DKM IMM with Low Inertia and High Precision Injection Technology


On March 21, China Plastic Machinery Industry Association organized well-known academicians and experts in the domestic industry to set up a new technology evaluation and appraisal committee, and held a new technology and new results evaluation and appraisal meeting on the "low inertia and high precision injection technology" independently developed by DKM. The evaluation committee gave a high evaluation to this technology that the technical level and indicators, performance of the equipment reached the international advanced level, agreed and passed the appraisal.

This technology of DKM has a milestone significance for the injection molding industry: setting off innovation revolution in the whole plastic machine industry for precision, speed, energy saving, filling in gaps in the field of energy saving in the injection machine industry from 2010 to now and emission reduction technology development blank, starting a new stage from the "servo pump" to "low inertia".

In the morning, the experts inspected the trial production and operation of the low inertia injection molding machine, listened to the low inertia development technology work summary, detection, scientific and technological update, user use and other reports, and reviewed the relevant documents. "Low inertia and high precision injection technology"  was generally recognized by China Plastic Machinery Association President Su Dongping, professors of universities and colleges and chief workers of leading plastic machinery companies.

Led by the China Plastic Machinery Association, the review meeting was replied together by He Hezhi, the professor of the national engineering research center South China University of Technology, and Mr. Li Jun of the National Engineering Research Center Sino branch Center and made a detailed explanation in precision, speed, energy saving on DKM low inertia and high precision injection technology.

At the meeting, in-depth technical exchanges and discussions were carried out, and the future development of the technology field was boldly proposed. The chief engineer of the well-known plastic machinery enterprise in the industry is also looking forward to the future development and application of this technology, that this technology is a milestone for the development of the plastic machinery industry, and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with DKM on technology and innovation in the future.


DKM Low Inertia and High Precision Injection Technology

[Bring forth the new, strength first]

World first "low inertia high precision injection technology" is the result of DKM's continuous development and innovation. We have obtained 1 invention patent, 3 PCT invention patent search, 3 utility model patents, 4 invention patents under acceptance, 2 participating in the formulation of industry standards, and 1 drafting of enterprise standards.

Product Highlights:

High precision:
The storage servo motor (or hydraulic motor) is separated from the moving plate of the injection unit, and the back plate will not move with the barrel screw to reduce the inertia generated during injection. Adopt open test spline to control the repeated accuracy of the injection weight within the error of ±2‰, which meets the production demand of high-precision plastic products and improves the repeated accuracy of the products and the service life of the injection molding machine.

High speed:
The spline transmission mechanism with high precision and wear resistance is developed to reduce the transmission force of screw rotation and improve the injection molding response speed. The corresponding speed of low inertia reaches 75mm/s for only 30 milliseconds. The injection speed of variable diameter injection cylinder is more than 250mm/s without increasing the power system, which can effectively shorten the cycle.

High energy saving 15%-20%:
The length of the machine is increased by 5D (D screw diameter), and equip high performance low inertia high precision injection system to realize low heating, high efficiency, large overload capacity, fast response, reduce energy consumption  by 15%-20% compared with conventional models, breaking the national level of energy consumption requirements, and help customers to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Wide Application:
"Low inertia high precision injection technology" is mature used in injection molding machine from small tonnage to large tonnage of different specifications as well as in all kinds of electric, hydraulic, high-speed injection molding machine. Low inertia technology has been mass produced and have been fully adopted a number of customers to create greater value and get wide praise.

DKM, led by the mission of Make Molding More Valuable, continue to explore the core technologies of injection molding and layout for the future direction of injection molding. With the top research and development, intelligent manufacturing and brand power, we provide global users with complete machine equipment + mold + intelligent manufacturing system, build high-quality service experience for customers, and open a new era of win-win.

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