DKM Syringe Production Line

  • 2021-09-04
    DKM Syringe Production Line

    With the development of the times, more and more customers are paying attention to the importance of medical parts. However, the medical parts require high-precision processing, so many customers have difficulty selecting suppliers in the early stages of medical projects.


    DKM can provide a variety of medical parts production lines, such as test tube production line, oxygen mask production line, blood dialysis tube production line, especially in disposable syringe production line.

    Regular disposable syringe structure includes six parts: needle cap, needle hub, cannula, barrel, gasket and plunger. Because disposable syringes require very high precision requirements, so we spent a lot of time researching control precision technology to ensure product quality. Fortunately, we succeeded, almost all customers praised our disposable syringe production line, and we won more orders. At the same time, it can save customers a lot of time and money.

    Now we can offer syringe mould, injection moulding machine, syringe barrel printing machine, needle auto assembly machine, syringe auto assembly machine, syringe blister packing machine and ETO gas sterile machine, we can offer you not only syringe moulds, but a fine solution.


    If you want to develop a disposable syringe project, we warmly welcome your visit and are willing to help you solve the problem.