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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

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 Bi-color injection moulding is like a magic technology. People can make colorful articles through double color injection molding machine, bi-color moulding machine, mixed color moulding machine, and now we have a new machine—side injection unite, which can connect with normal injection machine, and make bi-color injection.
Dakumar Machinery has showed side injection unite on the exhibition Chinaplas 2014. The mould is a two cavity hexagonal PC cup. This bi-color cup moulding line have attractive many people to our booth. The side injection unit is a new technology machine. With this injection unite, we can realize bi-color injection PC cup moulds without double-color injection machine and without turntable. That means, we can connect this injection unit with any of your injection machine, and you can produce double color product very easily. That reduce huge cost of machine purchase, and saves much factory space. When you do not produce double color product, you can store away the injection unit.
Sino Holdings Group is not only bi-color injection mould maker, double color injection machine manufacturer, now we found a very good way to offer customer cost effective bi-color injection moulding line equipment. SINO welcome to your enquiry. Posted by Ms.Summer. Email:

Bi-color Injection Moulding1



Our company specialized in PET plastic injection molding machine and we also offer good solutions of the plastic injection molding machines and the auxiliary machines. With the high quality and long life of the machines, we obtain many high praise from our customers. Consider to offer customers convenient, we set up many machines after sales service in Iran, Greece, Mexico, Turkey, Russian, etc.

Regarding the PET injection molding machines, we have specialized screw and the barrel, if you have some special requirement, just tell us and we will according to them to design the customized machines, such as: we can make the CE standard, T-slag of the platen, prelong the nozzile, add one more blowing fan, increase the oil pump power, etc. We are professional plastic injection molding machines maker and plastic injection molding machines maker in China. besides, we can also offer the one stop service of the auxiliary machines, like auto loader, mixer, air compressor, crusher, water chiller, air chiller. Just tell us your machines tonnage, we will offer you the suitable auxiliary machines for you.

You can also visit our website:, if you are also interested in our PET injection molding machine, please feel free to contact me, we will offer you a best solutions for you. We are PET injection molding machine maker.



    DKM is an experienced injection machine make in china, we have high quality machine with very competitive price. Injection machine proper operation is the first thing we care to ensure the lifetime and the safety operation of the machine.

    To ensure injection machine proper operation we care on three parts of the machine operation. First, before the operation, check the Electrical control box with our water or air, check cooling channel, Switch and the safety door. Also open the electronic system to ensure it has heating the Barrel. And of course we should ensure the proper material in the barrel. Second when operation, we should ensure that the safety door should be open. And pay attention to the pressure oil temperature, oil temperature is not beyond the prescribed scope. Ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil should be kept between 45 ~ 50 ℃, also the care much on the limit switch, provide them from machine impact. Third, when finished the work, before the machine stop, we should, before downtime, clear the barrel plastic. Mould should be open to make the toggle lever mechanism in the blocking state for a long time. And the factory must be equipped with lifting equipment to ensure the mould safety setting.


Injection machine proper operation, injection machine, China injection machine

   To have Injection machine proper operation, we should care both before, middle and after operation of the machine. Any interested ,please contact me freely

Written by :Lenny
Skype: anole-4


  Do you want to custom plastic injection molding service? We had more than 15 years’ experience to offer the plastic moulds and injection molding machine, we are capable and affordable plastic mould molding service maker.
Sino is good plastic injection molding service supplier, we had enough equipment and skillful engineers will serve your project.
We had more than 10 sets horizontal injection molding machine from 138T to 1180T for production anytime, they are normally could run all the daily life moulds and other plastic moulds. Each injection machine has a professional machine engineer to operate. Sino offer plastic injection molding service, we offer the below service.
  1.    Design the excellent product you want to make.
  We have the best design team to offer the product design for you, everyone is with skillful design knowledge, we promise to offer the product design in shortest time.
  2.    Make the precision plastic moulds
  Through the good design, we have the high standard processing machine for tooling the mould parts, good machining will create a good mould. Our processing machines were imported from Italy, Germany, like Fidia CNC,Sodick EDM,etc.
 Plastic injection molding service
   3.    Quality assurance process
  We treat every injection molding service as a new partnership with you, so we pay attention on the quality of moulds and the performance of the products. We think the quality is the productivity, it will be obvious that when we meet downtime and more material expenses.
  4.    Plastic injection molding service
  Our working time is 24 hours,2 shifts. And we will product the products as your expectation and requirement. The color and package could be choose freely by you.
Plastic injection molding service
  Our commitment to quality is never change, doing the best plastic injection molding service is Sino need to do. Find plastic mould molding service maker,pls do not hesitate to contact me!

editor: Carol        Email:  




   Dakumar is Chinese famous safety machine gurading injection molding machine supplier,equipped safety machine guarding system,it could prevent operator from injuries in the machine running process,we pay attention on building safety machine guarding to ourplastic machines,
  Safety machine guarding is very important to injection molding machine,it will relate to the human lives. There are many accident examples around the plastic industrial (cuts and bruises, burns, electric shock, etc) due to some inner or outer reasons.So find a good machine guarding injection machine supplier is priority.
Our Dakumar machine sets many safety guards and devices, around moving equipment, electrical hazards, and thermal hazards.
  1. Movable guards with interlocks (electric interlock /hydraulic interlock)
    Allows the electrical system to operate and close the clamp
    Actuated when the operator’s gate is opened or closed
    Prevents clamp from closing when the operator’s gate is open

   2.Mechanical safety device

    Prevents clamp from closing when the operator’s gate is open
Safety machine guarding injection molding machine
   3.Top guard
    Required if employees can reach over the top of the machine and into hazardous areas
    Should be interlocked if movable
Safety machine guarding injection molding machine
   4.Injection Barrel Cover
    Protects from exposure to high voltage and high temperatures
Safety machine guarding injection molding machine
  5.Signs and Warnings
  6.Emergency Stop
  Dakumar equipped many protection system ,so our machine is high performance and high safety,we will be the best plastic injection molding machine supplier soon.If you interested in our Dakumar molding machine,pls contact me!

  Find Safety machine guarding injection molding machine maker,come to Dakumar!


editor: Carol        Email:  


 SINO GROUP will show our double color injection unit in Chinaplas 2014 in Shanghai, welcome down visit us at Dakumar injection machine booth: E2Q21 from April 23-26th

Ordinary double color injection machine have two parallel or angled screws and nozzles, but the screw and nozzle cannot be changed, but our double color injection unit has a very significant advantage that the injection unit can be freely to match with different injection machine. So if you need to develop two color products, you do not need to spend a high price to buy a new two-color injection molding machine; using our two color injection unit, we can develop the double color products you want.

Following is the schematic of our double color injection unit and the product which we will show on Chinaplas 2014.

double color injection unit

Additionally , if use our double color injection unit, it unable to use normal overall rotating mold, the mold will have rotated inserts, the mold price may be higher than the ordinary double color mould, but compared with buying two-color injection molding machine, mold price increase becomes very small.

So we invite you down visiting us at booth: E2Q21 Chinaplas.
If you need more information about double color injection unit, please feel free to contact with our sales engineer.

Post by : Ellen

 Place turnkey order for injection molding machine and plastic molds in one company,

which nowadays become a tend for plastic project customers.

Especially for new owners of plastic molding industry.

We are famous in China for offering high quality molds and stable injection molding machines.

So, we are your best choice!


Let's take one pvc pipe fitting project as an example:

when a  customer need pvc pipe fitting turkey project, what they need, is not only the pvc pipe fitting molds,

but also pvc special injection machines.

As we know, pipe fitting molds especially the fitting moulds, there will be some collapsible,

When we got an order like this, we will consider the mould size together with the machine at the same time.

And for the PVC injection machine we will choose the most suitable screw and barrel,

for example the double wave and mixer screw for pvc pipe fitting production.


We can say we are more familiar with what's the real need for both of them.

That is why we encourage and suggest customer to place turnkey project for injection molds and injection machine in one manufacturer.

That is very welcome to send any request for no matter the mould or injection machine to us.

we will offer you the most professional solutions for your project.







 As a famous plastic molding machine supplier in China,

We always walking toward being better and more professional injection molding technology provider.

Compared with some top injection molding machine brands over the world.

We do not have such long history, but based on long time experiance of mold manufacturing,

we are very sensitive with advanced injection molding technology.

High speed injection machine, hybrid injection machine and even all-electrical injection machine is a tend in recent years.


But what is the difference between traditional hydraulic injection machine and all-electrical injection machine?

As we know, servo motor and engine is better for hydraulic motor.

As it is much more precision and quick response.

It only gives signal when machine has action, so at the same time, the machine can be higher performance.

All-electrical molding machine is the most precision machine till now,

But to be flank, in China, this series of injection machine is not so popular in the market.

Because of the high cost, and the limited for the tonnage.

But we trust, because of the high performance and high energy saving demands for injection machinery,

we can see more and more all-electrical molding machine manufacturer in China.




Huangyan injection moulding service supply company Sino Holdings Group can offer customer diamond plastic injection molding service.
The injection moulfing service we can offer you as follows:
1. As a top three mould manufacturer in Huangyan. Sino Mould—Branch company of Sino Holdings Group is a very professional mold making company. We can offer you plastic molding service of product analysis, mould structure design, mould machining, mold testing and mould operation training, etc.
2. Sino Holdings Group have a machine company—Dakuamr machinery. It specialized in manufacturing high speed energy saving injection machine, servo motor injection machine, double color injection machine, PET & PVC injection molding machine, etc.
3. Sino Holdings Group is also a sole agent of Italy robot—Tecnomatic Robot. We can supply customer IML molding system together with mold and machine. And Sino Group will responsible for the robot quality and after sales service.
4. Most important of all, Sino Holdings Group can help customer who new in plastic molding field build new factory and find a fine solution for them. We have a after sales engineering team who always fly to customer’s country and offer site instruction, maintain and engineer training.
If you feel interest, pls contact me for further information.
Ms.Summer .


China PVC injection molding machine professional on PVC injection technique, according to PVC material's character,it is a special plastic material need high  Corrosive substance, so, for PVC injection molding machined need special customized with machine design.

DKM PVC injection molding machine can help customer making many PVC material parts, the machine with below follows:
- PVC special screw by hard chrome plated for highly anticorrosive 
- PVC special nozzle, the nozzle of PVC molding machine will use specially design for flange.
- Special Safety door design and enlarged for PVC molding machine, because some times, customer will be use multi-pull core mould for PVC pipe fittings moulds.
- Enlarged hydraulic motor for PVC molding machine.
- Precision temperature control system for PVC molding machine.
We have sold PVC molding machines to Middle East, South America and so on, and also we can offer PVC molding line including PVC mould, PVC injection machine and other necessary PVC auxiliary equipments.
Welcome to DKM talking about China PVC injection molding machine, we will offer good quality and good service.
Please contact:
Miss Vivian
Skype: sino-mould-08

Besides internet promotion, exhibition is a very good and effective way for mould production. Sino Mould attends many local plastic mould exhibition, plastic industry fairs and foreign plastic mold exhibition every year.

For local plastic industry exhibition, Chinaplas and Canton is most popular. These two exhibition is very famous in international market. Canton Fair have over 50 years history, and it is the longest history, highest level, China's largest, most complete items, most merchants, clinch a deal the effect of the best comprehensive international trade event.
While Chinaplas is Asia's largest rubber and plastic industry exhibition, and the development of China rubber industry had a positive role. And the personage inside course of study more recognized its influence after the world's largest German "K" exhibition, displaying as rubber and plastic industry is one of the world's third exhibitions

In 2014, we have exhibition plan as follows:
Canton Fair
Booth Nr. 6.1 A38-39 B11-12
15th to 19th, April,2014

Booth Nr. 12.1F21 Sino Mould
3.1T51 Dakumar Injection Machine
3.2C11 Anole Hot Runner
23th to 26th, April,2014

For the foreign exhibition, we will attend exhibition in Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Russia, Iran, Turkey, etc. If you coming from the above countries, welcome to contact me for further information. 



Mould Exhibition in China


 In Chinaplas 2014, Sino Holdings Group will show its new solution for double color injection molding: L double color injection machine and PC double color cup mould.
L double color injection machine is firstly developed in Europe. It find great popularity among plastic product manufacturer because its flexibility and economic cost. But in China, there are few companies who have deployed this kind of L angel injection machine.

This kind L double injection machine consists of one main injection machine and second injection unit. This main injection machine has no difference from the other machine except the PLC, which is able to control main machine and second injection unit.

So the main injection machine can be used as common machine. When necessary, connect the second injection unit to it, it will become double color injection machine. This is one of main difference between this new L double color injection machines- its flexibility.

Its flexibility is also reflected in optional collocation between main injection machines. The traditional double color injection machine has fixed model for option. But in many situation, the fixed model not very suitable, sometimes too small and sometime too big. It is very hard to find balance. But for this new kind of L angel injection machine, there are various options. First you need to choose a suitable main injection machine according to your product weight and mould size. Then second you choose a suitable injection unit for second color or material.

People like L angel double color injection machine also because its cost much lower than traditional one. The cost is almost 50% lower than traditional one.

But the main problem this new double color injection machine is that you need to use mould with rotary structure because the machine plate cannot rotate.

The good news is Sino Holdings Group can offer you customized solution for double color injection molding both L double  injection machine and moulds suitable for this new technology. Below is the picture for PC double color mould and machine we made for Chinaplas 2014. If interested, pls feel free to contact me.

Contact: Cina


L  double color injection machine


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