Medical Parts Injection Molding Production Line


SINO specializes in providing high-quality medical production lines, including syringe production lines, test tube production lines, and measuring cup production lines. . .

As we all know, medical products have particularly high requirements for precision and require high-precision production equipment: SINO Mold and Dakumar injection molding machines can meet customer requirements for product tolerances.

Sino has a R&D team specializing in the design of medical molds, using stainless steel S136 steel and DC53, precision machining equipment and three-coordinate detectors to do every step from every link to ensure the quality and precision of the mold.

DKM EH series injection molding machine adopts servo electric injection molding, which is suitable for medical products and can meet the requirements of very precise injection volume for each mold.

We also provide customers with a range of auxiliary equipment required for medical products, including injection molding systems and packaging systems. A complete solution can greatly save the customer's time and effort.

Due to the high production requirements of such medical products, multi-cavity molds and high-speed injection molding machines shorten the molding cycle and can fully meet the customer's production needs.

If you want to know more about Medical Parts Injection Molding Line, please contact us.

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