DKM 4000T Two Platen Injection Molding Machine in Australia

Recently, DKM 4000T Two Platen Injection Molding Machine has settled in Australia.

DKM - Plast Eurasia İstanbul Fair 2022

DKM will attend Plast Eurasia İstanbul Fair 2022 on November 23-26 at Salon 12, Stand 1225 with our high performance plastic injection molding machine and intelligent plastic production lines.

DKM New Breakthrough in Plastic Pallet Production Line

Newly development on a plastic pallet production line by DKM has achieved 69S cycle tiem after our R&D team double optimization of the mold and the machine, and our engineers on-site inspection and operation.

IML Bucket Production Tuckey Sulution

A Complete Set of IML Container Production Line

DKM is Looking for IMM Country Agent

This article mainly talk about DKM machine series, machine service and we are looking for machine agent

Plastic Extra-Large-Plastic-Injection-Machine

DKM owns advanced tooling equipment and inspection equipment from Austrial, Germany, Switzerland,Italy etc. We really care about the details control of the Plastic Injection Molding Machine,the main spare parts are inspected by precision 3D coordinate measureing machine to ensure spare parts dimension which to meet the high standard requirement .

DKM Plastic Machine Agent Wanted

To meet the requirement of expanding business overseas, we are keeping looking for excellent partner to help us sale and service.

DKM New Pallet Making Machine

The 69 second cycle tine of DKM's plastic pallet making machine is very meaningful and good news for the pallet making industry. This technological innovation has brought unprecedented benefits to pallet making and made outstanding contributions to reducing pallet costs.

PET Preform Molding Production Turkey Solutions

High Quality PET Molds and Machines for you

Máquina Inyectora Especialmente Diseñada para Productos Médicos

DKM cuenta con 20 años de experiencia en la industria médica y se compromete a proporcionar soluciones de moldeo por inyección médica rentables para ayudar a las empresas médicas a mejorar su productividad y calidad con alta eficiencia, precisión y estabilidad.

Specially Designed Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine from DKM

DKM offers wide range of injection machine tonnages from 80T to 4000T, and extra large plastic injection machines are developed for large-size parts production, welcome to share your comments on making a high stability and high energy-saving extra large injection molding machines.

Plastic Pallet Production Line Solution

DKM MACHINERY is responsible for the RND of injection molding machine which is especially for various plastic pallets.SinoMould is responsible for the RND of plastic pallet mould and plastic pallet itself.