Seek Wordwide Injection Molding Machine Agency

  • 2018-06-22
    injection molding machine country agency

    Dakumar machinery company which belongs to SINO TECH. Our production field covers plastic injection moldings machine from 50T servo motor machine to 4600T servo motor machine, can provide PET, PVC, PA special customized injection machine. And high speed injection molding machine, auto loader, dryer, chiller, robots and etc molding equips. Normally we would cooperate with our sister company-SINOMOULD, work for the turnkey molding one stop service.


    Dakumar machinery company with the help of the finite element and dynamic emulation technique, Dakumar shareholder team knee to provide final customer fast and perfect molding equips, apply European high tech on injection molding machine structure, running control on both toggle servo machine and European standard two platen machine which brings Dakumar stable performance, long life and help Dakumar stand out among Chinese other machine.


    Now we are seeking injection molding machine country agency to best supporting for each country local customer. We need sales representative and good after sale service maintenance work. If you have worked in world's famous injection molding machine company sales, design or maintenance experience, or you have rich customer resource in plastic injection molding and with a team can provide fast service and technical support for your local customer. Of course, if you have interested to work with us and good at sales, Welcome send your working experience detail with your resume to us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply you in short time.