DKM PET Preform Molding Line Service

  • 2019-08-16
    PET Preform Molding Line Service - DKM

    Comprehensive PET preform molding line service is provided to achieve customers' higher preform production efficiency and less downtime, as DKM is experienced in PET Preform Molding Production Line. And it is also the key process for our delivering higher productivity and lower production costs, so that we could help to make the PET preform molding more valuable.

    What service does DKM provide for PET preform molding lines? It's the comprehensive service from the PET preform idea to life-time production, that's, it would include every processes of your PET preform molding factory running, save time and money! Kindly check the following info:


    - PET Preform Design

    The preform is pretty important as it is the basic of the preform molding and the further blowing quality. So if you have the certain production and quality requirement of the preforms, our experienced team of preform designers and engineers would help to analyze them and offer the suggestions of optimizing the preform design to accelerate your preform development


    - PET Preform Mould Design

    Once the preform design is optimized, we would improve the mould design to make it easier operated, more durable and lower cost. The superior PET preform moulds design could help the final mould quality which ensures the most consistent, highest quality preforms - reducing variability in the further bottle blowing lines.


    - PET Preform Molding Plant Solution

    DKM would help to provide the guidance for the design of PET preform molding plant including plant layout design and water/air/electrical power detailed layout design. So that customers could prepare their plastic plants quickly in a well-organized layout.


    - Quickly Response To Customers' Needs

    We are driven to help customers with the whole projects from the preforms to equipment, workshop building and services; thus, the quicker response for any needs could help much. That's why DKM people insist in quick response for any questions and troubleshooting, which could condense cycle of design and tooling during the projects developing and increase the production efficiency in long-term running.


    - Engineer Service For Quicker PET Preform Plant Running

    Engineer service on customers' site to Fast-Track PET preform plant running: DKM engineers would help customers quick start the preform molding lines by checking and push the workshop building, installing the whole lines, and make them work smoothly. By this way, the new lines could work quickly under the guider of expert engineers.


    - Engineer Train For Stable PET Preform Plant Running

    Except the engineer service for running the PET preform lines, it is more helpful that DKM provides the training for customers' workers, who would operate the machines and moulds. It's a scheduled training plan including the basic operation and maintenance, and by that, the new PET preform molding lines could work more stably.


    - Custom Service For Flexible Needs

    As different customers would meet different confusing things, so we would offer the suitable service and support for helping them.


    Utilizing excellent expertise and techniques of PET preform molding, we offer comprehensive PET preform molding line service to help customers reduce costs and shorten manufacturing lead-times for their superior PET preforms.


    So contact us now, tell us your idea or requirement, our expert engineers would give quick back to you.