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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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Sino mould is a professional disposable plastic syringe mould supplier. After many years’ experience,  we can offer the medical moulds with high quality, high precision ,  we also can offerturnkey disposable syringe production line solution and building a disposable syringe factory for our customer. We can supply all the necessary machines, mould, all pre-sale and after-sales service, technical support (including product design research and innovation, molds design and mold flow analysis), teach our customer how to produce the high quality syringe molds development,the whole line equipment,after sales installment & training service.

Below is the disposable syringe mold specification:

Size : 0.5 to 100 cc

Cavities: 16~128 cavities

Cavities & core material:

Stavax S420

Runner : Anole point gate

Product Material: PP

Finishing: mirror polishing

Inserts interchangeable

Mould life:3 million strokes

About the injection machine, Dakumar servo motor injection molding machine is perfect for the syringe production. It only can reach the precision, high speed, oil- free high quality requirements.

disposable plastic syringe production line.jpg

Now the hospital generally use 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml or 20 ml syringe, even with 50 ml or 100 ml, intradermal injection with 1 ml syringe. Glass syringes can be sterilized by autoclaves, but  now,most modern medical syringes are made of plastic,  because of the low cost of plastic syringes, and it also reduces the risk of blood-borne the disposable Syringe has great demand in the market.

If you have any interested in our turnkey disposable syringe production line solution ,please contact us.Our target is to help our customer to set up a syringe factory with effective production ability in a low cost, and to produce the high quality products.

Miya Qiu      


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Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the members of SinoHoldings Group, professional in R&D,

manufacturing the injection machine,especially the PET Injection Molding Machine. We can provide you PET InjectionMolding Machine from 250T to 650T. Here are special points of PET Injection Molding Machine

1.PET special screw

2.Bigger injectioncapacity to meet PET injection shot weight requirement, normally PET preformmolds do not need high clamping force while big machine injection weight is needed.

3.Enlarged servo system to support big injection shot weight,

4.Enlarged plasticizing motor formachine bigger torque to meet PET material special characteristic.

5.Enlarged motor, oil pump, servo motor and servo driver to control the production cycle time.

For PET products, usually we suggest use PET high speed injection molding machines, it could raise the production

efficiency. As the preforms have thick wall thickness, it will takes about 5-8s for the injection, if we use high speed

injection molding machines, the injection time could reduce to 3-5s.

PET Injection Molding Machinef.jpeg

If you are interested in our PET Injection Molding Machine or otherinjection machine. please feel free to contact me .

Contact: Lily
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With the developed of injection molding market, Dakumar is desire to find professional and warm injection molding machine agent in South America for our European standard injection molding machine. Are you the one we are looking for?

injection molding machine agent in South America

South America is a big injection molding market in world wide. Every year, we exported hundreds injection molding machines and plastic molds to South America. The most popular is the package products, such as PET preform production line, plastic cap molds and machines, plastic medical injection molding solution, etc.

There are some countries in South America are near the sea, so the sea food is very famous. Sea food crate production and export is very hot. As is known to all, South America’s fruit is very famous, such as Cherry, Passion Fruit, cranberry, etc. all of these package cannot leave without crates.

So Sino pay much attention to South America injection molding trade. And if you are also looking for a good injection molding machine or mold to be an agent in your country, welcome contact me free. Compared with other famous and big injection machine brand, Dakumar is apromising youth. Our quality and service have reached to European standard.  What's more, we can offer you one-stop service. Dakumar injection molding machine agent in South America welcome you.

sales engineer: Candy
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Nowadays more and more customer purchase injection molding machine from china directly, From some customer opinion, Chinese injection molding machine fast develop and most machine brand has good quality control. Especially for the Dakumar injection molding machine,this brand import Euro advanced injection molding machine technology and develop machine hydraulic and electric system , now the machine's quality which can reach to Euro machine standard and with Chinese machine cost. This is the most attract final  customer eye.

For some customer which unavailable for the injection molding machine technical skill control and maintenance, the local market technical support and after sale service  become the most important. To solve this problem, Dakumar injection molding machine  run fast on the after-sale technical engineer group establish, can send out engineer to the oversea market for the fast technical suport and also owns 24hours on line technical support and romote control.

To have more better maker control and injection machine maintenance,Dakumar machine owns a professional and technical sales representitive in the customer local becomes  more and more important. We are looking for you could join our team and help manage the machine market.Now we have establish sales representitive in South Africa,Mexico,Tunisia,Ukraine,Argentina,Morocco...Looking forward you join us. Know more detail, please find Tina.


With the deveopment for the palstic industrial parts widely using.,like the industrial pallet, indurstrial dust bin, table...More and more customer devote themselves for the industrial parts production. To make big size plastic parts, Big Ton injection molding line equiopd is demand. However, big size injection molding machine refer to many raw components  purchase and manufacture and also the delivery time would be much longer than the common machine. To satisfy final customer fast production request, Dakumar machinery company  investment more than 50MUSD on the big size and most customer prefer standard injection molding machine stock system. So that once customer has the machine demand,we can sold them in short time and help them complete the production line and put into production soon.

Below is the Dakumar injection machine ready for sale machine list.

fast delivery time injection machine

We have huge injection machine stock system, welcome to make order and get machine soon and earn your profit ASAP. That will help you get investment money back soon.Also save your production time. If you are interested and plan to open a new line, please come to us or directly contact Tina, we will do our best help you win-win reward.Let’s help you earn money and save money.

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In world plastic molding market, Dakumar molding machines have been increasing our market share while increasing molding system and performance. Especially, under our Italy CTO leadership,large-size injection molding machines have been built with newly improved functions and increased performance for production of high value added molded products.

huge size injection molding machine supplier

Stable molding is assured by the adoption of European controller with high precision control,and world famous brands electric components –OMRON and Schneider. System of mold opening and ejection at same time (parallel action) saves cycle time and realizes high production efficiency to meet customer demands for reduced machining, material and running costs. In addition, due to a customer-oriented ordering system, optimum screw and molding system are available and be more suitable for clients molding requirements.

Dakumar Machinery offers all type injection machines with prompt delivery time and fast service feedback system. Our medium and large size machines (450T-1150T,1150T-4500T) have enough stock to realize you prompt delivery demand. If you are in need of middle –large size injection mold machine supplier in China, pallet molding machines, bumper injection molding machine, industry dust-bin molding machines, ready injection machines for beach chair / plastic table, please contact us for molding machine with fast service reply.

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As new famous brand in world wide molding line, Dakumar Machinery can stand out of the crowd, with the help of long-term strategy and market positioning. Developed from unity injection molds manufacturer, many years ago, we already start turnkey solution for various molding lines with customize molding machinesand service.

We prefer to share global market together with our cooperation partners in different areas and countries. What’s reasons that you choose to be our agent? We cleared main reasons from our international partners’ feedback.

1.Large quantity potential clients. Based on good reputation of Sino Moulds in international market, clients can get large number potential clients for high quality molding machines.

2.Complete range of machine types. Expect servo molding machine of 50T-4000T, Dakumar hybrid-hi speed molding machine is professional designed for thin wall and high precision plastic  products. And two plates molding machine, PET preform molding machine  ect.

3.Long development strategy of group.  In following five years, Sino’s vision of being the world famous supplier for turnkey injection molding line with service, technology solution and equipment.

4.Advantage with turnkey projects.  For Sino branches well cooperate , we can get  customize budget and analysis for project cost, fast response for doubt, high matching of molds and equipment,complete data base for future project, prompt after-sales service, production line shows before shipment…

Warmly welcome contact for discussion turnkey solution and machine agent.

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Sino Holdings started as plastic injection molds manufacture at 1992 , Dakumar Machinery is one sub company of Sino Holdings. Until now, we have successfully supports various production lines to worldwide, especial for Africa and South America areas have strong demand of setting up new plastic plants. Like our  Mexico customer,who got 8 production lines in 2016. Including ,plastic square table molding lines armless chair line, beach chair molding line, stool molding lines,round table molding lines and so on.

With experienced design and manufacture to support high standard tailor table molds. Good cooling system to fast cycle time with perfect product, Moldflow analysis helps to find air venting place can be designed with suitable air groove.

About table injection molding machines, we support suitable machine model according to table weight, table top dimension and leg length. Like, servo motor molding machine 30%-70% energy saving, standard pumper machines, two-plates molding machines,all are available in our stock. Normally, DKM1150T machine and DKM1350T machinecan produce for plastic square table and round table molds with robot pickingup system.

From Sino Holdings Groups, you just take your idea and product requirement, we reply your tailor solution with budget and technical for whole production line.Taking your projects to us, getting tailor made solutions.

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the most commonly and widely used thermoplastic after PE and PP. Because of its inexpensivness ,durability and wide range of application PVC is used in construction and draining purpose.  It also can be manufactured in both hard and softer durometers which enable it to be very versatile. With some advantages there are some disadvantages of PVC as it is toxic in nature and can hamper humans health.

Due to its toxic and heat sensitive nature difficulities arise while molding PVC . Hardened Stainless Steel is required to mold down this plastic successfully with the use of injection machine having special barrel and screw as it is very corrosive in nature.

DAKUMAR Machinery is one of the leading PVC injection machine manufacturer in china known for Quality ,Honesty and Responsibility.

DAKUMAR presents latest PVC injection machine designed for molding PVC resin perfectly.

Design includes:

  • Chrome and nickel plated specialized PVC components, which offers which protects machine components and increase the life of the machine.

  • Widened safety door designs, with double core pulling system as the PVC mold is irregular and big in structure compared to other molds.

  • Forced cooling of the barrel by compressed air through air channels in individual zones because overheating leads in degradation of PVC inside barrel.

  • Enlarged hydraulic motor for complete plasticizing of PVC resin.

  • Oil and water cooling systems in the screw barrel to maintain constant and uniform melting.

  • The nozzle through which the product flows is made of chrome and is large enough to handle the required volume

  • The curve slide core fitting offers strict dimensional control and high precision surface finish, smooth ejector pin mark and gate mark.

  • The smallest size of φ32mm for the collapsible core can be reached.

If you have any project regarding pipe fitting or PVC injection molding dont hesitate to connect and we not only manufacture machine but also offer fine solution to our client with all the machine , mold and auxiliary together to setup new production line.

Rahul shah

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DAKUMAR MACHINERY CO.LTD. is one of the famous and leading manufacturer of plastic injection machine .With 25 years of rich experience , professional team, new technology, quality mentality, it has been able to stand in front and has been able to become famous molding machine manufacturer world wide .

Injection machine is used to produce plastic products and it usually works fore long time continuously for the continuous production in large scale. Due to this proper maintenance is necessary for the life , efficiency and performance of the machine. As machine’s efficiency and life is directly related to the profit and production so maintenance of injection machine is most important.

Maintenance is a series of prevention and inspection, in order to avoid machine failure and to extend the working life of machine components, such as the sudden stop caused by the failure of system or other sudden issues so timely find and replace the damaged parts to prevent damage to the chain are all preventive maintenance work purposes.

DKM machines.jpg

Here are some preventive maintenance measures to follow:

1:Timely replacement of worn or worn parts, the proper adjustment and lubrication can extend the life of parts and can maintain the level of machine precision.

2: Filter should be cleaned once every three months to keep the pump suction pipe flow at the same time check the oil network for damage as it plays important role to clean hydraulic oil.

3:You should periodically use mold thickness adjustment system, the mold thickness from the thinnest to the thickest to the callback time to ensure smooth operation, long-term production of machines with the same mold, this must be checked in order to avoid failure.

4:First to take the necessary measures to prevent non-plastic debris mixed plastic materials, the addition should pay attention to check the screw and barrel, the check ring and barrel the correct gap, the gap should be sealed properly .

5: Abnormal noise generation, that there are parts damaged or improperly adjusted, should identify the reasons for the location of the noise issue immediate repair.Mostly poor maintenance of oil pump produces more noise .

For any further information don’t hesitate to connect.


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DAKUMAR MACHINERY CO. LTD,servo Injection Molding Machines Company,a extensively experienced and leading supplier of injection molding machines, deliver machine that substantially reduces energy consumption by combining servo motors with hydraulics. The machine uses PHASE servo motors and INOVANCE servo drives to control the hydraulic pumps used to power the pack and hold, clamp and eject mechanisms and another servo motor to directly power the positive displacement injection pump. The hydraulic pumps used in the new machine are electrically adjustable axial piston pumps with variable displacement volume.

DKM injection machine.png

DAKUMAR MACHINERY delivers SV series of servo injection molding machines powered by servo motors and servo drives.The servo motors can vary the speed of the pumps from zero to full speed based on the machine’s demand for hydraulic power. The SERVO Pump System delivers optimum power required for various stages in molding process (by varying the frequency of the voltage; current utilization depends on the load/resistance).

DAKUMAR SV seriesservo injection molding machine is presently available in lower ,medium and high tonnages from 50T to 4600Tand injection weight from55grams to 100000grams. SV series is ideally designed to meet the process requirements of a variety of molding jobs that require optimal performance with a reasonable initial investment.

Salient Features & Advantages of DAKUMAR SV series plastic injection machines :

· Energy Savings as much as 70% over conventional hydraulics.

· Closed Loop Flow & Pressure control through Servo motor and Servo drive.

· Machine runs according to actual need, no overflow , no waste hence no waste of energy.

· Low Power Factor Losses.

· servo drives contribute to longer service life for the machine’s hydraulic oil

· lower overall sound levels and heat of the machine

· Excellent Mold Safety even at High Speed Operations due to fast respondinghydraulic system.

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SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is extensively experienced in offering plastic molding Turnkey Solution providing a onestop  shop for customers in search of quality custom parts; the process begins with a newdesign and ends with a final product requiring only “the turn of a key” to get started. Design, tooling, production, packing, and shipping of molds , injection machine and necessary equipments are all managed in one place, by a single team of experts. Materialselection, professional sourcing, and even invoicing are streamlined for low pricing, high quality,and optimal efficiency.SINO HOLDINGS GROUPE take every step of this process very seriously, working closely with each client from concept to completion to achieve top quality for the best price.

SINO HOLDINGS GROUPE is professionals with more than 20 years of experience in field of providing Turnkey solution to our clients.Our team makes use of the latest, most innovative technology in automation, quality inspection, and scheduling to create reliable parts for a wide range of applications. SINO HOLDINGS GROUPE is one of he greatest injection molding solution  provide in China, serving consumer products, packaging products, pipe fittings, automotive parts production etc. We have donemore than 600 Turnkey projects through out the world including big and small DAKUMAR injectionmachine ranging from 50T4600T running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Material selection and efficient, large volume purchasing, order fulfillment and packing, comprehensive quality control and a problem-solving mentality are all areas of our expertise.

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is your best solution providing partner for your glorious success.

Rahul Shah

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