Large Size Two Plate Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

  • 2017-09-14
    Large Size Two Plate Injection Machine Manufacturer

    China brand Injection machine manufacturer - Dakumar Machinery supplying large two plate injection molding machine size from 1000Ton to 4000ton clamping force, for large size plastic part production.

    DKM Two plate injection molding machine designby clamping unit in two part, small footprint for space saving, powerfulclamping force because the clamping unit by fully closed hydraulic system controlling,for less leakage and well pressure holding.

    Compare with three plate IMM, mouldthickness mould capacity, opening stroke is 50% higher; main parts has been inspected by element analysis and optimized, to let machine running in veryhigh stability and smoothly.

    Two plate Injection molding machine areapplied to large size industrial parts, pallet, industrial dust bin, big logistics containers, large size auto parts injection molding, with more than 15years injectionmolding machine experience and two plate IMM developed by our CTO from Italy,we trust you will be satisfying with our quality and service.

    And we have good advantage is our sister company - Sino Mould they are manufacturing plastic mould, so we can givecustomer turnkey solution for production line.

    Welcome contact us about large size twoplate injection molding machine and production line equipment inquiry.