High Capacity Plastic Crate Molding Solution Supplier


DKM Machinery, combined with Sino Mould is expertise in supplying high quality standard plastic turnkey molding solutions for our customers. And we have turned over more than 800 different sets turnkey molding lines in customer workshop. Beyond of all molding lines, High Capacity Plastic Crate Molding Solution is more obvious for what we good at.

For most standard Crate Molding Lines, it is supposed to run on our DKM650SV machine and 600HH high speed machines for fast cycle time. With other crate molds, we are able to customize crate molds according to crate shape and functions. Crate molds are designed with good cooling to shorten cooling time, and achieve molds opening same time when charging and so on. Molds sliders movements are strongly design and precise tooled for smooth molds working, no scratch on slider working surfaces. 

Besides these, we emphasis on crate details workings, such as crate rib radius making, rib strength reinforced, stacking good with each parts. For reference, with a 600*400mm crate we can achieve 20s cycle time with our dakumar injection machines.
If you are looking for plastic crate molds or crate molding machines, welcome contact with us.

We also provide the Plastic Pallet Production Line, if you need ,pls contact us.

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