How To Maintain Injection Machine Hydraulic System


Injection molding machine hydraulic system maintenance is very important. We should consider it into six points. 

In this passage, i will tell you how to maintain injection machine hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil temperature of injection molding machine should be kept during 30-50 degree. If the temperatue overpassed 60 degree, it will be occur following problems.
1. The hydraulic oil will be oxidation and then go bad.
2. Hydraulic oil will be have little viscosity and then will damage the pump.
3. It will increase the speed of aging rate of oil seal.
Then How to maintain injection machine hydraulic system?
1. Every 6 months, we should take apart the cooling oil parts to clean it.
2. We should change hydraulic oil every 3000-4000 shots of injection molding machine.

If you have any suggestion of how to maintain injection machine hydraulic system, please feel free to contact me.

Posted by Diana
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