Two Platen Injection Molding Machine (600Ton - 4000Ton)

DKM injection molding machine ranges at the top 3 brands for two platen injection molding machines with high precision tolerance, which is original from Italian technology.

Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine tpm1000 details
Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine tpm1000

    Versatile - the best basic machine for all applications, especially for  large moulds for industrial containers, pallets and auto parts.    

    Efficient Production - 30% land covering less and more freedom for moulds at a same clamplig force compared two platen injection machine with others. 

    Low Maintenance Costs - stable machine thanks to enhanced  strength and rigidity, excellent platen parallelism and outstanding closed-circuit lubrication system.    

    High Energy Saving - less energy consumption than three plate machine by european servo system.    

    Reliable Human-machine Security - CE for safe operation for workers and perfect safety design for machinery, electric, hydraulic and mould protection.    

    Clamping Force - from 6,000 kN to 40,000 kN    

    Ready European standard connector for robot. 

    Suitable for industrial items and large parts: large containers & pallets, automotive big parts(Bumper, Air Spoiler…), beach chairs & tables...

    We can offer customized two plates injection machines according to your special requirements.