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Dakumar Machinery (DKM) hereby invites individuals and companies to be our agent to meet the growing demand, DKM will offer great support on the plastic machine business.

DKM Market Plane

DKM market model is to develop services and sales through the establishment of agency centers in various countries and regions.
Countries that now have agency service centers, Such like South Africa, Ukraine, Saudi Arab, Sudan, Iran, Spain, Tunisia, Mexico, Morocco, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Nepal, Algeria, UAE, Iraq
In 2019, DKM will increase of 15 country agency service centers
By 2020, DKM has to realize 60 country agency and service centers in the world.

DKM Agent Plane
The Market of Plastic Injection Molding Machine

It is a relatively stable and promising market of Plastic injection molding machine, as the plastic injection molding is widely used for processing plastic parts in large volume. And the final or semi-finished plastic parts manufactured by the machines are widely used throughout near all industries, thus, the market of plastic injection molding machine would be kept in future.

DKM Plastic Injection Molding Machines
The Qualification to be An Agent/Distributor

You are very welcome to cooperate together with us. Certainly, those individuals/ companies who want to be our Agent/Distributor meet the following requirement are preferred:

  • Experienced agency of other injection machine brand

    Have plastic machinery sales experience.

    Have machinery equipment sales qualifications.

    Have after-sale service team.

    Have stock warehouse.

  • DKM Machine Distributor Qualification
  • The Support You Will Get
    To be our agent, DKM will offer great support on the plastic machine business which is not limited to the marketing.
    1. Marketing
  • Marketing Diversity - Turnkey Plastic Factory Set-up Service: Not only provide plastic injection molding machine, but also the one stop solution, to satisfy all consumer needs.
  • Marketing Publicity Material Assisted - booklets, leaflets, catalogues, promotion videos
  • International Network Promotion - Website, Alibaba, Made-in-China, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.
  • Local Exhibition Support - Generally, every country, it will have its own famous exhibition to display the machinery and equipment, it will be a great way to let others know us, we will offer our machines and attend your local exhibition to let more people know us.
  • Agent Support - Marketing - Publicity Material Assisted
  • Agent Support - Marketing - Exhibition Support
  • Agent Support - Marketing - Local Exhibition Support
  • 2. Branding
  • Adding value to the DKM machine by branding, which will allow you enjoy the additional value.
  • Making DKM quickly recognized by people everywhere, help you sell the machines easier.
  • 3. Pricing
  • Fair pricing structure, allows agents or distributors with profitable selling.
  • Special financial support for the payment.
  • 4. Quick Response
  • You would get the quick response from DKM when needed to help you maintain the good business relationship with customer.
  • Priority production order and spare parts delivery
  • Long-term supply of spare parts
  • Technical Support
  • 5. Growth
  • Training Support - For sales team, know the DKM machine very well, and also about the skill of promotion and negation with customers, and others needed; for technician, provide technical training; for managers, provide management and operation concept training.
  • Company news updated - help you knowing DKM timely to keep good business relationship with customer.
  • Talent HR Output
  • Join Venture Marketing Staff Output
  • DKM Great Support for Agent
  • Technical Support for Agent
  • Training Support for Agent
  • So if you are ready to challenge yourself and advance your career in a performance-driven culture that recognizes and rewards achievement, we would like to meet you.

    DKM Plastic Injection Molding Machine Agent