PET Preform Making Machine Basics

  • 2019-10-25
    PET Preform Making Machine Basics

    PET preform making machine is still in huge demand as the water bottle packaging market is increasing and stable market relatively around the world. Thus, list the basics of suitable PET preform making machine for those green hands who’d like to start the preform or bottle manufacturing factory in their local.


    Above all, there is one core principle for choosing the PET preform making machine – help preform manufacturer get higher output with lower energy consumption. And that could be checked from 4 aspects of PET preform making machine.


    1. Injection Unit

    - Temperature Control Section

    As PET has a high melting point 255℃ but short stable time while above melting point, it’s crucial to control the temperature well which would require the more temperature control section of the barrel. Such as DKM PET injection moulding machine, its temperature is controlled by six stages PID to make sure high precision injection molding quality.

    - Injection Speed

    Generally, the faster injection speed, the higher quality preform would be. But it still needs to pay attention on the shear rate by the fast injection speed, because the higher rate would make preform brittle.


    2. Clamping Unit

    - Toggle Stroke

    - Clamping Force

    The maximum mould cavity number (such 72 to 144) depends on both of them (also including the injection weight). So you could compare these specifications from different machines to find how the machine could be used for future.

    - Clamping Speed and Stable

    It could reduce the dry cycle time if the machine open and close mold is quicker and stable. It would help you get more preform production in long term.


    3. Drive Unit

    Advanced drive unit design could help much on energy consumption reducing. It could include the motor, pump, valve, oil displacement.


    4. Maintenance

    The longer production stop, the huger loss increased. Thus, easy maintenance could not only save the maintenance time, but also help the machine running well without unnecessary stop in long running.


    More about PET preform making machine you’d like to know, welcome to contact us. And if you are exactly looking for new PET preform making machine, kindly check our ready DKMSV350 PET II and get the latest price now.