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Double Color Molding Production Line
Gas Assisted Molding Production Line
Stacking Molding Production Line

Double Color Molding Line

Strongly driven by popularity of double-color products and the global economy recovery, more and more investors try to find and develop the new business in the plastic industry-double color molding line.

Double color molding means bi-injection molding, two-shot molding or multi-shot injection molding. By this technology, the plastic parts are produced with two different colors / materials by one single operation.

SINO HOLDINGS Group provides two-color molding for a variety industry, like daily necessities, cosmetics products, baby used product, electrical equipment, power tools, automotive parts and medical equipment. These dual-color molding can enhance plastic parts with high surface quality, reduce the labor costs and eliminate the molding steps. Our professional design team will do Moldflow before production to check the structure and avoid the production problem.

Dakumar Machinery Co. Ltd. supports two-color machine as the horizontal injection units, one standard injection machine with a separate injection unit and multi-color injection machine. For the horizontal injection double color machine, the machine has rotating round plate and two injection units. And the 2nd dual color machine, the machine has extra injection unit and rotating mold system.

Our company has rich experience in providing the complete dual color production line with high quality two-shot molds,  the suitable injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment of chiller, mixer, auto-loader, crusher, robots etc..Meanwhile, we provide technical and personal service to analysis the whole project, plant condition, worker training, machine installation & adjustment and period labor service at your point.  During last 3 years, we exported more than 80 sets bi-color molding line to our customers from the republic of Guinea, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, France...

If you are looking forthe plasticdouble color injection molding line, please don’t hesitate to contact SINO HOLDINGS Group for technical and quotation support. You will find SINO is your good business partner.

Gas Assisted Molding Line

Gas assisted molding line is more and more widely used in plastic injection field. Sino Holdings is one of leading gas-assisted production line manufacturer in china, can offer you customized gas assisted injection molds, gas assisting molding injection machines, gas assisted auxiliary machines, gas controller, gas generator, etc.

For a good gas assisted molding line, it will have these obvious advantages to improve final plastic parts: 

-Elimination product surface sink marks

-Elimination of external runners

-Reducing stress and warpage 

-Cycle time reduction

-Permitting different wall thickness

-more stronger of plastic part

To have good gas assisted injection molds, we need to have a good mold design like other normal molds, also we need to consider carefully on gas over leakage pocket dimension design, gas channel design for gas smoothly passing during production. All molds movement parts need to be well designed for smoothly operation workings. During mold tooling process, Sino team pay attention on molds dimension controlling for a precision gas assisted molds.

With gas assisted molding line, we have our injection machines from 50ton to more than 2000ton, suitable for different types gas assisted injection molds running. Also we supply with gas assisted special auxiliary machines, like gas assisted air control, gas assisted air generator, gas assisted air compressors…

We have delivered many gas assisted injection molding lines to our customers, such as gas assisted chair molding lines, gas assisted automotive parts molds, gas assisted handle molding production lines…our team has rich experience on gas assisted injection molding lines, can offer on spot service for you. If you want to set up new plastic gas assisted injection molding lines, pls donot hesitate to contact with us. we can offer you best reasonable price but diamond mold and machines service support. Expect your down visiting to us!

Stacking Molding Line

With the large demand of plastic products which used in daily life, package industry, medical industryetc, the plastic injection molding industry is developing very fast these years. How to increase the production efficiency is very important for the plastic molding industry. We designed with good cooling line for stacking molding Line in order to reach maximum production efficiency.

Why stacking molding line could get high production efficiency? It could use same machine size and hamburger mould design, which could have double quantity each shot. And the cycle time and labor demand is similar as common plastic molding line. The Technology of stacking molding developing smoothly because of high ratio for output and input, many professional engineers are pay much attention on stacking mould making and improvement.

For manufacture a stacking mould, we have to know following tips:

1. Choose the plastic part which is suitable for make stacking mould: the product height is small and the product design is not complex, such as spoon hamburger mould, hanger hamburger mould, lid hamburger mould, foldable crate hamburger mould and so on.

2. Use stable valve gate hot runner system.

3. Good cooling system design in order to reduce the molding line cycle time.

4. Double ejection system design.

Sino Mould company China is experienced for stacking mould manufacturing, we have made petri dish stacking mould, hanger stacking mould, thinwall container stacking mould, spoon stacking mould and so on.

With plastic injection molding machine manufacturing, we could supply high quality hamburger moulding solution, the whole line include hamburger mould, suitable injection molding machine, necessary additional machines and part collection robot with technology support. If you have new plastic injection molding project and interested in stacking molding line, welcome to contact us for more information. We could supply fine stacking molding solution with high production efficiency.

Sino Holdings Group has 25 year experience in plastic field, with the strong ability of R&D department, Sino is very professional in offering Hi-tech injection molding line, such like double color production molding line, stacking production molding line, mold in labeling(IML) production molding line, etc.


Since 2001, we established the partner relationship with Mould Technology Service Co. in Belgium, from that time, Sino knows European requirements for plastic mould and the teams have gained the top quality conception and mentality. Our mold design department pays attention on mold structure, cooling line layout, etc. so that we can offer better solution to customer, for example the stacking mould, it can meet double output, more efficiency, while it also save investment for customer.


We are not only professional in plastic mould, but also in injection molding machine. There are many types of the machine can meet different customer requests, High speed machine for IML robot container, servo motor machine for commodity product, bi-color injection machine for double color product. What’s more, we can offer you other suitable necessary auxiliary equipment, such like auto loader, air dryer, chiller, crusher, mixer, robot, etc.


If you have any hi-tech project related double color, stacking mould, IML, etc. Sino Holdings Group is a your good partner, we not only offer you the equipment, but a fine solution.