DKM New Breakthrough in Plastic Pallet Production Line


With mature Turnkey Production Line supplying experience, DKM aims to provide our worldwide users with high-quality, simple and efficient one-stop systematic services. And DKM is committed to leading the development trend of China and the world's injection molding industry with its insatiable challenge spirit and persistent research spirit and high degree of forward-looking vision.


Newly development on a Plastic Pallet production line by DKM has achieved 69S cycle time after our R&D team double optimization of the mold and the machine, and our engineers' on-site inspection and operation. It's a Historic Breakthrough in plastic pallet molding technology.


The composition of this plastic pallet production line:

  • DKM 2250 TON injection molding machine specially designed for pallet

  • Sino 18KG double-face pallet mold

  • ABB robots

  • ......


Generally, the injection molding machine selected for 18KG pallet is 2800 tons. But DKM specially designed a 2250 ton injection molding machine for pallets, and its applicability covers almost all standard pallet models. The upgraded DKM 2250 ton injection molding machine with the characteristic of electrical premolding and enlarged clamping force, helps to reduce the input of our users, shorten the molding cycle time and keep high molding stability and repeatability.


With SINO MOULD, advanced designed balanced flow channel and efficient cooling water circuit, and high thermal conductivity BeCu make cooling thoroughly, better achieving the best performance of the end products and the shortest cycle time.


DKM Plastic Pallet Production Line is a money printer of professional pallet manufacturers. If you have any interest, don’t hesitate to contact us any time! 

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