20L Plastic Pail Production Line (How To Start Quickest Manufacturing Pails)

  • 2019-02-05
    plastic paint bucket production line

    With the fastest plastic pail production line providing, we're proud to be one of the leading suppliers of offering the complete plastic injection molding solutions.


    Now it shows a solution profile of the fastest plastic bucket molding line:

    Part | IML Plastic Bucket

    Material: PP 

    Size: 20L

    Mould| Plastic Bucket Injection Mould (Sino Mould)

    Injection gate: 1 point valve gate (Anole hot runner)

    Steel : DIN1.2738 with Cube insert

    Mould life: 2million

    Mould size: 700*700*820mm

    Machinery | DKM-600HH (high speed injection molding machine), IML system, auxiliary equipment (auto loader, chiller, air compressor, mixer, crusher…)

    Cycle time | 20 Sec

    Production capacity: 180pcs per hour


    It is the cost-efficient production solution for this 20L plastic paint bucket with higher performance production capacity (20s cycle time) and more competitiveness as the shining attractive appearance by IML and easy changing of label design.


    Beyond that, the complete line can be delivered within 20 days! As we all know that the time is the biggest cost in starting the business, especially for those profitable items, you would make more advantages if you seize the market at first. That’s what we can help you in, not only the stable equipment and tools, but the quickest starting time whole project with preserving your items as trade secret.


    If you'd like to start the plastic bucket injection molding plant in the shortest time, kindly contact us for making it. We are always here for you.