Plastic Chair Manufacturing Line
Plastic Chair Production Line
  • Plastic Chair Production Line
  • Min. Cycle Time 50 Secs. Min. Delivery 30Days.
  • Plastic Chair Production Line

    Within 30 days, quick start your new plastic chairs manufacturing factory or lines. Amazing? That's what DKM could do for customers – provide the whole plastic chair production lines solution according to customers' requirement! DKM provides all equipment, tools and service required for stable plastic chairs manufacturing factory.

    DKM could provide the excellent production line solutions to help you reach your production targets for any plastic chair widely used in schools, waiting room, lunchroom, restaurants, cafes, hair salon and at home.

    We build and deliver plastic chair production line solutions from chair design to whole system with comfort, style, and functionality in mind to help customer on manufacturing and selling popular chairs among their market.

  • Chairs Injection Molding Machine
  • Higher output and steady operation with less energy consumption.
  • Energy saving closed-loop control to improve respond speed and injection carriage linear guide to improve injection precision and speed.
  • Silent high efficiency hydraulic system make machine run at a much lower noise level.
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    Plastic Chair Production Line-Chairs Injection Molding Machine
  • Chairs Mould
  • We can provide chair mould for most pop types.
  • Reasonable structure (such as the sliders for arms, ejector pins, air venting...)
  • Interchangeable mould inserts for different chair backrest types to save cost.
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    Plastic Chair Production Line-Chairs Mould
    DKM Plastic Chair Line One-stop Service
  • DKM Plastic Chair Line One-stop Service
  • Chair Molding Factory Design: Including water/air/electrical power layout.
  • Line Installation & Running: All equipment installation, moulds replacement and machinery commissioning could be done well under DKM engineers' guidance.
  • Chair Factory Operation: Help customers' workers operate plastic chair lines better, and then achieve stable production.
  • Chairs Injection Molding Video
  • Chairs Injection Molding Video
  • DKM is here for you with efficient plastic chair production lines solutions. Contact us now.

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