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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
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providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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Sino Holdings Group, the famous company for plastic injection mold and injection machines in China, now our branch company Dakumar machinery have an very urgent recruitment for high speed injection machine designer, if you are interested or you know some professional designer from Europe, pls feel free to contact us, we will offer high income for the designers:


Requirements as below:

1.      Engaged in the development work more than 8 years experience in injection molding machine design, key direction is the mechanical part design experience.

2.      Engaged in more than 800tons two plate machine design work more than 4 years experience.

3.      Worked in well-know large and medium sized injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises at home or abroad, especially the machine manufacturing enterprises experience.

4.      Be familiar with mechanical industry related processing technology, responsible for the quality control of injection machine parts, and for guiding production field assembling.

5.      Be familiar with injection technical, coordinate with after-sales engineers to guide machine running and testing.

6.      Have great responsibility for working.


injection molding machine

Now dakumar machinery with a rapid developing for molding machine series, we are very glad if you have great confidence to join us, we are waiting for you!


Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01


high speed machine

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 2001 with the first name is “Tiandun Machinery” in Ningbo, but it moved to Taizhou in 2007 to be Sino Holdings Group branch companies. with about 15 years experienced, and now become as the world famous injection molding machine brand, we have set up many after-sales service worldwide, such like: Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Ukraine and so on. Dakumar have 4 series injection machines from 50 ton to 1600 ton, standard series molding machine, servo motor series molding machine, high speed series molding machine and double color series molding machines.


It's a very big application and very popular used for some thin wall package products, such like the vacuum bottle, fast-food box, airline cups, ice cream box, dessert containers, pudding box etc, all these products made by PP, PE, PS material. As well, it is very widely used for IML system. The main advantage as below:

It can be suit minimum thickness 0.45mm to 0.6mm to save the material.

High efficiency and save the labor cost and voltage cost.

IML system can shorten the production delivery time.

It can help to get the biggest profit.


If you have this kind of thin wall product need the high speed injection molding machine, pls feel free to send the email to Ms. Rachel, .


Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

 Dakumar injection molding machine is a famous Chinese injection molding machine brand. We specialized in develop various kind of injection molding machines. 

Such as standard pump machine, variable pump molding machine, double color injection machine, and hybrid fully servo high speed machine.
Now we want to enlarge our machine manufacturing capacity to large injection molding machine, thus, we sincerely to invite a senior mechanical engineer to join our company and lead our injection molding machine design team. The main job is to be our chief engineer, help us design the 2 plates hydraulic injection molding machine mechanical part. It includes injection molding machine mold locking system, machine frame, injection unit, etc. Assist our hydraulic engineer, electric engineer finish injection molding machine hydraulic & electric control model select, adjustment. You also need to assist our purchase team control the machine cost. And help sales department have machine technology knowledge training.
We need a senior injection molding machine very urgently! People who have been working in Europe brand injection molding machine manufacturing will be considered first. Welcome to contact me for more information through the below email address.
Miss Summer
Skype: sino-mould02
Machine Engineer Job Offer

 Now it is very hot to Set Up New plastic factory in Africa. But to set up a new factory, there are many things to consider when you want to set up a new factory: such as what are the hot projects? And what equipment is need? How much budget does it take? Sino Holdings Group is a leading company in China, offering turnkey project for setting up new plastic factory.

Today we will introduce you some new projects in Africa. Sino Holdings Group has help establish over hundred new factories for our customer from South Africa, Guinea, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, etc…
And the popular projects among them are
a) Plastic furniture: plastic chair, tables, stools, basin, etc…
b) Industrial crate: fruit crate, beer crate, cola crate, etc...
d) Bucket: plastic buckets, painting buckets, water bucket, etc..
e) Fittings such as elbow, Tee, socket...
f) Food container
g) Plastic bottle line
h ) syringes and so on...

Usually we will suggest to start with something easy, such as such as chairs, tables, bucket, for new beginner who set Up New plastic factory and don’t have any experience before. And for syringes, it is a very hot project and very promising. But it is very complicated to set up a new syringe factory because it is medical product. The government is very strict on this and the investment is big because a lot of equipment is needed.

Want to know more about new projects in Africa? Or need turnkey solution for set up new plastic factory? Pls contact us.



set up new plastic factory
set up new plastic factory





 SINO MOULD start injection mold business since year 1992, and we bought a injection molding machine company in year 2005. After that, SINO GROUP becomes a company who can offer complete injection molding line to customers.

Our star project is syringe injection molding line:
Plastic syringe injection molding line include syringe barrel molds, syringe plug molds, gasket molds, needle cap mold, needle sit mold, injection molding machine, auto loader, hopper dryer, water chiller, cooling tower, color mixer, automatic syringe assembling machine, automatic silk screen printing machine, packing machine, ETO sterilizer, etc.
If you want to start a new business for plastic syringe project, first you should finalized which volume syringe you want to make. You can send us the following information for inquiry:
1). Syringe picture with volume.
2). Syringe target output.
3). Budget for syringe line.
4). Factory size.
5). The current machines you already have.
SINO HOLDINGS GROUP will offer a fine solution according to your supplied information. We will suggest injection mold cavity number according to your target output. Calculate the mold and machine cost for the whole project. Additional, we also can help customer design plant layout. Welcome to contact us for details.
Syringe moulding service

 Do you want to get a well paid job in China? Dakumar Machinery sincerely invites you to join our injection machine design team.

Dakumar Machinery is specialized in offer high precision standard injection machine, servo motor injection machine, high speed injection machine, variable pump injection machine, double color injection machine. The machine tonnage is from 50 ton to 2200 ton. Now we want to enlarge our large injection molding machine output. So we hope to hire a professional 2 plate large injection molding machine mechanical designer to join us. People who match the follow characteristic would be our first choice.

1)    More than 8 years injection machine design experience, and specialized in large injection molding machine design.

2)    Have been working in famous Euro brand injection machine making company.

3)    Willing to work and live in China.

4)    Lead our machine design team, offer advice for injection machine technical knowledge. Training our sales team.

If you meet the above requirements, please contact me for details. We would like to pay 10000 EURO/ month for real supper mechanical engineer. Welcome to send your resume to my email.

Miss Summer

Skype: sino-mould02


We're looking for a large two-plate injection machine engineer in Italy or Germany; we are willing to pay 10,000 Euros per month salary for engineers who are qualified for this job. (High salary injection machine engineer). The main job is to develop and produce two-plate injection molding machine above 1,000 tons, we need hydraulic engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone discuss about detail treatment
. We don't have requirement on the age of the engineers.

Experience requirement, please check following links:

Following is the duty and requirements for the machine engineer:

1. the engineer will be the leader of the project team, and responsible for two plate hydraulic injection molding machine design, development and assembly work, and also responsible for the overall performance of the entire machines, cost and quality control;
2. in charge of the two plate injection machine design, specially for mechanical parts of hydraulic injection molding machines, including clamping and injection units, machine base and sheet metal units;
3. Cooperate with hydraulic engineer and electrical engineer to complete injection molding machine hydraulic and electrical control and commissioning work;
4. Cooperate with the purchasing department, control the injection machine cost;
5. Cooperate with the sales department; provide technical support for the marketing;
6. Cooperate with the production department, provide assembly and commissioning guidance and support, and responsible for the preparation of the assembly process documents;
7. Cooperate with relevant departments; offer the technical training for sales, purchasing, and assembly operator.

If your technical conditions are met, or close to our requirements, please give yourself a chance to develop and challenges, we invite you to create a new DAKUMAR two-plate injection molding machine.

Post by: ELLEN
Skype: sinomould.dakumar11

High salary injection machine engineer


 Important factors which generally affect the injection molding machine include: mold, products, plastic materials, molding requirements. To choose injection molding machine model must gather the following information: a die size (width, height, thickness). Second, the use of the type and quantity (PP \ PE, etc.) plastic material. Third, the apparent size of the finished injection (LWH) and forming an important form of (a few, and so on). Fourth, the molding requirements, such as quality requirements, the production cycle.


After obtaining the above injection molding machine information, you can follow these steps to select a suitable injection molding machine of.
1. select right model: the products and plastic raw materials decision models. First determine the production of products are monochrome, color, or color mixing. Monochrome choice of standard machines. Color and selectable color mixing machine.
2. full injection: determining the required "injection volume", and to select the appropriate screw diameter and the cavity by the finished product is important.
3. enough clamping force: from products and plastic decisions tonnes clamping force, when raw material at high pressure into the mold cavity mold will produce a support force, and therefore no single clamping injection molding machine must provide sufficient clamping force to mold and it will not be softened.
4. enough mold space: the die size is determined by the machine "distance between tie bars, mold thickness, the smallest die size, whether it is appropriate to let go in order to ensure that the mold.
5. good eject space: Product is determined by the mold and "opening stroke" and "knockout stroke" is enough to make the finished product removed.

choose injection molding machine model

DKM Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of injection molding machines. With advanced injection molding machine sticks, with high-end mold design and manufacturing philosophy, mature and efficient injection molding process, providing customers with comprehensive solutions. We will help customer choose injection molding machine model, we have the most serious attitude towards every inquiry.

Skype: anole-hc-02

 DKM machinery have more than 20 years experience in the production of injection molding machines, our injection molding machine always win clients of praise, ordinary machines and servo motor machine has been sold around the world, the new high-speed machines is also high efficiency and stability, customer orders rapid growth. 

Now, we started to develop the two plate large injection molding machine. In China, there is no large two-plate injection molding machine manufacturer, so we sincerely looking for two plate molding machine engineer around the world.
See below for our requirements,
1. Work for injection molding machine design and development for more than eight years, has extensive experience in the design of mechanical parts of the injection molding machine;
2. Work for two plate injection machine (more than 1000 tons) design for more than four years, and have experience to put two plate injection machines into mass production;
3. Have working experience in well-known or medium injection machine manufacturers, especially for two plate injection machine manufacturing enterprises;
4. Familiar with the processing of machinery industry, to be responsible for quality control of the injection molding machine parts;
5. Familiar with injection machine assembly process, responsible for directing the production site assembly;
6. Familiar with debugging process of injection molding machines, guiding the machine debugging with after-sales engineers.
If your condition is met or close to our requirements, we sincerely hope you can join us, we can provide exceedingly high fee for the job, we can provide you with a good platform for development. Let us work together to develop two plate injection machine, led the Chinese large two plate injection machines into international markets.
Post by: ELLEN
Skype: sinomould.dakumar11
two plate molding machine engineer


Sino Holdings Group has five branches. SINO MOULD specialized in making plastic injection mold, SINO PK specialized in making plastic packaged mold, SINO PF specialized in making plastic pipe fitting mold. Dakumer specialized in making plastic injection molding machine, Anole specialized in making hot runner system. By 5 branches working together, we could offer customer turnkey project such like, syringe line, PET bottle line, IML ice cream container line and so on. And we also had many agents all over the world so that our company could offer best service.

Now one branch, Dakumar Company, want to offer machine job for Italy/Germany machine engineer. The main aim is to develop and improve large injection molding machine size and technology. We need new idea and technology revolution. Accordingly, we will offer good salary and nice working environment. And we will arrange translator for your working if you need. What’s more, the salary will pay Euro 10,000 each month and in the end of year will award if the improved machine best-selling.
If you interest our machine engineer job, welcome to visit our website and send us emails. Italy and Germany machine engineer preferred, rich working experience preferred. Welcome to be one of us.
From: Stacy


engineer invitation

Are you machine technical engineer? Do you want to change your job and looking for new opportunity and adventure? Welcome to join us. Dakumar will offer you machine job which is develop large injection molding machine. 

Injection molding machine takes a big proportion in market and it has good value. Especially for large injection molding machine, it exist large improvement space in China. It will make your working challenged, adventured and also promotion.
Now we had machine design drawing team, machine assembling team which has formed production line. If you join us, it will offer you work foundation. We need your fresh idea, machine technical support for us to develop big injection molding machine.
If you glad to working China, it is also a good chance for learn Chinese. Our machine workers are nice and warm, we will offer good working environment. And we will also offer good salary, Euro 10,000 each month. Of course, accommodation offered. Now we had Egypt friend working in our factory as seller engineer. 
Please send your resume to us. Italy/ Germany machine engineer preferred. And welcome our website: to get more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
From: Stacy
Injection molding machine engineer
Dakumar Company, located in Huangyan, taizhou, Zhejiang province, wanted to invite professional injection molding machine engineer.
We had various injections molding machine from 50ton-1080ton, which contains standard injection molding machine, servo motor injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine, PVC injection molding machine and PET injection molding machine. Now we had manufacture base and also formed a production line. And we had many duty workers from design to production. 
This year, 2015year,the bigger tonnage machine is our main aim. So the duty is to improve and develop injection molding machine. Italy/ German machine engineer preferred, rich working experience machine engineer preferred. 
If you interest, Dakumar will offer Euro10, 000 each month. And our company will provide translator for your working. Besides, Our place is nice weather which has four seasons. Good humidity since near sea. Food is also kinds and various. What’s more, our factory is near downtown which will cost 15mins. So it is easy and continent for you shopping and living.
Welcome to join us, welcome to come Dakumer, welcome to working in China. And please send your resume to my email box. Dakumer sincerely invite you to be one of us.
From: Stacy
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