Specially Designed Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine from DKM


DKM offers wide range of injection machine tonnages from 80T to 4000T, and adopts high-performance servo dynamic control system, driving oil pump as the power source. DKM injection molding machines have the characteristics of high-speed response, energy-saving, low noise, and high-control precision, achieving a breakthrough in the perfect connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic drive system.


DKM Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine is developed for large-size parts production, especially like industrial dustbins, auto parts, logistics containers and large pallets.

And DKM TP Series Two Platen Injection Machine, as an outstanding representative of Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine, compared to the three platen molding machine of the same tonnage, not only has a larger mold opening stroke capacity, but also has the advantages of less floor space and larger space for robot movement.


Come to discuss the below questions together, and propose your valuable thoughts.

1. How to make Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine with high stability?

- With the help of finite element analysis, stress evenly distributed on platen, which enhance the strength and rigidity of machine platen.

- Double sliding structure for moving and fixed platen, making the parallel opening and clamping movement.


2. How to make Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine with high energy saving?

- High-performance servo system for ideally controlling the energy supply.

- Shorten the machine size and make the energy transforming speed with high efficiency.

- Optimized mechanical structure and hydraulic circuit for lower energy consumption.


Moreover, DKM Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine is designed with higher molding speed and more precision injection, and can offer customized machines according to customers' special requirements. Contact us now and find a suitable Extra Large Plastic Injection Machine type from DKM for your high efficient production.

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