Energy-Saving Injection Molding Machine

Energy-saving Injection Molding Machine

Dakumar machinery is one of Chinese leading manufacturer,designer, supplier & exporter offer high quality range of injection molding machines that are suitable for high production of plastic parts ofvarious sizes, dimension and capacity. Every year we export more than 500 setmachines to all over the world. Among all kinds of machine type, energy-saving injection molding machine is the best-selling, people also call it servo motor injection molding machine.

Many important features make it becomes best-selling machine, we adopt high-performance servo dynamic control system, as the power source the oilpump, have the characteristics high speed response, energy saving, low noise, and breakthrough in the perfect connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic drive system. What’s more, the machine is applied with Mirle or Techmation control system and Yuken valve, which enable it to control each shot preciselyon weight and position and reduce errors in molding tolerance to get highprecision molding.

Energy-saving machine is suitable for industrial containers andpallets, chairs and tables, home appliances, automotive parts etc, We can offer customized machine according to customers’special requirements.

If you are looking for high quality injection molding machine to realize mass production, pls kindly email me, Iam glad to quote best price for you with detail machine specification.