Horizontal Injection Machine Sole Agent


In order to satisfy steep rise output quantity about Dakumar injection machine, we decided to find professional horizontal injection machine sole agent all over the world. Especially developing countries. 

Up to now, we have agent in South Africa, Iran, Mexico, Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, Jordan, etc. If we want to open the market in one country, sole agent is very important to help us improve our year output value. And agent will help us offer on time service to customers.

We sincerely invite more and more professional injection machine engineer come and contact us to talk about the agent agreement. If you are one of the horizontal injection machine sole agent already, but want to change the machine brand. We also welcome your coming.

Dakumar is not only injection machine manufacturer, we are also have high quality and great proud mold brand- Sino Mould. We have more than 25 years in plastic injection molding solution. So when you became our sole agent, there’s no need find another mold supplier in China, and worry about the quality. We can offer you one-stop production line, one-stop before and after-sale service. Are you interested to be our horizontal injection machine sole agent?

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