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PP Pipe Fitting Molding Production Line
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PP Pipe Fitting Molding Line

DAKUMAR offer the services for PP pipe fitting molding solution:

1. Free training in DAKUMAR workshop for machines operation and basic maintain.

2. Send engineer team to customer’s factory for machines and moulds installation and helping test each mould on their related machine.

3. Arrange spot training, until the client engineers know how to operate the machines and moulds.

4. Machine’s maintenance or basic repairing training in your factory.

Pipe fittings are widely used in water supply, drainage, construction, agricultural and industrial water supply and drainage, valves, switches, bathroom shower nozzle, etc. so plastic fitting line is very good project for new investor. We rich experience in plastic fitting moulds and pipe fittings moulds. We choose top quality metal material for mould and adopt advanced mould design from Europe with optimal cooling effect.

Dakumar develops DKM servo series injection machine for plastic pipe fitting moulding solution with energy saving, low noise, high control precision, etc, which is the most popular models in the market. The machine use servo motor and hydraulic drive technology.This series injection molding machine is suitable for products like fittings, crates and some other industrial parts…. We also offers customized machine according to different customer and different products. We have strong technical team and innovation ability.

A good PP pipe fitting molding line should have features like high working efficiency with high productivity, stable performance, and low power consumption and easy for handling and operation…. This is what Dakumar will offer. We offer you not only a mould, but a fine solution.

PVC Pipe Fitting Molding Line

DAKUMAR is one of Chinese PVC pipe fitting moulding supplier which can offer the whole PVC pipe fitting molding line for various PVC pipe fitting products, from factory set up investment budget, professional and quick proposal, technical support and suggestion and proper equipment selection, equipment purchase and service after purchase. That is to say, with very short time you can start your PVC pipe fitting molding business from zero to be high standard plastic molding line.

DAKUMAR offer the complete solutions for various pipe fitting productions. During the mould design, the designer will check on the mould 3D design to see how to fix the mould onto injection molding machine, combined with the plastic injection capacity and clamping force of the molding machines. We help customers to choose the most suitable machines to save power and cost. We will give machine list with models and quantity and advice customer according to the customer production requirements which machine for which mouldbecause the pipe fitting has a big size ranges.

Considering the pipe fitting moulds’ structures, DAKUMAR apply special design for the machine’s safety door, cover and case, to make sure the entire hydraulic cylinder will not come out of the machines and the safety door could be closed during production.

Due to the pipe fitting moulds’ special molding requirements, DAKUMAR has one series’ PVC molding machines. Now we are developing a new device which can eliminate the poisonous gas during the molding. Hope this device will be ready for the market in the end of 2017.

All above mentioned are our advantages to support customer with our experience and complete service for their new factory set up. So if you are interested in setting up PVC pipe fitting production line, please kindly contact us, I believe DAKUMAR will be your best PVC pipe fitting moulding supplier in China.

PPR Fitting Molding Line

DAKUMAR is one of Chinese PPR fitting moulding supplier which can offer the whole PPR fitting molding line for various PPR pipe fitting products with high quality and quick delivery time. We are specialized in offering plastic PPR fitting molding line,including PPR fittingmould and PPR injection molding machine and accessories equipment.

As we know, PPR is one of the most widely used plastic fitting in the world and PPR fittings are frequently used for both household applications and in construction. We are offering German standard PPR fitting mould and PPR fitting machine.

PPR fitting size can be various from small size to big size,the size ranges from 20mm to 160mm.There are two kinds of PPR fitting:Hot and cold potable water piping .they are mostly used in the daily and industrial field. we will recommend suitable injection molding machine according to the PPR fitting size and your productivity requirement.

We have a professional design team to help design high quality PPR moulds with good water channel and perfect design structure, good quality and easy for maintenance.

We are offering:

1) New plant layout drawing , including water ,electric ,and air ,etc.

2) Offer suggestion according to customer request.

3) Special design to keep PPR fitting mould with long life time

4) Suitable PPR injection molding machine can save power and cost

5) Send engineer for technical support.

6) Cost level spare parts offer.

DAKUMAR is a leading PPR fitting moulding supplier in China .We have sent more than 20 PPR fitting molding line to different countries all over the world. We are with rich experience to offer PPR fitting production line to satisfy our customers’ needs. Welcome to contact us for your new project.

Special Fitting Molding Line

Dakumar is an expert of Special Fitting Moulding Supplier, such as PVC pipe fitting production line, PP production line, and special fitting production line…We helped our customers in the world to set up their own factory to produce plastic ball valve, P trap...

As a Special Fitting Moulding Supplier, we are glad to share our knowledge to help you on starting a new production line. There are many things to think about for planning a new project, such as choosing a suitable project, making business planning, purchase equipment, machine installation and commissioning… we need to do al things step by step.

In the initial stage, it is very important to find out the market situation and demand, for example which kind of fittings is the best seller in your market? Do you find any gap in the fitting market to spot? So the first step is to find out the specific fittings you want to make and will also be easily sold in the market. You need to know these details: plastic material of fittings, fittings specifications, and expected production capacity.

After perfectly know your requirement, the key stage is to find a professional supplier who can offer you turnkey solution for special pipe fitting production line, from A to Z. They can help you work out the workshop layout based on your requirement, suggest you the molds and machines you need, and help you install all the equipment, and training your workers. Normally such of these suppliers, they must need very rich experience on the special fitting mold, fitting injection machine, and fitting molding service. It is not enough to know only mould knowledge or machine knowledge. In normal case, the special pipe fitting mold manufacture only make moulds, and they may be not very familiar with the injection machine, and molding technologies, not even about how to install and training workers. So it is very important to find a supplier who is experienced with both moulds and machine like Sino Holdings Group, who have both Machine Company (Dakumar injection machine) and mould company (SINO MOULD).

Afteryou buy these machines and molds, then your main work is to inspect the whole Special pipe fitting production line before delivery and make sure they will run very smoothly in your plant, with low or even zero defects, to realize your production profits.

If you would like to setup your own special fitting production line, we glad to share with you with more details of this line and our cost list.

Dakumar cooperate with SINO MOULD as an expert provide full set of high quality and professional pipe fitting injection molding line services, with decades of experiences in making PVC and PPR pipe fitting connector plastic injection molding solution, including plastic injection mold, plastic injection machine and some accessories.

As professional pipe fitting mold maker, we have rich experience in making pipe fitting mold, such as PVC pipe fitting mold, PPR pipe fitting mold, U-PVC pipe fitting mold, and any other special fitting mold. We have around 30-50 designer design and analyze the product & mould with professional suggestion for clients. Our QC department will be responsibility for every tooling step and every dimension even for inserts.

Additional Dakumar Machinery co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing different kinds of injection molding machine. We provide customers with a complete set of production line, particularly for our Pipe fitting injection molding line which is much in demand all over Europe, America, Asia and Africa etc. 

PVC material is very special and release chlorine after heating. So the PVC plastic injection molding machines need special screw. Comparing with normal machine, PVC machines have special hard chrome plated screw and nozzle for PVC material. The machine is with safety door have a strictly temperature control. Enlarged hydraulic motor fit the high requirement for PVC plasticization. The machine clamping plate will be stronger than normal machine, and door frame more larger to ensure the hydraulic cylinder able to fit inside machine. 

We will run all the PVC fitting production line in our workshop to ensure all the parts coordinate in best condition before shipping. If there is no technical support in clients'workshop, we also could send our engineer to help. Customer don't need to communicate with many suppliers and spend a lot of energy to it. SINO GROUP knows PVC molds and PVC machine very well, we can help you select the most suitable equipment to meet your requirement. The delivery time will be decreased and project cost will be more competitive.

Filling an empty workshop for customer is our duty to develop an injectionmolding business. We could help clients start from zero and win profit for clients in plastic injection project. We not only provide clients a plastic injection molding mold or machine ,but also a plastic injection molding solution.

If you have any interest, welcome to contact us.