Which Injection Molding Machine is Best for Your Project? Learn from DKM

DKM is here to guide you to choose the best machine for your injection molding project.

Injection Molding Machine Barrels: A Comprehensive Exploration

The Injection molding barrel stands as a linchpin, working in tandem with the screw to mold plastic materials into diverse forms.

Getting to Know PET Preform Moulding

How are plastic beverage bottles produced? You will know that after learning PET preform injection molding process and blowing process.

Calculating the Projected Area for Injection Molding

The projected area helps us to roughly estimate the force that is used to apply on the mold in the molding procedure.

Understanding the Significance of L/D Ratio in Injection Molding Machines

This article aims to explain what the L/D Ratio of the Injection Molding Machine is, its significance, and the potential challenges associated with different aspect ratios.

How to Avoid Weld Lines in Injection Molding

In this article, we will review the details of weld lines, explore their causes, and provide actionable insights on how to minimize and avoid them for optimal injection molding outcomes.

What products can be made by injection molding method?

Plastic products are produced by the injection moulding process, which is widely used throughout the world. Let's explore its wide range of uses and product features!

Getting to Know PET Preform Moulding

PET preforms are very popular in the beverage sector as they are used for bottling water, soft drinks, and juices, among other liquid products.

Decoding the Bottle Numbers on the Bottoms

These bottle numbers on the bottom provide important details regarding the make-up and suitability for recycling of the plastic used to make the bottle.

What is thin wall injection molding?

Thin-wall injection molding belongs to a particular kind of specialized technique in plastic injection molding that involves the creation of light mass and intricate structures with very thin walls.

Short shot injection molding : Reasons and solutions

Short-shot injection moulding is a common issue that a manufacturer might face during the plastic injection moulding process and learn how to solve this problem is crucial.

Injection moulding machine tonnage calculation guide, minimuming cost to start your injection moulding project

This article helps you learn how to calculate tonnage of injection molding machines and get a suitable machine for your production line.

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