Injection Molding Equipment


Sino invested huge ammount on injection molding equipment and also has strong injection molding technologies, offer you the excellent injection molding solutions with precise injection molding equipments.

Injection molding equipment mainly consists of injection molding machine and plastic moulding auxiliary machinery. Injection molding machine is 

the main moulding equipment which can make plastic into various plastic products by using plastic moulds. It can be divided into vertical, horizontal and all-electric models. A typical injection molding machine consists of the following major components.

Plastic injection molding machine brand Dakumar has many types and models as follow:

1. Standard injection molding machine

The DKM standard injection moulding machine is defined as the universal plastic processing industry. It adopts imported high quality parts, 

have good stability, long life time, high performance, and can produce most of plastic products. Dakumar standard injection molding machine series 

from DKM50 to DKM1600.

2. Variable injection molding machine

The variable injection molding machine use a high response proportional variable-capacity system, and save the electricity from 30%~60% compared with the common standard machine. Dakumar variable injection molding machine series from DKM-H88 to DKM-H500.

3. Servo injection molding machine

The servo injection molding machine use a high-performance servo dynamic control system, and compared with conventional hydraulic injection molding machine, energy savings of 20%~80% can be achieved. Dakumar servo injection molding machine series from DKM-SV50 to DKM-SV500.

4. High speed injection molding machine

The high speed injection molding machine takes the accumulator to help inject, which having high cost performance improve the speed. 

Dakumar high speed injection molding machine series from DKMHS118 to DKMHS268.

5. Bi-injection molding machine

Mixed dual color jet and two component which are matched with special designing complex nozzle can produce special patterns and different colors on the 

base of using original mould, and increase the additive production value. Dakumar bi-injection molding machine series from DKM-D140 to DKM-D1000.

6. Mix-color injection molding machine

Mix-color is fit for the products with same material but two different colors, which generally apply to the manufacture of commodity, artwork, and something like that, and the blending effect of products looks natural. Dakumar mix-color injection molding machine series from DKM-D110 to DKM-D188.

7. PET&PVC injection molding machine

Based on the design machine for our general products, we developed the PET&PVC injection molding machine that ensures the special requirements of PET&PVC products. 

Dakumar PET&PVC injection molding machine series from DKM118 to DKM650. 

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