DKM Multi-cavities Preform Molding Production Line

DKM Multi-cavities Preform Molding Production Line

DKM specialized on providing multi-cavities PET Preform Molding Turnkey Line service. It had been devoted on research and development on high efficiency PET molding turnkey solution. Till now, PET preform machine had already improved to third generation high which special for high speed running and 1368 lines Preform injection molding lines had already successfully shipped out and got a high reputation among customers.

The Experts at DKM PET Preform Molding Line

DKM 72-cavity PET Preform Molding Line

DKM PET Preform Molding Line

550Ton 72 Cavities Preform Mold 15s

350Ton 48 Cavities Preform Mold 10s

High Speed PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

Bigger L/D rate and high plasticization

Available in a range of 110-650 Ton with custom PET screw

High tensile chrome plated tie bars for precision and high speed mold closing & opening

Advanced computer control and electrical system

High Speed, high repeatability, high reliability, high efficiency

DKM High Speed PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

High Precision PET Preform Molds - Sino Mould

High Precision PET Preform Molds

8-144cavities preform Molds

PET preform mold cold half

Valve gate injection hot runner system

Stainless steel material and process with heat-treatment

High precision lathe & EDM & CNC tooling

Interchangeable characteristic & quickly neck insert change

High Precision PET Preform Molds - Sino Mould

Accessories & Automation System

Dehumidifying dryer and auto loader for material, Chiller system Automation system, such like, preform picker robot, preform sorting and conveyor system, vision inspection system and so on

Auto Loader
Mold Temperature Controller
Hopper Dryer

Preform Neck Finish

  • 25mm ROPP
    25mm ROPP
  • 28mm BPE-C
    28mm BPE-C
  • 28mm ROPP
    28mm ROPP
  • 38mm 2Start HF Bericap
    38mm 2Start HF Bericap
  • 38mm 3Start CF Bericap
    38mm 3Start CF Bericap
  • 26.7mm 3Start Alaska
    26.7mm 3Start Alaska
  • 28mm PCO 1810
    28mm PCO 1810
  • 28mm PCO 1881
    28mm PCO 1881
  • 28mm PCO Corvaglla
    28mm PCO Corvaglla
  • 30/25 3Start Low
    30/25 3Start Low
  • 30/25 3Start High
    30/25 3Start High

DKM Preform Injection One-stop Service

  • Competitive Audit Planning & Suitable Machine & Equipment Recommend

    Accord to Preforms production capacity demand, our team will seriously calculate injection weight, injection pressure, select cavities number and others. Besides, even you have another preform weight plan, we will consider more and to maximize best benefit.

  • Detail Factory Layout & Water/Air/Electrical Power Layout & Automation System Suggestion

    No matter new factory building or existed factory enlarge, you will get detail and well-organized design. A good layout will save more space. And it will also improve factory production management efficiency. Meanwhile, automation system such like preform picker robot, sorting and convey and so on will be provide accord to your requirement.

  • Engineer Sending & Machine Installing & Parameter Adjustment & Training Service

    Professional engineer sending for all machine and equipment installing. They will adjust optimal parameter and ensure high speed and stable running in mass production. Besides, they will make a training course for operation and maintenance.

  • On Site & Online Training Course

    World widely DKM agent and service stop
    Monthly mechanical engineer visiting
    Online software training course

  • What Characteristic Service at DKM?

    Base on our know-how and years of experience, we offer you a tailor-made project solutions which contained five gallon PET molding solution, PET Jar project planning, and water bottle production line…….

    Various Preform Molding Solutions
    Jar Preform Molding Service
    5 Gallon Preform Molding Service
    Bottle Preform Molding Service

    DKM Preform Molding Experience

    DKM Preform Molding Line in Nigeria

    DKM Preform Production Line in Nigeria

    We guarantee that we do not store any more data than required for the services provided. We do not pass this data to third parties outside Sino Mould Co., Ltd. All information will, of course, be treated confidentially.