Hot Sale High Speed Injection Molding Machine

  • 2019-01-18
    High Speed Injection Molding Machine

    Dakumar machinery company emphasis on the high efficiency fast injection molding machine research. Our hot sale high speed injection machine-hybrid type injection molding machine design with several generation improve and design by European standard, we are confident our high speed injection machine could help customer with maximum production profit.


    Dakumar injection molding machine advantage, can realize mould open , ejection and material charging at some time, We have three model high speed injection molding machine.

    H, HH, HHP

    H means this machine has two servo motor.

    they are separate to control machine some action running.

    mould open and ejection at same time ; Material charging and mould cooling at same time

    Material charging by hydraulic motor

    HH means 3 actions doing in the same time. a. plastisizing b. mold opening  c. mold ejection.

    -High speed injection.

    -High speed mold closing and opening

    HHP model is the upgrading of HH.

    -High speed ejection.

    Material charging by servo motor


    With fast shot and stable precision for the shot weight control, Our high speed injection molding machine mostly using for the thin wall container and medical parts. We have rich machine models from 200T-1100T, can be special customize to your project detail. Our professional technical team would help analysis the molding optimization plan, recommend suitable machine model.


    If you are looking for a high speed injection molding machine, welcome to contact us and know the detail.