PLAST2023 Milan Italy-DKM Show

DKM injection molding machine made a stunning appearance at the Milan Plastic Rubber Exhibition in Italy, showcasing the charm of intelligent injection molding manufacturing!

Exhibition 2023 In Italy-DKM

DKM invites you to visit PLAST2023 International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition held in Italy.

Joining Forces with Metoree: Showcasing Our Industrial Innovations

That's great news! Introducing your professionally produced products on Metoree industrial product comparison site sounds like an excellent opportunity to showcase your offerings to engineers and researchers. With a wide range of categories and a platform designed for product comparison, you're likely to reach a targeted audience interested in your products.

Exhibition | DKM at Saudi Print & Pack

Saudi Print & Pack Successfully Concludes, Injection Molding Strength Attracts Attention

Plastic Injection Molding: Creating Precision and Versatility

Plastic injection molding has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, enabling the production of precise and versatile plastic components. From automotive parts to consumer electronics, medical devices to packaging materials, plastic injection molding plays a crucial role in creating a wide range of products. In this article, we will delve into the world of plastic injection molding, exploring its process, benefits, applications, challenges, and future trends.

Factory Open Day

DKM Injection Molding Machine Factory Open Day will be held on April 26-27, 2023. On the occasion, DKM Machinery, together with brother company Sino Mould, will present innovative injection molding technologies and perfect solutions for different applications.

DKM First Day at ChinaPlas

DKM has presented three solutions in Shenzhen exhibition. The low inertia injection molding machine is a new independently researched and developed model of DKM. The advanced technology first officially displayed to the public has impressed visitors around the world.

Medical Injection Molding Machine 250Ton-DKM

DKM MX Series with high cleaness and precision suit for medical and lab consumables production.


ChinaPlas 2023 DKM Machinery will present 3 newly developed injection molding machines at SHENZHEN for this China Plas exhibition.

IMM Low Inertia Injection Technology

DKM IMM invented low inertia injection, achieving high-precision and high-speed injection of IMM, and providing a direction for the development of IMM and the injection molding industry towards high-efficiency, green, and energy-saving.

DKM Low Inertia and High Precision Injection Technology

DKM low inertia and high precision injection technology make a breakthrough in precision, speed, energy saving in injection molding industrial.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Exhibition - Propak East Africa 2023

DKM will attend Propak East Africa on March 14th-16th in Sarit Exhibition Centre, Nairobi, Kenya to exhibit our injection molding machine and plastic production lines.

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