Medical Test Tube Molding Line


Medical Test Tube Molding Line is provide one-step service for customer. It can provide customer’s high precision ,high output production and the best service. As a profession Medical test tube molding line manufacturer,we can provide medical test tube mould , injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment. We know how to make the best quality and the lowest cost. Make molding more valuable.

Medical test tube molding design

SINO have professional design team, the design department can according to customers provide detail information design mould. And design via UG, PRO-E, AUTOCAD,ETC. About medical test tube mould,we design base on national standards . When the design finished ,we will send to customer confirm. The customer agree,we will make mould. Also we have profession QC team. QC staff can detection each process ,found the problem in time. Ensure the quality and fast delivery time. About the mould structure is independent self-locking structure, save processing time and easy for maintain. For example,if one don’t work, we should choose one . About mould cooling system ,mould cooling system is very important . So we will handle it well, make the mould cooling faster and shorten mould forming cycle ,it can save customers cost.

Medical test tube molding injection molding machine

DKM injection molding machine is world famous brand. The test tube molding machine is DKM-250EH, a custom-made one .Have high speed,high efficiency,high safety,high precision and high energy saving,also adopt high quality injection screw and complete optimal machine system.

About auxiliary equipment,we can provide all kinds of auxiliary. For example, Auto loader, water chiller, air dry and so on.


What service does DKM can provide medical test tube molding line? Our service is in three stages ,they are Before sale ,during sale and after sale. The after sale service is not a year or two but a lifetime.it means if you are our customers the after sale team is 7*24 hours on line service  If you have any doubt,you can contact us at any time.


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