High Gloss Injection Molding
High Gloss Injection Molding

High Gloss Traceless Injection Molding Technology, also known as Rapid Heat Cycle Molding Technology, works by heating mould before and during mould closing and starting injection when temperature reaches the setting conditon after mould closing. During the injection process, the mold maintains high temperature, so that keeps plastic material good fluidity during the filling process. After finishing mold injection, mold is cooled during pressure maintaining and cooling, which can greatly shorten products' cooling time and improve production efficiency.

High Gloss Injection Molding Advantages
Perfectly cosy any shapes of mold surface to make products with no melt marks,flow marks, streamline and shrink marks;
Make products with high gloss in surface to achieve mirror effect;
Improve the strength and surface hardness of plastic parts;
Improve injection molding fluidity and quality and strength of products in thin wall injection molding;
Shorten cycle time by more than 60% in thick wall injection molding;
There is no need for subsequent serious environmental pollution spraying process, which can reduce the process flow and save energy and materials;
Directly reduce the cost of plastic products, protect the environment and the personal health of operators.
High Gloss Injection Molding Applications

High Gloss Injection Molding has broad application prospects in home appliances, automotive communications, daily necessities, medical and other industries. For example: flat panel TVs, computer LCD displays, air conditioners, automotive interior parts, etc.

High Gloss Injection Molding Applications
High Gloss Injection Molding Applications in Daily Necessities
High Gloss Injection Molding Applications in Home Appliances
High Gloss Injection Molding Equipment
Configuration of plastic injection molding machine:

- Better rigidity of the clamping mechanism: Due to continual heating up and cooling down in the whole production process, the clamping mechanism of the injection molding machine must be rigid and strong to ensure the accuracy and stability of the clamping force, thereby ensuring the surface quality of products.

- Choose injection molding machine with large clamping force: because gas couldn't be used to assist injection when using high glossing injection molding, the clamping force needed for production is larger.

- Choose a small injection volume according to the situation: for example, when producing flat-panel TVs, LCD frames and other products, try to choose an injection molding machine with a small injection volume. The actual weight of the product is the best between 30% and 80% of the theoretical injection amount of the injection molding machine. If injection volume is too large, plastic material will stay in the barrel for a long time and be easy to decompose separately, and defects such as silver wire will appear on the surface of the product.

- Equip special screw: to produce high gloss products, the plastic used has high hardness and relatively low melt index, so screw plasticization is required to be better. At the same time, the shear of the screw should not be too large, otherwise the material will be easy to decompose.

High Gloss Injection Molding Machine
Configuration of plastic injection mould:

- The inner surface of the mold requires a very high finish to ensure the surface quality of the products

- The runners &. cooling channel inside the mold must be reasonable to ensure rapid temperature rise and drop

- The runners &. cooling channel inside the mold should have good thermal conductivity

- As the production process requires constant heating and cooling, better steel used for mold is required.

- Pay special attention to the maintenance of the mold during use to keep mold dry and dust-free.

High Gloss Injection Mould
High Gloss Injection Mould Display
Configuration of temperature control equipment:

- Temperature control should be very accurate, which is an important guarantee of product quality;

- The reaction of temperature control equipment should be very fast to ensure high production efficiency.

Special plastic:

When producing products with high surface quality, the commonly used plastics are ABS, pc+abs or pmma+abs. Among them, the hardness of ABS is the lowest, and the hardness of pmma+abs is the highest, which can up to h, or even 2H. However, the higher the hardness is, the lower the melt index is. And the fluidity will become poor. So select appropriate plastics according to production needs

High Gloss Injection Molding Market Prospect

High gloss traceless injection molding technology is still an advanced production process in the world. This technology greatly improve surface quality and strength of the productrs and can omit the subsequent spraying and painting processes. It can not only protect the environment and health of operators, but also largely reduce processing cost and save energy and material by the reduction of processing steps. Through the method of rapid heating and cooling, the product can be quickly formed to achieve the best effect. At the same time, the system of rapid heating and cooling can greatly shorten the production time of products, so as to not only meet the product quality, but also increase the output. Moreover, the hot water can be recycled, which greatly reduces the operating cost, and can reduce the problems of poor surface and obvious contact line during the injection molding process of products in the electroplating process. With the increasingly extensive application of plastic parts and people's increasing awareness of environmental protection and safety, high gloss traceless injection molding technology will become another brilliant new star in the field of injection molding technology in the future.

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