DKM is Looking for IMM Country Agent


 DKM is a word-famous machine manufacturer established in 2007years. We not only sell machine, our commission is Making Molding More Valuable.

 In order to provide better services to customers, we are actively building service outlets all over the world.

 So looking for the right people to be DKM agent is what we are doing.

We currently has these series machine as below:

DKM servo motor injection machine: DKM90T-DKM3350T

DKM high speed injection machine: DKM200T-DKM1300T

DKM two platen injection machine: DKM600T-DKM4000T

DKM EH injection machine: DKM130T-DKM450T

DKM PET injection machine: DKM130T-DKM650T

DKM PVC injection machine: DKM130T-DKM650T

DKM Angle injection machine: DKM130T-DKM550T

DKM double-color injection machine:DKM140T-DKM1000T

 The above machines can meet the producti on of most plastic products.

 While doing a good job in machine quality, we pay more attention to the customer's experience, especially after-sales service. 24-hour online service is what our company has been doing. In order to solve customers' problems more quickly, we have established agency service centers in many countries. 

 Up to now, DKM partners have been all over Europe, America, Asia and Africa, such as Spain, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mexico, Morocco, Cyprus, South Africa, Jordan, Nepal, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and other countries in order to provide our customers with more timely. For the services, we are always searching agents.

 To be our agent, you will get many benefits: We will help you to learn the knowledge of the injection molding industry, grow rapidly, be able to make profits from it, gain financial freedom asap, you will become valuable person due to the agent of DKM, and gain a certain status in your country.

 As long as you have sales ability and service ability (we will teach you) and good character, you are the person we are looking for.

 Please take your valuable time to analyze and gain an in-depth understanding of DKM. Don't miss this opportunity. If you don't have time, please introduce this opportunity to your family or friends who are interested.

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