DKM Air Conditioner Production Line


As a professional supplier of air conditioning production line, DKM has strict project control.The product line services include: project preparation, design analysis (including air conditioner product design analysis and mold design analysis), mold manufacturing and testing, machine selection and manufacturing, production line technical support, etc.

1. Air conditioner production line project preparation:

Verify all plastic parts for material type, color, weight and weight tolerance requirements, assembly and assembly dimension tolerance standards, and product inspection standards (including appearance inspection standards and construction inspection standards).

2. Design and analysis of air conditioner production line projects;

During the air conditioner design phase, the technical team will perform DMF analysis on the product design, such as the need to increase/decrease the thickness of the product to avoid dents, remove sharp edges or add R angles to ensure mold quality and mold life somewhere, and strengthen ribs to avoid deformation or warping......We will send the analysis report to the customer to confirm the best product design.

At the same time, we will start the mold design and analysis, and organize the mold technical meeting to confirm the cooling, demoulding and injection molding machine selection.

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