Dakumar's Research On Toggle-type Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine


With the further development of the plastics industry, the injection molding industry has shown its strong vitality.

Due to with many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, good insulation, small thermal conductivity, good processing characteristics, plastic products are widely used in electrical industry, home appliance industry, transportation, mechanical instrumentation, national defense industry, medical and health, etc.

The production and processing of plastic products is an important part of the development of the plastics industry. Injection molding machines have been the processing equipment for the production of plastic products since the 1930s. In recent years, following the pace of economic development, the use of plastic products has gradually expanded to various fields. Whatever for daily life or industrial use, plastic products have been everywhere, and the demand for injection molding machines has increased rapidly in various countries. As far as the wide variety of injection molding machines on the market are concerned, the most representative injection molding machines is the largest and most extensive toggle-type hydraulic machines.

The toggle-type hydraulic injection molding machine has the following advantages:

1.       Injection speed. In the whole process, the moving speed of the mold changes greatly, and the speed is fast and the efficiency is high;

2.       Clamping force. The toggle-type clamping mechanism can increase the clamping force, and when the mold parting surface is opened, an additional clamping force is generated, and an appropriate short-time working overload is allowed to ensure the locking of the mold;

3.       Balance and strength. The symmetry of the toggle-type clamping mechanism ensures the balance of the mold mechanism and also increases the system strength of the mechanism.

4.       Self-locking. The toggle-type clamping mechanism has very self-locking.

5.       Energy saving. The toggle-type clamping mechanism mode-locking consumes less energy at the same situation.

  Above advantages make the toggle-type hydraulic injection molding machine become the object of choice for the majority of plastic manufacturers, but with the rapid changes in the plastics industry, people has high demands on the quality of plastic products, and more demanding for the performance of the injection molding machine. However, the mold opening vibration and noise of the toggle-type hydraulic injection molding machine have been bothering the plastic manufacturers and plastic manufacturers of injection molding machines. Meanwhile, this problem has also become the focus in the field of injection molding machine at home and abroad. Therefore, solving this problem is not only conducive to upgrading the reliability of the injection molding machine, but also to further enhance the reputation of China's injection molding machine. Besides, it can also compete with injection molding machines from all over the world, and improve the overall technical level of the domestic injection molding machine industry with great theoretical significance and realistic meaning for the production of "energy-saving, precise and efficient" toggle-type hydraulic injection molding machines.

The DKM injection molding machine has greatly improved in noise and vibration through in-depth research on the "energy-saving, precise and efficient" toggle-type hydraulic injection molding machine. There is a variety of "energy-saving, precise and efficient" toggle-type hydraulic injection molding machines in DKM, such as: PET / PVC / high-speed precision / oil-electric composite toggle-type hydraulic injection molding machine, the tonnage ranging from 180SV to 4000 tons, which  for customers to select.

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