DKM1000T Two-plate Injection Machine Supplier

  • 2019-01-28
    DKM1000T Two-plate Injection Machine Supplier

    To produce large size plastic parts, like big size dustbin, household application, auto bumper, logistics pallet and large container, we prefer to choose Dakumar TP series two plate's injection molding machine, rather than three plates machine. Because it has big advantages on machine’s high mold thickness capacity with less land space requirement.

    For example, 120L industrial dustbin mold can run at TP series DKM1000T two plates machine and DKM1650T three plates machine. Compared with same tone three plates machine, Dakumar TP 1000T machine has more than 50% opening stroke , mould thickness capacity ect. With the humanization design of operation, installation and production, Dakumar 1000T machine size is  30% less than three plate machine, save your investment on factory land space. And applied European brand servo system, Dakumar TP realize low energy consumption.

    On machine clamping part, it adopts complete H type steel to keep the precision and stability. With great support from our European team cooperation and effort, Dakumar TP series machine are applied advanced two plates machine structure and already put on the market. And it will appears at Chinaplas exhibition of 2019.Warmely welcome your down visit to find cooperation possibility.

    Dakumar keeps eyes on realizing customers’ production requirement- big profit from project investment. If you have doubt on plastic injection molding line, kindly find us for support.