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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd
Add : 369# XinJiang Rd, Xinqian Street, Huangyan Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
P.C. 318020

Tel : 86-576-81106895
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Striving for excellence
providing complete injection molding strategy to meet customers' requirements

Offering a complere configuration system,users can choose a suitable plastic injection molding machine in terms of different requirements

Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog


As for the Chinese machine companies, Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading injection molding machine manufacturer, founded in 2001 and located in Huangyan city, China mould town.

There are several types machine, include standard machine, servo motor machine, PET machine, PVC machine, the machine model from DKM50 ton to DKM1600 ton.

Chinese machine companies, at the side where the capacity is small, plasticzing time and injection time become long, and it is used at the narrow capacity of molding machine, that is, the filling shortage is caused due to the extension of molding cycle and slow filling rate.

On the other hand, at the side where the capacity is large, dwell time of the resin the cylinder becomes long and the resin thermally decomposes, the capacity range in the figure is indicated rather widely, but when it is easy to be thermally decomposed with materials containing lots of pigments and additives, it is better to conduct the molding at shot weight of 70% - 80% of the injection capacity.

We take the high precision spinned transformer which reach motor speed and make the high precision tension sensor as the feedback element of pressure, reach the accuracy of product weight is very high that meet customers need to pursue the high precision in production.

When you have new investment to enlarge your production or have plan to build a new plastic factory, pls feel free to contact Dakumar Ms. Rachel, we will offer you a fine solution.

Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 2001 and located in Huangyan city, China mould town, dakumar machine with PVC special series, the model from DKM118 ton to DKM650ton.

PVC pipe machines designing, due to the raw material has a low moisture sensitivity, however better result can be seen when PVC is dried for 4 hours in a dehumidified dryer at 65- 75 degree. based on raw material features for machine designing, we developed the PVC injection molding machine must ensure the special requirement of PVC products:

1.       Hard chrome plated screw, nozzle to ensure the quality of PVC production and extend the life of the mechanical parts, all components are highly anticorrosive.

2.       Widened safety door design, equipped with double core pulling devices.

3.       Enlarged hydraulic motor, to fit the high torque requirement of PVC plasticization.

4.       Melt temperature is critical in moulding PVC, melt temperature is different from heater band temperature.

5.       Oil cooling and water cooling system in screw and barrel for large-sized machine.

When using of the PVC pipe machines, it is very important to purge barrel of injection moulder with GP ABS, Acrylic, PE before and after the use of PVC compounds. The injection machine must not be shut down with PVC in the barrel. If the material is left in the barrel, it will degrade and the screw and barrel will have to be removed and cleaned mechanically.

Welcome to contact Ms. Rachel for more information for PVC pipe molding and PVC pipe machines.


Posted by Ms. Rachel

Sino Mould Co., Ltd

Skype: sino-mould01

We offer plastic injection molds, machines and robot system for one time use spoon and fork molding automation. The spoon and form molds are offered with tailor solutions such as 16cavities injection molds, 24cavities and 48cavities. They are hot runner molds, semi-hot runner design as well as full hot runner spoon and fork molds.

Injection machines suitable for spoon and fork molding automation is DKM218 servo molding injection machine, DKM330 high speed injection molding machines as well as hybrid injection molding equipment. With best design of cooling system, we can reach min. 5seconds for the one-way-use cutlery molds, running with the injection machine and pick up the plastic spoon and forks with servo system robot.

Spoon and fork molding automation also include the Package of spoon and fork. We offer various robot sytems to suitable with your target package method. Come to SINO HOLDINGS, we can design for you a tailor make spoon and fork molding automation and package automation.


spoon and fork molding automation

Further more, we also offer all types of plastic molding automation, such as printing line, IML labeling system, assembling robot. Welcome your enquiry to Fancy, sales manager of SINO HOLDINGS. 

Skype: sinomould.dakumar2

In our life ,Injection molding is the most common method of producing plastic parts . the molding machine involves in motivacation at a very high pressure .  during a shot cycle time , the mould open ,and the part come out .

Injection part could be very sample or complex . thick or think . hard or soft .it depends on what customers requirements and what is used for .


series of injection machine

Dakumar machinery  is one of Sino Groupe’s branch company , which specialized in Plastic Injection Molding Machine . It is one of the Chinese leading innovator for plastic injection molding machine researching and developing Company.

 we could supply many series of injection machine and blowing machine .

1.    standard injection moulding machines;

2.     High speed injection moulding machines ;

3.     Servo injection machine; .

4.    Mix-colors injection moulding machine;

5.    IML  injection machine  and so on ;

6.    PET machine for bottles ;

If you want get more information ,you could send to my mailbox or visit our company – DAKUMAR

What is more ,we sincerely hope you could come to visit our factory if you make your business trip in China . Welcome  to Dakumar factory .


Posted by Selinda




We are factory mainly specialized in plastic caps mould ,as most people know , now caps is fast consumer goods. Which use fast We make moulds according to  customer's design/concept, products volume manufacturing is also offered ,but it is based on mould making,Now I would like to introduce the caps mould we made in general .

plastic caps mould
Caps Mould General Specifications:

Mould material :50# steel , 718 ,H13 S136


Products material : PP/HDPE/PS

Cavity :single or multi cavity .

Shipment port :Ningbo port ,China

Payment :T/T , LC .and some other terms .

MOQ:1 set

Package :Wooden or according to customers’ requirements


Our delivery time is about 60- 80days according to the cap design and requirements .we could ensure the mould life  500K to 1M shots .We could offer cold or hot runner system depand what the sample and customers’ need . Our factory have self made hot runner –Anole hot runner system .and Temperature controller box , what is more , In case you like YUDO or MOLDMASTER runner nozzle , no problem ,we could help you offer those kinds of runner system .but the delivery time maybe a littler longer  than our Anole runner , mostly ,our customer customer ask our factory to make cap mould and choose our Anole hot runner . We are professional caps mould supplier .you could visit our packing mould SINO-PK for more information .

If you have any new projects on caps , feel free to contact me .

Posted by :Selinda





As a high quality injection machine manufacturer,Dakumar Machinery use world famous brand machine electronic components,we design special machine type for different raw material injection molding.At present,we have special designed machine for PET,PVC,PC with servo power saving,variable pump,high speed and stable pump injection molding machines.We could supply high quality injection machine according to customer requirement.

High quality injection machine
For the Dakumar machine electronic components,we have standard components brand.For the machine controller,we use Mirle Brand made in Taiwan;For the electronic Ruler,use Fort brand made in USA;For the AC contactor,use Schneider brand made in France;For stroke Switch,use Omron Brand made in Japan and so on.If customer have different requirement,we could change the component accordingly and advice the added price for the cost difference.

For example,if customer want to use the injection machine controller with KEBA,Techmation or B&R brand,it is OK for us to make changing.Dakumar Machinery have developed a new type machine with hybrid molding,we use KEBA controller for this type of hybrid machine,the mould opening,ejection and material charging could do at the same time with precision ejection.

With our sister company Sino Mould for mould making,we could offer you whole injection molding line with one stop service.Welcome to contact us for more information.Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

Dakumar machinery is one of top plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in china, offers different types plastic injection molding machines from 50 ton to over 1680ton. As a injection machine supplier, dakumar develop rapidly in past years, this is not only due to our injection machine quality, also our superior service for our customers.
Service before sale
For customer who buy injection molding machines, they would certain need plastic injection molds. As our company has the ability to supply with plastic molding turnkey solution, before project started, we can assistant customer to choose right and most suitable injection machine for their products.
Service after sale
If customer got injection machines from us, we can provide series services. Normally for plastic injection molding machines above 330ton, for machine shipping, it needs to separate machine injection unit and clamp unit due to container space, and then assemble again after arrive customer site. If customer has difficult in assembling and installing injection machines, we can send our engineer to customer place. We have a special injection molding machine service team for different countries service purpose. During our injection machine shipping, we have some machine components which is easily broken packed in tool box, this is for customer easily replacements if problems occur. If with problems out of this range, we would send customer replacements after checking and analysis machine components by customer provided photos and our experience within 3 days. For some big problems, to send our engineers is necessary.
We convince our injection molding machine service would make you satisfied, and you would find that our machines are high competitive performance. Pls do not hesitate to contact with us for new machine purchase.
Ms Diana
Skype: sino.group01
china injection machine making company
china injection machine making company

Large size injection machine manufacturer

 Chinese large size injection machine manufacturer DAKUMAR MACHERY, profession on large size injection machines making, the large size clamping force from 800T to 2000T, our machine suited for various plastic material like PP,PE,ABS,PA,PC,PS,PVC and so on.

Our large size injection machines can be widely use for industrial crate, industrial pallet, industrial dustbin, automobile parts, home appliance, pipe fittings, according to different material and mould design, our machine will be specific customized.
Large size injection machine will have stabilized injection pressure, hydraulic safety valve, and emergency stop, screw protect cover etc.. For safety and stabilized performance.
Usually, for large size injection machine shipment need more than two container, it is need install after arrived customer factory, we also have engineer send to customer factory for install machine, testing machine, and if customer need training, we also can training worker of Customer Company.
We can offer customers turnkey solutions for plastic molding line, large mould supply, large injection machine and other and auxiliary equipments, all production lines we can supply, also we good service support. Welcome down visit to us for plastic injection molding machine-DKM factory to check our capacity, also you can visit our sister company Sino Mould company.
Post by: Vivian
Skype: sino-mould-08

We are professional injection molding machines manufacturer, with more than ten years of experience in injection molding machines manufacturing; now we are seeking seeking injection machine agent worldwidely, if you have machine sales experience, if you have plans to sell the injection machine, then do not miss this opportunity to make yourself stronger, our goal is long-term win-win cooperation.

We have two series injection machine (common injection molding machines and high-speed injection molding machine), each series has a different species machines. Our machine has a very high cost performance, it is very popular with customers in the market, and we provide a lot of conveniences and supports for our agent. Also besides injection molding machines, we gave you mold orders development platform. SINOMOULD is very famous in the international market and we can provide you favorable support for your market exploring.

What are you waiting for?
if you are interested in selling injection machine, please contact us quickly.
We are seeking injection machine agents around the world.

Post by Ellen


seek injection machine agent


Dakumar machinery is honored for manufacturing high speed,high power saving,high precision,high stability and high safety injecton machines.We offer turnkey molding line solution for our customers with plastic injection mould,high quality machine and auxiliary machines.

For the injection molding machine safety,there include three aspects to make the injection molding machine safery production:
1. Mechanical safety
2. Electronic safety
3. Hydraulic safety

High quality molding machine

Usually,CE standard injection molding machine include all the above safety design,which is required by many countries.For example,for the injection molding machine,we designed all the machine with emergent stop button,hydraulic safety interlock,safety relay,purge guard and so on.

Include the high safety machine,we also design our machine with high speed,high prevision and high power saving.At present,we have developed new type of machine named hybrid injection molding machine,it is especially suitable for thinwall part injection molding.We could offer you high quality molding line solution.

We offer different injection molding lines for our customer,like PET molding line,cap molding line,disposable syringer molding line,chair and table molding line,crate and pallet molding line with new factory setup solution.Welcome to contact us for more informaion.Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

PVC fitting connector molding machine supplier

Dakumar is Chinese famous brand Pvc fitting connector molding machine supplier, which produces high quality PVC special designed injection machine for PVC molds, PVC fitting connector molds, PPR fitting connector moulds. Among various Pvc fitting connector molding machine supplier, Dakumar PVC molding machine has following features:

PVC fitting connector molding machine supplier
1. PVC special screw and barrel design for PVC powder and rigid PVC material.
2. Extra core pull design for multi-ejection core pull system working
3. PVC cooling design for machine water supply system in barrel and manifold
4. Special Pvc fitting connector molding machine frame for larger size of molds and hydraulic cylinders
5. PVC injection molding parameter setting and training.
6. PVC injection molds and turnkey solution.
Dakumar is not only Pvc fitting connector molding machine supplier, with support of SINO holdings Group, we are able to provide customers with PVC molds, PVC connector molds, PPR molds, PP molds, ABS connector molds and so on. If you are interest in starting your PVC molds and lines, please send me the your enquiry. 
Contact on line with skype: sinomould.dakumar2

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