere cooperation if you are interested in become Dakumar injection machine agent.

Skype: sino-mould-08


DKM Machinery Co., specializes in plastic injection machines, DKM supply big model machines, two plate machine, big model injection machine the model such as DKM780T to DKM3600T. DKM big model machines have good quality and service in different area of the world.
DKM big model injection machine which is by professional design and high standard configuration, suitable for big plastic mould production. We introduced Europe technical for machines with big model, they have more flexible clamping force and safety system by insurance for hydraulic and electricity
big model injection machine
When you have production plan about large Automotive parts, large industrial crate, industrial pallet, large industrial dustbin and other large home appliances you will need big model injection machine, we will have professional engineer to give you solution for your production plan. In sales or after sales, we will have engineers for dispatch to overseas to help customer for machine install, adjustment or training.
Contact us if you have any inquiry or questions about big model injection machine. Thank you!
Skype: sino-mould-08

 DAKUMAR are a leading innovator for plastic injection molding machines manufacturer in China , profession on plastic injection molding machine researching and developing ,we have professional design and strict quality standard on manufacturing. Our market on Italy,Mexico,U.S.A,Columbia,Brazial,Turkey and so on.

recruiting mechanical engineer

DKM(Dakumar) Factory covers an area of 40000 square meters, manufacturing machine model from 50T to 2000T, the machine type have servo injection machine, hybrid injection machine, bi-injection machine, PVC/PET injection machine and so on. We have proven technique on plastic injection molding machines.

Now we are researching and developing huge model machine such as 4000T and above with two plates machine. We are recruiting professional mechanical engineer or hydraulic engineer from Germany or Italy, It is preferential if he has worked on known injection machine company of Europe,we hope this engineer can provide technical supports and work at our company, expecting your attend DKM for new technique for injection machine, we will arranging all thing when you work at our company.
1. Bachelor degree in engineering (mechanics, electrics or hydraulic…)
2. 3 years experience in engineering, plastics industry is preferred:
3. English language;
4. Knowledge in injection molding technology 
 If you are interested in this job and more information about recruiting mechanical engineer please contact us.
Skype: sino-mould-08
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