The Advantages of DKM High Speed Molding Machine

  • 2021-05-12
    high speed molding machine

    Do you know DKM high speed molding machine?

    Its suitable for thin-wall and high precision products.

    There are have some advantages about DKM high speed molding machine.

    • High speed- The machine is designed with accumulator to realize high speed injection. And it has the function of 3 axis linkage to realize, material charging, mould opening and ejection at the same time. For example, the cycle time of a product needs 12 seconds with the ordinary machine, but only 6 seconds with the high speed machine. It save half of the time.


    • High precision- The machine is applied with KEBA control system and Rexroth valve, it can precisely control the temperature and location. So, its very suitable high precision products, like mobile phone cover, LED light etc..


    • High energy saving- The machine can effectively prevent the oil temperature from being too high, which can reduce the replacement rate of hydraulic oil. It can save power by 30%-70%.


    • High quality- The machine needs strict QC system to make sure the tooling precision and part quality. Whats more, we will test each machine once we finished.


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