Gas Assisted Parts Production Line

More flexibility for gas assisted designs

Gas assisted molding line is more and more widely used in plastic injection field. Dakumar is one of leading gas-assisted production line manufacturer in china, can offer you customized gas assisted injection molds, gas assisting molding injection machines, gas assisted auxiliary machines, gas controller, gas generator, etc.

  • Gas Assisted Molding Production Line-Machine
  • Gas Assisted Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • Gas Assisted Molding Production Line-Gas Assisted Parts
  • Reduce operating costs – unbeatable energy efficiency, minimum cooling water consumption and low maintenance costs.

    Reasonable design –we consider carefully on gas over leakage pocket dimension design, gas channel design for gas smoothly passing during production, pay attention on molds dimension controlling for a precision gas assisted molds

    Better product - Permitting different wall thickness & more stronger of plastic part

    Strict QC control and inspection - there are series of system and equipment to control the temperature, process and valve parts to achieve your goal.