Multi-functional Robot Automation

Plastic Molding Auxiliary Machinery-Multi-functional Robot

For the injection molding plant, "time is money", how to improve production efficiency is what plant most care about. So that many plant use robot to deal with the plastic products production line. There are many advantages by using multi-functional robot automation.

Below are some advantages why plastic plant use multi-functional robot instead of labor .

1.Save labor

Manually remove product gatetakes a lot time, but if use multi-functional robot, one worker can handle two or more machine at the same time. so it can save labor, automatic lines can be made to save the factory cost.

2.Cycle stability

Take IML label robot for example. with IML robot to product the IML bucket, each shot cycle time is same and production is stability. if the cycle time of the IML bucket is 30s, then every IML bucket come out at the same time, will never change. so it is easy of production management, because the use of the robot, the same plant, the same equipment, the same conditions, the production cycle of stability, Of the output, while the increase in this part of the output is net profit.As the production line is stable running, and no need so many workers for production.

3.High security:

Traditional production line, is human hand to pick up the plastic products, sometimes, there are accidents happen. if the machine connect injection molding machine, when some dangerous happen, the robot will stop at once .

4. To prevent mold damage:

If the worker fails to remove the product, remaining part will cause damages to mold. If the robot fails to remove the product, it will automatically stop and alarm.

There are more advantage of using robot automation, to help your production quality and efficiency, we recommend you use robot for mass production while making mass production. we are offering your operation cycle shorter, improve the quality, and be safer.

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