Efficient PET Blood Collection Tubes Production Solution

  • 2019-06-14
    Efficient PET Blood Collection Tube Molding Solution - DKM

    Looking for high efficient production solutions for your blood collection tubes? If yes, you are at right place. There is an outstanding PET blood collection tube molding solution from DKM. You would get more points useful for starting the medical test tube manufacturing factory after you learning the following 3 aspects.


    1.       Highlight of DKM PET Blood Collection Tubes Production Solution

    Cycle Time: 8.0 s

    Availability: 90%

    Return on Investment: <2 years

    Wall Thickness: 0.82 mm


    2.       Output of DKM PET Blood Collection Tubes Production Solution

    Production output: 103 million units/year

    (Assumption: 8000 h/year, 90% availability, 8 s cycle time)

    DKM-250EH producing 32 PCS PET blood collection tubes in a cycle time of 8 seconds using a 32-cavity mould.

    A video for DKM 32-Cavity PET Test Tube Production Line

    3.       The Process for DKM PET Blood Collection Tubes Production Solution

    -          Project idea

    Offer the specification of your PET blood collection tube.

    -          Project improving

    Optimizing tubes: weight, design, material…

    -          Project work

    Complete solution for the best output under your budget;

    The molding system design (mould, machine, auxiliary equipment);


    -          Blood collection tubes molding system’s installation and factory test

    -          Blood collection tubes production line’s installation at customer's factory

    Including the workers’ training.

    -          Life-time support

    DKM are always here for improving the lines.

    Transparent clean PET blood collection tubes are high precision requiring high technically on injection molding, therefore, the quality molding of them shall combine excellent test tube mould and high-performance injection machine special for material of blood collection tubes.


    There are so many points need to pay attention on it to find the best molding solution for the medical test tubes which cannot be showed well by just this article. So if you’d like to know more, welcome to contact us for getting your PET blood collection tubes production solution!