Bottle Crate High Speed Molding Machine


Dakumar injection machine can produce plastic produce with injection technology. Plastic 12-bottle beer crate, 24-bottle plastic crate, beverage bottle crate can produce on Dakumar molding machine- hybrid high speed molding machine series, with model from DKM200H/HH to DKM1300H /HH. This picture shows customized 2.5kg bottle crate molding hi- speed machine-DKM800HH.


Compared with previous high speed machine-simply servo motor machine adopts accumulator, Dakumar provides a new conception of hybrid hi-speed machine.

High Speed: Machine adopts high precision single cylinder injection system and accumulator.

High Efficiency: Machine can realize mould opening, ejector and charging at the same time, it saves cycle time.

High Safety: Machine with mechanical, hydraulic, electrical triple protection and European CE protecting cover design.

High Precision: Configure close loop servo-valve injection system, advance European controller- KEBA, precision international contactor and limit switch brand ect.

High Energy Saving: With servo-motor to injection unit, it saves energy consumption and control the position more precisely.


Expect disposable food container, thin wall vegetable crate, our hybrid hi-precision molding machines can control each shot precisely weight and position, and are widely applied for high precision molding: electronic parts, plastic mechanical gear, LED lights.

Welcome your enquiry of any model injection machine rather than bottle crate high speed molding machine supplier.

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