Fast Delivery For Cutlery Line

With the development of the economy and technology, the plastic cutlery is more and more popular in our daily life. The cutlery is mainly fork, knife and spoon. Sino Holdings Group is a group company, Sino Mould Co., Ltd and Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd are the two mainly subsidiary company. Thus, we can offer you fast delivery cutlery line equipment.

PET Preform Making Machine Basics

There are PET Preform Making Machine Basics to help choose the suitable PET Injection Moulding Machine for PET preform production.

Ready for Delivery - DKMSV350 PET II and Sino Mould PET Preform Mold

Ready for Delivery - DKMSV350 PET II and Sino Mould PET Preform Mold

Fast Delivery Injection Moulding Machines

Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd has many ready injection machines, and can offer fast delivery injection machine.

DKM Plastic PET Preform Molding Machine

DAKUMAR as a leading company offering difference series molding machines, specialized in PET Plastic Injection Molding Machine and PET Turnkey Solutions which had already successfully shipped out and got a high reputation among customers.

DKM-600HH High Speed Injection Moulding Machine

DKM high-speed injection moulding machine, designed for high productivity and high quality, is popular among our customers. Check the specification here.

Fast Delivery For Bucket Line

For business, time is the money! Dakumar machinery offers fast delivery bucket turnkey line solution, include ready bucket molds, fast delivery injection molding machines with suitable auxiliary equipment.

Why Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine?

The special two platen injection moulding machine highlights meet the plastic parts production demand, that’s why increasing plastic molders choose two platen injection moulding machine.

How Should We Choose The Injection Machine?

The way you can find the type of injection mahcine you need

High Quality Molding Machine Solution

Dakumar Machinery owns advanced tooling equipment and inspection equipment from Austrial, Germany, Switzerland, Italy etc. We really care about the details control of the Plastic Injection Molding Machine,the main spare parts are inspected by precision 3D coordinate measureing machine to ensure spare parts dimension which to meet the high standard requirement.

DKM PET Preform Molding Line Service

Comprehensive PET preform molding line service is provided as DKM experienced PET preform molding for higher preform production efficiency and less downtime.

How To Choose PET Production Line Device

The main factors of choosing suitable PET equipment for bottle performs production line.