DKM Plastic Pallet Turnkey Project


A great news: recently we test 18kg- double sided pallet production line, 69seconds cycle time, this is very exciting for us!

SINO Holdings Group specializes in providing turnkey services for customers, can tailor-made plant design drawings and water circuit design drawings for customers, provide a complete set of equipment such as machines, molds and auxiliary equipments, and can also send engineers on-site installation and commissioning.

Plastic pallet production line is our key support and promotion project. Now anyone who inquires and places an order can enjoy the best price and service!

Here is a brief based on our experience:

There are different types of pallets according to load-bearing and customer needs.

The common ones are nine-corner trays, double-sided trays.

The pallet specifications that our company often makes are 1200*1000mm, 1200*800mm, 1100*1100mm, 1219*1016mm, which can meet the standard needs of various countries.

The plastics used in the production of pallets are PP, HDPE. The plastic melt index is lower, and the toughness of the pallet is better. You can also add UV, anti-ultraviolet rays, and increase the life of the pallet.

For pallets, our company strictly inspects the pallets in accordance with high requirements and customer standards. The commonly used inspection indicators include static load test, dynamic load test, drop test, superposition test...

According to the size of the pallet, it is also very important to choose the right machine, because the pallet needs to be produced on a large machine. Choosing the most suitable machine for the customer can save money.

Most SINO pallet mould normally works with DKM1350T~DKM2250T.

As long as the customer tells us the size of the pallet we want to produce, we will help the customer to accurately select the machine mold and auxiliary equipment, and help the customer to achieve the pallet production smoothly within 6 months, saving customers time and cost!

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