DKM Servo Injection Molding Machine


DKM is one of the famous suppliers of Injection Molding Machines, which has provide high standard precise injection molding line, government project for over 1600 companies in over 100 countries.


DKM-SV series machine is widely applied in different turnkey plastic molding line, like containers and pallets, chair and tables, home appliances and so on.


Here are some features about the servo injection molding machine.


  • High energy saving


The machine uses high-performance servo dynamic control system, as the power source the oil pump, it can save about 20-80% energy. And the servo system only delivers hydraulic oil as it is needed for various functions, which prevents unnecessary generation of heat and substantially reduces oil cooling requirements.


  • High injection precision


It adopts KEBA control system to ensure each shot precisely on weight and position.


  • High efficiency


This series machine is high efficiency, lower oil temperature, making oil tank much smaller and the service life of hydraulic oil and elements much longer.


Once you're interested in servo injection molding machine, please kindly contact us. DKM will offer pre-sales and after sales consultant and training service for you to help you set up your plastic molding factory with short time and cost-effective.

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