High Speed Thinwall Container Injection Molding Machine

Dakumar Machinery Co., is specialized in high speed injection molding machine manufacturing,our high speed injection machine is suitable for thinwall product production,such as ice cream box,salad box,ect.

Large Size Two Plate Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

China brand Injection machine manufacturer - Dakumar Machinery supplying large sizetwo plate injection molding machine size from 1000Ton to 4000ton clamping force, for large size plastic part production.

Seek Wordwide Injection Molding Machine Agency

Dakumar injection molding machine now is seeking injection machine country agency, could provide the local customer fast plastic injection molding service and injection molding machine engineer training and sales. Welcome to make injection machine request.

Bread Crate Production Line Service

Sino Holdings Group is a professional manufacturer for plastic crate molding line solution, we supply one stop service for crate molding.

Plastic Vegetable Crate Injection Molding Equipment Supplier

Dakumar Machinery co supply around 50 sets plastic vegetable crate injection molding equipment per year, customized injection molding solution for different vegetable crate, bread crate, cola crate, milk crate, fish crate and so on.

Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, the world famous injection molding machine manufacturer in China, founded in 1992 and located in Huangyan, China mold town. Now we have set up many agent service in different countries, such like Russia, Turkey, Mexico, South America, Iran and so on.

Choose A Suitable Injection Molding Machine

Are you looking for a reliable injection molding machine manufacturer?

Plastic Seat Chair Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Dakumar Machinery co supplying plastic seat chair injection machine by high performance machine and pre-sale and after sale service.

Robot System Suplier

Dakumar mac hinery co., LTD to provide injection molding, manipulator, side in manipulator, mould manipulator, services. We have cooperation for many years, with the Italian famous mechanical manufacture and supply for many large food packaging enterprises within the model of a complete set of IML production line, including side entry manipulator, top enter manipulator, a mould stick a manipulator, etc. Sensitive but also because of high stability, fast response, to make our market gradually expanded to more areas, more than one country. Contains, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Russia. For a complete set of fully automatic manipulator injection molding, we will according to the customer's production requirements, labeling requirements, and will recommend to customers with a complete set of production plan and program plan, including mechanical, injection mold, labels, auxiliary equipment, we will advance in the company to simulate production, form a complete set of operation, after waiting

Top One Plastic Turnkey Molding Service Supplier

SINO offers you tailored plastic turnkey molding solution with all around service.

Plastic Injection Molding Solution

SINO specialized in offering clients various plastic injection solutions.

Dakumar Injection Machine Overseas Subsidiary

"Dakumar injection molding machine looking forward to establish overseas subsidiary Satisfy customer more and more sales request and service demand. And also available to consider injection machine sales representative and injection machine country agency,please let us know your interests."