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Crate Moulding Project

Dakumar is a professional company who can offer you the whole crate molding line, like crate mould, injection molding machine and other auxiliary equipment etc. And we have helped our customers to set up crate moulding project in their countries, like Ethiopia, South Africa, Turkey and so on.

Our company have made many crate moulds, like bottle crate mould, vegetable crate mould, milk crate mould, etc. Nowadays we have mature technical experience in making different crate moulds. Usually the crate mould needs multi-tip hot runner system, material will fulfill the mold cavity immediately. And take advantage of hot runner manifold, tips hot runner also plays a direct impact role on the crate moulds. Hot runner system will greatly solve the normal crate molding problem, such as shrinkage problem, flow mark problem and so on. It will make the crate with good appearance since the material will have optimal flowing. Compared with cold runner system, hot runner system crate mold does not have the runner material,so it will save the cost.

Moulds Name: crate mould

Crate Size: 400x300x160mm

Product description: Fruit plastic crate

Crate Mould cavity: 4 cavities

Crate Mould Size: 1520x1202x850mm

Suitable machine: 1350Ton Dakumar machine

Copper Beryllium is good for cooling. So usually we will add the Copper Beryllium on the mould, it can reduce the mould cycle time.

We are professional in offering the crate project with complete production line, if customer offer us the workshop layout and the productivity requirement, our company will work out the complete solution, for example, mould cavity,machine tonnage, other auxiliary equipment list, how to place injection molding machine and accessories, how much power, water, gas needed etc.

Any interests for the crate moulding project, please contact us. Dakumar will offer the best solution and best service for you. Welcome to inquiry.

Pallet Moulding Project

Dakumar is a professional manufacturer of plastic pallet mould and big size injection machine, offering each customer with the pallet moulding project. The features for DAKUMAR in the pallet molding line turnkey solution are as below:

1. Rich experience of design team

We have more than 12 years experience in pallet mould. A good pallet mould design can be specially made according to sample or drawings to meet your needs.

2. Optimal mould design with stable performance

Simple mould structure, fine cooling system design, ANOLE hot runner, professional filter system design, suitable for high speed recycled material injection production, Stroke switch controls ejection process precisely, Oil and water integrator is more convenient for application and operation, Copper guide bush, abrasion resistance and prolong the mould life .

3. Full support of injection machine

We have different types of injection machine from 50T-4000T, based on the mould size; we will choose the suitable injection machine to match .the advantage for our DAKUMAR injection machine:

a) Special design for the machine frame and base.

b) Stronger platen and toggle design.

c) CE standard cover and safety design.

d) Accumulator stronger fast injection.

e) KEBA control system and Euro map

f) T-slot on clamping base

g) Water meter selective.

h) All international famous brand components

i) Consideration of 2 sets air and core pull

j) Robot automation selective

4. professional after-sales engineer team

We have a professional and excellent after-service team. Some customers are fresher starting the plastic factory, they do not have the technology on the mould and machine, then our company can send the experienced engineer to go aboard to help the customer install the machine and adjust the mould. What is more, our engineer can teach employee basic technology to know how to run and maintain the machine and mould. Besides, our company will offer you 24 –hour in time support service to help you solve problem.

If you are interested in or have a plan to start a pallet moulding project, do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the whole production pallet molding line with the perfect service, never let you down.

Dustin Moulding Project

DAKUMAR is devoted in manufacturing and supplying plastic turnkey molding lines, such as industrial dustbin molding line supply In China, with plastic injection industry increasingly developed, there are thousands of plastic molds or machine companies, it maybe easy for you to find a supplier for small project, but for big project, like dustbin molding line solution, it is better to find a stable and professional supplier for comprehensive support service.

We have our own brand Sino Mould and Dakumar, manufacture separate for plastic injection molds and injection molding machines. Whole Sino team knows not only on plastic molds or plastic machines, but also a fine turnkey solution offering.

For dustbin moulding project, we can offer you:

*industrial dustbin moulding project budget analysis

*customized made industrial dustbin molds, we have made from 40L, 50L, 80L, 90L, 120L, 240L, 360L, 770L & 1000L garbage bin moulds, can offer you superior dustbin molds with human and optimal design.

*suitable tonnage industrial dustbin injection molding machines selection, usually we suggest with our servo motor injection machines, which is 20-80% power energy saving when compared to standard injection machines.

*dustbin molds maintenance, spare parts and some electronical elements in stock service for future easy mold maintenance at your side.

*all technical drawings, support and aftersales service, usually for industrial dustbin moulding line productions, it will have big molds and big tonnage injection molding machines, especially for new investor in this field, we can send our engineers at spot in your factory, to make staff training, dustbin molding line trouble shooting solutions supply,etc.

We delivered and exported lots of industrial dustbin molds and dustbin molding machines to our customer, such as in Brazil, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and Austria…if you are looking for industrial dustbin molding line supplier in china, or want to purchase good dustbin molding production lines, pls do not hesitate to consult us. welcome your down visiting to Sino Holdings.

Plastic Big Parts Moulding Project

DAKUMAR is specialized in manufacturing and delivering plastic big parts moulding project and plastic big components moulding line for manufacturing of big plastic box, pallet crates, tanks and automotive bumper or control panel.

For the plastic big parts mould,we will arrange customized design according to customer specific cycle time request,design reasonable water route and mould structure.As the leading design and research mould maker,we have rich experience to make high quality big parts mould.Especially for the humanization design,convenient for the future maintenance and daily protective to relative long term stable mould running and high efficiency cooling time and short cycle time.

Dakumar injection molding machineprovides a whole line turnkey project solution,help customer equip all the moulds and machine equipment,ensure box mould and machine match well and running well.Also available for the aftersales service,we can send engineer training your team for normal production.Now the biggest 3 platen machine is 4000SV motor machine.We are working

on 2 platen machine research and production with Italy engineer-Our CTO .Our target is to be the best Chinese machine with Euro standard.Our main aim is provide customer moulds and machine turnkey solution in the oversea market.

· For plastic big components moulding line , the big plastic molding machines we have delivered and installed in different countries are:DKM850 to DKM4000

· Auxiliary Machines:

- dryer

- auto loader

- mixer

- water chiller with cooling tower

- robot (if necessary. )

- convey belt


· TURNKEY PROJECT for Big Plastic Components Service details:

· training in DAKUMAR factory for machines operation and basic maintenance.

· send engineer team to you for installation the machines, because when make the shipment, the large machines need to be separated into many parts for container loading. For this reason, we need to send a strong team to make the machines assembling in your workshop.

· start the mass production for each mould onto their related machine.

· machine’s maintenance or basic repairing training in your factory.

· make the spot training, until your engineer know how to operation the machines and moulds.

Welcome to contact us for detailed discussion for Plastic Big Parts Moulding Project.

If you are looking for one qualified supplier to develop your plastic industrial parts, Dakumar is what you are looking for on turnkey molding production lines.

We provide customers with Turnkey solution for industrial pallet injection molding line, and other industrial garbage bin, industrial container molding lines. The plastic industrial pallet injection molding line including machines, molds, hot runner system, auxiliaries etc. We always offer our customer with best possible service, reasonable price and most best quality to meet individual needs. So until now, we have successfully set up more than 60 turnkey projects to all over the world.

We can do tailor-made for you in different kinds of industrial plastic pallet. The following is one of our example for plastic pallet injection molding line.

Name: Plastic pallet mould

Pallet size: 1200x1200x150

Pallet mould size: 1800x1800x1100mm

Cavity: 1

Suitable machine: 2000T Dakumar machine

Mould material: DIN 1.2311

Mould life: 1 M

Runner system: 16 points ANOLE hot runner gate  

Ejection system: ejector pin and ejecting block

Mould feature: this pallet mold is complex on mold structure, adopts valve gate hot runner systems. The filtration system design allows the recycle material injection molding, optimizing the injection cooling system, close to the mold high speed injection molding.

Cycle time: 95 seconds

To suit our pallet molding lines, our Dakumar molding machine is stable, high efficient and also with lower hydraulic system noise. DKM provides a new conception of injection molding, High speed, High efficiency, High safety, High precision and High energy saving. All of our parts are from brand-name products. Like the controller is KEBA made in Austria, the electronic ruler is NOVO made in German, the Hydraulic Motor is STF made in UK, ect.

We have three stages of after-sales service as follows:

Pre-sale service:

We can provide customer with comprehensive pre-sale consulting, know the customer’s needs and provide customized services. Our engineers will assist you on design and consulting services, recommend the actual needs like raw materials.

On-sale service

We aims to offer you with comprehensive technical support for whole production line equipment, with economic and reasonable program. Also we guarantee delivery in accordance with the contact for your timely delivery.

After-sales service:

You can enjoy free services during quality warranty period, and we support to offer service 24 hours online an on your factory spot.

If you are interested in Industrial Pallet Injection Molding Line, pl feel free to contact us. We will offer you the best solution for you.