DKM Regional Exclusive Agent Recruiting

DKM standing in China and facing the world,is committed to becoming leading in plastic injection molding machines and systems. With the rapid expansion of international business,DKM sincerely recruit the regional exclusice agent worldwide to provide timely service and high-quality injection molding machine to users.

We invite you to become our partner to achieve success and win-win.

Who is DKM?

DKM, which takes its name from the abbreviation of Discovery the Key of Molding, is a famous Chinese plastic injection molding machine brand established in 2007. Since then, DKM has begin its development in plastic injection molding machines and systems.

Now DKM has more than 500 employees, 30 of whom are scientific experts and 160 are senior engineers and has three R&D centers, one in Germany and two in mainland China. Years of developments make DKM Machinery step into the first stage of global plastic injection molding machine brands and achieve annual output of 1000 sets of machines for global customers. 43 projects have been developed and put into production successfully, including intelligent injection molding system and industrial automation management software system, which have been highly recognized by the industry and government (project innovation awards).

Lead by the mission of "Make Molding More Valuable", DKM Machiery, in the meantime of continually improving our technique and innovation, also build a global sales network to bring more timely technical support and service for our clients.

As an important part of our sales network, DKM has established Regional Exclusive Agents in more than 20 countries and is looking for more partners to join us.

Agent Worldwide 20+
Annual Export 1500+
Scientific Experts 160+
Senior Engineers 30+
Injection Molding Machine Agent
What does DKM offer?
According to different injection molding needs of users, DKM developed the following main models of injection molding machine:
  • DKM80-3350 Ton DH series- 3 axis simultaneous-motioned high speed injection molding machine

  • DKM600-4000 Ton TP series-two platen injection molding machine

  • DKM200-600Ton HH series-high speed injection molding machine

  • DKM250-550Ton PET series-PET preform injection molding machine

  • DKM MX series-electrical machine
  • China Plastic Injection Mould ManufacturerChina Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer
    Plastic Injection Mould GraphicPlastic Injection Mould Graphic
    Plastic Injection Mould Visual MapPlastic Injection Mould Visual Map
    Plastic Injection Mould Analyse DiagramPlastic Injection Mould Analyse Diagram
    Plastic Injection Mould Reference ResourcesPlastic Injection Mould Reference Resources
    What are the requirements for becoming agent of DKM?

  • Experience as an agent or salesperson for other plastic injection molding machine brands;

  • Have sales experience of plastic machinery;

  • Have mechanical equipment sales qualification;

  • Have own service team;

  • Have storage warehouses of certain scale
  • DKM Agent Recruiting
    What Support you will get from DKM?
    Marketing Diversity - One Stop Solution of plastic injection molding lines - to satisfy all consumer needs.
    Marketing Publicity Material Assisted – booklets, leaflets, catalogues, promotion videos, small gifts…
    International Network Promotion - Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and local advertising so on
    Local Exhibition Support - Generally, every country, it will have its own famous exhibition to display the machinery and equipment, it will be a great way to let others know us, we will offer our machines and attend your local exhibition to let more people know us.
    Adding value to the DKM machine by branding, which will allow you enjoy the additional value.
    Making DKM quickly recognized by people everywhere, help you sell the machines easier.
    Fair pricing structure, allows agents or distributors with profitable selling.
    Special financial support for the payment.
    Quick Response
    You would get the quick response from DKM when needed to help you maintain the good business relationship with customer.
    Priority production order and spare parts delivery
    Long-term supply of spare parts
    Technical Support
    Our technical team provides all kinds of technical support online.
    Training Support - For sales team, know the DKM machine very well, and also about the skill of promotion and negation with customers, and others needed. For technician, provide technical training. For managers, provide management and operation concept training.
    Company news updated – help you knowing DKM timely to keep good business relationship with customer.
    Find the best cooperation’s and commission models make your business successful.

    Agent Support - Marketing - Local Exhibition Support
    Agent Support - Marketing - Exhibition Support1
    Agent Support - Training
    Agent Support - Training1
    Agent Support - Marketing - Local Exhibition Support1
    DKM Great Support for Agent
    DKM Great Support for Agent1
    Agent Support - Marketing - Exhibition Support

    What DKM Agents Should Do
    Responsible for the sales of DKM injection molding machine in local area
    Responsible for the after-sale service and technical maintain in the area
    Responsible for providing products support and training services to customers
    Identify with DKM company's management philosophy and development mission
    Maintain DKM company's brand image
    DKM Worldwide Agent

    So if you are ready to challenge yourself and advance your career in a performance-driven culture that recognizes and rewards achievement, we would like to meet you.

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