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PET Bottle Preform Molding Line
  • PET Bottle Preform Molding Production Line

    DKM specialized on providing multi-cavities PET Bottle Preform Molding Production Line service. It had been devoted on research and development on high efficiency PET bottle preform molding line turnkey solution. Till now, PET preform machine had already developped to third generation which special for high speed running and more then 1000 sets of PET bottle preform injection molding lines had already successfully delivered and got many good feedback from the users.

    PET Bottle Preform Injection Molding Machine

      Bigger L/D rate and high plasticization with professional screw; Available in a range of 250-650 Ton.

      Double Barrel for high speed injection molding is Optional.

      Special Machines base design fit for speical dimension of PET preform mould.

      Machine designed for high Speed, high repeatability, high reliability, high efficiency.

    PET Preform Molding Machine

    PET Bottle Preform Molds

      8-144 cavities with interchangeable characteristic & quickly neck insert change, outside mold cooling unit is optional.

      Professional PET valve gate hot runner system, with 23 years experience.

      High standard EURO stainless steel material and process with suitable heat-treatment.

      High precision lathe, grinding technology and other preicsion tooling, Critical dimension with 0.005mm tolerance.  (in 2024, SINO MOULD PET preform molds tooling and machining will realize completely Intelligence and automation)

      High speed with molding cycle 12 seconds for 26g preform molds.

      Standard neck preform mould 32 cavities to 96 cavities can be delivered within 2 weeks.

    PET Preform Mold Core
    PET Preform Mold Cavity
    72-cav preform mold
  • 72-cavity PET Preform Mould

  • Product: 72-cavity PET preform mould (16g) 

    Mould material: S136 

    Mould size: 1200*900*573mm 

    Cycle time: 18s  

    Description: Bottle preform mould is provided by Sino Mould,with selected S136 steel,which assures long life running; We use Anole hot runner and 72 tips valve gate system; The production cycle time is only 18s, the average daily output is up to 345600pcs.

  • Side Enterance Servo Robot

      Side Enterance Servo Robot with gripper plate-preform Injection Molding Out Mould Cooling Robot.

      1 station to 3 stations cooling jigs are optional.

      Universal cooling jigs for different preform height.

      Casting iron base for robot base and main frame.

      Jigs and Gripper Plate use aviation hard aluminum PLC controller.

    cooling robot for preform molding line
    PET machine with cooling robot

    Professional and efficient auxiliary machinery

    PET bottle preform molding dedicated dryer, loader and chiller.

    Preform Injection Molding Solution One-Stop Service

      High speed outside of mould cooling and collection robot, double barrel for high speed plasticization optional.

      Detail Factory Layout & Water/Air/Electrical Power Layout & Automation System Counselor

      Engineer Sending & Machine Installing & Parameter Adjustment & Training Service, On Site & Online Training Course.

    Engineer Sending2
    Machine Installing2
    Parameter Adjustment2

    PET Bottle Preform Injection Molding Machine Line Images

  • preform mold processing1
  • PET specialized molding machine
  • preform double screw
  • PET specialized screw2
  • DKM Multi-cavities Preform Molding Production Line Video

    Here are videos of some of our preform production lines

    PET preform production line1
  • 72-cav PET Preform Production Line
  • PET preform production line2
  • Preform Molding Line with Outside Cooling Robot
  • PET preform production line3
  • DKM, an Expert in PET Preform Injection Moulding Industry.

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