DKM Fast Speed Injection Molding Machine (130Ton – 4000 Ton)

DKM-DH series injection machine (DKM Lightning Machine) is updated with electrical pre plastic charging system and self-locking nozzle based on DKM servo motor machine for shorter cycles – 30%-50%, achieving quicker payback. It’s ideal for items such as daily necessities, paint buckets, turnover boxes, etc., which require high output and short cycle.

DKM-DH Injection Machine

    Quality molding - the faster and better plasticizing capacity

    Shorten cycle times about 30%-50% - Synchronization in plasticizing, mould open or eject, core pulling, etc (above DKM-450DH, including all of them).

    Higher performance – 20%-30% energy saving and higher plasticizing precision thanks to the electrical motor

    Enhanced injection speed – enhanced pump is available, injection speed could be 250mm/s for 130Ton -650Ton and 150mm/s for 850Ton – 4000Ton