DKM Servo Injection Machine

  • 2021-04-22
    DKM Servo Machine

    Do you know DKM servo machine?


    It's suitable for industrial containers and pallet, chair and table, home appliances, automotive parts etc. It is worth mentioning that DKM is a global brand company specializing in injection machine, the R&D center is in Germany.


    DKM servo machine use the slim motor design which the moment of inertia is small, coupled with the most advanced DSP computing device, to realized the oriented vector control of magnetic field. It take the high-precision rotary transform which reach 4096pulse/ras the feedback element of motor rotate speed (flow) and high-precision tension sensor as the feedback element of pressure. It is not only short the formation cycle time but also meet customer's need to pursue high precision in production.


    It is important to DKM can offer customers Turnkey project with nice service, it can save money and time. At the same time, DKM can provide engineers with many years of injection molding experience to solve problems for customers.


    If you are interested in DKM servo machine, please contact us.